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Pony POV Series

Dark World Drabbles

Burying the Hatchet

Part 1 of 3?

By Kendell2

Hey everypony, my name is Scootaloo! The Element of Loyalty and Rainbow Dash’s number one fan!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Being interviewed by the one and only Rainbow Dash herself.)

I think Rainbow Dash already explained what happened a thousand years ago, so I won’t go over it again.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Thanks Scoots…Mind telling ‘em how you got to be a kick flank rebel leader though? I‘m sure they want to know about that.)

If you don’t mind…I’d rather save that one for the history books too.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash):  Huh?)

You guys drug the world kicking and screaming OUT of all the of the horseapples, I want to talk about better times. Maybe I’ll tell it to the Apple Pie’s, since that’s their history too, but I want to talk about my NEW life, not my old one.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Hehe, I can respect that. Celestia knows I can respect that.)

Don’t you mean ‘Libra knows‘? Celestia’s a filly right now.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): I’m not swearing by my best friend’s name, it’d be weird. I’m still getting used to hearing ponies swear on her mane. Even if she likes it. So what DO you want to talk about Scoots?)

How my new life started.

I can’t TELL you the kind of party we had in Heaven when Paradox finally got her flank kicked. Literally, I can’t. Cause…well, it’s Heaven and all.

But me, Applebloom, and Sweetie were having a BLAST. Considering who beat her, you can guess how excited we were. I don’t think Sweetie has EVER sung THAT well before.

Dreams do come true!

Yes they do!

Dreams do come trust!

They really do!

Sometimes you find your heart’s desire
Just by wishing it wishing it!

It helped Melody and Sweet Music were there singing with her.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Who?)

Oh! Her and Rarity’s ancestors…and Melody is kinda one of Rarity’s previous selves. And was apparently declared a Saint like Applebloom by Queen Cadence for helping preserve music after an apocalypse! She was a rock star! Isn’t that awesome?!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Hehe, yeah, I guess…)

I met your ancient ancestor too, her name’s Firefly, she’s awesome too! She was REALLY cool!

“So, you know my descendant?”

“Yeah, I was kinda her biggest fan before you know who took over and got his claws in her... …I tried to get through to her...I know Queen Cadence was right and...and there had to be good still in there but...she's the one that killed me...”

Yes, I know. You'd been a broken pedestal to me when I died...but a part of me just couldn't help hoping there was still good in you.

“Hey, kid trust me when I say this: bad guys don’t have to stay bad guys, especially if they used to be good guys. Isn’t that right Catrina!”

A bipedal cat with a lizard guy with her gave a nod. “Believe in her, so long as someone believes she can change and remembers the good old days, there will be hope. Right Rep?”

The lizard man nodded. “It worked that way for us.”

That admittedly did feel good to hear…Katrina was nice and so was Rep. It gave me a bit more hope. I mean yeah, Heaven and all, so we were pretty happy in general, but that didn’t mean we didn’t still want you guys to reform yourself and getting a boost in out hopes was always welcome.

Oh! Firefly also taught me a lot of cool tricks! It was awesome! I can’t wait to show you a few!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Alright alright, enough about my awesome ancestors…you can tell me later…)

Alright. I met this pony named Patch too. She’s another old hero too! And she was AWESOME with a sword! She taught me a lot along with one of her friends named Lancer taught me how to use one really good. And how to stand on my hind legs…and hold stuff with my hooves.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): So that’s why some ponies who came back from Heaven are acting like Lyra and Pinkie!)

I didn’t really understand it at first really…

“Uh…why would I want to hold stuff in my hooves?” I asked. “I can use my wings the same way.”

Yeah, yeah, I know, don‘t knock something before you try it. But I thought it was weird to use my hooves like that.  Or stand on my hind legs. It seemed like something an alien or do or something…and I knew actual aliens. In fact there were some ACTUAL aliens present.

Patch chuckled. “Well, can you fly and hold swords with your wings?”

“Yeah, that’s what wing blades are for.”

