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Pony POV Series
Butterflies Optional Canon Ditzy Doo and Family
Farther Out of Water

By Kendell2

Editted by Alexwarlorn and Louis

The next day, we got up and I wasn’t so sure what to do, honestly. Yeah, the Wonderbolts Derby was great (minus my nerves), but I really didn’t have any other plans until the ceremony, honestly…

Until Rarity showed up at my door the third most-fanciest dress I’ve ever seen here in…Which is saying a lot, because…well, she’s Rarity, that’s what she does.

“Hello, darling,” she smiled. “I’ve been invited to a dinner party tonight, I was wondering if you three could attend if you didn’t have any other plans today.”

“Well…we wo-don’t…bl-you sure its ok?” I asked, trying not to be rude, but I honestly didn’t want to go. But Rarity had been so nice to me…I didn’t want to seem rude and not accept an invitation to a fancy party.

“Oh, no, it’s quite fine, dear, they literally BEGGED me to come.”



You know what’s weird?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): That Rarity stretched a musical number out over two days?)

No…well, ok, that is kinda weird…But I mean everypony was spending so much time staring at her during the party that no one paid attention to the stained glass windows or stuff in the room! They were so pretty! And the view from the windows was really, REALLY great! I even had Sparkler buy me a camera so I could could pictures!

(Interviewer’s notes (Unicorn): Must not be easy without magic.)

Well, you need a special attachment, but it still was really fun!

Oh, and Mr. Fancypants is SO nice!

“So, you’re a REALLY important pony, huh?” I asked him.

“Yes, I suppose ponies see me that way,” he said, giving a smile.


He actually chuckled. “You know, you’re the first pony I think has ever asked me that, quite refreshing, truthfully. It’s because I’m the richest pony, outside of the Princesses, and I’m also the one who has the most sway among the elites. I got that way by being very observant when it comes to trading and the like.”

“Wow, cool!”

He looked me over. “My, that’s a lovely little dress you’re wearing, may I ask where you got it?”

“Oh, Miss Rarity made it. She made my sister and momma’s too.”

“Oh yes, Miss Rarity. She’s made quite the impression. I knew she made all her own dresses, but it’s another story with one of her designs on another pony,” he told me, smiling. “She’s certainly excellent at bringing out the best in a pony, isn’t she?”

I nodded…Then I wanted to see something. “So you’re from Canterlot?”

“Yes, it’s a wonderful city, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Me and momma are from Ponyville…”

“Ponyville, huh? Lovely town, isn’t it?” he asked, giving a smile. “I’ve always been interested in the amount of Equestria’s history is bound up in that little town.”

I smiled widely. “Yeah…you’re the first pony I’ve seen here that seems to know that…”

“Well, the way I see it, the Princesses care about all of us, why shouldn’t I?”

I smiled widely. “I wish more ponies where like you.”

Like I said, he was a REALLY nice pony!


How was the party? I was just glad everypony was looking at Rarity so they didn’t see me trying to figure out which spoon to use during dinner! And even then, I think I used the wrong one for each course of the meal! Not to mention how hard it is to use spoons without a horn anyway!

I was used to just drinking soup straight from the bowl, but I knew that was bad manners here. If you aren’t a unicorn, or have a special talent relating to the pegasi magic that lets us carry things through the air, you just balance the spoon on the edge of the bowl, push down on bring the bowl of the spoon up, and then sip from it.

But…well…I’m clumsy, you know. So I ended up launching my spoon…three times. Thank ALL the Alicorns Sparkler always caught them with her telekinesis and everypony was distracted by Rarity.

So in the end, I forgot about soup and just ate one of the rolls with butter. Wasn’t as good as a muffin, but at least I could eat it without making a complete fool of myself…And then I had to try and figure out which NAPKIN I was supposed to use! Yes, I know know there’s only two and one was used to hold the silverware, but that just confused me! I already have enough trouble figuring this kind of thing out!

Sparkler finally picked one up with telekinesis and helped me. “Thanks…” I whispered, blushing from embarrassment.


