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Pony POV Series

Dark World Drabbles

Loose Canon

By Kendell2

Average Family.


*Excuse me.*

Oh! Hey! Name’s Cream Pie! What can Ah do yah for?

*I’d just like to ask you some questions, Cream Pie, if you don’t mind. I’d like to get to know you.*

Shoot, ain’t no problem! Since everythin’ started changin’ we’ve just been makin’ sure the crops are okay with it rainin’ water all the time instead of, well, everythin’ else! Can’t believe Dinky says this was how things were before Big Banana Discord showed up. That filly says that weird piece of ground where Half-light and the others freed her was normal then to. Tah be honest, Ah'm neutral about it myself. Just hope Ah still got plenty of stuff tah blow up!

…Yah know, when Apple Pie wanted tah go learn magic, Ah never thought it’d actually amount tah anything…

*You were worried about her?*

…Of course Ah was, we all know the law against learnin’ magic, it’s about the only law there is we ponies don’t try tah make. Ah mean, she’s a tough girl. Ah knew she’d be ok…Just, never thought it’d do much, maybe help out on the farm if anythin’, so it didn‘t seem worth the risk tah meh…But who woulda thunk we’d end up with three of Checkerboard Shoes Discord’s Chaos Six in our livin’ room! Let alone they’d be good gals! Ah mean, Ah knew Saint Applejack was kinda nice, but Twilight Tragedy, Rarigreed? Never in a million years thought there was good in ’em! Or that Miss Twilight actually had emotions at all for that matter!

And then what do yah know it, it turns out that mah sis is some kinda superhero! Element of Laughter Ah think they called it! Wow! Ah mean Apple Pie ain’t exactly lazy, but she did have a habit of slackin’ sometimes. Who’d have thought that she’d turn out tah be one of the ones tah take Morning-Radio Boss Discord out?! And from the looks of things, they did it! Ah’m so proud of her!

And the other two with ’em! Ah mean Ah knew that three former members of the Chaos Six would be tough as nails, but didn’t expect the other two period! Let alone what they were like. Ah mean we knew about them, but we didn’t know about ’em like we did the Chaos Six. There was Spike, and, well…ma and grandma both got turned inta dragons…we’re still on friendly terms with ‘em, but…Ah don’t think Banana Pie ever got over ma accidentally hurtin’ her…But in general, we don’t mind dragons and know just how tough they are, but we never really thought about Spike too much. He might’ve been Big Boss Discord’s ride, but he never went on a warpath like the Chaos Six, never really hurt anypony. Other than Discord sittin’ on him and ma sayin‘ ‘one of the Spikes shouldn‘t be treated that way’, we didn’t know anythin’ about him. We didn‘t even know he could fight! But yah know, he’s a right hospitable house guest. Never seen a dragon who’d say ‘Ah’ve had enough’ when we’re feedin’ ‘em, especially when yah can tell they’re still hungry. And shoot, ‘Element of Generosity?’ who’d have guessed from a dragon, huh?!…Though Ah am glad he didn’t take meh throwin’ a bomb at his face personally, especially given he looks like a really though dragon!

Miss Derpy was kinda a local legend around here. Ask Banana Pie, she knows a bit more about it. Point is, we all knew who she was, but didn’t think about her other than what she did. It was a shocker tah see her not changin’ age or walkin’ round the chaos castle! Turns out she’s pretty nice too, especially tah fillies. Dinky keeps goin’ on about how she and the Doctor (yah, turns out the Valeyard used tah be a good guy too before Discord got his claws in ‘em! Who’d have thunk?!)  used tah do all sorts of awesome stuff! Ah can believe it too! Ah’ve blown lots of monsters tah bits, but Ah don’t think Ah’ve ever been as scared as when she was mad at me!

*What about you?*

Huh? About meh? Well like Ah said, mah name’s Cream Pie. If the family needs any heavy liftin’ done, Ah’m the one they turn tah. That and when they need something’ blown to smithereens. Mah special talent is blastin’ things inta cream! Well, either that or makin’ bombs, no one’s rightly sure, just Ah’m good at makin’ bombs and usin’ ‘em.