“Hehe, oh yeah, forgot those existed. Well that just makes this next part more awesome! You can hold two of those, right?” she asked.


“And one in your mouth?”

“Yeah, duh.”

“Well if you can hold two if your hooves and fight on your hind hooves, you can use FIVE swords at the same time!”

“I…can’t argue with the fact that’s awesome…”

Using multiple swords isn’t easy, you got to keep track of them all, but that just makes it a LOT easier for a Pegasus to do, since we NEED that kind of thing to fly as fast as we do anyway.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Admittedly, that’s at least twenty percent more awesome than three swords.)

Hehe. Patch and I also played a lot of pranks.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): There are pranks in Heaven?!)

Yeah. Not meanspirited ones, but funny ones.. And Patch is great at it! She taught me a lot about that…but of course, my time in Heaven wasn’t forever and a thousand years later, it ends.

Like I said we were having this HUGE party!…And then Rarity became an Alicorn. Hehe. Sweetie Belle’s eyes went SO big Pinkie asked her if she’d remembered the Lost Age!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): What?)

You’ll understand when you die. It took her a few minutes to SPEAK after that.

And then she found out her sister was getting married to Spike. Hehe…

“So…we’re kind of…family now?” asked one of Spike’s Ancestors, the First I think.

Sweetie was busy fainting. Her mom provided had a couch, though it was a lot tackier than Rarity‘s.

“I think so, sweetie,” Mrs. Belle hugged him.

Melody hugged the Spike that had been alive in her life and so did Sweet Music, since it was the same Spike I think.

While we were still recovering from that bombshell, Mortis and his Thestrals arrived to let us know about his wedding gift to Rarity.

“We…we can come back to life?” I asked, the three of us standing around Mortis himself.

You can.”

“Rainbow…I could be with her again…” I muttered. I knew Rainbow…I knew you needed me, Rainbow…And I missed being your number one fan. I HATED that our last moments before I died had been us fighting to the death and you killing me. I hated THAT being the last time you saw me alive…because it wasn’t how I really felt. Yes, I was angry when I died, I really was. But you don’t get into heaven letting old grudges consume you. There was a reason I came back to help you break Discord’s chains!…And I was sick of Discord stealing everything from me. This was my chance to take something from the life he stole back…and give you back a part he stole from you. A little bit of the life he’d stolen back for both of us.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): T-Thanks Scoots…Thank you…)

You’re welcome, Rainbow Dash…are you crying?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash):  No, of course not…j-just continue.)

“I can be at Rarity’s wedding!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed.

Applebloom looked conflicted. “Ah could be with Applejack again…but Ah…”

It was easy to forget she was married to Lance and had a family, much of which was in Heaven now, not to mention the friends she’d made there.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Uh…wasn’t she…you know…a zombie? How exactly did she…)

All I know is she and Lance loved each other big time. And I don’t like to think about how they had foals. Do you like to think about how Rarity and Spike are going to do that?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash) …Point taken…please move on while I try to find some brain bleach…)

“You misunderstood me, my little ponies,” Mortis said in the same bittersweet tone he seemed to default to. “Only Scootaloo may return.”

“W-What?” I asked. “Just me? Why?”

“Because only those that died of unnatural causes resulting from Discord or his minion’s actions may return. That is the rule.”

“…But Applejack killed Applebloom, doesn’t that count? She was working for him at the time!”

“No. She was several hundred years past her natural life span when she died and requested death. Sweetie Belle died of old age. They are not permitted to be revived.”


“There will be no exceptions. The act of reviving you is already bending the rules as it is. If you wish to revive, you are allowed, but if not, you can remain here. It is your choice.”

I didn’t know what to do. My friends couldn’t come back but…I wanted to. You needed me…

“…It’s okay, Scootaloo…” Sweetie Belle finally said after a few moments of silence. “Better one of us than none of us.”

“But…Sweetie Belle…”

“I don’t want you saying no because of me,” Sweetie Belle said, unable to hide her disappointment, but giving a small smile. “If you want to go back, I’ll still be here when you come back.”

