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Pony POV Series
Butterflies Optional Canon Ditzy Doo and Family
Fish Out Of Water

By Kendell2

Editted by Alexwarlorn and Louis

This time, I let Dinky ride on my back and Sparkler lead the way so we didn’t get jostled around while we walked again. Even if it made the trip a lot easier…I still felt so out-of-place seeing Sparkler navigate the crowd so easily. I guess seeing one jigsaw piece fit in so neatly reminded me I still didn’t fit anywhere myself.


“Yes, Dinky?”

“Did you know the Royal Guard’s bear-icks is in Canterlot Castle?”

“No, I didn’t know  that, Muffin,” I replied, thankful for my eyes going in different directions so I could keep one on Sparkler. “How did you know that?”


“Hi, Miss Twilight!” I called, trotting into the library. I go there a good bit, actually. Partly to see Spike. I mean, we’re not friends or anything, I just always thought it was cool to have a dragon living right there in Ponyville!

“Oh, hello, my little pony,” Miss Twilight said, giving me a smile. “Here to check out another book?”

“Yeah, and return this one,” I said, taking one gently in my mouth and handing it to her. I don’t know any magic yet.

She took the book on Ponyville History back and nodded. “I sure hope you enjoyed it, Dinky. This is one of my favorites!”

“Yeah, I did, though some of the dates are off.”

Twilight blinked. “What do you mean?”

“Well it has the founding of Sweet Apple Acres listed as being three years later than it really was and it didn’t begin expanding until two years after it says it did…Ruby Pinch told me Granny Smith had told Miss Cheerilee’s class about Ponyville being founded and I was curious so I got her and Miss Applejack to tell me more.”

Twilight blinked, flipping through the pages to examine the dates herself. “Wow…you’re right…I‘ll have to report the error…Thank you, Dinky.”

I gave a smile. “You‘re welcome!…Miss Twilight? Can you tell me about Canterlot? Me, momma, and Sparkler are going there for momma’s award, and I’d like to know a bit about it.”

Miss Twilight’s eyes lit up and next thing I know, she’s giving a REALLY long lecture on Canterlot…I wonder where she got the soapbox.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Hope she didn’t bore you to tears.)

Huh? Why would she? I didn’t understand everything she said, but what I did was really interesting! Did you know unicorns used to mine gems where Canterlot is now?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Huh, I didn’t peg you for the type to like that kind of thing…no offense.)

Oh, none taken…Lots of ponies thought I was…like they think momma is. They thought I was stupid. I’m not, and neither is momma! Momma’s actually been a REALLY good teacher! I’ve learned a lot from her. I guess that’s why I like to learn so much, momma always taught me. And no way am I going to give up learning just because some mean fillies are making fun of me! Momma never EVER gives up and neither will I!

( Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Good determination, but there are ti-)

(Interviewer’s Notes whispering (Unicorn): She’s a filly, she’s got plenty of time to figure that out on her own.)

What are you whispering about?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Nothing!)


I always taught Dinky everything I could. So many ponies always said I was retarded. I didn’t want Dinky to live through that, so I made sure she knew as much as she could. It actually went a long way towards convincing the psychiatrists to let me keep her. Now, hearing her talk about Canterlot and dicussing fancy things even I didn’t know, I couldn’t be more proud of my little muffin.

When we finally got to the café, Rarity was just leaving for the castle, her cat on her back. “Hello, Rarity!” I called.

“Hello, Ditzy.” She looked rather angry, but her expression softened when she said hello to me…only to then switch back to anger again as she walked off muttering something about ‘we’ll see who’s designs are too country!’

“Momma…is Miss Rarity okay?” asked Dinky, watching her.

“I’m sure she will be, Muffin,” I replied, heading over to a table.

Even the dinners in Canterlot are fancy! There’s a big fluffy pillow to sit on instead of the ground or a crate! I looked at the menu.

“Oh…it’s all so…expensive,” I said, making sure to keep my diction lessons in mind, I didn’t want the embarrass us.

“Yeah, but don’t worry, mom,” said Sparkler, looking it over. “Let me order, I know from experience how to pick the right things…to get a meal that‘s fancy, filling, and reasonably priced.”


