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The 80s were a creative time.

I'm kind of sad these shows are older than I am.
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Okay, I didn't do a live reaction to the first half, so here's a quick synopsis:

Cheerilee's class is on a field trip to a mountain where a legendary bird is, the CMC, Snips, Snails, Diamond, and Silver are all separated from the group, get lost, get chased by a bear, Diamond was a bit of a jerk and her and Applebloom are currently clinging to the edge of a cliff. Snips and Snails prove to be surprisingly helpful and competent, despite still being their goofy selves.

With that out of the way:

When we last left our little ponies, Diamond and Applebloom were hanging for dear life off a cliff, Diamond hanging onto a limb or root and Applebloom from her tail. Is it just me or does that seem like it'd hurt REALLY bad?

The rest of the group are naturally trying their best to save them and SILVER SPOON is the one to figure out the best way by pointing out a tree limb long enough to do so. Scootaloo still can't fly up to reach it very well, but with a boost from Silver Spoon and the three unicorn's telekinesis, they manage to get the limb.

Also, Silver's expressions during this scene are really cute and funny.

And together, the group manages to pull them up, which takes a group effort. I get the feeling Silver is a bit out of shape, given she's an Earth Pony.

I like how Silver Spoon is genuinely worried about her friend here, it shows Diamond IS her friend and gives her a little bit of depth.

However, before the group can relax, a storm starts and they decide they'd best continue to higher ground (their plan from the previous issue).

Diamond's pessimistic, but this IS pre-character development Diamond, so yeah.

I do like the thing that gets them moving is Applebloom saying the cliff is probably going to get washed away and their reactions.

However, as they work their way up, Diamond realizes something: in this storm, they probably won't be able to see the others. Applebloom admits she doesn't know what else to do...and Diamond admits neither does she, but thankfully the storm breaks up. But they still can't see anyone and Snips and Snails begin to call for help...triggering a small avalanche...that comically makes Applebloom look like Gandalf the Great.

With nigh falling, the group decides to take refuge in a cave for the time being.

They decide to make a fire, which neither DT or Applebloom doesn't know how to make a fire...but surprisingly Snips and Snails DO.

I'm going to say this: of all the unicorns their age, Snips and Snails seem to have some legit magical talent despite their dimwitted nature. In the show, they were able to use magic before Sweetie Belle, despite being the same age, and while their telekinesis is about as strong, we've yet to see Sweetie use ANY spell beyond the default telekinesis and magic glow, even with Twilight's instruction, and these two were able to start a fire with ease. I'm wondering if those two could benefit from having a magic instructor.

Anyway, now that they have a fire going, they divide up their food...and of course Silver and Diamond are a bit snooty about it and insult Snips and Snails...resulting in Applebloom calling them out on it and asking WHY they act like they're better than everyone else. The two think they are, or that's what Diamond SAYS.

Applebloom replies then maybe they're 'too good' to share the cave with them, which makes them calm down a bit...and we get a bit of character that would become much more clear in Crusaders of the Lost Mark:

Diamond and Silver believe that's the case because they were TOLD it was (which is confirmed in Crusaders of the Lost Mark with Diamond's mother basically says just that). That they were TOLD they're better than others, so ACT like it's what's expected of them.

Sweetie and Applebloom reply by pointing out who THEIR big sisters are. And Scootaloo does the same with Rainbow...and they ask how they're expected to live up to THAT.

Silver and Diamond genuinely never thought about it that way before and Diamond says something interesting:

Diamond: Who knew ponies without tons of money had problems?

This benefits from the context given by Crusaders of the Lost Mark: Diamond's mother puts megatons of pressure on her due to her being rich. Did Diamond feel like Applebloom simply had a more carefree life than she did?

Remember Diamond's solo song in that episode: 'Would you believe I've always wished I was somepony else?' The implication Diamond sincerely believes others without her wealth have fewer problems than she does goes quite well with that.