“And Ah did what Ah wanted with mah life, Scootaloo,” Applebloom said, giving a smile. “Everypony in Sunny Town is free. Ruby’s free. Ah had a family and a husband. Ah did everythin’ Ah wanted…And Applejack will come tah meh, she promised, and Ah know she’ll keep it.”

“But…but how can we be the Cutie Mark Crusaders if two of us are here?”

“We got our Cutie Marks a LONG time ago, did THAT make us stop being the Crusaders?” Sweetie asked, giving a smile.

“And it’s not like we stopped bein’ the Crusaders from when yah died until Ah did. Once a Crusader, always a Crusader!”

I couldn’t help smiling a little at that. “I guess you’re right…I’ll miss you guys.”

“And we’ll miss you, but us and Heaven are still going to be here when you get back.”

Applebloom gave a nod. We had a group hug.


“…I didn’t think it was possible for an Alicorn’s ears to ring…” Mortis muttered, rubbing his ear..

“So, you’re leaving, huh?” Firefly asked, sitting next to me, Patch on the other side.

“Yeah…you mad?”

“Nah, I’m used to waiting to see old friends again, I’ll be fine. Enjoy your second chance. We‘ll be here waiting for you.”

Patch nodded. “My friends waited a couple hundred years for me! I think I can wait a few decades for you. No worries!”

Both gave me a hug and reassured me we’d always be friends. After all…both of them had been proof of that when Twilight’s spell summoned them to beat Eclipse.

“R-Rarity?” I asked, looking up at Rarity as she met me and the Theatral leading me back to the mortal world. “Is that you?” I asked the Alicorn.

“Yes, darling,” she replied. “Call me Queen Libra if you want.”

I expected just ‘Rarity with wings,’ I hadn’t expected a full grown Alicorn! I was dumbstruck!


“Oh! Sorry! Just…you’re…well…”

“I’m still Rarity, darling. Don’t be afraid of me. I simply want to talk to everypony who‘s returning to me.”

“Oh…” I replied, then I remembered who I was talking to. “Uh…Rarity…I’m sorry but…Sweetie Belle…She…”

Rarity gave a sad look. “I know…my brother already told me about it I’m afraid…I’m disappointed, but I can’t be angry with him, he’s bending over backwards for me already…I guess it just wasn‘t to be…”

I’d rather not talk about what we discussed, it was kinda private. Except ya know, the ’you’ll be a crystal pony now’ thing. But I think the next part is something we’ll both be happy to remember…


“It’s me, Rainbow Dash!”

“Scootaloo…I’m…I’m sorry…”

And then I hugged you so you’d just calm down and enjoy the moment.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): I don’t know what shocked me more, that you were back or that you were a filly again…You were right, it WAS something I’d wanted to have for so a long time. Having my number one fan back…and I didn‘t have to complete some horseapples deal of Discord‘s to get it…Thanks Scootaloo, you were right, I do need you…I really do…)

You’re welcome, Rainbow.

After that, we started up the Wonderbolts again and I met Inquisition, she’s a nice filly…chick…thing. She reminds me a bit of me and the others a thousand years ago, what with all that energy she has and how determined she can get when she really wants something, which is probably why we became friends.…

Oh! That reminds me! I’ve restarted the Cutie Mark Crusaders too! Though I’m kinda the mentor now! Some of the Apple Pies have joined up!

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Thank Celestia ponies are so much more durable now…)

What was that?

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Nothing! Continue! And emotional stuff aside, apparently you‘re supposed to not address me directly in the interview…Kinda forgot it myself.)

Oh, right, forgot about that too…Oh! Here’s a good part!

