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Commission for GrimWolf01
MareDoWell vs the Rainbow Menace Chapter 3
By Kendell2.
Idea and commission by GrimWolf01

Earlier that Day

Private Eye sat in a dark, drab office in Cloudsdale. It seemed like something out of an old detective serial, including the chosen colors and even the currently drawn blinds.

The Guard Detective rubbed a hoof into his forehead, looking down at one of several folders currently on his desk. A picture of Pinkie Pie stared back at him. “Rainbow Dash was obviously teleported, saw the flash. So that'd mean a unicorn. Princess Twilight Sparkle's known to be able to teleport...but that doesn't explain the stinkbomb. Rainbow herself known to be quite the prankster...but so's Miss Pie here. And that'd explain why it smelled like expired sweets...She's also known to have been friends with a Griffin named Gilda and another Pegasus named Lightning Dust who have similar personalities to her...but neither of them can teleport and records show she and Lightning parted on bad terms at the academy...”

The pegasus gave a sigh and got up, trotting over to a board with newspaper clippings on it. Most were from various crimes that he himself had solved, but some were from the Rough Diamond case. “I can't believe my prime suspects for who helped a perp are the saviors of Equestria...”

He slowly picked his fedora off a hat rack and took it in his teeth, throwing it up and onto his head. “Never said this job would be easy...Better send the guard to go check the suspects.”


Rainbow Dash growled, glaring down at the suit in her hooves. She was currently hiding in a cloud near Cloudsdale (a thought which in and of itself put her in a sour mood on its own). “I can't believe I have to do this. As if this day wasn't rotten enough.”

The cyan pegasus just stopped herself from asking the dreaded words 'how could this day get any worse?' The day was already bad enough without her tempting fate and finding herself in a thunder cloud for some reason.

The mare gave an annoyed sigh. “Better get this over with...”

She began slipping on the superhero costume, one hoof after another...then stopped with a blink.

“Why am I doing this the boring way?”

True, she didn't like all...but she was about to become a superhero, why not make the most of it? After all, it wasn't like she was going to have many opportunities to do this baring them somehow getting sucked into a comic book.

Rainbow Dash spun around, destroying her hiding place with a tornado that slowly turned from rainbow colored to purple and navy blue. As she came to a stop, she completed the transformation by placing her hat atop her head.

“Now that's how you change into your superhero costume!...Wow, Rarity was right, this suit is really comfortable...”

Mare-Do-Well stood atop a tall building in Cloudsdale, overlooking the rainbow painted area. Lightning flashed behind her...causing her to blink behind her visor because it was a clear, sunny day.

She looked back to see a familiar wall eyed pegasus jumping on a thundercloud for some reason.

Knowing Derpy Hooves, she decided not to question it.

“Alright, Mare-Do-Well was all dark and mysterious, kinda like Batmare...” Rainbow Dash muttered to herself, taking her superheroic look very serious. “So I think I'll stick to the shadows...unless I see the chance to epically save the day...”

Zooming down into the alley way, the masked mare peaked out over the scene. The local pegasi were already beginning to try and clean away the liquid rainbow that had been thrown everywhere everywhere. “Okay, so that Guard Detective said whoever framed me snatched it from the Weather Factory after I left the”

Rainbow Dash was brash and often times a bit overconfident, but she wasn't stupid.  Especially when push came to shove.

“Did Miss. Fake see me at the Academy?”

She then ducked back into shadows as more guards passed. “Somepony there sent that fake letter...But who there would have it out for me? I'm awesome.”

“Alright, Fluttershy, keep an eye out for...well, yah know,” said Applejack, now trotting . Thankfully, Twilight had had time to cast the cloud walking spell on them before sending them off.

“O-Okay...” Fluttershy replied in her natural timid fashion.

“And Fluttershy, remember, if we need tah talk tah a guard, yer gonna need tah do it,” the orange Earth Pony reminded in a hushed tone. “Cause we both know Ah can't lie worth a lick.”

Fluttershy gulped. “O-Okay...”

The due trotted onward, Applejack looking over the vandalism. “Sweet Celestia, whoever did this definitely did a number on this place...” the farmer muttered.

Fluttershy nodded, giving a whimper at the sight of her hometown in such a state.


The two jumped a little, looking into an alley next to them were two blue 'eyes' stared back.

Fluttershy gave a sigh of relief and the two carefully headed into the alley, keeping an eye out for watching eyes (something that by nature Fluttershy did on a regular basis).

“Boy am I glad to see you,” said the Mare-Do-Well in a gruff voice deep voice.

“You too...but why yah talking like that?”

“To hide my voice, cool huh?”

“Uh...might wanna work on it...”

“Everypony's a critic...Where's Twilight, Pinkie, and Rarity?”