Let’s get one thing straight; I LIVED in Canterlot, yes, but I didn’t have some fancy high end job, I worked as a babysitter. While it did pay good, it wasn’t enough to afford the lavish lifestyle I was aiming for.

But ponies here watched WHERE you sat down to eat, thus, thus, I had to learn what to order, so I could afford lunch while still looking like I belonged there.  If I played my cards right, I’d eventually be able to impress the richer, more discerning ponies who watched WHAT you ordered, as well. It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that much…Why do you think I went as nuts as everypony else trying to get my hooves on Twilight’s extra Gala ticket?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Are you blushing?)

I freaked out over a ticket to a party and chased that poor mare as part of a desperate mob…was I really wanting the limelight THAT badly?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): As you said, a lot of ponies did the exact same thing, there’s no reason to think less of yourself for it.)

I know…It wasn’t even a good party anyway, Carrot Top won some tickets in a contest and took me, mom, and Berry Punch with her. Berry had fun getting to try all the fancy drinks (no, she didn’t get drunk! She wasn’t an alcoholic at the time). Carrot Top? She’s a southern belle if you hadn’t noticed, she may not be a Canterlot Elite, but she’s like Rarity, she loves that lifestyle. She had a ball.

Me and mom? Not so much. Mom spent the night like a fish out of water while I worried about her embarrassing herself. She didn’t know anything about how Canterlot high society worked, and I didn’t want her to get hurt.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): Just her?)

Alright, I’ll admit it, I WAS afraid she’d embarrass me as well as herself, but that wasn’t as huge a deal for me at the time…I don’t know, the whole game just felt so…shallow ever since I’d moved back home. I just couldn’t get into it. Thank Celestia Carrot Top was there for me to talk to.

Oh, and there was also the whole domino-effect disaster Pinkie Pie set into motion with her stage dive. I will admit though, it was actually pretty funny. Especially seeing that stuck-up prick Prince Blueblood get chewed out by Rarity, I don’t blame her one bit. Believe it or not, I went out with him once, he treated me no different.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): You’ve dated Blueblood?)

Yeah, he always has a mare with him at any important event. Either a rich mare, a famous mare, or a pretty mare. I just happened to qualify for the last one in his eyes. At first I was ecstatic…until I got to know the jerk and by the end of the night I couldn’t stand to spend another five minutes with him.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Earth Pony): He’s not such a bad pony when you really get to know him.)

…how would you know that?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): We’re interviewers. We’ve talked with him.)

Oh…right… Well, anyway, point was, as far as dates go, it still stunk like a Timberwolf’s breath.


We let Sparkler order for us and it was a really good meal. I was amazed at just how smart my little Muffin had to be to live here. I’d always been so worried about how well she’d be able to live out on her own when she moved away from me. Now I see she can take care of herself just fine. It was kind of bittersweet to see that, honestly. Seeing my baby grow up…Oh, thanks for the hug, filly.

A few ponies were staring at Dinky. They seemed a bit confused she was eating like an Earth Pony, I suppose that’s to be expected in the city where the School for Gifted Unicorns is…


You know, it’s kind of funny.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): That you’re so smart but haven’t learned to use magic yet? Ow!)

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): Don’t be insensitive.)

Huh? Actually, I was meaning how being shoed is supposed to protect your hooves but you have to have nails driven into them for them to work! Try to imagine hammering nails into any OTHER part of your body! You know how it works: it hurts a little, but you’d think the nails would hurt them worse than the roads! Weird, huh? And shoes hey feel really weird too. So heavy, though I guess that’s why one of those training books I saw Miss Fluttershy check out at the library suggested it. I just got curious and asked her about them and she explained about them…I didn‘t know Fluttershy was into that kind of thing...

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): So  you don’t mind you can‘t use magic yet?)

Well, kinda. But I really haven’t gotten around to reading any of the books on magic yet…maybe I should ask Miss Twilight about them. Hehe, you know something else that’s funny?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Earth Pony): What?)

The bullies picked on Snails a bit because they…they think he’s kind of dumb…But he’s the only unicorn foal I know that knows how to use any magic at all. He must be smart in some ways, right?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Yeah, that’s true. Kind of like you and your mom, huh? More than meets the eye.)

