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I made it. The reward on that I'd try to sing a ponified song of my own writing if I was getting 20 Dollars a month or more...I here's me trying to sing a ponified version of Trust in Me from the Jungle Book for Tirek towards Discord.

I admit, I'm NOT a natural baritone. AT ALL. So singing as Tirek is NOT easy on my throat, even IF I wasn't out of practice.

Also, there's no music because an instrumental of this song apparently literally only exists in the UK...I have NO idea how that works through the internet.

But regardless, here's me trying to sing a villain song because I'm getting twenty dollars or more a month...I'm pretty glad my patreons get MORE bonuses than just this for paying that, but I don't think it's the worst thing ever.  

Hope it's at least entertaining in some way. Enjoy.


none of your business
United States
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jmcdavid Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
By the way, I'm sure you've heard of Linkara, the guy who makes the History of Power Rangers videos.

He just finished Operation Overdrive, and while he usually doesn't compare Power Rangers to the source material, :iconjarkes: has told me that this one time, he was forced to admit that Boukenger was infinitely better.

Reasons? None of the characters made him wish they'd shut up every time they talked. One of the Overdrive Rangers got pretty annoying for Linkara.

Also, all of the Boukengers got equal amounts of Character Development. On Operation Overdrive, Mack was the only one who got any Character Development. Together with the way the Battlizer effectively turned him into a God Mode Sue, he didn't find that many good things about Operation Overdrive as a whole.

As for how he'll react to other Power Rangers sereis? Well, my Imagination (ToQger reference just because) is showing me that since after Mystic Force, Power Rangers as a whole seemed to just go downhill, he's either going to have lots more rage, or he'll just quit after Jungle Fury or RPM.
Jarkes Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
Actually, you misunderstood. Linkara didn't really mention Boukenger. Me saying that Boukenger was better than Overdrive was my own thoughts.
jmcdavid Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
He's actually said he enjoyed Samurai though.

But I do agree on Overdrive stinking, I couldn't make it through a few episodes. Though I love RPM.
jmcdavid Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
Yeah. Overdrive totally jumped enough sharks that it probably earned some frequent flyer miles on that alone.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago

Jungle Fury at least isn't as BAD even if it isn't the best thing ever.
Ghidorafour Featured By Owner Edited 19 hours ago

[Trigger warning: racist language]

GoFundMe, the world’s #1 personal fundraising site, is raising money for the cop who brutally shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. And worse, the fundraiser is celebrating the teenager's brutal death -- and GoFundMe is profiting from it.That's why we're partnering with ColorofChange on their campaign to stop this disgusting fundraiser immediately. 

Tell GoFundMe to delete its shameful fundraising page immediately and return the profits it made off Mike Brown's death.

The fundraiser for Darren Wilson, the officer responsible for killing Michael Brown, has already raised over $400,000 for his potential legal fees, relocation costs and living expenses. And now, donors are getting tax deductions for their donations, because a non-profit has stepped up to collect the donations.

The comments on the fundraising page are ultimate proof of why we have to stop this hateful effort now:

“I thank all Police…protecting normal Americans from aggressive and entitled primitive savages."

So far, GoFundMe is defending its fundraising page, but its own Terms Of Service prohibit "items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime.” It’s clear this fundraiser crosses the line.

After a massive public outcry GoFundMe took down the hateful comments listed above -- but refuses to take the pages down. We know GoFundMe is feeling the pressure. If enough of us come together now, we can force GoFundMe to take down this page for good, and return any money it has made from this tragedy.

Profiting off the killing of Michael Brown is disgusting. With the entire country paying attention, we can pressure GoFundMe to end this disturbing fundraising effort once and for all.

Kendell2 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Draconic-Spirit Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello my old friend, it's been a while!
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
Oh, hello!
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