“Twilight and Pinkie are bein' questioned by the guard, Rare's there cause she's a unicorn and apparently Discord's little tick convinced them one teleported you. They'll be along as soon as they can. Meh and Flutters weren't high on their list so we went. That and everypony knows Ah can't lie tah save mah life.”

“Darn it...Egghead find anything?”

“Y-Yes...” Fluttershy interjected, taking out a folder from her saddlebags. “She found out who forged the letter.”

The disguised Rainbow Dash took the folder. “...Do I want to know why she had this file?”

“She said all the Princesses have files on the entire guard, Bolts included,” Applejack explained. “Apparently somethin' about so all four of 'em can take charge if they needed tah.”

“Right...” the masked mare opened the file and looked through it. “Storm Raver, huh? I saw her a few times at the academy, I think she was an instructor.”

“Yeah, that's what Twi said. And well, she's the same shade of blue as you.”

“Huh, that's weird, only thing I ever do to her was give her a wave when I recognized her...Ah!”


“That Guard Detective said that this happened after I left the Academy, so the girl would've heard me leaving! It's gotta be her!”

Applejack nodded. “Yeah, that makes sense. So we investigatin' the Academy then?”

“Looks like it. Anything else?”

“That's about it. And will yah cut out that silly voice already?”

“...I'll work on it...”

“Um...” Fluttershy interjected. “How are we going to get there? offense...”

“It's at the top of a mountain and Ah don't have wings,” Applejack finished.

“Actually it's a plateau,” the masked mare pointed out. “And I can fly ya.”

“Uh, wouldn't that kinda defeat the purpose of yah wearin' a disguise in the first place?”

“...Why do you have to have good points?”

“Maybe we should wait here for the others and yah go on ahead?” the farmer suggested. “You're the one in the superhero outfit after all.”

“Alright, see ya then. Up, up, and away!”

“Wrong superhero...”

“I'm working on it!”

“Thank Celestia we weren't lying about not helping Rainbow...” Twilight muttered to herself as she, Rarity, and Pinkie trotted along the streets of Cloudsdale, cloud walking spell on ground-bound ponies. Sure, they had assisted to a degree by asking Discord about it, but they'd not told him to rescue Rainbow Dash from the Guard, and Twilight certainly didn't approve of it. In fact, if he'd actually suggested it instead of just done it, she'd probably have asked him if he was crazy...then again, knowing Discord, he'd have considered that a compliment.

Pinkie Pie nodded, bouncing along. “Yeah! That was lucky! Otherwise we'd have been kept out of the plot! And who wants that?”

“...Let's just find Ra...I mean Mare-Do-Well and see if we can investigate this mess better...” Rarity replied. “And hopefully put this dreadful situation behind us.”

“That reminds me, Twilight, I'm not sure Storm Raver is the villain,” Pinkie said in an oddly serious tone.

“Why?” Twilight asked.

“Because she's the first suspect! In a mystery it's never the first guy!” the pink party pony reported like it was a completely legitimate fact.

“Right...but this is real life Pinkie Pie...”

The two trotted on down the road until they noticed everything around them become very rainbow colored. “Wow...” the fourth Princess of Equestria muttered, looking around. “They definitely did a number of this place...”

“Oh it's positively dreadful!” Rarity said with a gasp of horror. “Rainbows are beautiful, but this much of them? Without any thought of a design? It's just garish!”

Rarity fainted onto her couch.

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “You had your couch enchanted so it wouldn't fall through the clouds?”

“A lady is always prepared!”

“Well well, didn't expect to see ya here.”

The trio blinked, turning to see Private Eye standing nearby with a notebook held in his wings. He tipped his hat.

“Who are you?” Twilight asked, trying not to look nervous.

“Guard Detective Private Eye, Your Majesty,” the Guard Detective explained, flashing his badge. “Wish we met under different circumstances. Now mind telling me what you're doing here?”

Twilight was tempted to say she didn't have to say anything, but she knew that'd simply arose suspicion. Her brother WAS a former Captain of the Guard, she understood how they worked to a degree and that Private Eye was entirely in his right to ask that.

“We're trying to prove Rainbow Dash's innocence. As a Princess of Equestria, I'm within my right to do so.”

“So ya don't think Rainbow Dash did it?” the Pegasus asked, giving an analytic look at the Alicorn. As if he was analyzing every bit of her. He noted the professionalism on her face, but not much else.

“No, we don't. We think she was framed.”

The detective's gaze fell on her eyes, her ears, and her mouth specifically. He nodded slowly, seeming satisfied. “Alright...I almost caught her earlier, but somepony helped her escape. I suppose ya already know who I think might be responsible, given the Guard had a chat with ya earlier.”