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle don't have that context and take it how you'd expect.

Snips and Snails interject and point out THEIR feelings are hardly ever considered...they know the town sees them as dunces and it HURTS them. They don't know WHY others see them this way...Scootaloo points out the Ursa incident and they admit that wasn't the best idea.

In a brief moment of realization, the three groups laugh at the fact they actually have something in common: that others expect things of them and it isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

It doesn't last, as Silver and Diamond try to cover it...then everypony cowers together as a wolf howls.

I like this scene as it kinda makes the Crusaders going to help Diamond in Crusaders of the Lost Mark make more sense. They don't understand EVERYTHING, but they DO have foreknowledge that Diamond is always told she's better than others, and might have an idea she'd take losing to Pip that badly hard because of it.

Next morning, the group is sleeping together (except Diamond, who's keeping watch) and it's adorable. We've got a pile of foals sleeping, what would you expect?

Applebloom wakes up and talks to Diamond, who hasn't seen a sign of anypony else yet, and has doubts anyone WILL find them, something Applebloom tries to discourage.

And then Diamond sees something coming. Namely, the Turul Cheerilee brought them here to look for, which is FREAKING HUGE. It only flies down and caws before leaving...

And we find out the Turul HELPED the others find them and return them home.

Back home, the Crusaders admit maybe they've gotten to know Diamond a bit better...and then Diamond tries to take all the credit.

This IS pre-Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and while we don't see Spoiled Rich here (only Filthy, who hugs Diamond and she seems GENUINELY HAPPY TO SEE HIM), this IS before she's broke free of her conditioning, so I imagine trying to make herself look impressive is paramount on her mind.

Also, Cheerilee's reaction is fun.

And it's clear that the CMC have gotten SOME respect for Snips and Snails out of it.

I like this issue.

Some others have said this story doesn't have much to it, but I'd beg to differ. The true weight of this story is when taken in context with Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

Let's imagine this arc is canon to the show proper. Okay?

In the first issue, the Crusaders saw Diamond react sadly to being left alone, a circumstance repeated in Crusaders, and in THAT issue they react instantly and come to her aid.

In this issue, the Crusaders become aware of the fact Diamond Tiara's family EXPECTS her to be better and see herself as better than others. Diamond in Crusaders loses the class election by a landslide, loses her best friend, and basically hit rock bottom. The Crusaders know Diamond has a high opinion of herself, which would mean they know she's going to take that hard.

But most importantly, this issue has Diamond drop subtle hints about some things in Crusaders: if you read this issue before watching Crusaders, you'd think Diamond is just being a jerk, but if you looked back on it after, you'd realize Diamond's reaction to being left alone, her admitting she's always TOLD she's better, her giving a subtle indication she might secretly believe Applebloom and the Crusaders have a simpler, less complicated life than herself, and her saying things like she did in the first issue when she asks 'who cares about a crown', the context changes that completely.

The context changes a great deal about this issue...but the important factor is the Crusaders, if we take this as canon, knew these things going INTO Crusaders of the Lost Mark, but didn't know the context.

When they saw Diamond's home life and her mother, they saw the CONTEXT of all the things they learned about Diamond on this adventure, and I think with that in mind, that episode actually fairs better than if this arc didn't exist. I loved the episode and viewed it as good already, but this arc enhanced that for me.

And there's also the fact that Snips and Snails gave a big showing of 'don't judge a book by its cover', something the CMC have seen before, but is an important factor to their realization in Crusaders of the Lost Mark, both about Diamond and about their Cutie Marks: that you have to look deeper to realize who somepony really is.

All in all, this issue manages to do something it REALLY needed to do as a prequel: add to the episode it's predating and help give some character development to characters like Silver and Snips and Snails who needed it.

I liked this one, and while nowhere near the scope of Siege...I find this arc infinitely better than it was.

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Am I the only one that feels DC's TV Series universe is leagues better than their movie verse?

