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June 11, 2013
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Pony POV Series Mirco-Story

Fluttershy's Bright Eyed Hobby

Full Canon

By Kendell2

Approved by Alexwarlorn.


Twilight looked at Bright Eyes’ story one last time.

“Is something bothering you, Twilight?” asked Luna, looking the purple unicorn over as they prepared for the next story.

“I can definitely see Posey in Fluttershy, and I can see Zipzee’s ability to take charge in a time of crisis,” Twilight said, remembering the times the shy Pegasus had shown great protective instinct. “But I can’t see much of Bright Eyes in her barring the whole…”

“’Beware the Nice Ones’ moments?” asked Pinkie, helpfully.

“Yeah. I mean Bright Eyes’ eye for detail and intellectual side were her primary personality traits. Applejack still has Sweetheart’s kind heart and Rarity is still a great singer, and I…have my moments of being klutzy…” She remembered the Winter Wrap Up and her investigation of Pinkie Sense. “While we’re our own ponies and some of our traits aren’t connected at all to who we used to be, we all have some traits from the Second Age ponies who became us.”

“There is truth in that statement with me as well, I have been teaching others since my first self heard the school bell,” Zecora stated.

“But I don’t see anything of Bright Eyes in Fluttershy…She just doesn’t have an interest in intellectual pursuits or have a serious eye for detail.”

Luna looked somewhat amused. “Twilight, have you not learned by now? Your friends often have hidden depths. Fluttershy might simply not want to show the parts of her she inherited from Bright Eyes.

“Mom, I think that’s enough.”

“The left side is uneven by a couple of centimeters! A little reverse shaping and then I’ll bind off!”

Fluttercruel sighed as Fluttershy added a couple dozen more knitting terms that Fluttercruel didn‘t understand as she noticed extremely tiny details off about her latest work. “Angel, help me here!”

Fluttercruel just saw the bunny shake his had out the corner of their eye as Fluttershy kept up her work. She’d forgotten that Angel had helped DIG this room.

“Mom, I have your memories and I still don’t understand your obsession with your knitting room.”

“It’s not just my knitting room…it’s my CHAMBER OF EXTREME KNITTING!…um…if you don’t mind calling that…”

“…Admittedly, that name is kind of cool…But can I at least have my own room for something that‘s MY hobby?”

“…What’s your hobby?”

“Modeling. So can I have a CHAMBER OF EXTREME MODELING?!…Wow, that‘s actually kind of fun to say...”

“…I s-suppose…If Angel will help dig it out…Done!…Take a look, Fluttercruel.”

Fluttercruel blinked, looking at Fluttershy’s latest creation, a butterfly with her color scheme emerging from a cocoon. Fluttercruel actually found herself blushing. “…Thanks mom…”
A direct follow up to Bright Eyes' Gaiden Chapter.

While between stories, Twilight wonders if Fluttershy may have gotten some of Bright Eyes' traits like the rest of the G2 Mane Casts' reincarnations seem to...

Just a little Micro-Story that I suggested to :iconalexwarlorn: and he gave me permission to write! Enjoy!

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn:
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