*How did you earn it?*

Mah Cutie Mark? Well yah see, a long time ago, after ma had tah go tah Dragotopia with grandma, a pack of Pony-Eatin’ Rocks moved onta the farm. Ah bring up ma and grandma cause after they became dragons they ate the dang things, without ’em there wasn’t much we could do tah get rid of ‘em. Now bein’ rock farmers and all, we know how tah work around those varmints, problem was anypony comin’ round tah buy from us didn’t. And that was right bad for business, and ponies could get hurt!! Pony-Eatin’ Rocks are pesky things because not a lot of weapons are gonna do ‘em in, and the ones that can we couldn’t risk wastin’ ammo on ‘em!

Now Poi…Poison Apple…back before she got…taken away…brought home a lot of books and one of ‘em turned out tah be a book on bombs! Now that didn’t teach how tah do it (apparently, the place she kept gettin’ ‘em from was from a time when ponies didn’t need explosives all the time), but…Ah don’t rightly know, Ah just knew how tah make one once Ah knew what it was. So Ah made mah first bomb and found out the easiest way tah get rid of a Pony-Eatin’ Rock; feed it a bomb then make rock pie out of it (they taste better than regular rock)! Next thin’ Ah knew, there was mah Cutie Mark plain as day!

Yeah, Ah was a late bloomer, Cream, Poison, and Apple Pie all got their Cutie Mark before meh, but Ah like tah think Ah got it the coolest way. And it sure helped the family a lot! Not only did it take care of the Pony Eatin’ Rocks, it made takin’ out monsters a Tartarus of a lot easier! And kinda fun if Ah say so myself! Plus, Ah can make more shells for Banana Pie’s rocket launcher, comes in handy!

*That is an exciting story…But where do you get the ingredients to make the bombs?*

Yah can make anythin’ out of rocks if yah know what yer doin’! And boy, if there’s one thing an Apple Pie knows how tah do, it’s make stuff out of rocks!

Sorry tah cut thin’ short, but Ah gotta get back tah work, those crates of rocks ain’t gonna lift themselves. Pleasure talkin’ to yah!

*Likewise, Cream Pie, it was.*

Howdy, Ah’m Banana Pie! Good tah meet yah!

*It’s good to meet you too, Banana Pie. I’d like to get to know you.*

Well that’s nice of yah!

Ah’ll admit, Ah thought Apple Pie made a HUGE mistake goin’ tah learn magic! Ah thought it’d cause nothin’ but trouble!…And it kinda did cause trouble. Ah might not show it much, but Ah miss Magica and the others, they were our friends too…But we mourn the dead then keep on truckin’, because that’s what they’d WANT us tah do!

Then some little filly turns up and almost got eaten by a Pony-Eatin’ Rock and wants tah meet Apple Pie because of that whole mess! Now that wasn’t surprisin’, that kinda thing happens all the time! Why just last weak Ah saved a Changelin’ from a big Zombie Dragon! Shot a bazooka shell right down it’s throat! That was Zombie Kill of the Week! But what was REALLY surprisin’ about the whole thing was when half of Giant Tinfoil Hat Discord’s Chaos Six showed up wavin’ the white flag!

Now Ah know Ah was wrong thinkin’ the white flag was a fake, but can yah blame meh? Just a little while ago they were killin’ ponies in Ponyville and suddenly they show up wavin’ the white flag? That and Saint Applejack always said ‘if the others are with meh, we’re your best friends, greet us warmly’…well, back when she spoke backwards and all that, so she meant ‘please throw a bomb at mah head.’ So we did.

Ah will admit Ah’m sorry Ah almost hurt Miss Doo and her kid, Ah really shoulda known somethin’ was up when the Walkin’ Mare had stopped walkin’.

*What do you mean by the Walking Mare? Your sister told me to ask you about that.*

Well yah see, bein’ cursed by Cotton Candy Head Discord’s games? That happens all of the time, but there was somethin’ different about Miss Doo. As long as anyone can remember, she’s never done anythin’ different! She’s always been walkin’ around that castle, a muffin on her back, wings and legs broken. And she’s always changed her age as she walked, and she always had those black birds followin’ her. Sometimes even the sun and moon decide to rise and set in a different direction, sometimes the moon is made of cheese, but Derpy never changed! Only three thin’ were ever like this; Discord never hurt the Sea Ponies, Santa Hooves deliverin’ gifts every Hearth’s Warmin’ Eve, and Derpy was always marchin’ around that castle. From what Ah’ve heard, even when the aliens invaded a long time ago, she kept walkin’!