Poor mom. She spent that whole dinner party struggling not to make a fool of herself. And meanwhile, I was chatting it up with an old friend. I just felt so bad for her. Again, I felt GUILTY to be fitting in so well while mom was struggling.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): And who was the friend?)

Huh? Oh, her name was Moondancer. White unicorn, red mane, crescent moon cutie mark surrounded by stars. She has a bit collection of plush toys, I think Twilight’s little purple dragon had a crush on her.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Is she like Jet Set and Upper Crust?)

…No…she’s not. She’s really nice. In fact, she, Twinkleshine, Lemonheart, and Minuette all were…I kind of wish those three had been there…Ugh, why do I remember meeting Minuette two different ways? Ugh, stupid Doctor and his stupid time travel. Went on two or three adventures (ONLY because mom REALLY needed me) with him, and I start remembering an alternative timelines on top of the ‘real‘ timeline. I’ll admit the adventures were kind of exciting, but memories that contradict each other? They’re REALLY annoying…

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Don‘t forget, that‘s the Doctor‘s NATURAL way of seeing things.)

Anyway, point is, the first two were on a world tour with Princess Cadence as her hoof maidens and Lemonheart was busy working, so it was just me and Moondancer…

“So, Amethyst Star, how are you doing?” she asked, giving me a smile. “It’s been awhile.”

“Um…Moondancer, if you don’t mind, could you call me Sparkler?” I asked. She, Twinkleshine, Lemonheart, and Minuette are the only ones in Canterlot who knew my original name and where I was from. “That name…it just isn’t me anymore...”

She gently put a hoof over my heart, “Alright, Sparkler, if that’s what you want. But you’ll always be Star to me. You’re a wonderful friend. And the pony I made friends with WAS and IS a wonderful pony.”

Moondancer was always good at picking up emotions…I think she knew how I felt…I gave a smile. “Thanks.”

“No problem. So, how are you doing?”

“Well…better. Between Discord and Princess Gaia, I’ve thrown out a lot of garbage beliefs. Me and mom are-” I cut myself off to catch mom’s spoon for the third time. “-doing fine. So’s Dinky. You?”

“Bored,” Moondancer said with a sigh. “You and Twilight went to Ponyville, Twinkelshine and Minuette are on a world tour with the Princess, Lemonheart is too busy with her job, and Elites who are interested in actual companionship instead of status are…”

“As common as a dragon who doesn’t have bad breath?” We both chuckled. Our voices were low, but most of the elites were too busy brownnosing to notice anyway.

“I wouldn‘t say quite that bad,” Moondancer finished. “By the way, how’s that little dragon of Twilight’s doing?”

“Spike? He’s still working with her. Oh, and he’s crushing on little Miss Popular over there,” I said, rolling my eyes to look at Rarity, who was presently in the middle of a musical number. At this point, I didn’t know who was brownnosing who.

She sighed and shook her head. “When will that little dragon understand he’s a baby?”

I nodded. “Tell me about it…wait, he’s almost as old as Twilight…mentally anyways, why is he still considered a baby?”

“Dragon years, I guess,” Moondancer replied. She chuckled. “But yeah, glad he’s moved on. I may not return his feelings, but I didn’t want the poor kid heartbroken at being separated from me.”

“He’s not, believe me, he’s not,” I told her, giving a chuckle.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Earth Pony): That doesn’t sound like something you should feel guilty about.)

…No, she isn’t, I know that NOW…but I think I was being stubborn in being ashamed of myself to realize it at the time. If it wouldn’t cause a time paradox I’d like to go back and tell past me to stop being a stubborn mule…No offense to mules.


I went straight to bed when we got back, only pausing to hang up my dress and tell Dinky and Sparkler goodnight.

The nightmares about the birds had stopped a long time ago, I’d actually started having more pleasant dreams. Twilight and the others saved me from the birds and I was a hero, I even saved Dinky…

But that night all I had were nightmares about messing up my speech, being laughed at…


“But Pie didn’t study pour this vest! Ahh! I’m naked in pass!”

“You‘re such an idiot! Haha!”

“What‘s a matter? Too dumb to talk right?”