I just feel the TV Series gets what a comic adaptation SHOULD be. 

Plus, they're being freaking CREATIVE with the characters they've chosen.

I mean you've got FREAKING GORILLA GRODD. Who ever thought we'd get a Live Action Gorilla Grodd?!
Chapter 1 'Unexpected Encounter"
by Kendell2 and Raikou Artist

"Well, it's nice to be back in Canterlot; so much has changed!" Twilight said as she continued walking, excitement in her voice. Sure, she'd been here a few times since she'd moved to Ponyville, but this was really the first time she'd been there just to relax and reconnect with her roots, as opposed to a party or being called to save the world from an ancient evil that escaped its prison. She remembered Rarity's friendship report after Twilight's birthday; don't be ashamed of your roots. That's what had compelled her to come do a little reconnecting with where she'd come from. "Isn't that right, Spike… Spike?" she asked, looking back at her assistant to see him falling quite far behind.

Spike panted, struggling to keep up. "Yeah, Twilight," he panted, stopping to catch his breath. "Can I... Can I please ride on your back?" he asked, unable to keep up with the excited Unicorn mare. "I know you're excited, but I can only move so fast."

Twilight stopped and turned around to fully face him, getting a slightly embarrassed look, realizing in her excitement she'd forgotten Spike was just a baby dragon. "Sorry Spike, I've just had a great day," Twilight said, horn lighting up with a pink glow, which surrounded Spike and floated him up, gently setting him on her back as she continued on. "What's next on the checklist?"

Spike took a moment to catch his breath. "Thanks Twi," he said, taking out a checklist. He couldn't help rolling his eyes, though he smiled as he did so. Who makes a checklist to plan out relaxing besides Twilight? "Lets see. Make checklist for day in Canterlot. Double and triple check the check list… Spend the early morning with Princess Luna..." he read, then gave Twilight a glare. "At 3 in the morning," he muttered, not liking getting up that early. "I know Luna's nocturnal and all, but was getting up THAT early really necessary?" he asked, giving a yawn from just thinking about his lack of sleep.

"Yes, Spike. I don't think Princess Luna would have liked it if we disturbed her in the morning while she's getting ready for bed," Twilight said, walking around the road. A pony nearly bumped into her, but changed his direction, in a hurry. Twilight looked back, he was long gone. Canterlot was so different than Ponyville… In Ponyville that probably would've resulted in a friendly conversation. Here everypony was in such a big rush they didn't have time to even say hi. "What's next?"

"Let's see..." said Spike, looking back at the list. "We ate breakfast with your parents, then we dropped off those deliveries for Rarity..." he swooned, saying Rarity's name in a dreamy fashion. He caught himself as Twilight looked back at him with a raised eyebrow. "Oh... Sorry. Then we gave those apology letters to the animals in Canterlot castle garden for Fluttershy, got those tickets to the Wonderbolts air show for Rainbow... Stopped by Discord's statue so you could double and triple check the spell keeping him there."

Twilight looked down. "It's just… I had to be sure he was still there, locked up tight…"

"I know, Twi," said Spike, giving a kind smile. "I was there when he turned Ponyville into a madhouse and made the others bully you… I can't blame you for having nightmares."

Twilight shuddered. Spike wasn't kidding, Discord's "games" had given her nightmares, bad ones. She'd had to take a look at his stony mug and make SURE he wasn't getting out to give her a little piece of mind. She hoped that'd make the nightmares go away a bit. "Is that why you decided to sneak past the guards and write "Discord drools" on his face in permanent marker?" she asked, giving him a look over her shoulder.

Spike gave a laugh. "Yeah," he replied, looking over to her. "You have to admit, it was really funny!"

Twilight chuckled. "Yeah, I guess it was… Until you got caught and we were arrested by the guards."

Spike gave a nervous smile. "Yeah, sorry bout that… But at least the Princess got a good laugh out of it we she came to bail us out."