*What about the Chaos Six and Discord being bad guys? Isn‘t that a constant*

Most of the time, but ponies tell stories about the time he turned all of them into foals, never left the castle the entire time. And there’s been a few other times he’s done stuff like that. Point is, while they were never good guys, they weren’t always the same.

But dang, it was surreal havin’ ‘em as house guests! Saint Applejack told the truth, Rarigreed actually cared about someone other than herself (she even hugged little Cherry Pie when she upset her!), and Twilight smiled! Ah never thought Ah’d see the day!

*Speaking of Saint Applejack…*

She’d never really been here before, really, she’d sometimes rescue some of our kin or…bring back what’s left for us tah bury. She was always right kind tah us though, that was all there was to it. But it was still crazy tah hear her say that the truth wasn’t bad and actually tell it! Ah mean, Ah never really believed her about truth bein’ bad, but tah hear her admit it she was wrong? Golly!

Rarigreed turned out tah be pretty nice when she was sane too! Hehe, she was right about Wooden Campus Discord’s tuxedo! That thing is Cadence-awful UGLY! And it kinda makes mah head feel weird lookin’ at it! Speakin’ of which, Ah can’t believe she was clean! We’d had to give her ‘offerings’ before and peeyew! Ah don’t know what stunk worse, her or the time a giant skunk attacked the farm! She actually is right pretty when she’s not filthy! No wonder Spike is head over heels for her! What? Yah think we didn’t notice? Big guy was about as subtle about it as a torcanoquake!

*Why do you keep calling her Rarigreed?*

She don’t mind and it’s just what Ah’m used tah callin’ her!

And Twilight…shoot, Ah admit it, Ah thought Apple Pie was plum crazy trustin’ her at first. Ah mean Saint Applejack Ah could see doin’ this. Rarigreed? She was greedy, if any of the Chaos Six were gonna turn on Captain Candy Cane Discord, she made sense (still didn’t really trust her till the huggin’ Cherry Pie part). But Twilight Tragedy? Discord’s right hand? The emotionless killin’ machine? Ah don’t want tah tell Twilight this, but Ah think of all the Chaos Six, she was the one ponies were the most of afraid of! At least Angry Pie and Fluttercruel fooled around and you might have a chance tah get away and they might forget about yah and move onto somepony else, Twilight Tragedy was like that thing in that one movie Concrete Ship Discord showed on ’Randomly Selected Movie In The Sky Night’ a year ago, The Termaneator. Can’t be reasoned with, can’t be bargained with, and won’t stop till she kills yah!

So no, Ah didn’t trust her as far as Ah could throw her! But…then Ah saw ‘em together! Ah don’t think that Apple Pie has been that happy since…since before ma…since before ma and grandma turned inta dragons…No Apple Pie Clan member gives up, and Apple Pie ain’t no exception, Ah think she’s more cheerful than most of us…but Ah think Miss Twilight just filled somethin’ in her that was missin’ for so long! And thinkin’ about what Twilight Tragedy used tah be like, Ah think Apple Pie filled somethin’ in her. Did Apple Pie tell yah about the whole eyes thing?

*Yes…in a way.*

Well Ah never put much faith in it before. Cream Pie and Apple Pie swear it works, but Ah’m kind of the skeptical one Ah guess. Yah, ironic the ball of sunshine is the cynical one, Apple Pie laughs her head off every time Ah mention it (And dang if it ain’t contagious laughter). Ah just didn’t trust that…not since…since ma hurt meh…Ah saw mah ma in her eyes but she still hurt me…But…Ah swear, Twilight Tragedy’s eyes used tah be so blank, like there wasn’t anythin’ in her. Like she was empty…seein’ anything in those eyes, let alone kindness…It reminded meh of this story Ah heard about a pony that sold their soul tah some monster in Tartarus. In the end they give up everythin’ tah save someone else…and they get their soul back…When Ah saw that in Twilight’s eyes, that’s what it felt like, like seein’ somepony who’d lost her soul get it back!…Thinkin’ about it, Ah think Saint Applejack and Rarigreed are the same way…

*How do you know all these stories?*

Hear ‘em from Guru Fido! Ah really like tah hear about ‘em! Ah guess it’s the same thin’ as Apple Pie and her comics with meh! It just makes meh feel great to hear all these stories, makes some of what we have tah deal with all the time go away. It feels good.