So the next day, we get up to…do something. We still weren’t sure WHAT we were going to do, to be honest. I thought maybe I’d go find Moondancer so at least I’d have some tolerable company. So I went to find an address book to refresh my memory of where she lived.

When probably the one pony I didn’t want to meet happened to be walking in front of me. I tried to act like I didn’t notice him, hoping he was too busy enjoying his swelled head to notice me.

Then he opened the door…for me.

“Is everything alright, Miss?” Prince Blueblood asked as I was picking my jaw off the floor.

“You…you opened the door for…me?” I asked, dumbfounded.

He looked a little embarrassed. “Oh…yes, I did…I understand why you’re surprised,” he admitted. “I’m trying to be more like Aun…to fulfill my royal duties better…You look rather familiar, we’ve met, haven’t we?”

“Uh…yeah…we had a date…It ended with me chewing you out,” I admitted, while giving him a glare.

He rubbed his head embarrassedly. “Unfortunately…that doesn’t narrow it down as much as I wish it did…”

I gave a sigh and an eye roll. “My name is Amethyst Star…” I grumbled, hating the words that came out of my own mouth.

“Oh yes, I remember…” I was MORE surprised when he pulled out a wallet with his magic and produced a sum of bits. “If I remember correctly, this is half of what I made you spend on me, you have my sincere apologizes for the most ungentlestallion-like way I handled myself.”

I numbly took the bits. “You…you…apologize?”

“A stallion can change, can’t he? I have a girlfriend now and thanks to both her, and the two most recent world threatening events our world has sustained, I’ve seen I need to try to live up to my title instead of a spoiled foal,” Blueblood admitted, giving a smile.

At that point, my brain started overheating. “I…I…I.” It wasn’t JUST that Blueblood was nice… I finally just sighed and shook my head. “Sorry…I should know better than anypony a pony can change…”

He looked genuinely confused at that. “Ameth-”

“Sparkler, please.”

“Erm, alright, Sparkler…If this is about how you acted before, I think you have much more reason to doubt my changing than your own. After all, last time you saw me I-”

“Treated your date to the Gala like garbage,” I finished, then cringed. “Sorry…force of habit…”

“No, you’re correct. I didn’t know you were AT the Gala…Anyway, that’s my point.  If you think you were bad, I beg to differ,” he told me. “You were a proper lady-”

“But that wasn’t me!” I finally admitted, it was like a dam burst. “That was ‘Amethyst Star’, the big elite Canterlot pony who thought her own, hardworking mother was an embarrassment and wanted nothing to do with her. That’s…that’s a me I made up!”

He actually looked…sympathetic. “At least you made it up, that was actually me.”

And that hit home pretty hard.

“At least you’re ashamed of pretending to be a far better pony than I actually was. And I know how you feel…since Discord’s day, for the longest time, I was terrified of Auntie Celestia and her embodiment because of what that monster did to me…I thought she was trying to kill me…But now I see how stupid I was…We all make mistakes, Sparkler, it‘s living with them not everypony learns to do.”

I’ll admit…that was a speech I expected to hear from Applejack (What? You think I didn’t get a ‘you’re better than you think you are’ speech from her like everypony else?). But it was one I needed to hear. Yes, I know Moondancer told me the same thing…but this just drove in the nail she’d set in place.

“…Thanks…I needed to hear that…”

“Then I’m finally doing my job,” he said, showing a bit of pride that wasn’t the least bit vain. “…Say, I’m letting Miss Rarity christen my new airship…I think she still believes I was forced to do it by Auntie then attend the party afterwards. But would you like to come watch if you haven‘t anything better to do?”

“Uh…sure, if my mom wants to…”

And yeah, that was pretty much my big realization moment. Realizing the pony I’d seen as being the picture next to ‘jerk’ in the dictionary had a gentlestallion inside him and realizing I had it easy compared to someone who actually had a lifetime of being a jerk to make up for while I’d just been a bratty kid and rebellious teen. Sorry it wasn’t epic, I’m not an epic pony.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): They don’t all have to be amazing, Sparkler. Often times, we just want to hear about ponies being ponies.)

Yeah, I guess that’s right…Anyway…I felt free.


