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November 23, 2013
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Pony POV Series

Dark World Drabbles

Poison Apple

By Kendell2

Howdy. Ah suppose that yah want tah kno-

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Tell ‘em yer name, sis!)

Apple Pie, yah KNOW mah name. We’re twin sisters!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Yeah, but Rainbow says Ah need tah make sure tah get the name of who Ah’m interviewin’!)

Oh, right. Mah name is Poison Apple, your-

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Can yah please not address me like that? They won’t know who Ah am.)

No offense, sis, but yah saved the universe, Ah doubt they won’t know who yah are.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Ah’m just following’ orders)

Alright then…Ah’m Poison Apple, Apple Pie’s identical twin sister. Ah know what yah are probably thinking’:  am Ah jealous of mah sis for bein’ the savior of the world? No, not at all. Ah never wanted tah save the world, Ah just wanted tah read and learn.

Ah admit, at first it was just mah release. Work was a good distraction from the whole ’evil overlord rulin’ the world’ thin’ and Ah like it as well as the next Apple Pie, but when work was done for the day? Or a knife storm forced us tah barricade inside? If there was one thing that meh and Apple Pie could always agree on was how boring that could be. Apple Pie found superhero comics tah be her thing, but as for meh? Ah just couldn’t get inta ‘em. They were fun, but they seemed too short tah hold mah attention.

Mah first book was in this box with a bunch of other stuff like old photos Ah’d found while diggin’. Ah never found out why somepony buried it. But it had an old farming manual in it. Yeah, Ah know how boring it sounds, but Ah liked it, even if Ah had tah ask Guru Fido what a ton of words meant. And even if it was for plant farmin’, it still helped out a bit on the farm, like showin‘ meh that everythin‘ needed the right conditions tah grow. And Ah liked it. For the first time in mah life, Ah started tah really understand how somethin’ worked! Ah guessed books bein’ able tah do that is why Big Banana Discord had all the Pre-Chaos Era literature he could find destroyed (yeah, Ah know now he was doin‘ it tah try and avoid bein‘ beaten like he had before. Ah died yah know). And Ah wanted tah keep understandin’ things.

Ah started lookin’ for any books Ah could get mah hooves on, including’ learnin’ alchemy. That really came in handy in dealin’ with the monsters that attack the farm all the time. A good old stinkbomb will send a lot of ‘em runnin’ for the hills, or at least distract ‘em long enough for Banana tah shoot it with her bazooka.

It’s actually how Ah earned mah Cutie Mark. A bunch of giant, rock eatin’ rats started eatin’ our crops (Ah always thought there were an oddly big number of rock-eatin’ monsters…) They weren’t big enough and too fast tah blow up easy. Ah snuck off tah that old rundown library in Ponyville (thinkin’ of becoming’ a ‘librarian’ for it once it gets rebuilt, Aunt Abigail said it’d be a good idea) and found a book on poisons. Ah knew there were a lot of books there, but well, it was Ponyville, Discord’s ‘Chaos Capital of the World’ and where…where F-Fluttercruel liked hauntin’ for her ‘toys’ t-there…t-thanks for the hug, sis…

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): J )

But Ah managed tah make off with a lot of books, including’ the book on poisons. Ah mixed it up and set a trap. It worked, no more rats! We couldn’t eat ‘em afterwards, but they were eatin‘ up our crops any more! And it earned meh mah Cutie Mark! Mah Cutie Mark ain’t exactly just poisons, it’s for alchemy in general. Really comes in handy in makin’ rocks inta other things that are worth more for the family. Really helps everypony and Ah‘m proud of it.

So Ah went on, helpin’ the family however Ah could. But…but t-then…look, Ah accepted mah death, Ah got inta Heaven but…P-Please don’t…

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Yah don’t have tah if yah don’t wanna, sis.)

Thanks…after…t-that. Ah just couldn’t pass on…When Mr. Mortis came for meh…Ah couldn’t bare the thought mah family might suffer like Ah had…At least without a friendly face there tah greet ‘em when the sufferin’ ended. And Ah hadn’t even gotten the chance tah say goodbye tah Apple Pie or anypony else when Fluttercruel grabbed meh. So mah spirit hung around…until Miss Rarity needed help. We all came tah help her. Some of ‘em wanted payback…Ah just wanted tah protect the Apple Pie clan, tah make sure she’d never hurt anypony Ah cared about ever again.