Twilight nodded sheepishly, getting an embarrassed blush. "Yeah… I guess she did…" she replied, remembering how needlessly worked up she'd gotten waiting for Celestia to get there. She wasn't sure why, considering she should've known Celestia wouldn't imprison her, banish her, or imprison her in the place she banished her to. She just wished she'd realized that before she made a foal of herself begging Celestia not to when she showed up to pardon them.

"After that we had lunch with Princess Celestia and talked with her for an hour…" said Spike, running through about half a dozen more items before looking back. "And lastly, ask Spike to recheck the checklist to make sure we got everything," he read, then blinked in confusion. "Uh… Check," he said, checking that item off.

"Great! Its still an hour till we planned to head back to Ponyville, what should we do in the meantime?" Twilight asked, dodging the oncoming traffic of ponies. Why were Canterlot ponies always in such a rush?

"Well... could I throw a stink bomb into Prince Blueblood's room to pay him back for how he treated Rarity at the Gala?" asked Spike, producing one out of nowhere. "Rainbow Dash gave it to me."

"No, Spike! We'd get arrested… Again!" said Twilight, imagining Celestia's face if that happened. Even if she did laugh it off again, Twilight didn't particularly want to have her mentor bail her out TWICE in one day. "...I think we should just go home," Twilight unwillingly said, though she was getting a tad homesick for Ponyville. And with a stink bomb in claw, she didn't particularly trust the little dragon not to use it. But when did he get it she wondered? He didn't have it when they left Ponyville, and that was the last time she'd seen Rainbow Dash since then. She got the feeling maybe one of their friends was around, particularly a certain rainbow haired pegasus with a love for pranks.

Spike grumbled, putting it away. "Fine, but you have to admit, he deserves it."

"Yeah, but it's illegal, Spike." said Twilight, looking around to see if Rainbow Dash really was around. Then Twilight saw something else, a homeless mare on the side of the street. The poor thing laid under a blanket, only her light blue tail and unicorn horn exposed. Her fur was mangy and filthy enough to show she hadn't bathed in a long time. Twilight frowned, she often forgot that, despite the Princess' best efforts, there were still some ponies suffering in Equestria, not many, but some. She couldn't help thinking something seemed so familiar about this mare, why did she feel like she'd seen that tail and horn somewhere before?

Spike saw the mare as well, and quickly got out some bits. "Here you go, Twi," he said, holding them out. He knew nine times out of ten, if Twilight could help somepony, she would. Any of the gang would probably, when he thought about it. The mare seemed vaguely familiar to him as well, but he couldn't put his claw on it.

"Thanks, Spike," Twilight said with a small smile and took the bits with a telekinesis spell. She walked to the mare and laid them gently down next to her, only for a blue glow to surround them and the bits to be telekinetically hurled right back in her face. "Ow! Hey, what was that for?!"

"Yeah, we're just trying to help!" said Spike, a little miffed.

The mare groaned in annoyance. "I don't want your help... I don't need pity..." she muttered angrily, rolling over so her back was to them, revealing her Cutie mark in full view in the process.

Twilight's eyes went wide as she saw the Cutie Mark, a blue magic wand with a crescent shaped wisp of sparkling blue magic, and a memory surged full front in her mind. "T-TRIXIE?!" Twilight screamed, her sudden jump causing Spike to topple backwards off her back with a yell.

"Huh?" asked the mare, throwing the blanket off and looking up, snarling when she saw who it was. Her fur was matted and filthy, and to put it mildly, she smelled worse than a Diamond Dog, but there was no mistaking her. The blue unicorn before Twilight was definitely the "Great and Powerful" Trixie. "Oh, it's you," the mare said, giving a glare. "Come to show up Trixie again have you?"

Spike growled. "Hey! Watch it! If it wasn't for Twilight you'd be an Ursa's dinner right now!"