Sparkler had always told me Prince Blueblood was mean, but he didn’t seem like it. While mom talked with Sparkler about going to the dock to see his christen his ship, I got to ask him a few questions.

“Mr. Prince Blueblood?” He was a pretty big stallion, reminded me of Mr. Big Macintosh.

“Yes? And Prince Blueblood will do.”

“Ok, what are you Prince of?”

“I’m just a Prince, I don’t have a kingdom or embodiment like my Aunts, though I AM Commodore in Chief of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. It’s the civilian part of the Air Navy.”

“Oh, cool!…What’s the difference between that and the rest of the Air Navy?”

“Well, civilian airships are generally slower than military, they’re unarmed and only have a few air lifeboats instead of light airships.”

“And the ship you’re christening today?”

“Oh, that’s the Wind Fish V, it’s a personal luxury yacht for my personal use.”

“What happen to the old one?”

“It’s donated to my part of the navy for reuse. At the time I just did it to look good, but I’ll admit, it makes sense not to waste the old you know.”

“I see…Do you pilot your own ship or do you have a personal pilot?”

“Oh, I pilot them myself. My special talent is navigation and I don’t think it’d be hubris to say I’m good at it.”

“I didn’t know that! That’s really cool!”

He gave a chuckle. “Most ponies don’t. I actually make my own maps, I’m thinking of publishing some.”

Prince Blueblood was REALLY cool! And so was the Wind Fish V! I got pictures of it! That was so fun!


If I hadn’t been so busy worrying about fitting in, then I probably would’ve been happy to meet Prince Blueblood, considering he seemed pretty nice and understanding. But I was just so nervous I was walking on eggshells! And not just when that waiter dropped a bunch of eggs right in front of me, but that WAS humiliating!

While we were waiting for Rarity to show up and christen the ship, I spotted this pony in the crowd. He was a grayish brown stallion with a black mane and tail, kind of curly. He was wearing a blue top hat and had a blue bow tie. But the weirdest thing was his Cutie Mark, it was just like the Doctor’s! I mean…I know there are a few ponies with an hourglass mark, apart from him. One of Sparkler’s friends has it (I know her name‘s Minuette, but not much else), but it’s a VERY common mark for Time Lords.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Is it? How many Time Lords do you know of that are in Equestria?)

Well…two, the Doctor and the Master. But I knew he wasn’t the Master, because he’s blue and has a yellow mane and tail. I don’t know what it was but…this pony just felt familiar to me. Besides, I didn’t think it’d be any harm to talk to him, I needed SOMETHING to take my mind off of my nerves. And if it was the Master regenerated, the Doctor said he wasn’t a problem anymore.

I walked up to him, taking my hat off and putting my mane back to normal so he’d recognize me if we knew each other. “Um…excuse me?”

He turned to me and blinked, then gave a laugh. “Well I’ll be! Derpy? Long time no see!…Well, I suppose from your perspective you’d just have seen me a bit ago…Oh well! Point is, it’s you!”

He seemed…energetic compared to my Doctor, but he recognized me. “D-Doctor?”

“That’s right, Derpy! Well, relatively speaking, I’ve changed a lot since we met least! But I’m still not ginger! Why can I never be ginger?”

I couldn’t help chuckling a little bit. “I think you’d look good as a ginger.”

“Yeah, so do I! But Regeneration is kind of like that, isn’t it? Never know what you’re going to get. Took me a long time to figure out what I liked to eat, still hate pears. Anyway, I was just here looking for me. Well, your me, not this me. You know which me I mean.”

I nodded, a little confused. “Yeah, you mean the Doctor I know. He’s coming to Canterlot later. Shouldn’t you remember that?”

“Well, time is an even bigger ball of wibbly wobbly…timey-wimey…stuff in this universe than my universe, many roads of time and all that, there’s even an Alicorn of Fate, isn’t that something? Nice mare, wonder what happened to her wing. Anyway, point is, until your present catches up to my future, the past is fluid like the future. Oh, and timelines split when the past changes fancy that! It‘s actually pretty fun! Always new surprises!”


“Speaking of which, I don’t remember you speaking so clearly, or rather your Doctor doesn’t know at this present. Have you been taking diction lessons?”