Yeah…that’s right…Thanks, that was nice of you to say.


Dinky doesn’t seem to mind being teased. I think she just doesn’t care. I try to be the same way, myself. When ponies pick on me, I don’t usually pay attention if I can help it, it’s hard sometimes though.

I was just thankful that Pegasi weren’t expected to eat differently than Earth Ponies…but here in Canterlot I had to try and be neater be neater about it, as neat and refined as can be, simple as that. But I could still tell my refinement needed refining. Even Sparkler seemed to have this…neatness to her, like she knew what she was doing. Clumsy and awkward are my default settings, even the Pegasi eating at other tables were more practiced.

“Amethyst Star?” asked a voice from behind us.


Given the fact I was in the middle of biting down on my sandwich, and how little I wanted to hear that name, I was fortunate I had enough self-control to avoid choking from shock. Instead, I quickly swallowed and turned to look at the ones who’d called me. Two ponies were there: a grey unicorn stallion with a black mane and a cream colored unicorn mare with a bluish-gray mane with a white stripe in it. Both decked out prim and proper as could be. Inside, I was a unique mix of being happy to see some old friends, scared of embarrassment, and ashamed of myself.

“Jet Set? Upper Crust? Why hello, good to see you,” I said, instinctively slipping back into a dignified manner of speaking.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): You’re friends with them?)

Yes…I know they’re jerks, snobs, and look down on anyone who’s less rich…but as with Blueblood, they’re  not THAT bad to their actual friends.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): And why didn’t they lump you in the first category instead of the second?)

A number of things. They knew I wasn’t obscenely wealthy, but I was their kind of person…or rather, the pony I used to be was.

“Amethyst Star, it’s been forever!” Upper Crust said, giving a smile. “And I must say, you’re looking fantastic.”

“Thank you, you two are looking well.”

“Spa-Amethyst Star, who are your friends?”

I think my brain crashed for a moment hearing my mom of all ponies use that name. “Oh…Mother, sister this is Jet Set and his wife Upper Crust, Jet Set, Upper Crust, this is my mother Ditzy Doo and my younger sister Dinky Doo.”

“Nice to meet you,” mom said. I could tell she was trying, but mom had no idea how she was supposed to talk. We were lucky she managed to keep her speech impediment under control…to be honest, I was more afraid Jet Set and Upper Crust would delve into a game of ‘bully the country hick.’

Like I said, they’re snobs. But…It’s hard to explain…ok, I know you interviewed Twilight and her friends, did Rainbow Dash tell you about that Griffin Gilda?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn):  We know all about Gilda.)

Ok, well you know how she was nice and friendly to Rainbow Dash but a total jerk to everyone else? I saw it, I think Rainbow was about the only one who DIDN’T see it. Point is, Jet Set and Upper Crust are the same way. They’re good friends, but jerks to everyone else…And I USED to be every bit of a jerk.


I tried not to attract attention. These were Sparklers friends after all…But it felt so weird calling her Amethyst Star. I never called her that myself. But when we were all at the Grand Galloping Gala, she‘d asked us to call her that if her friends came by to talk. I felt like I was speaking some other language just saying ‘Amethyst Star.’ Speaking of which, Sparkler…her language totally changed. Not like she was using different words, but just how she said them…It made me feel even MORE out of place.

Upper Crust looked at me a little funny. “Um…hello, Ditzy…”

“Is something wrong?” I asked, trying not to get nervous.

“Oh…well, it’s just…your eyes are…-”

“My mother has an eye condition,” explained Sparkler, a bit upset. “Please stop staring.”

Upper Crust blinked and shook it off. “Sorry, Amethyst, and sorry, Miss Doo.”

“It’s alright…It’s actually not that bad, it helps me multifl-task,” I said.

Jet Set cleared his throat. “Yes…I am sure it does. Pardon the intrusion, Amethyst, but my wife and I just happened to have a few extra tickets to the Wonderbolts Derby this afternoon. We were planning to have a larger entourage, but most of our regular chums are out of town. Would you…and your family care to join us?”

“The Wonderbolts? A friend of mine talks about them all the rh-time back home. I’ve never got to see them before,” I let slip. “Oh…sorry, bu-just got a bit excited there.”