Anythin’ else yah want tah know?…Oh, about meh? Well it ain’t as interesting’ as some of mah siblings; Ah’m a rock breaker! Ah just feel the shatter points in rocks real easy! It’s mah special talent! Ah normally break any rocks that aren’t tough enough for Cream Pie tah blow up! And Ah do my part protectin’ the farm, same as everypony! Ah got real good with a rocket launcher, but my real weapon is this spooky grin Ah learned from some of Apple Pie’s comics! Hehe, yah’d be suprised how many monsters will go runnin’ for the hills with their tail between their legs with a nasty smirk and the right words! Yah just gotta make ‘em believe what yer sayin’, and Ah’m really good at it!

*That’s impressive but where did yah get the rocket-*

Sorry, Ah gotta go work! Dad wants meh tah crack open some rocks tah make sure they’re takin’ the rain alright! It was nice talkin’ to yah though!

*Likewise, Banana Pie, it truly was.*

Why howdy there! Ah’m Apple Computer. Hope yah don’t mind if Ah multitask, gotta get dinner finished before the kids finish their choirs, they’re gonna be hungry.

*It’s good to meet you, Apple Computer. I hope you don’t mind if I get to know a bit about you.*

Well that’s mighty neighborly of yah. Well, lets see, Ah guess yah could say Ah’m the head of the Apple Pie Clan. Ma and pa are still the eldest of the clan, but ma spends most of the time in Dracotopia now and pa prefers tah just give advice and let meh run the farm (he likes bein‘ rock). Ah heard from Aunt Applejack that her grandma was kinda like that.

*Aunt Applejack? Not ‘Saint?’*

Ah think she’s a bit more comfortable with Aunt, said it made her feel more like family than Saint when Ah talked tah her. She’ll always be a Saint, but if she wants tah be called mah Aunt, then so be it.

It was kinda a big surprise tah actually get tah hear about how the Apples and Pie families were like back then. Especially that Angry Pie and Pinkamena are the same pony

…Ah admit it, Ah lost a lot of kinfolk tah those six…When mah kids came and told meh that Twilight Tragedy, Rarigreed, and Liarjack were here and were tryin’ tah defeat Tinfoil Ponytail Discord, it wasn’t easy tah accept…

*Then why did you?*

Because ma always told meh tah never hold a grudge. Considerin’ she let Traitor Dash (I think the wife said she's callin' herself Rainbow Dash now) go help Apple Pie and the others take down Discord, she must still feel that way. So Ah went and gave them a chance tah explain their case.

In retrospect, Ah shouldn’t have put it past Captain Underpants Discord tah have turned the Chaos Six from normal mares inta monsters. Ah guess it was just that we’d seen ’em as the Chaos Six all of our lives. Ah guess it’s true what they say ’yah don’t like thinking’ yer enemies are normal everyday ponies.’ It was just easier tah see ‘em as devils than ponies…Then they’re in our livin’ room and apologizing’ for all the pain they’d caused us. Heck, Ah actually saw Miss Twilight cryin’ when she was talkin’ tah Apple Pie before…It was rightly shockin’ tah be honest.

Then they bring Traitor Dash back and ask us tah protect her while she recovered. Ah‘ve seen a ton of crazy stuff, but Ah didn‘t see that comin‘.. Ah mean…We spent our entire lives fearin’ these ponies and suddenly three of ‘em come tah us for help and a fourth reduced tah a broken wreck who we gotta stop from rippin’ out her heart and killin’ herself.

It was like the world turned upside down…But we’re still the Apple Pie Clan, we role with the punches, it’s just the way we are. We’ve run this farm through knife storms, tomato tomatoes, peppermint hailstorms, and cotton candy blizzards. And even if stuff like this can knock us off our hooves, but we get right back up and keep right on truckin’. And from the looks of things, it turned out just fine.

Mah little girl…Apple Pie was always a good filly, a little on the lazy side, but she’s a good filly. Ah was glad she was able tah keep goin’ when Poison Apple got taken…that weren’t easy on any of us, but Ah think it was hardest on her. Ah mean Poison was her twin, been there with her her whole life. It ain’t easy havin’ someone be there with yah all that time and then they’re just gone. That filly’s had tah lose a lot in her short life…Ah’m proud she was able tah not lose her smile. Some ponies let the world break her, Apple Pie don’t.

