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June 7, 2013
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Pony POV Series

Recursive Fanfiction/Alternate Universe.

Another End (Part 1 of ?)


By Kendell2

It’s almost over. We have Rainbow Dash back. They’re all back. And from the looks of things, Discord doesn’t know it. The Elements are going to work this time, I know it! I just know it! Then this Nightmare will finally be over!

Or that’s what I thought, before another thought occurred to me.

Discord spent Celestia knows how long locked away…but he escaped. Some day, he might escape again…And what if there weren’t Bearers to stop him? I decided to pose the question to my friends.

“That’s a good question…” Rarity admitted, as we prepared to mount our final attack on Discord.

“Yeah, we ain’t immortal…unless the Princess keeps Bearers round 24/7; this could all happen again, only worse…” Applejack admitted, scratching her head. “There’s gotta be a way tah make sure that sidewinder don’t cause more trouble.”

“Hey, look, I’m not saying this isn’t something to worry about,” Rainbow Dash interceded, she seemed like she was in a hurry for some reason. “But can we kick the sick buck’s flank then talk about what to do about him? Maybe Celestia’s gonna send him to the moon or something after we put him back in his stupid statue.”

I couldn’t argue with that…I look around us at the chaos, at the suffering…there has to be a way to stop this from happening again…For a moment, I even considered the idea of trying to eradicate chaos the world over. Give him no power with which to break free…but Celestia had never done that…and I trusted her…

Then, I thought of something my BBBFF had told me about the guard once.

“What’s this?”

As the bearers rose into the air, they see the shock on Discord’s face as he sees his worst fears realized.


They let the Rainbow loose, this time; they all feed one direction into it. One command.


A flash of light engulfs everything as Discord is swallowed by the Elements Rainbow.

The world made sense again. Everypony who was sane before returned to being so in a blink of an eye. Discord’s world of chaos seemed to have never been…

But Discord wasn’t stone. He rose to his knees weakly where his throne had once stood.

The chaotic tyrant blinked in confusion, looking himself over before a smirk formed on his face. “Hahaha! Looks like you didn’t quite get me, did you my little ponies?!” he announced victoriously. “I knew my glorious spells could not have been broken by six little ponies. I suppose you missed a spot, Twilight Sparkle. Now, let’s put things back where they belong, maybe this time with extra chocolate rain!”

He snapped his fingers…and nothing happened. “What?”

Another finger snap, nothing. He snapped his fingers several times in rapid succession, getting more and more frustrated as he did so. “What did you do?!” he bellowed in rage.

An orb of rainbow colored energy descended in front of Twilight. Inside was a sickly yellow aura that was twisting and turning in an unpredictable, random fashion. “We knew if we imprisoned you, you’d simply break free again,” Twilight stated, giving a smirk of her own. “So we ordered the Elements to do something different. Something that would keep you from causing trouble ever again.”

Discord’s eyes widened in shock. “No! You…You’re not serious!”

“When the Royal Guard captures a unicorn, they don’t immobilize them completely, they disable their magic with seals,” Twilight continued. “The Elements have striped you of your powers.”

Discord snarled with rage, then smirked widely, psychotically. “Good thing I don’t JUST have those powers then, isn’t it?!” he yelled, concentrating on his claw. He tried to form a sphere of energy…but it failed. “What?! But I still have Destruction’s power! Why aren’t they working?!”

“I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about,” Twilight said, giving a glare. All six of them were, along with any ponies who’d recovered their wherewithal enough to notice what had happened.

Could it be having my powers taken disabled Destruction and Dad’s powers? ‘Discord thought. The schemer looked around, trying to think of a way out of this. There was ALWAYS an option. ‘Perhaps the Elements sealed them too…

“And I really don’t care. It’s over Discord, just give up!” Twilight snapped, narrowing her eyes.

Discord gave a smirk as an insidious idea entered his mind. He clapped his hands. “Touché, Twilight Sparkle, well played,” he stated. “But now comes the million dollar question: what to do with me now? I mean you all know how dangerous I can be with just words, don’t you?” he asked, giving a look to the six. From one to another, eyes falling on each.

“’When all the truth does is make your heart ache, sometimes a lie is easier to take’, ‘Your friends laugh at you all the time’, ‘A weighty choice is yours to make:/The right selection or a big mistake./If the wrong choice you choose to pursue,/the foundations of home will crumble without you’,” the master of chaos quoted, each statement earning a pained glare from Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash. And the sight of her friends in pain made a certain lavender mare’s glare intensify. “Only two of you managed to avoid halfway believing what I told you before I even got to the mind control, so it’s not like I’m exactly harmless, am I?”