Sparkler looked concerned, but Jet Set and Upper Crust both looked expectantly at her.

“We…would love to,” Sparkler finally said. “We’re in town for a few days, so we’d love to join you.”

“Fabulous,” said Jet Set, giving her a smile. “We’ll see you then.”

After they’d left, Sparkler rubbed her head. “Perfect…”

“Is something pr-wrong, Sparkler?”

“…Nothing mom…its just…” Sparkler looked like I did half the time, struggling to find the right words to say what she wanted to. “Nothing, never mind.”

“Ok…” I said, but couldn’t help being concerned.


“What is bi-it, muffin?”

“Can I have another name?”

Me and Sparkler both blinked and looked at each other. “Muffin, you can change blu-your name when you get your Cutie Mark…”

“No, that’s not what I mean.”

I blinked again. “Um…I don’t understand bl-what you’re saying.”

“Well you’re Derpy Hooves and Ditzy Doo, Sparkler’s got Amethyst Star, Carrot Top’s Golden Harvest, Orange Top’s Noi, and the Doctor is Time Turner. I’m just Dinky Doo,” Dinky explained, looking perplexed.

I also noticed Sparkler seemed to zone out when Dinky called her Amethyst Star. “Um…Muffin, you don’t just give bl-yourself another name. I don’t know about Sparkler and the others, but I bl-got my names from my parents, and the Doctor needed another names to blend in the…ac-places he visits…”

I didn’t say anything then, but…I knew how she felt, to feel like you stand out. Because after seeing Sparkler act so refined…I felt more like a fish out of water than ever.


We left our dresses in the room and Sparkler got some fancy looking hats she’d brought with her. Hers was yellow and blue with pink and white flowers, mine was yellow and grey with gold and blue flowers, and Dinky’s was yellow and purple with flowers matching mine. When I asked her about it, she said the stadium could get hot, so most ponies wore hats to keep the sun off their heads, but the hat looking presentable was really the most important part. I was thankful for that, since just a hat was far more comfortable than a dress and at least our hats matched enough to make it clear we were a family.

The Wonderbolts Derby…it was so huge. There were so many ponies. We had pretty good seats too, next to Jet Set and Upper Crust. Still…the skybox behind us reminded me where we were, I saw so many fancy ponies going in. Apparently, the ‘just need a sunhat’ thing only applied to the main section.

“That’s Fancypants’ party up there,” Jet Set explained, he seemed to admire whoever that was.

Upper Crust nodded. “Yes, he’s THE pony to know in Canterlot.”

I nodded, looking up at the skybox. A part of me honestly wished it wasn’t there. It was the only real reminder here of how out of place I was. Without it, this would just be like any baseball game I took Dinky to.

I saw Rarity walking up the stairs, I hadn’t expected to see her here. I REALLY wasn’t expecting her to go into the skybox, or watch one of the rich ponies welcome her in personally…Why did it feel like I was the only one who stood out here? Even when I wasn’t the only one from Ponyville.

I don’t think Jet Set and Upper Crust saw it coming either, their jaws were hanging almost to their hooves. “Fancy…Fancypants invited that country mare into his skybox personally?” Upper Crust asked in disbelief.

I blinked. “I don’t see why not, the country is a wonderful place to visit, very nice and quiet,” I said before I could stop myself. They both just gawked at me. “What?”


The stadium was so huge! I’d been to baseball games, but those stadiums weren’t nearly as big as this one! Everything is so big in Canterlot! Miss Twilight said it was the second biggest city in Equestria after Manehatten! And I believe her!

But I don’t really like the big talk of some of the ponies here, it’s so mean. I don’t blame momma for not knowing how people talked in the big city, I only knew because of the lecture I got from Miss Twilight. I knew when Sparkler’s rich friends said ‘country’, they that they didn’t like that Rarity was from a place like Ponyville. Didn’t they know she was one of the ponies who saved the world? Weird…

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): Some ponies dislike others for no reason except to make themselves seem bigger.)

I know. It’s a lot like how bullies are. But I wanted to help them see what a terrific pony Rarity was --- all of Ponyville was so proud of her! ---  Maybe they’d be nicer to her then.

“Miss Upper Crust?” I asked.