I blushed a little. “Yeah, I’m not one hundred percent with it yet though.”

“Well, keep up the good work,” he said, then smiled. “For what its worth, I do miss traveling with you. You were fantastic!”

“…Ba-thanks…so were…are you,” I said, trying to compose myself, but it was…nice to know he’d remember me.

He gave a smile that reminded me of my Doctor. “I know, wasn’t I? Well anyway, I‘ve got to go figure out where me and me are going to meet and make sure my Companion doesn‘t get himself into trouble.”

I blinked. “Oh, you got a new Companion?”

“Yes, kind of have to have one, don’t I? He’s Pokey Pierce’s great uncle, Prickly Pierce. Long story involving Cyberponies and overloading info stamps, now he thinks he’s my third self and he’s somewhere in Canterlot! I really have to find him so we can get back in time and stop this Cyberpony invasion about fifty years ago. I think I may need past me for that, but don’t tell me, let time get there naturally, my memories will catch up with me. But anyway, I really must be going.”

I nodded, that surprisingly didn’t confuse me. We’d had weirder things happen to us.

I hope you have a good day, Derpy. And congratulations on the award.”

“You bl-too, and thanks!…Oh, and I like the bowtie, it looks good on you!”

He smiled ear to ear. “Thank you! Bowties are cool, aren’t they?!”

After future Doctor left, I picked up my hat and headed back to watch the christening after saying goodbye, watched Rarity christen the Wind Fish V…Then noticed ponies where chuckling at me…It took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn’t my hat! I’d picked up a paper bag and put it on my head while thinking about what just happened! In front of all those important ponies!

I was so embarrassed I threw it off as quick as I could…right into a ponies face, causing him to trip and knock over a bunch of trashcans (I swear I think they were there JUST to humiliate me!). I don’t know what, if ANYTHING happened after that because I ran back to the room, only stopping to pick up Dinky on the way, running over a few ponies in the process. I was lucky my dress wasn’t ruined.


I didn’t leave the room at ALL until it was time for my ceremony. I was too scared I’d do MORE to embarrass myself again! I just told Dinky and Sparkler to go without me while I rested.  Dinky had a great time, Sparkler seemed to enjoy herself more…but I just wanted to go home…

By the time we went to the stage, I was a nervous wreck. I just set backstage shaking like a leaf.

I know I know, it’s weird that I can go on adventures with the Doctor or fight off an army of birds controlled by a mad goddess, but I have a breakdown from having to give a speech…

(Interviewer’s Notes (Pegasus): Hey, everypony has something that scares them. Can‘t tell you what due to confidentiality and all that, but its true.)

Thanks. But I didn’t know that back then…

“Miss Doo,” said Luna, trotting over to me, giving a smile. “We will begin shortly, I do hope you shall be ready and your stay has been enjoyable.”

“Crown…Mushroom…Smart Cookie…Hospital!” I finally screamed in frustration and struggled just not to breakdown crying. I couldn’t even put together a proper sentence!

Luna blinked. “…I am sorry…I am a thousand years behind the times, does that mean something?…And why is she slamming her head against the wall?”


I was really worried about momma…she was so scared. I know everypony gets scared sometimes, but it’s so weird seeing momma scared. Let alone of giving a speech.  I know she gets afraid of me getting hurt, or Sparkler getting hurt…

When momma starts saying things that don’t make any sense, she’s really scared or angry…

I walked up and nudged her. “Momma…it’ll be ok…you’ll do good…” I told her. She smiled at me and hugged me.

“The muffin. Starlight. Mail-feathers,” she said, still not able to talk right, but I knew what she meant. Momma makes sense if you REALLY pay attention and it’s close enough. She meant ‘thank you’. “Lost toothache.” ‘But I’m still having problems.’

Poor momma…I felt so bad for her…But I didn’t know what to say.


It wasn’t good. When mom got THIS worked up, it was a miracle to put together enough of what she was saying to understand at all. I looked to Princess Luna. “Mom’s nervous, when she gets this worked up, her speech impediment gets worse.”