It was going to be hard enough for the Sea Ponies to adjust to the outside world as it was without having their entire history and just about everything they knew about the outside world being revealed to be a lie (considering I've spent the last thousand years in Pony Heaven, I can relate. It took awhile to get used to Hippogriffs and Virgacorns being a thing), so they were allowed to keep on thinking Discord had been a hero. But of course, letting a race of ponies who'd spent their lives thinking Queen Cadence was the bad guy interact with the Changelings that still worship her was a bad idea…and if a member of the CMC calls something it’s a bad idea, you know it is. Not to mention some of their plays portrayed renown heroes as villains. Ponies didn't mind Discord and his minions being good guys when a real monster like Grogar was the baddie (I actually found that one pretty funny…and strangely, so did Grogar when he returned…), but when it was Queen Tiamat or Cadence's Changeling Rangers? No way. Especially since those six were alive again and helped stop Grogar. Their robot is still being repaired though. Too bad, I kinda wanted to ride in it…

Apple Pie came up with the idea from some of her comic books (thank the Father of All Alicorns there's still comics lovers! That was actually how we became friends). The Sea Ponies were told 'recently uncovered evidence' had been found that revealed the 'Evil Spirit' controlling Discord had manipulated both sides into believing the others were evil. And being ’Twilight Tragedy,’ ’Traitor Dash,’ ’Liarjack,’ and ‘Rarigreed’ were their beloved heroes, they believed it.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Glad I actually deserve it now.)

Now Queen Cadence had been 'tricked' into thinking Discord planned to genocide the Changelings and Discord thought Cadence was trying to overthrow him. In some ways I guess that's the truth, since if Paradox (like I WOULDN'T beg Rainbow Dash tell me EVERY detail of that battle…even if I'd watched the whole thing from Heaven anyway) hadn't been pulling strings he probably wouldn't have still been the bad guy.

As for me? I was now 'tricked' into thinking Discord was the bad guy too and Rainbow Dash had been convinced I was a terrorist trying to destroy Sky Ocean (like the story they'd been fed had portrayed me as), with the 'Evil Spirit' pulling strings. 'The Bolt of Shadow Versus The Scooting Lightning' (blech! Ok, come on! Couldn't Discord at least TRY to come up with a cool title?) was rewritten into a tragedy called 'Broken Lightning Bolts'. Yeah, I was surprised that Discord had let the Sea Ponies know what tragedy was, but I guess having nothing but comedy and action plays would've gotten boring.

The Sea Ponies begged and pleaded with Rainbow Dash to attend the opening with me until she gave in. It was kind of awkward when they started by calling me to stand up so they could publicly apologize for believing the Evil Spirit's lies about me for so long. So was when they asked why Rainbow had left out how much it'd hurt her to kill me, and she'd had to lie about not wanting to disappoint them after they'd worked so hard on the play. I think the fact I'd already forgiven her was the only reason she set through it, though...Hehe. Well, most of it.


"S-Scoots?" asked the actor playing Rainbow Dash.

"It's me Rainbow Dash!" called the one playing me, though this one was a filly (she’d played me as a filly in new flashback scenes).

The real Rainbow Dash just gasped and stared at the reenactment of our reunion. "But...but I thought this was..."

"I...may have convinced them to revise the ending a LITTLE bit," I said, giving a smile. “And they love a happy ending.”

Her eyes teared up, but she smiled and wrapped a hoof around me. "Thanks, Scoots..."

"It's nothing, I thought since you've sat through this play having a sad ending the Father knows how many times, you deserved it to have a happy ending at least once."

SO worth the rest of it. That and Gilda's reaction to finding out I'd included her reunion and her coming to join the new Wonderbolts with us. Hehe.

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Thanks again for that Scoots…I really needed that.)

You’re welcome, Rainbow Dash. I think the Sea Ponies liked it better than their original ending too.

Oh! And here comes one of my favorite parts!

“Scootaloo!” Rainbow Dash called.

“Yeah Rainbow Dash?” I asked, coming over. I’d been training with Gilda. I might be able to do a Sonic Rainboom and trained with a several million year old flying pony, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to keep my practice up.

She looked at me with a proud smile. “I just wanted to say, you’re one of the most loyal ponies I know.”

I blushed, I admit it. “T-Thanks…but you needed me…What kind of number one fan would I be if I DIDN’T come back?”