She blinked, looking down at me. “Yes? What is it?”

“Did you know that the Orange Family in Manehatten came from the Apple Family Farms? Their ancestor lives in Ponyville on Sweet Apple Acres.”

She blinked. “No…I…I didn’t know that…”

“Did you know that five of the Elements of Harmony who beat Discord are from Ponyville?”

“No…I…didn’t…know that…”

“Did you know Ponyville was founded on land given directly to the Apple Family by Princess Celestia herself?”

“Ok…I had no idea…”

“Did you know that the legends say Saint Sweetheart did her healings on a farm? Even though there were the beginnings of the tribal hierarchy? and she could easily have gotten a job as a healer with the Pegasi or unicorns?”

I have to admit, I didn’t know the tribal hierarchy hadn’t been set up, the myths all say the unicorns and Pegasi already had their governments. Moonlight corrected me and Twilight said the same thing when I asked her. They’re so smart!

“Well that‘s just a legend.”

“Maybe. Oh! And did you know that only the unicorns who founded Equestria were nobles? The Pegasi were warriors and the Earth Ponies were farmers. Isn’t it cool they all ended up coming together to found Equestria?!”

“…Yes, I suppose…I daresay you have quite aduately conveyed the gist of your message, little dear…”

“Okey! Hope you enjoy the derby!”

I hope what I was saying didn’t go over her head. I really just wanted to show her being from Ponyville wasn’t such a bad thing and lots of good things came from Ponyville.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): I wish it were that simple, Dinky.)

…It isn’t?


Ok, I know mom didn’t MEAN it to be funny, but when Dinky proceeded to point out flaws in their logic, the looks on those two‘s faces were just priceless! I thought Upper Crust was going to short-circuit like a robot in those science fiction novels. Not only was she being fed facts that undermined her belief in superiority of city ponies, it was by a filly who couldn’t be LESS preachy and condemning.

“My sister oh-so-loves to read,” I explained. “She visit’s the library back home whenever she can, she’s quite bright.”

“Bright, mm-hmm…” Upper Crust admitted. “She is…Does she go to Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns?”

“No, my mother home-schools her,” I explained, giving a proud smile to mom; she blushed and grinned.

“Oh, look the Derby is starting!” Upper Crust exclaimed, likely to break away from the increasingly awkward situation.


I’ll admit…having Sparkler give me as smile when she said I home schooled Dinky did feel good…but I couldn’t shake that out-of-place feeling.

“I believe Spitfire will win, she is Captain of the Wonderbolts after all,” said Jet Set, to which Upper Crust nodded.

I wondered whether I should say who I felt would win. I wasn’t a diehard fan like Rainbow Dash was; all I knew was from what I’d overheard Rainbow Dash say about them, and seeing them perform at the Gaia Festival (I missed them at the Gala, I was feeling sick from my nerves). I was excited, I’d WANTED to see the Wonderbolts, but…I actually thought Fleetfoot would win, not Spitfire. Rainbow Dash said she was the fastest of the group (not to me…I don’t think Rainbow likes me that much…). But was I supposed to contradict them? Wouldn’t that be a social blunder?

“I think Fleetfoot will win,” Dinky said.

“I agree with Dinky,” I said, not leaving my Muffin hanging. Though I do wonder how she knew that. I didn’t like the looks Jet Set and Upper Crust gave us...guess it WAS a social blunder…

The race started, and boy was it fast! I was glad my eyes go in different directions! It helped me keep an…well, eye on the action.

Fleetfoot won by a nose. I was so excited I jumped up and cheered my loudest…then nervously set down after noticing the stares that drew. “Bar-Sorry…”

“Yes…well…” Jet Set cleared his throat. “How did you two know she’d win?”

I was too nervous to come up with a good reply. I was afraid my speech impediment would kick in.

“I went to a few Rainbow Dash Fanclub meetings back home,” Dinky explained, smiling brightly. I remembered that, back when Rainbow was…admittedly being a bit of a showoff. Dinky had even gotten her picture taken with her. “Rainbow Dash talked about the Wonderbolts when she came in to talk to us, she said Fleetfoot was small and fast. Spitfire’s not captain because she’s the best at everything, she’s a good leader and has the best overall average of the group.”