Sis…Ah’m sorry Ah didn’t stick around tah help fight Fluttercruel again…Ah…Ah thought she was dead for good…

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): It’s alright sis. We beat her, it’s no problem.)

Thanks…After Ah finally passed on…Ah met the Father of Alicorns and went into Pony Heaven. What was it like?…There ain’t no describing it. Mah family was there, and Ah had every book Ah could ever want, but that was just the tip of the iceberg! It’s Heaven, it’s kinda hard tah describe if yah hadn’t been there! And…well, there was one thing…

“Hello little filly with a desire to learn, I hear for knowledge of alchemy you do yearn.”

Ah turned tah see a Virgacorn, only minus the ‘corn’ part.

“Wow! Yer a…what do yah call it? Half a Virgacorn?”

She just gave a chuckle. “A Zebra is my species’ name, but you can call me Zecora all the same.”

“Wow! Ah ain’t never seen a Zebra before! How’s bein’ a Zebra different than bein’ a Virgacorn?!” Ah asked about half a dozen questions, but she answered ‘em all. She seemed tah like answerin’ ‘em, kinda like Guru Fido did first time Ah met ‘em. Then Ah remembered she’d done asked meh a question first.

“Yeah…Ah do like alchemy, it’s mah special talent. Just…well, Ah’m kinda dead and all…” Ah didn’t really know exactly what good learnin’ more alchemy after Ah died would do.

She put a hoof on my shoulder. “Little one, into paradise you have entered in, if you love to learn then by all means begin.”

And Miss Zecora taught me. And boy did she know a lot! Then again, she did call herself an alchemist, so I guess Ah shoulda seen that comin’! Ah think if Big Boss Discord hadn’t taken over the world she probably woulda been writin’ books Ah’d be reading’! And Heaven bein’ Heaven, Ah had all the supplies Ah could ever need tah learn it all!

“Wow! How did yah know that plant would do that?!” Ah asked, after she made one of Discord’s Fire Flowers inta a potion that’d get rid of a cold. “That flower wasn’t around when yah were alive!”

Zecora gave me a smile. “There is a simple answer to that question there, but of that fact how were you aware?”

Ah blinked. “Well…it weren’t in any of the farmin’ or alchemy books Ah found from back then…”

“And that is part of the answer my friend, when it comes to alchemy there is no end. The focus of alchemy is all about change, whether it is potion making or curing mange. It is all about creating new things from the old, to think that does not include you is much too bold. A good alchemist must change like the ingredients that they command, or else they become stagnate where they stand.”

“Oh…so a good alchemist needs tah change too?

Zecora nodded. “Not just alchemists, my student, for all those who desire to learn this information is prudent. If you want to know how the world works, don’t overlook a truth that always lurks. The world will always change and grow, and so there will away be more that you will need to know.”

“So…Big Top Hat Discord was right when he said things stayin’ the same is borin’?

“If he was doing his proper job then that is how it seems, but staying completely the same and too much change are both extremes. But at its basic definition, it is not fiction.”

Ah hadn’t thought about it before. Ah’d wanted tah learn, but Ah never thought about how Ah needed tah figure things out for myself as things changed. That learnin’ was more than just reading’ a book or listenin’ tah a teacher. And yah know what? It actually made it more fun! The idea of discoverin’ something new? That was excitin’!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Hehe…)

What’s so funny sis?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Yah were already doin’ that sis!)

What do yah mean?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Yah wanted tah find out stuff no pony had known for a thousand years, right? And yah figured out how tah use it! Don’t  that count?)

…Hehe, yeah, Ah guess yer right…Guess yah learn somethin’ new all the time.

She also introduced me tah a friend she’d met in Heaven.

“Hello, little pony, Zecora tells me that you like to learn, I‘m not an alchemist, but I am a teacher,” said a purple Earth Pony with glasses and a grey mane. Her cutie mark was a chalk board with 1+2 on it. And yeah, now Ah know it equals three and not fish.

Her name was Ms Hackney, she was real nice and taught me a LOT about all kinds of stuff, like math and chemistry. That actually went pretty well with alchemy! And apparently some of it had been lost for a LONG time! Turns out Ms. Hackney had been around since even before Discord ruled the world the first time! And a lot of the stuff ponies in her day was lost! Ah was learnin’ stuff that even Miss Twilight probably doesn’t know!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Wow…)

Ah know! And she was a real nice teacher too…

“Two plus two equals…I’m afraid I don’t even know what this is, my little pony…”

“It’s a robot moth…”

“I’m sorry dear but that isn’t correct.”