“…I thought you hated me, but you still came back for me…a few times. Even after I rejected you.“

I admit, before I died, I DID feel hate. But…Queen Cadence had never stopped believing the ponies we’d known were deep down inside them…I’d never forgotten that somewhere inside of Traitor Dash was Rainbow Dash.  “…I hated what Discord made you into. I hated Traitor Dash. I didn’t hate you. I wanted to believe Queen Cadence was right as much as anypony.“

“…So if I were Applebloom or Sweetie you’d have done the same thing? Answer honestly Scoots.”

I blinked. I had to think about that. “I…I never thought about that but…when Discord came, I…I left them, Rainbow…”

I’d already accepted that when I got into Heaven, you need to let go of your sins to get in…but I was just scared to disappoint Rainbow Dash. I can’t help it…I guess I felt like she was still the mentor and I was the student. Maybe I just wanted it to be like that again as bad as she did. Just like I wanted to have my foalhood back.

“But did you go back?”

“…Yeah…I did…”

“And you knew Discord might get you too if you went back?”

I nodded.

“But that didn’t matter when you were heading back? All that mattered was they needed you?”

I nodded. “Yeah…that’s right…”

“And you have done it again if they were in my place?”

I thought long and hard about it. “Yeah…I would. Once a Crusader always a Crusader. That‘s just how it is.”

She gave me a smile. “And that’s why you were my pick for this…”

She opened her saddle bags and pulled out a stone sphere with a gem engraved in it. “What’s that?”

“An Element of Loyalty, this is what the crown and necklaces look like when they don’t have a Bearer.”

My jaw dropped to the ground I think. “A what?! But you‘re the Element of Loyalty!”

“It was Rarity’s idea. She thought it was a good idea to have two different ponies have Free Will and Loyalty and Deceit and Kindness so there’s two complete sets that could work separately. She asked Luna how to do it and long story short, reforged the Elements of Harmony and Chaos,” she pulled out what looked…a lot like what I’d seen in her chest. Only now it was connected to a polished bronze necklace and the black gemstone was right side up and…kinda beautiful, actually. And not just because it wasn’t covered in blood. It just looked RIGHT now. “She wants me and AJ to wear these as decoys for our real ones.”

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Just to clarify, we can’t just make an army of Bearers. On top of the ‘Bearers need to be friends’ thing, I made two copies of Free Will one of which got reforged into Scoot‘s Element, but the other Elements don‘t seem to want to replicate that easy and even then Scoot‘s took a little more effort. Inquisition’s was made from Tom’s shard, Magica’s was Twilight’s, but Luna had to show us where she stashed the Rainbow of Darkness after sending Tirek back to Hell again to make new Elements of Chaos from it‘s pieces and we had to go through the trouble of going on a long quest of recapturing the magic Discord drove out of the Elements of Harmony to turn them into the Elements of Chaos in the first place and reforge them into new Elements. At least we already had two and only had to get four, that was such a pain in the flanks!)

“And…and y-you chose me?!”

She smiled to me. “Like I said, you’re one loyal pony.”

I just stared at it for a moment. There aren’t words. There seriously aren’t. I had just been offered to be Rainbow Dash’s successor as Element of Loyalty!

“Your choice, Scoots. Just remember, if you take this, you’re one of Equestria’s protectors. You need to be ready to fight…if you just want to enjoy your second foalhood, then say no, I won’t think any less of you. Don‘t just jump into this, think first.”

I gave it some thought and  just smirked. “I took an oath already to Queen Cadence to defend Equestria, Rainbow Dash…I might not have wanted to be a guard, but I did always want to be your teammate. And I want to go all the way.”

She smirked at me. “Alright then, Scoots…touch it.”

I looked at the stone sphere in front of me. My heart was racing. I slowly reached out my hooves and touched it. It flashed red and shattered into a ring of red gems that circled around me before converging with a bright flash of light. When it cleared, a gold necklace with a red gem shaped like my cutie mark was around my neck.

“Awesome!…Do I get superpowers too?”