Luna frowned. “Oh, I see…Will she be alright?”

“We’ll try  to calm her down, give us a little bit,” I said, looking to mom. She was a nervous wreck, even with Dinky helping. She needed SOMETHING to snap her out of it, something that would override her nerves. Me and Dinky couldn’t hate her if we tried at that point, that was the problem; she already KNEW that. She needed something else.

I peaked out the curtain at the audience. Bunch of Canterlot ponies…Ok, there was Carrot Top, Berry Punch (along with Ruby Pinch, Noi, and Cheerilee (likely for moral support for Berry)), the Doctor. There was grandpa Well To Doo and grandma Daring Doo (I STILL think she inspired the book somehow). Grandpa Tender Hooves and…I gasped. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Or mom’s luck.

I ran over to mom. “Mom!” I called, getting her attention. “Grandma is here!”


Translation ‘I know’.

“No, the OTHER grandma!”

“Lauren Faust sketching Firefly?!”

Translation…I have absolutely no idea.

Her eyes went wide and I could barely get out of her way as she hurried to the curtain. Who’s Lauren Faust?


Field spring muffins sunlight!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): Derpy, settle down. You’re speaking nonsense…Let it be known Derpy took a two minute break to composer herself.)

Sorry, I’m just so happy thinking about it! It was the third happiest thing to ever happen to me! Behind getting my Muffins!

There, next to daddy…was mom. My BIOLOGICAL mom! She’d came! She’d really came! And she didn’t look disappointed! She actually looked…proud…I still said some nonsense until I settled down, but…There just aren’t words to describe how that felt. My mom had come to see me and looked proud of me! My mom was proud of me!

Luna blinked, coming over. “Miss Doo, are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m pine!…Oh, sorry…I’m ok, wo-don’t worry,” I said, wiping happy tears from my eyes.

Luna smiled. “Good, Miss Doo.”

“But…there is one thing…”


Luna stood on the stage, I waited to be called. “Ladies and gentlecolts! I, your Nightsty Princess Luna, am here to acknowledge a pony who overcame tremendous odds to protect her foal. In my long life, I have seen countless mares who would go to untold lengths for their child!” she announced. But…I thought she looked so sad for a moment when she said that last sentence…

“And this mare has shown loyalty to her foal that goes above and beyond the call! Despite the offering of paradise, despite everything that was offered to her, she fought to protect her beloved foal! Both during the reign of Princess Gaia and afterwards!” she then smiled a little. “Also, I would like to announce that, because she feels she can better express her heartfelt feelings in this fashion, her acceptance of the award shall be in song!”

Yes…it’s kind of silly…Well, not really, I guess, ponies have had spontaneous musical numbers for sillier things and it’s how we express ourselves often, so I probably didn’t even NEED to have that announcement made…but I didn’t want to go out and accept the award using the diction lessons, I…I just can’t express what’s in my heart like that. Oh? That makes sense? Ok.


And we trotted out to the stage and took it, Dinky and Sparkler at my side. I blinked as I noticed Rarity, who seemed like she was in a BIG hurry to get there, force her way into the line up at the back.

But then I looked into all four of my parent’s eyes…they all looked proud. My biological mother looked a little conflicted, but I saw pride. I smiled to her, and she smiled back.

I cleared my throat. Thank you everypony for this day.
I hope you’ll listen to what I say.
I don‘t know if I.
Deserve the award I win
But I love my children.
Do not ask me why.
Just know that this is true.
Dinky, Sparkler, I love you,”
I sung, looking to them with a smile.

I just did was what any mother would do.
But I’m proud that you think it’s true
That I’ve earned this prize.
That much please realize.
My family, my friends
Know that in the end
The words I’m glad are true
Are ‘Derpy, we’re proud of you’,”
I sung, finally ending and giving a bow. Ponies actually clapped. I turned, Luna smiled to me and nodded.

We headed down to my family and family. I know I’m being quick but…the important part wasn’t the ceremony.