That’s pretty much what I’d heard Rainbow say…she talks about them a lot on weather patrol…well, not to me, but I’ve overheard her talking to Cloud Kicker.

“Fanclub? I cannot say I’ve never heard of this Rainbow Dash…what has she done to warrant a fan following?” said Upper Crust.

Dinky blinked, and so did I. “Oh, she’s one of the ones who beat the chaos monster and the only Pegasus to ever do a Sonic Rainboom.”

That just seemed to confuse them more. How did they not know that? Those six got two stained glass windows in the castle; one for beating Discord and one for beating Nightmare Moon. It’s one thing for ponies not to know about mine and the Doctor’s adventures, but to not know about the Elements of Harmony?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Does it bug you no one knows about the things you and the Doctor have done? I From the sound of things, you‘ve both risked your lives quite a few times.)

No, it doesn‘t bother me. The Doctor is anonymous on purpose…and he almost never stays for any kind of thank-you party. I can respect that. It feels good to know I was important to all those planets, to THIS planet, even if me, my family, and the Doctor are the only ones who will ever know.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): Character is what you are in the dark.)

Yeah, I guess it says a lot if you’re not afraid of the dark.

Anyway, we all got distracted by cheering in the skybox. We looked up to see Rarity getting three cheers…

The derby ended and we walked down to the lower level of the stands, Jet Set and Upper Crust talking about this and that. I wasn’t listening. I was trying even harder not to make a fool out of myself…

“Amethyst, it’s been wonderful to see you again,” Upper Crust told Sparkler, giving a smile. She and Jet Set seemed to be treating me and Dinky like we were just…there. Balloons tied to Sparkler’s tail. Maybe I was just being paranoid, but I just felt so alienated…


“It’s been wonderful seeing you as well, I do hope we’ll see you again before we leave.” I honestly wasn’t sure how much I meant that and how much I was politeness

Like I said, they ARE my friends, it’s just…they reminded me so much of the old me, or so I thought. That’s just how I felt. Or at least what I thought I felt.

“We’re going to the Garden Party later this week, would you three like to come?” Jet Set asked politely. By his tone, I could tell HE was just being polite to mom and Dinky.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but we have other plans then, I do hope you’ll enjoy yourselves, however.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that,” Upper Crust said. The thing that made me feel conflicted was she WASN’T just being polite. I could tell she actually meant it. And that just made it worse. “Well, we do hope we’ll see you again before you leave.”

So we said our goodbyes and they left. I was even more confused than before. I know it sounds weird but…I just felt mad at myself for fitting in so well here while mom stood out. Perhaps it would be ’fairer’ if I were as clueless and socially wrong-hoofed as mom. Princess Gaia helped me wash away Discord’s damage to my mind, and made me realize how much mom meant to me…but I think I still had work I needed to do on myself.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Hey, no pony’s perfect. You know what they call someone that is? A Mare-y Sue, and they’re all hard to get along with.)

And that’s when, being the attentive big sister I was, noticed that a very important part of our company had wandered off while we were talking. “Mom, where's Dinky?”


I know I shouldn’t wander off from mom, but I just saw the chance and was curious. I poked my head through the railing, looking down. “Um, excuse me?!”

Spitfire was just off to the side resting after her race. She blinked and looked up at me, then smiled. “Hey, there.”

I smiled back. “You’re Spitfire, right?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” she replied. “What’s your name?”

“Dinky Doo, I’m from Ponyville.”

“Ponyville? Long way from home, huh?” She seemed nice.

“Yeah, I’m here with my momma, she’s getting an award from Princess Luna!”

“Princess Luna?” she asked, looking thoughtful. “Ditzy Doo, right? I heard that, Princess Luna made an announcement. You’ve gotta be proud of her, huh?”

I nodded, then looked over, momma was still with Sparkler talking to Jet Set and Upper Crust. I looked back to Spitfire. “Yeah, a lot!…Would you mind maybe answering a few questions? I’m really curious.”

She gave a chuckle. “Sure, anything for a fan.”

“How do you become a Wonderbolt? Rainbow Dash says it’s really hard work.”