Rainbow outright prepared to charge, but a knowing look in the Draconequus’ eyes stopped her in her tracks, a guilty look on her face. Discord‘s message got through loud and clear: ‘Touch me right now, and they’ll know about Cloudsdale.’

Discord got back to his feet and trotted around. Despite the absence of his powers, he still made a different nonsensical sound with each step. “So, that begs a question, my little ponies. You’ve removed the physical threat I present, but have you really defeated me? What will you do with me now?”

“How about kick yer flank, yah rotten sidewinder?!” yelled Applejack, charging Discord head on. The Spirit of Chaos merely batted her away with his lion paw.

“Did I forget to mention? I’ve also got a lion paw, an eagle claw, a dragon leg, a snake tail, and a few other nasty parts that could do a number on a pony,” Discord bragged as Applejack got back to her feet.

“Oh, look Rarity, isn’t that Tom over there? I think he’s waving at you,” Discord joked, pointing over his shoulder at the bolder still outside the boutique. He then gave a sadistic laugh. Rarity seemed to freeze a little at the reminder of what he’d done with her. Like it hit something inside her just to see that rock again.

“Oh and look, Twilight,” Discord said, snaking his way around with surprising speed over to a place near the library. “I think this is where your cute little heart shattered into a million pieces. Good times, good times.”

Twilight snorted hot air out of her nostrils, fighting back the rage trying to consume her.

“Oh, and you know, I had this great joke in mind for your little dragon assistant when I worked my way down to him, I was going to-”


Discord found himself grabbed in the unicorn’s telekinetic grip and slammed rather brutally into the ground. She swung him around and plowed him straight through a tree, leaving bits of wood driven into his flesh.

Discord was finally brought crashing to the ground in front of Twilight, magical chains wrapping around his arms and legs. He struggled in their grip, but found even for his lion strength, the unicorn’s magic was too strong. He looked Twilight in the eye. “Come on, Twilight, what do you think? Just how are you going to stop me from using my other gifts, hmm?”

Discord knew if looks could kill, he’d be dead from the one Twilight was giving him. “Hehe, you know, I had such plans for Celestia and Luna, they were going to make SUCH wonderful statues in my garden of chaos. And then there‘s Cadence…”

Twilight’s mane actually began smoking at this. She tightened the magic chains tighter and tighter to the point yellow blood began to trickle.

“Cadence is a strange one to me, honestly. On one hand, she’s harmony, on the other she’s music,” Discord mused. “Music is a guilty pleasure for me…hmm, I suppose I could’ve just turned her into my own little caged song bird, crush her spirit so low that she would do nothing but sing for me.”

Black tendrils began to snake their way up Twilight’s body. She was beginning to turn black as she rose a chain up, aimed right at Discord’s head. “SHUT THE BUCK UP YOU MONSTER! I AM GOING TO-”

“Do what, Twilight?” asked a soft, tender voice.

Twilight looked back, seeing Fluttershy looking at her with a serious look. Behind her were her friends…they actually seemed…scared. They were afraid of her…

“He deserves it! He’s nothing but a monster! Even YOU admit it!”

“I do…but we didn’t kill Nightmare Moon, did we?”

“No…But she wasn’t him! She didn‘t HURT all of us like he has! All of our loved ones! She had a heart!”

Fluttershy slowly walked up to Twilight, not paying attention to the transformation taking place. She had a serious, but caring look on her face. “No, she didn’t…But he’s defenseless now, we’ve made it so his powers are gone, now you’ve restrained him easily…What would killing him accomplish?”

Twilight hesitated, the black tendrils began retreating. “But…but…he…he hurt you all…he broke us up…I…I can’t forgive him for that…”

“I’m not saying you should…but would Princess Celestia want you to kill him in cold blood?”

Twilight’s entire being seemed to shudder at that question hitting home.

“Twilight,” said Applejack, finally joining Fluttershy. “Ah agree the guy earned a beatin’, but…killin’ ‘em like this? It just ain’t right…”

“T-Twilight, Discord DID hurt us…but two wrongs don’t make a right…And no matter how much he’s earned it…I don’t want to see YOU become a killer!” Rarity argued, joining the other two.

Pinkie quickly hopped up. “Yeah! Twilight, this isn’t like that one fanfic were you kill everypony! You aren’t a killer! And…” Pinkie, for a rare moment, actually seemed serious, her eyes pleading… “…I don’t want you to…please…you’re being scary, Twilight…”

Rainbow Dash finally joined in. “Look, I’m not saying the guy doesn’t deserve Hell for this! But…look at yourself! Twilight…I don’t want you to murder someone for my sake! I don’t want that on my conscience!” ‘I’ve got enough on it as it is…’ the rainbow maned mare added mentally.