My friends all congratulated me, the Doctor mentioned a crazy situation he and his future self ’d gotten themselves in and they stopped that Cyberpony invasion, and Prickly Pierce got most of his memories back. Oh! And Caramel and Cherry Fizzy’s families ended up being connected and now there’s more Royal Guards, so that’s nice! The two of us would end up stopping that crazy ‘doll’ maker awhile later…that really didn’t seem as big a deal, even if it was a REALLY creepy adventure…just that’s my life, I’ve done stuff like that before…this was so much more…special…

But when I got to Rarity…I had to ask her something. “Rarity…why have blue been helping be so much?” I asked.. “I appreciate bit, but…spy?”

Rarity frowned. “…I’ve…I’ve had my share of lying for one week, Ditzy…so I’ll tell you…the gossip about Dinky and protective services reached me…I felt after the world, had treated you so badly…you were owed some simple kindness and generosity.”

I hugged her. “Banks, Rarity…That means a lot.”

Finally, all four of my parents flocked around me, taking turns telling me they were so proud of me. It all felt good…but one stands out…

My mother, Dancing Hooves, for the first time I can remember, smiled proudly to me. “…Derpy…I’m so proud of you…of everything you’ve done…You’ve become a better mare than I am…than I ever imagined you could be.”

…I…I hugged my mom…I told her I loved her…she told me she loved me…


Grandma made it! Momma got an award! I got lots and lots of picture to show Pip, Moonlight, and Ruby, and I learned a lot about Canterlot!


Grandma…I don’t know if she came to see how wrong she was, or just decided ‘I can be proud of her NOW’…But I know her pride wasn’t faked, I’ve SEEN fake pride by the gallons, and that wasn’t it. She was proud of mom and there for her when she needed it most. That’s what matters.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Unicorn): Yes…more than you know. You may well have saved her soul, Sparkler.)

Never really thought about the afterlife much, just know there has to be one…but yeah, you’re probably right…that woman needed to wake up in this life before she reached the next.

Me? I finally stopped beating myself up over how much I loved being an elite. Amethyst Star is a part of me…I told Jet Set and Upper Crust I was ’country’, they didn’t know what to think. I don’t know if they’ll change, but if Dancing Hooves can, why can’t they?…I think I’m going to write Moondancer a letter when we’re done here, maybe visit her…


What more-


-is there-


-to say?
Discord's beaten, but invisible scars take the longest to heal for the mane six and all of Ponyville. Anyone can die, living is the actually challenge. This is a mother's tale of recovering from Discord's taint.


Well, an Optional Canon chapter, meaning this is up to you rather or not its actually part of the story line, but Alexwarlorn :icon:alexwarlorn: let me right a REAL chapter for the Pony POV Series! I'm a promoted Fanboy!

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References :iconoraclemask: 's Doctor Whooves Pony POV Series Recursive Fanfiction.

We're finally in Canterlot! We're finally at the finally! Devided due to the word limit...stupid word limit.

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gamexpert1990 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Bravo! I enjoyed these "Derpy and Family" chapters of yours. I think this was from one of the previous chapters, but my favorite Dinky scene was where the filly burst Jet Set's and Upper Crust's bubbles during the Wonderbolt Derby. My favorite Sparkler scene was where she and Blueblood had their conversation, and the subtext that ponies can change. I have already mentioned my favorite Derpy scene in a comment from your "Butterflies - Ditzy/Derpy Part 1," but I must admit that I enjoyed seeing you flesh out her character some more with the rest of these chapters...

In my mind, I shall consider these chapters actual canon, nothing "optional" about them.

Grammatical error that I noticed:
“Uh…yeah…we had a date…It ended with me chewing you out,” I admitted. I’ll admit, giving a glare

Might work better as:
“Uh…yeah…we had a date…It ended with me chewing you out,” I admitted, while giving him a glare.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
I'm glad you enjoyed this so much!

And I really liked that scene with Dinky and those two too. 

Hope Derpy's overall arc was touching :)

And fixed the error, thanks!

And once more, thanks for all the favs!
gamexpert1990 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
I'm glad to HAVE enjoyed it so much.

To say that Derpy's overall arc was touching, to me, would feel like saying Pinkie Pie's "Smile, Smile, Smile" song MIGHT put a smile on your face. In other words: A despicable understatement of the truth.