Can’t say it surprised meh she was able tah make Twilight Tragedy see the light and become some kinda superhero. She was always been a bit of an oddball.

*Like introducing herself hanging from the ceiling?*

Yeah, she does stuff like that. Comes from the Pie side of the family. From what Ah’ve heard from Applejack it started with Pinkamena. Might also have tah do with her special talent bein’ contradictions. Actually comes in handy.

*How so?*

Well it’s nice tah have someone able tah tell if something’ is gonna work before we do it, especially when you’re doin’ stuff like meh that no pony’s really done before.

*What are you doing anyway?*

Well do you know how those aliens invaded a long time ago?


When Ah was a colt Ah was diggin’ around and found the wreck of one of their ships. Ah was curious and started pokin’ around inside and…it was strange really, Ah just knew how its computers worked. Like it was second nature tah meh. So Ah started usin’ stuff Ah found tah try and make somethin’ like it. When Ah made a little prototype, Ah earned my Cutie Mark along with it. Unfortunately Ah can‘t find all the parts Ah need, but maybe now that Giant Walnut Discord is gone Ah’ll be able tah actually get somewhere with it. The idea is tah make some contraption that can do all kinds of things, kinda like how video games work, only it can do a lot more.  Ah think it’s gonna be big.

*That’s fascinating…You know Discord’s defenses for his palace actually used weapons made from the invaders’ cannons, perhaps when this all is over you could go salvage parts from the ruins your daughter and her friends left after the fight.*

That sounds like a good idea…When what is all over? Wasn’t Discord already beaten?

*…Yes, I meant when they get back home.*

…Ah see…So mind tellin’ meh how mah daughter is doin’?

*She’s doing wonderfully. You should be proud of her. I‘d tell you more, but I have a feeling you want to hear it from the horse‘s mouth…so to speak.*

Hehe, yeah, yer right. And knowing Apple Pie, she’s gonna have a lot tah talk about. What about Minty Pie?

*Better than you’d believe.*

That’s good tah hear…Oh, hang on.

“Cream! What was that noise?!”

“Just the Giant Robot Moths! They’re migratin’ again and one’s on the roof! Banana got it with her rocket launcher! Ma and grandma are takin’ care of the rest!”

“Ah hear yah! Make sure yah salvage the circuit boards!”

Yah’d think they’d change their migration path considerin’ how many we end up blowin’ up every time, but why look a gift horse in the mouth? There’s not many parts of ‘em that we can’t make use of.

*Uh…just to ask, where did your daughter get a rocket launcher?*

Oh, that thing? Ah got it for her birthday. Good weapon for a filly her size! And boy does she know how tah use it!

*I see, I suppose that makes sense…but one more thing. Why was Apple Pie named that? After her family? Why her?*

Family tradition. Ever since the Apple and Pie Clans merged, it’s been tradition tah name the third child Apple Pie. Had trouble tellin’ rather her and Poison Apple was older tah be honest, happened so fast. Point is, she was the third child born, so she’s named Apple Pie. Aunt Applejack says the Apple Family had somethin’ similar with her name.

Now, if yah excuse meh, ah gotta get some rock pies in the oven and see if what Ah can salvage from the robot moths.

*I understand, it was very nice talking with you, Apple Computer.*

Hi there. Don’t mind me, I just finished protecting my family from these monsters.

* don’t have an accent?*

I wasn’t always an Apple-Pie, I started out as a regular customer. Apple Computer and I started talking one day and I impressed him with how much I knew about precious stones, he impressed me with how much he knew about rocks. I had never known before then that it was possible to eat rocks. Not that it was truly very surprising to be honest, given the Spirit of Chaos ruled the world. I hear from the older dragons that predate Plush Light Bulb Discord’s reign that once things were far more plain and predictable.

*I see. Well I would just like to get to know you a bit Mrs...*

Sparkling Pie, formally Sparkling Ruby. Queen Tiamat Herself also gave me the name Scarlet, but I answer to all three. Dragons are greedy, throwing away one name would not be befitting of one of our kind...I suppose you could say I was born to be a dragon. I’ve always loved precious stones, even my name reflects it. I suppose I have always been a bit vain, but don’t you dare doubt I love my family.