Spitfire looked really, really happy to hear Rainbow Dash’s name. “Rainbow Dash, huh? She’s a friend of mine. Saved my life when I almost died,” she explained, giving a nos…nosetelgic smile. “Yeah, it’s tough. The flight academy in Cloudsdale is a cakewalk compared to us. Can‘t go into details, but a lot of pegasi don‘t make the cut.”

I nodded. “It sounds hard…what event do you do that‘s the hardest?”

She scratched her chin. “That’s a tough one. For me?…I’d say the stunt flying. I may like it better than a race, but it takes a lot of training to be able to keep in sync, one wrong move and someone could get hurt pretty bad. It’s why being a team player is something we really look for. But we‘re all better at different things, so Soarin‘ might think racing is the hardest.”

I gave a nod. “That makes sense. Like how Fleetfoot is the fastest so she does better in races?”

Spitfire gave a warm smile. “Yeah, exactly. I wish more ponies realized that.”

“Yeah, me too, she deserves it…I hope I’m not annoying you,” I said, giving a frown.

She shook her head. “No problem, I like talking to my fans.”

I nodded. “Ok…I’ve always wondered, how do you leave those trails of lightning behind you?”

“Oh, that‘s an easy one…”


“Dinky?!” I asked, looking around frantically. Thankfully, she was right behind us, peaking over the rail. “Dinky!” I called, fluttering over. “Railways hamburger shop!…I bean won’t blunder off bike that, muffin! And blue could half bell!” I  called, as sternly as I could manage. I think that was the first time in awhile I’d gotten so worked up my problem made me start speaking nonsense, but I guess losing sight of her in that huge crowd, I’d gotten so scared…

Dinky pinned her ears. “Sorry, momma…” she said, looking up at me.

I softened. “I’m sorry, Muffin. I shouldn’t bell, but By just blot scared…”

We hugged. “It’s ok, momma. But I was just talking to Miss Spitfire.”

I blinked and looked down at the Wonderbolt. “Hi, sorry if she bothered you. Dinky’s bu-just curious.”

“No prob,” Spitfire replied. “I love talking to my fans. Hope you enjoy your say. And congratulations on your award.”

I couldn’t help blushing as we left Spitfire and headed out again. It felt weird to hear that from her.


We got back to our room. I don’t think I’d ever been that exhausted. It wasn’t my body that was tired, I almost never get worn out on mail runs or even going to get the birds during Winter Wrap Up (and having to fly TWICE as far just to get to the right place)…I just felt drained.

I just laid down with my Muffin (Sparkler in her own bed) and went to sleep…

Discord's beaten, but invisible scars take the longest to heal for the mane six and all of Ponyville. Anyone can die, living is the actually challenge. This is a mother's tale of recovering from Discord's taint.


Well, an Optional Canon chapter, meaning this is up to you rather or not its actually part of the story line, but Alexwarlorn :icon:alexwarlorn: let me right a REAL chapter for the Pony POV Series! I'm a promoted Fanboy!

Sequel to [link] , [link] , [link] , and [link]

Followed by: [link]

We're finally in Canterlot! We're on the final stretch! Devided due to the word limit...stupid word limit.

MLP: FiM: Copyright Hasbro

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn: I'm just the guest writer!

Thanks to :iconalexwarlorn: and Louis for editing!
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ardashir Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Aww, Dinky is so adorable! I love how she quizzes Jet Set and Upper Crust the way she does. And Derpy is as awesome as ever.

But here: And that’s when, being the attentive big sister I was, noticed that a very important part of our company had wandered off while we were talking. “Mom, we’re Dinky?”

Shouldn't that last part be, "Mom, where's Dinky?"
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist
Glad she's adorable! I really did try to make her a cute little filly.


What do you think of Sparkler?
ardashir Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Sparkler did okay here. I did like hearing about her (somewhat shallow) friendship with Jet Set and Upper Crust. You've done a great job in this series giving her a personality.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist
Thanks! Glad that works!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
I really don't think Sparkler needs to be ashamed of her actions as Amethyst Star. She was able to make some good REAL friends wasn't she?
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist
It wasn't so much she needed to be ashamed as she thought she did.

Princess Gaia did fix Discord's taint in her, but she's still got her own emotions to hammer out.

Thanks for the fav!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist
And the other fav.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Thank you.
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