Also, you do not need to thank me for favoriting your work. You will always be welcome, anyway. If anything, I should be the one thanking you more often...
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Glad that worked! It was meant to be touching!

And okay. Just wanted you to know I'm grateful for the favs!
gamexpert1990 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Well, if you meant it to be touching, you have at least one reader who felt moved... However, like I said, just calling it "touching" feels like an understatement. It's that, heartwarming, sweet, endearing, tear jerking, fun, awesome, enjoyable, happy, and good all rolled into one. Sure, those are all pretty much synonyms, but they are also all distinct, and this is a story that has all of those elements.

Also, I said you don't NEED to thank me every time. If, however, you WANT to, there is no way I'll even think of trying to stop you.

p.s. I forgot to say: It looks like when she gets especially nervous, Derpy can almost rival Pinkie when it comes to breaking the 4th wall...

p.p.s. I apologize if it seems like I'm "reply-happy" (for lack of a better term).
Persona22 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
I was glad to see the character development for Sparkler, it was a very interesting approach on her relationship with her mother, which is different from the one Dinky has since Dinky is a little filly and Sparkler is in her late teens.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
Thanks! I'm glad you found this interesting and it work out!
ThePoketrix2 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
Thanks for the fav!

Glad you like it!
eric-emanwu Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
also, love blueblood's cameo on how he's growing from this all too. Guess that mean's that blueblood: reach for the stars is now canon as well. =)
Kendell2 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
Thanks! I'm glad that worked!

I loved that chapter (I was the one who asked Matt to make it canon I felt it was so good), and felt it fit in well with Sparkler's character growth.
eric-emanwu Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
And they all lived happily ever after....until the god with a bad attitude came back one last time, and all of equestria would need to reject his chaos once again.

MMMM, if this dancing hooves began releasing her sin, and the dark world dancing hooves is reaching for heaven as of The Valyard's going to hell, then what does that mean for the 3rd coming of discord and dancing hooves final facing down the deconstruction beast?

What a wonderful end. =)
Kendell2 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
Perhaps Derpy will simply ride things out in the TARDIS with the Doctor or something.

Thanks! Glad the ending worked and it was happy!

One thing I like about the Pony POV Series is that no one is irredeemable. Even at least one version of Discord showed he CAN be redeemed...its just nigh impossible to do so.
Paleb05 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
“No, the OTHER grandma!”
“Lauren Faust sketching Firefly?!”
Translation…I have absolutely no idea.

:laughing: This is great. Does “Lauren Faust sketching Firefly" have a translation?
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
It was Alex's idea. I suppose the translation would be akin to 'for real?!' .

Glad you like it and it was funny!
ardashir Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
I so love the scene with Dinky and Blueblood. I think everypony adores that little filly.

And Derpy meeting another version of the Doctor? Just another day for the Derpster. But giving a speech? Now that's a problem -- until she sang it. Yay for Derpy and her kids!

But now with this: The two of us would end up stopping that crazy ‘doll’ maker awhile later…that really didn’t seem as big a deal, even if it was a REALLY creepy adventure…just that’s my life, I’ve done stuff like that before…this was so much more…special…

Derpy, you have GOT to tell us about that one someday.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Not everypony, Jet Set and Upper Crust didn't. But glad she's adorable!

Yep, exactly. Saving the space time continuum? Easy. Mundane life? Not so easy.

Glad that interests you, but I mainly included that because Matt REALLY wants to get rid of the guy and it sounded like a good way to do it for him.

Do you have anything to say about Sparkler?
ardashir Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Nothing about Sparkler besides liking how she grew as a character and became proud of her mom and little sis; and she even made some peace with her grandmom.

I also like the scene where she was talking everything over with Spike's old crush. I wonder if Rarity knows that there was a One True Love in his scaly little heart before her?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
She doesn't know.
ardashir Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
Hmm, it'd be odd if she didn't at least suspect. I figure Rarity must have had some schoolgirl (schoolfilly?) crush of her own when she was little.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Gotcha. Sorry, just you didn't mention her but stated what you liked about the other two.

Glad that worked! Well, Dark World!Rarity certainly does.
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