"Spike!" Twilight angrily shushed Spike, not wanting to make this worse. Her anger faded to sadness as she turned back to Trixie, trying not to put a hoof to her nose at the smell of the filthy mare. "No, Trixie, we were just passing by. And I never meant to overshadow you, if I had I'd have done it when you were issuing open challenges to all of Ponyville. In case you didn't notice, I was trying NOT to show off."

Trixie gave a sigh. "Point taken, now what is it you want?"

"Well for starters, what happened to you?" Twilight asked, she had guilt inside her. Was Trixie like this because of what happened in Ponyville?

Trixie looked down, then growled. "... It's none of your business," she said, turning away. "Trixie doesn't want your pity!"

"Well that's good enough for me, come on Twilight," said Spike, trying to walk off, only to be grabbed telekinetically and pulled back by Twilight.

"Trixie, this isn't pity, its concern. Can I help-" Twilight asked, eyes full of concern. Suddenly, Rainbow Dash ran up to Twilight out of nowhere until their eyes were about six inches away.

"Oh great," muttered Trixie, knowing this wouldn't end well for her in all likelihood.

"No way!" Rainbow said in anger. "Pinkie Pie, tell her!"

Pinkie Pie popped out of nowhere and hopped over. "Hi Twilight! Rainbow Dash wants me to tell you..." she said, then just stood there with a smile on her face, then a look of confusion. "Tell her what?"

Rainbow Dash gave an annoyed groan and face hoofed.

"Rainbow, Pinkie? What are you doing here?!" Twilight asked. Sure, she'd THOUGHT Rainbow might be following her, but never expected it for real. And especially not Pinkie… Though it didn't surprise her, Pinkie was the most unpredictable mare she'd ever met.

"We got a message from the Canterlot police saying you and Spike got arrested so we came to bail you out," said Rainbow, glaring daggers at Trixie. "Good thing too! You were going to let this jerk sucker you!"

Twilight growled. "I was not! And that's not a very nice thing to say, Rainbow Dash," said Twilight, giving a disappointed glare. "Can't you see she's in trouble?"

Rainbow Dash looked at her like she was crazy. "Oh come on! Did you forget how she humiliated me, Rarity, and Applejack in front of the entire town and caused a rampaging Ursa Minor to tear the town apart?!"

Twilight gave a stern glare. "And she paid for that by being humiliated in front of the entire town herself, and you and I both know the Ursa was Snips and Snails' fault. Besides, from the looks of things, she's paid more than enough for what she did in the meantime."

"And from the smell of things, hasn't had a bath in a long time," said Spike, holding his nose.

Twilight gave Spike a raised eyebrow, then looked back to Rainbow. "I'm not just going to leave somepony in trouble if there's something I can do to help."

Twilight turned to Trixie. Sure, she'd been a jerk, but she hadn't done anything to deserve this. "Trixie, will you come with us-" Twilight got cut by Dash.

"No way, Twilight!" Rainbow said in a serious tone.

"...To Ponyville? Maybe you can get back on your hooves there. Don't mind them," Twilight asked Trixie, ignoring Rainbow. Normally, she'd listen, but Rainbow Dash's perspective was obviously a bit biased in this case.

"Trixie doesn't want your pity," said Trixie, turning her nose up and turning to walk off. "She can… She can do just fine on her own," she stated, though even her attempts to sound confident failed, as a slight break in her voice revealed she didn't quite believe that herself.

Pinkie blinked, having just stayed nearby and watched this until something happened. "Uh oh! Ear flop. Eye flutter. Knee twitch," she said, her body doing the exact actions, right as a door swung open and hit Trixie right in the face. A pony threw away some garbage and closed the door, Trixie sliding off like a squashed bug.

"Ha-ha!" Rainbow laughed hard at Trixie. "Serves you right!"

Twilight shot Rainbow a glare before trotting over to the dazed Trixie. Twilight peeked back to see Pinkie glaring at Rainbow Dash herself. It took a few moments for Twilight to realize why, Discord had broken Pinkie by showing her how much it hurt to be laughed AT.