“Hehe, that’s my Scoots…”

Now I guess I should get to the main event of the interview: how me and my schoolyard bully/Discord’s bruiser became good enough friends to use the Elements together…

(Interviewer’s Notes (Rainbow Dash): Hey, Scoots, mind waiting a bit while I talk to Diamond about her side of things? No offense but Rarity said I‘d better get both your sides.)

No prob, Rainbow Dash.

To be continued…
Dark World may be a bad future were Discord won. It may have been saved. But that doesn't mean the heroes' stories are the only ones who deserve to be told.

How did Scootaloo, the new Element of Loyalty, and Diamond Tiara, her former bully and reformed minion of the evil overlord she rebelled against turned good Element of Cruelty, form a bond strong enough to use the Elements? And how did things happen that built up to them receiving those Elements in the first place? This is the story of exactly that.

This was meant to be one Chapter but this NEEDED a lot of backstory revealed to it, it was actually a lot longer but the back story kept taking over, so I'm aiming for three parts. So this is Scootaloo's set up and how she ended up where she currently is, Diamond's next. Part three should be the main event.

This story is kinda special as it's my birthday present to :iconalexwarlorn: . Happy birthday bud! Tried to include some things you liked.
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro (as does the song used).

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn:

EDITS: Some edits suggested by Alexwarlorn.
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ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
"I’m still getting used to hearing ponies swear on her mane."

Well, they just REALLY like her mane.

"Melody is kinda one of Rarity’s previous selves. And was apparently declared a Saint like Applebloom by Queen Cadence for helping preserve music after an apocalypse! She was a rock star! Isn’t that awesome?!"

She is a Rock Star Goddess Saint. Now that IS awesome.

It is also great to know that both Katrina, Rep and even some of the aliens managed to get into heaven.

By the way one time you call her "Catrina" and once "Katrina."

"I try to find some brain bleach…"

Why do I have the feeling that Discord created literal brain bleach and the ponies kept it even after his defeat?

Discord: "Creating something to let them forget their trauma makes NO sense for me! I LOVE IT!"

It also really makes you wonder about how life in heaven is like. There are so many beings you can meet, legends and others that are "just" great friends. Scootaloo still had her CMC friends but also met a few new friends like Patch and Firefly.

"...and strangely, so did Grogar when he returned…"

Now that sounds hilarious.

Grogar: "After 500 years I am free! It is time to see a play about me!"

I also liked all the details about how the seaponies were led closer to the truth about their world and how Scootaloo became the Element of Loyalty.

“Awesome!…Do I get superpowers too?”

In fact she does get superpowers and the ability to go beyond the limits of your body is pretty useful, a bit like a limit break.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Thanks! Glad you liked it! And thanks for the fav!

""I try to find some brain bleach…"

Why do I have the feeling that Discord created literal brain bleach and the ponies kept it even after his defeat?

Discord: "Creating something to let them forget their trauma makes NO sense for me! I LOVE IT!""

Hehe, maybe, but it probably wouldn't work 100%, given how Alex set his universe up.

"“Awesome!…Do I get superpowers too?”

In fact she does get superpowers and the ability to go beyond the limits of your body is pretty useful, a bit like a limit break."

Given how things work with the Elements, I can assume her's wouldn't be the same as Derpy's.

Thanks again!
OracleMask Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome. Can't wait to read the rest of it~
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Grogar-the-oneser Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
good stuff appropriately name title. btw good news Stephen Davis, president of Hasbro Studios, stated in an interview in January 2014 that they are presently working on a fifth season of the show.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014

And I heard, yay!
Jarkes Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
“Hehe, oh yeah, forgot those existed. Well that just makes this next part more awesome! You can hold two of those, right?” she asked.


“And one in your mouth?”

“Yeah, duh.”

“Well if you can hold two if your hooves and fight on your hind hooves, you can use FIVE swords at the same time!” "

...Is that a Gokaiger reference?
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
...No, but I know the scene you were thinking of.
Jarkes Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Yes, the only time a Gokaiger other than Gai displayed the ability to do that "Ranger Key Summon" thing. It was pretty cool, though.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Yeah, it really was!
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