“Funny story, My Father is actually Hell, so kinda hard for me to deserve something I’m stuck with, oh well, can’t choose your family,” Discord chimed in cheerfully.

“None of us do!” Applejack joined in, doing her best to ignore Discord‘s interruption. The others nodded. “Twilight…we don’t want yah tah turn inta somethin’ yah ain’t to avenge what that sick buck did…if yah do that…then he wins.”

“Oh blah, blah, blah,” Discord stated, managing to do the appropriate gesture despite his present predicament. “Could you BE anymore naïve?! Come on, sadistic, unrepentant, psychopathic hedonist here, what exactly are you going to do about it? Come on, Twilight, you know it‘s the only way, don‘t you? You‘re the smart one. Do the smart thing. They don‘t know what they‘re talking about and you know it.”

Twilight looked back to Discord, glaring daggers and launched her last chain forward…

Lashing it around Discord’s muzzle and pulling it tight. The smoke ended, the black vanished. The chains loosed so they stopped cutting into Discord’s flesh. “…Maybe killing you would be the smart thing, Discord…but I’m not becoming a killer because you…If Princess Celestia wants to execute you for your crimes, so be it. But I’m not becoming a cold-blooded killer because of you…I’m better than that.” There hadn’t been a death sentence carried out in several hundred years in Equestria, but bookworm she was, Twilight knew of them. “And besides…that’d be the easy way out for you, Discord…you don’t deserve it.”

Twilight bound Discord’s limbs to his body. “You’re going to Canterlot, in chains, the Princesses will decide your fate.”

Discord seemed angrier at those words than at any other. Twilight didn’t care…her friends were right…she wasn’t a killer.

The Sum of All Fears set on recliner composed of several trillion doomed souls. Surprisingly, this punishment was considered preferable to pulling His chariot. Or the souls were just saying that so He’d not inflict it on them, no one was quite sure which. He proceeded to light one of the souls on fire and smoke it like a cigarette. He looked down at His Wife’s sea of chaos and stretched His chin thoughtfully with one of His innumerable claws. He knew He’d be erased from existence for asking what was presently on His mind…several hundred, if not thousand times. But eh, you make sacrifices for family.

“Honey, You Know, I’ve Been Giving The Matter A Lot Of Thought, And I Think It’s Time We Tried To Have Another Kid…”
What If? Are any two words better for inspiring a story? What if a character did this? What if they did that? What if Twilight and the mane six had decided to go a different route with Discord? What would this lead too? How would things change? And most importantly, what unforeseen consequences could it bring with it?

Basically, just a little What If I thought up. The thing is, the Princesses and the Mane Six decided to defeat Discord the same way with the Elements. Given the Rainbow of Light could be somewhat directed to a different purpose, it's not entirely impossible the same could be true with the Elements. Who to say they couldn't decide to defeat Discord differently than the first time? That they can ONLY turn a Draconequus to stone? It's likely they merely commanded the Elements to 'defeat Discord' both times, and that's what they did. What if they'd commanded them to do something different?

And no, let's get this out of the way right now, this isn't one of those 'there's no consequences for changing the future' things. Some things are gonna change, some better, some worse. Some won't change at all.

That said, I'm REALLY looking for ideas with this one, suggestions to improve it. Maybe even changes that might result.

That includes suggestions to this chapter.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro.

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn:
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ShadowLDrago Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
Glad you didn't forget about how dangerous Discord can be, he corrupted the Mane 6 with naught but words, and not to mention how dangerous his particular anatomy can be, his law and paw alone are dangerous since eagles and lions are carnivorous Pedators and considering thr nature of this Discord, he will use whatever he can to achieve his goals, and he is very annoying. I like.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
ShadowLDrago Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
I'm a Discord fan, what can I say? Had I any artistic talent, I'd draw him all the time, maybe with some time I can upload me singing Glass of Water?
Kendell2 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
Hehe. Nice!
ShadowLDrago Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
It'll take a while for me to memorize he ridiculous lyrics that only the mad geniused of Discord and Daniel Ingram could think of.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
ShadowLDrago Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
What? The lyrics are ridiculous, how fitting for Discord.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
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yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
I wonder what would of happen if Twilight did killed Discord and he stole Fluttershy's body? If Fluttercruel exists in this universe (and she most likey does), the end results could vary greatly!!!

Worst-case senario he might be able to absord her essence(since Fluttercruel is apart of him), regain his powers and be unstoppable again!
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
That was more or less Discord's plan, to be killed and hijack someone else's body. 

And yeah, that'd be scary!
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