"Trixie, this isn't about pity!" Twilight said as she reached Trixie, then paused to think of just how to phrase this differently to convince Trixie to let her help. Sure, Trixie didn't seem to want help, but neither did Applejack at Applebuck Season, if Twilight hadn't forced the issue, Applejack might've worked herself to death. Sometimes the pony who didn't want help was the one who needed it the most. A thought came to Twilight's head. "Think of it as repaying a favor."

Trixie shook her head to clear it. "And just what did Trixie do for you?" she asked, looking at her in confusion.

"Yeah, what did she ever do for us?" asked Spike, confused as Trixie. "You know, besides publicly humiliating our friends? I got to side with Rainbow on this one."

Twilight thought out her words carefully. "Well, thanks to you, I had my weekly report for Princess Celestia in on time! And you helped me realize I didn't have to hide my talents from my best friends just because I was afraid of how they'd react," Twilight replied. "So at least let me return the favor and give you a helping hoof."

"Yeah! And if you hadn't helped Twilight with that letter, it'd have been really bad! Last time-" started Pinkie, only to have Twilight put a hoof over her mouth and blush before the pink pony could reach the embarrassing part of the story. Still, at least she wasn't against her like Rainbow.

"Princess Celestia?" asked Trixie, eyes widening in shock. "W-why did you have to send her a weekly report?"

"Twilight is Celestia's personal student," said Spike with a smug smile. "And her personal envoy to Ponyville too," he stated, Trixie's jaw dropped, and she pretty much looked like she was about to go into shock.

Before Rainbow could say anything, Twilight shot her a glare. "If you want, Trixie, you could be the guest of Celestia's personal student in Ponyville," Twilight spoke up before Spike could brag anymore. She hoped appealing to the unicorn's ego would help sway her a bit.

Pinkie hopped over and got in Trixie's face. "Yeah, you can be our guest!" she exclaimed. "Come on come on! We'll have so much fun!" she stated in her typical rapid tone.

"I've heard enough of this, I'm going back to Ponyville, by myself! You can let yourself get suckered by this loser if you want to but leave me out of it!" Rainbow in an angry tone before flying off, seeing she'd not be able to talk some sense into Twilight and Pinkie was too… well, Pinkie Pie.

Trixie looked hurt. "I'm not a loser..." she yelled after Rainbow. "It's not my fault those two rotten colts ruined my life!" she growled, before realizing Rainbow was gone and couldn't hear her. She blushed in embarrassment and turned back to the unicorn and Earth Pony staring expectantly at her. "...So as your GUEST, not out of pity towards Trixie?" she asked. She had to admit, being able to say Princess Celestia's personal student had invited her to be her guest was quite an ego stroke. With how powerful Twilight was during the Ursa attack, Trixie didn't doubt she was telling the truth on that one. And even if she hated to admit it, Twilight had saved her life from that Ursa, so she did owe Twilight. You'd never hear her say it, but she did have some gratitude for that.

"I don't know what pity is, but having guests is always really really fun! So say yes! Say yes!" said Pinkie Pie with an excited smile.

Trixie sighed, giving it deep thought. It'd be nice to sleep on a real bed in a real house after all. "Trixie supposes that it'd be better than that cardboard box... Trixie hasn't had a shower in two months," she muttered, disgusted with her own appearance. She hadn't had a decent bite since then either, she was starving.

Spike held his nose. "Yeah, we noticed, you smell worse than those rotten Diamond Dogs," he stated, not caring about Trixie's feelings after what she did.

Twilight angrily glare at Spike. "Okay, let's head to Ponyville. I hope you don't mind taking a royal chariot," Twilight asked, leading the way.

"On a... On a royal chariot?" asked Trixie, eyes wide in shock. She'd get to ride in a royal chariot? Embarrassing circumstances or not, Trixie wasn't about to pass that up.