*I don’t.*

Dragons may be prone to greed but that doesn’t mean we do not love. As a dragon that was formerly a pony, I know this better than most...It’s strange, it’s not that I feel pony love is wrong, that’s not exactly correct. It’s more that it feels alien to me. Detached. I have been a dragon for so long, it’s difficult to remember exactly what it was like to be a pony. I remember having fur in place of scales, I remember not having thumbs, I remember having a sense of love that now seems difficult to grasp. I guess it was the same when I was a pony, to be honest. Dragons’ sense of love felt so hard to comprehend, now that I am one, the opposite is true. Pony love seems almost...naive. Like it’s given too generously. That it expects too little in return for it being given. I know this isn’t true, exactly. I remember when I was a pony saying how dragon love seemed too demanding, to expect the other to be your possession. Now it feels so natural.

This day has been rather confusing. I was simply flying with the rest of my flight, looking for new ponies upgraded into dragons by Deadpan Poster Discord’s whim before he could decide to turn them into cheese. And suddenly we hear rumors being spread that several of the Chaos Six have turned on Blue Aglets Discord. And most gloriously, that his blech, mount, Spike, has as well. That had always been a disgrace to dragon-kind, that Discord had forced a mighty dragon to be ridden like a common cart! Especially one of the great lineage of the Spikes. It does my heart good to know he has broken his bindings and risen up!

*How do you feel about him know, the Element of Generosity?*

It is unusual, but the Spike line has always been considered generous yet otherwise noble hearted. Protecting Ponyland from threats against it for generations. And don’t forget; Queen Tiamat is our exalted ruler and Goddess, but her horde is sparse, one of the smallest of any dragon. She considers all Dragon-Kind her treasure and cares for us all. Even a jewel flawed like Spike is precious to her. Even if our hearts are prone to greed, we are not incapable of caring. If a dragon considers you theirs, they will defend you with every ounce of their power and might. That’s why when I heard a rebellion was starting up, my mother-in-law and I headed for Sweet Rock Acres. If a war was to happen, I would fight tooth and nail to protect that which is mine!

Imagine my surprise when we encountered Traitor Dash on our way. I will admit, we did attack her, she was after all a sworn enemy. My only concern was not making the mistake of eating her as some reckless dragons had done in the past (ponies do not taste like chicken). ...But I suppose a part of me remembers things a dragon would not. Like that if a foe is not fighting back, then perhaps something is wrong. As it turned out, Traitor Dash was now known as ‘Rainbow Dash’ and presently on her way to help my little Apple Pie vanquish Girdle Pyramid Discord and free the world from his tyranny. Naturally we needed more proof than this. As fate would have it, a member of our flight named Baal was a victim of Big Boss Discord’s brainwashing. We got him to move with us, but his once great bravery was turned to cowardness. Rainbow Dash revealed the true nature of her Element of Chaos, which she stated was Free Will, and shattered Baal’s affliction, reawakening his courage and might. While we still did not trust her fully, that was enough to accept it may be worth the risk. Granny Pie has always advocated against holding grudges as well. No, she does not ‘let go’ of grudges (a dragon letting go of something?), she merely states that it is naturally meant to be a finite thing and comparable to Dragon’s Bane, something which can be possessed but should not.

I admit, it is disappointing that the uplifting of ponies may not be as simple as it formerly was...But Coin Carpet Discord has taken too much from me! Many of my flightmates...many of my baby girl Poison Apple...If it weren’t for the fact my family that lives needed my protection more, I would have flown to that castle and ripped his head clean off for robbing me of my baby.

*I am sorry for your loss, Mrs. Pie.*

Thank you. A loss for a pony is hard to bare. A loss for a dragon is harder still because of how much more value we place upon it. My little Poison Apple...I suppose for me it was doubly difficult. A pony mother is more compassionate, and that part of me remained. A dragon mother may be willing to let their child go, but they will always be a part of their horde. I felt the pain of loss and the rage of having something stolen from me when I heard of her loss.