“It’s hard tah tell what is…Discord didn’t exactly leave many teachers left…”

Ms Hackney just gave a small smile. “That’s alright, dear, you can’t blame a pony who hasn’t had the opportunity to learn. Shall we start from scratch then?”

And now Ah actually know math! Two plus two equals four!

Anyway, time is a bit crazy in Heaven, so we had plenty of time tah learn till the final fight started down on the planet. Yeah, Ah watched, yah think Bomb Pie was the only one seein’ it? Our kin was fightin’ for the universe!…Ah noticed Zecora seemed real concerned about all of ’em, but Miss Twilight in particular.

“Miss Zecora, yah worried bout Twilight?” Ah asked.

Zecora gave a nod. “Yes, Poison Apple, I am concerned, and not just fear of seeing the world burn. Twilight and her friends were close to me, until we became what Discord wanted us to be. To see her fall to darkness once was hard to bare, to see it again I do not care.”

“…But yah are still watching.”

Zecora gave a smile. “I have been Twilight’s teacher from when we first met, for her I have the most respect. I have watched over her for more than one life, I will not abandon her in this strife.”

Ah gave a blink. “Uh…what?”

“I am aware my view on reincarnation is not true, there is a reason I feel as I do. There was a previous world that never was, but that world’s influence persevered, as it always does. There was a pony named Kimono in that world before it’s end, and even if she’s never been, when our world had its start, in me her existence did impart. And the world that never was had its own beginning, and it was with a dream of suffering ending. Ponies attempted to make a spell to change the world, but the did not know the change that would unfurl.

“One of those ponies was a teacher you know well, and she was who Kimono was before in dreams did the world dwell. Twilight was once ponies in these worlds as well, and in my previous selves’ classes she did dwell.”

Ah blinked, looking over as Ms. Hickney just gave a knowing smile.

Ah wasn’t really sure what tah say tah that. It weren’t the weirdest thing Ah’d ever heard (lived in Discord’s world after all), but the idea of bein’ somepony’s friend in every last one of their lives was still kinda amazin’. And it turned out Ah kinda was too! Ah was learnin’ from who Zecora was and who she used tah be! That was so cool!

She looked so happy when Twilight called all those ponies from the across time together. She even pointed out Minty and Clover, the ponies Twilight used tah be. Ms. Hackney told meh who all Clover’s friends were too. And boy was Ah happy tah see mah family beat that nasty old Nightmare Eclipse! We both celebrated together! Pinkie Pie even threw a ‘the universe is saved’ party! Yeah, it was heaven so she didn‘t need to, but turns out Pinkie is really good at parties, and there was another pony named Surprise who’d been here for a REAL long time who said she was Pinkie’s ancestor who liked tah party too! It was a BIG party!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Ah think Surprise showed up when Halflight did that spell that took down Eclipse…wait, if she’s Pinkie’s ancestor, and Pinkie’s our aunt, don’t that mean Surprise is our ancestor too?)


(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Why did yah just face hoof?)

Cause Ah coulda learned a lot about our family if Ah’d known that!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Well, yah will meet her again someday, and we still got Aunt Applejack too!)

Yeah, true…Ah guess Ah could ask her about it.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Can yah keep goin’? Sorry, Ah need tah get the whole story.)

Oh, okay…It was a fun party, a lotta ponies showed up too, and Zecora seemed glad tah have Pinkie there with her…But after Miss Rarity turned into Queen Libra and offered us all a chance tah come back tah life. And Ah jumped to it! Why wouldn’t Ah? The entire reason Ah hung around as a ghost was cause Ah wanted tah see mah family again! But…

“I’m sorry, Poison Apple my friend dear, but we must part was for now my dear.”

“The same goes for me I’m afraid.”

“What?” Ah asked. “But…why?”

“Only those who died of causes unnatural may return, and my full candle has already burned,” Zecora said, though she didn’t sound too upset.

Ms. Hackney nodded. “And I haven’t been alive for over five thousand years, dear, so the offer isn’t extended to me I’m afraid.”


Zecora put her hoof on my shoulder. “Poison Apple, listen to these words my friend, friendships will never ever end. If you do not believe my words are true, how Twilight’s dark side lost should prove it to you. We will only part ways for now, but we will meet again, this I vow.”

Ms. Hackney nodded. “And if you’re a good little pony, you’ll be back here again some day, that’s how Heaven works after all.”

“A-Alright Ah…Ah guess…Ah‘ll miss you…”

“Parting ways with a friend is no easy thing to do, but believe what I say is true. Until we meet once more, I will watch over my students as I have always have before.”