"Twi, you sure this is a good idea?" asked Spike. "I don't trust Trixie as far as I could throw her."

"Come on Spike, she's not that bad," said Twilight, calmly. "Besides, finding her a job will be a piece of cake with all the nice ponies in Ponyville, she'll be back on her hooves in no time."

"Oh! What kind of cake?" asked Pinkie, smiling wide. "Is it chocolate? Vanilla?"

Twilight sighed, continuing forwards towards the chariot launching point. "Or cherry? Oh wait! Blueberry?…"
Getting Back On Your Hooves Ch. 1
This is my first real My Little Pony fanfiction co-written with , who was a big help.

Yeah, it's another Trixie story, I know there's a few, but I'm hoping to make this one a tad unique.

With this chapter, I'm not entirely happy with how Pinkie turned out, she was supposed to be there to back up Twilight, but it didn't turn out as well as I wanted. And Trixie does have good reason for accepting that'll be better revealed later.

Please comment and tell us how we did and give us constructive feedback! Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Here!
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5: and
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7: and
Chapter 8:…
Chapter 9:… and…
Chapter 10:… and…
Chapter 11:… and…
Chapter 12:… and…

Side Story: Perfect Companions:

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…

My Little Pony is copyrite of hasbro.

EDIT: HUGE thanks to for giving this chapter a once over and Beta Reading it for me!

EDIT: Added preview image, HUGE thanks to for the picture!

EDIT: There's now a Trope Page!… Thanks to Blue Ridge Mountain Man for making this!

EDIT: There is now not one but TWO live readings of this Chapter! The first can be found… and… and the other one can be found…

EDIT: Edits thanks to :iconbirthright1979:

EDIT: New live reading!…
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From the sound of it they'll be continuing the fic as well!
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The 80s were a creative time.

I'm kind of sad these shows are older than I am.


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Buried in the Toy Fair presentation was the official release time for Season 6 of My Little Pony. We knew Spring was the time to look at, but not the exact date! At around the one hour, four minute mark, a slide going into detail about their upcoming plans revealed a MAY 2016 Release date for season 6!

GET HYPE! It's coming... 
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The My Little Pony movie has announced some pretty hefty talent today, with actress Emily Blunt being added to the already growing cast of characters that will appear.

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I know you hate siege of the crystal empire with a passion of burning suns pointed THIS out

as Cadance explains, Hope could've just asked for help with the Umbrum instead of doing all this subterfuge. But the thing is, Hope already trusted others for help — in "My Little Pony: Fiendship Is Magic" — and it ended badly: Amore's inaction led to Sombra growing fed up and lashing out! In Hope's mind, they just won't give her or the Umbrum a chance until she forces them to see they were wrong!

That may also be why Hope seemed to not care about how others would be affected by her actions. From her perspective, it was the same level of consideration they gave Sombra (it also helps that she thought the Umbrum were good and unlikely to hurt others).
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Except she SOLD EQUESTRIA TO THE CHANGELINGS, and DIDN'T acknowledge the VERY REAL possibility they could cause problems before the Umbrum were released. 

That's not endangering people who didn't give consideration to Sombra, that's endangering people who weren't BORN to even be INVOLVED in that.
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Except she SOLD EQUESTRIA TO THE CHANGELINGS, and DIDN'T acknowledge the VERY REAL possibility they could cause problems before the Umbrum were released. 

Oh yes cause a being that was able to hold his own against three alicorns can't handle a swarm of changeling that were already battered after there fight with equestrian and crystal soldier. which mean she factor in the fact that even if chrsyalis army won thhey be too tired and/or sored to stop sombra reviving them.

and she technically didn't sold it out to all changeling just chrysalis hive.
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Except she EXPLICITLY SAID she knew Sombra was going to be weakened.

If Sombra hadn't mentioned the Umbrum, what could've stopped Chrysalis at that time? Nothing.
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