When Rainbow Dash said that Apple Pie was among those who had a chance to avenge her sister’s loss, I did worry for her. I know from what I am told these ‘Elements of Harmony’ give their bearer protection of a certain kind, and Apple Pie and her friends can return Soda Zord Discord to the stone prison he belongs in. And from the looks of things, have succeeded in doing so. I couldn’t help but worry for her, but I am so proud of my child... I look forward to offering his stone form the elder dragons say he was imprisoned in to Queen Tiamat as a prize.

I hope she will be proud to see me and my mother-in-law. My Banana Pie to this day stays away from me whenever I visit. I will admit, she tried to escape the grasp of my claws and I harmed her. Do you think I am not aware that I scarred my child for life? A dragon is greedy, we do not blame others for our own wrongdoing. We claim everything we cause. It is quite fitting that the Element of Desire now also possesses the Element of Honesty. Mrs. Rarity would make a good dragon. I want my daughter to rise and become a dragon, she is worthy of it. That I do not regret. Not at all.

Cream Pie? One day, perhaps I will desire her to ascend to dragonhood...but right now, she is my baby, one of my jewels. She is precious to me. If anyone ever tries to take her from me, my wrath will be swift and terrible. I am a dragon, and each and every part of the Apple Pie Family is a part of my horde. And may Queen Tiamat have mercy on any who try to steal from it. Even the smallest jewel.

More about me? I live in Dracotopia with Her Goddess Queen Tiamat. I am one of the leaders of our missions against the encroaching chaos of Supremely Comfortable Underpants Discord. My special talent was knowledge of gems, something I still retain. And I am still a member of the Apple Pie Clan, nothing will ever take that from me. Tiamat prizes me among her collection, former ponies bring new ideas and talents that be used for Dracotopia’s greater good. And have proven very useful to teaching younger dragons how to work as a group better than the ones from before the beginning of chaos.

I used to see dragons as large and terrible to behold, something to avoid like a force of nature. Now ponies look so tiny, like how I used to see flowers, short lived and fragile.

Now, if you excuse me, my husband needs my aid in lifting a giant robot moth corpse so he can begin harvesting it’s body. Then I desire to catch up with my family.

*Understood. It was a pleasure talking to you, Mrs. Pie.*

* It was a pleasure getting to know all of you. I only wish I had more time to devote to it…You are all wonderful ponies, and it was a delight to get to know you all what little I could. I wish you the best of like, Apple Pie Clan.*
Dark World may be a bad future were Discord won. It may be reaching it's thrilling climax as we speak. But that doesn't mean the heroes' stories are the only ones who deserve to be told.

As Discord's reign ends, the Apple Pie Family continue their daily life and weigh in on what has happened as they see the end of an era happening before their very eyes.

The first Dark World Drabble can be found here (I retroactively made it part).

Dark World Drabbles is simply a series of short drabbles taking place in the Pony POV Series Dark World with Alex's approval. These don't focus on the big climatic events, but more on the little touches the main series couldn't touch on without going longer than it already has.

In this case, us getting to know the Apple Pie Clan. We've MET them, but do we really know them? Get ready to meet four of them!

I'll admit, Cream and Banana Pie where the hardest of the lot to do because their defining traits (being Hotblooded and Cheery) were difficult to capture in a first person without body language.

Thanks to :iconalexwarlorn: for helping me write Ma Pie's part!

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn:

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro! Please support the official release!

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Jarkes Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
Hey, by any chance, do you actually know ahead of time what's going to happen in the Dark World, Shining Armor, and any future arcs? I'm not asking for spoilers, I'm just curious how much Alex and LZ share with you...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
What does this have to do with the story? 0-o  What do you THINK of the story? 
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
I'd rather not say, no offense.
Jarkes Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
No problem.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
So, what do you think about the fic in question? 
Jarkes Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
It was... interesting... Though I really wish I could figure out who the "Benevolent Interloper" is... I keep thinking it might be Shining Armor, but Twilight said in an earlier Dark World chapter that she never had a brother, which makes me wonder if he existed in that timeline, which ALSO makes me wonder if this theory I have about his role in the POV series is correct. I've shared this theory with both Alex and LZ, and they both told me, "Don't say anything about this theory of yours in comments." Which makes me almost certain that the theory is correct...
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
I see.

Well did this chapter develop the Apple Pie Family a bit?
Jarkes Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
Yeah, it did.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013

Did I manage to make each of them unique?
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