Ms. Hackney nodded, giving a smile as she stood next to Zecora. Seeing them side by side…Ah could tell how they were different version of the same pony, but they weren’t the same…and Ah think it was better that way.

“And this way, you can put what you’ve learned to good use. It’s your turn to be a teacher, Poison Apple, if that’s what you want to do. And I wish you all the luck in the world.”

Ah hadn’t really thought about that, Ah mean Ah wanted tah use what Ah knew, Ah really did. But teachin’ others? It hadn’t crossed mah mind. But…thinkin’ hard about it…it made sense, it really did. After all, the Hippogriffs have a sayin’: give a Hippogriff a fish, feed ‘em for a day, teach ‘em tah fish, feed ‘em for a life time. Ah could help others with what ah’d learned a lot more if they knew tah do it too.


So we hugged, Ah hugged Aunt Pinkie, and got ready tah follow Mortis back tah the world of the livin’…

“Hey! Wait for me youngin’!”

Granny Smith (yeah, Ah know her name is Apple Smith, but she’s still mah Father knows how many times great grandma) was a little late, apparently she’d been sayin’ goodbye tah each and every member of the clan we’d be leavin’ in Heaven before we left. Hehe, Apple Pies had tah get out family loyalty somewhere.

So yah know the rest, Ah came back tah life, reunited with mah family, got kidnapped by Grogar when he showed up but…well, Ah guess Ah did figure out how tah make an acid and melt through the bars to get meh and the rest of the foals he kidnapped out while Mrs. Derpy freed us. Don’t know much more tah say than that…

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Why not tell ‘em what yah are doin’ now?)

Oh! Well, like Ah said Ah want tah be a librarian for Ponyville’s library once its up and runnin’ again…But Ah also want tah start learnin’ more and more. Queen Libra may have undone a lot of Discord’s damage, but she didn’t get rid of everythin’ he did, the world’s still got a lot of new stuff nopony bothered learnin’ while he was around and survivin’ was the priority. Ah want tah learn as much as Ah can. And Ah want tah teach too. Ms. Hackney and Zecora taught meh a lot of stuff even ponies from a thousand years ago don’t know! And Ah know it’d put a smile on their muzzles if Ah taught everypony again!

Sorry, gotta add somethin’ real quick that just happened.

“Granny Smith, what are yah lookin’ for?” Ah asked, findin’ Granny Smith diggin’ in the backyard.

“Oh! Hi younin’, sorry just lookin’ for something’ Ah buried here a long time ago,” she explained, scratching her head. “Ah thought bein’ young again would help my memory.”

“What is it yah are looking for?”

“Oh just a box Ah put a farmin’ manual and a bunch of family mementos in before Ah died. Ah guess enough of meh hung around in the fog that sidewinder put meh in tah want tah preserve a little family history. Just cause the world was goin‘ tah Tartarus didn‘t mean Ah could let what we learned bout farmin‘ disappear. This farm was mah life, Ah was here since the farm started, Ah didn‘t want tah just let it what Ah learned go tah waste.”

Ah blinked, then gave a smile. “Well it didn‘t!”

“Ah don’t quite follow, Poison, what do yah mean?”

“Ah found your box! Ah’ve been usin’ it tah help the farm!”

So Ah showed her the box and she gave me a hug. “Thank yah, Poison. It does mah heart good tah know that Ah did one of mah kin good.”

“Yer welcome, Granny Smith…” Ah said, then looked down at the box. “…Granny, mind teachin’ me about what else is in here? Ah was never really able tah figure it out except the book.”

Granny gave meh a smile like Grandpa Rock Pie would when he got tah tell us a story of his. “Ah’d love tah, but how bout yah go get the clan together and yah can all learn a little family history?”

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): What happened then?)


(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Now?)

Yeah, Ah came tah get yah like she told meh!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Apple Pie): Oh! Hehe, alright, let’s go sis!)
Dark World may be a bad future were Discord won. It may have been saved. But that doesn't mean the heroes' stories are the only ones who deserve to be told.

Apple Pie may have helped save the world, but what about her twin? The one she grew up with all her life? The one tragically taken by Fluttercruel? The one who came back? What about her?

Finally got another chapter up!

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn:
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Poison Apple seeking lost knowledge, the forbidden fruit. Now this is clever. :)

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Yeah, very true. I'm the kind of writer who is very character driven. So for me, it really works.
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