“We do, and you are wrong,” Rarity replied, keeping a serious expression. “We honestly had no idea she was in need of rescue so to speak.”

The detective kept his eyes on her the same as he had Twilight. He noticed a few things right as she mentioned him being wrong. While her mouth remained serious, her eyebrows narrowed slightly. In the last sentence, everything seemed natural, like it was a straight statement.  “...I see...So I guess you don't know where she is now?”

“Of course we do not.”

Private Eye's gaze fell on several aspects of Rarity's face. Namely small features most would miss, like changes in her mouth's shape or a twitch of the ear. He narrowed his eyes as he noticed the look of disgust at being accused came a few seconds later than Rarity's words implied it should have. “I see...So any idea where I can find her?”

“Maybe you should try the stadium!” Pinkie Pie chimed in, somehow popping up between Rarity and the detective.

Private Eye noticed a small ear twitch. “Really? Why there?”

“Well, the Wonderbolts are there a lot, so if she wants to clear her name, which I know she does cause why would Dashie ever do something this mean? And if she was, it seems like a nice place to vandalize. Even if that's a naughty thing to do...okay, a friend of mine painted a castle green on her birthday one time but it was her birthday and the owner was okay with it!”

The detective blinked at Pinkie's 'tells' seemed to change randomly. One minute it was an ear twitch, the next it was a twitch of the eyebrow, then it was her emotion seeming a second short. Then there wasn't one at all. And so on. It made no sense. It was if he mare was so random, even a detective it was impossible to pick up a pattern in her. He didn't even know if they were tells or not! “Right...”

“Oh! And another time this friend of mine named Sparkleworks covered ALL of Ponyville in sparkles! Hehe! But that wasn't to be mean, and no pony really minded.”

The detective shook his head in a disorientated fashion.“...Well...I think I'm going to go investigate some more...thanks...”

The now perplexed Private Eye gave a polite bow to Twilight and trotted off, trying to figure out what the Tartarus had just happened.

Twilight raised a brow. “Pinkie...when did that happen?”

“Oh a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG time before we met!”


Rarity shuddered. “I remember the sparkles. Sparkleworks actually had an eye for them, so it was rather pretty...but I spent WEEKS getting them out of my beautiful mane!...I managed to make the look work for me.”

Twilight cocked her head. “...I'll take your word for it...” She was reminded of her original sentiment that everypony in Ponyville was crazy. “...Now let's go, we've got to check out Storm Raver.”

Private Eye looked around a corner, listening in. “Storm Raver huh? So that's who they think did it...Better tail them.”

Rainbow Dash peaked her head up over the side of the plateau that the Wonderbolts Academy was on. She'd always wondered why a place most commonly frequented by Pegasi was built on solid ground.

The masked mare made sure to exploit her speed as she zipped from cover to cover towards the main building. She then ducked as several recruits trotted by her position. “Better be careful...”

Mare-Do-Well looked around and quickly sped from bush to bush, hiding behind equipment and finally stood against the wall of her target. “Who'd have thought sneaking into that hospital to  read Daring Do would come in handy...”

She then jumped slightly when she heard hoofsteps coming and flew up the wall as several pegasi trotted by. “...Dang it! It's the middle of the day...” she muttered to herself. She slipped behind a cloud as several ponies flew by.

She leafed through the file Applejack had given her. “Okay, let's see...she's in room 102...That means she's on the bottom floor, right?”

She moved the cloud down and peaked through the windows. “Here's hoping first window I look through isn't the Stallion's Room...”

She slowly peaked out through a window, blinking when she looked in on Soarin' eating an entire stack of pies in his office. “Wow...he can eat almost as much pie as Pinkie Pie...almost.”

Next window. She recoiled as she saw a bat-like pony hanging upside down asleep. “Ah! Vampire! Oh, wait, some of Princess Luna's weird bat ponies joined the Bolts as a night branch...”

A few windows later, the Mare-Do-Well finally looked through a window to see a mare with the same color fur as herself sitting in his office. Her tail and mane were both yellow with blue streaks in them. Rainbow couldn't tell what her Cutie Mark was through her jacket, but she'd seen in her file it was a diagonal lightning bolt in front of a storm cloud.

Even Rainbow Dash knew that she couldn't just rush in and demand answers (okay, she'd had to learn about such things over time), so she simply watched and waited. She noted Storm Raver look at a pair of letters and snicker before slipping them back into her desk.

Eventually, the masked mare left and she carefully slipped in through the window (thankfully it'd been a hot day and she'd kept it open). “Alright, let's see what we have here...”

She naturally went straight for the letters. While it didn't cross her mind at the moment, wearing a full body suit had certain advantages, such as no hoof prints.

Rainbow Dash blinked when she looked at the letter. “A copy of my application to try out for the Wonderbolt Reserves? Why does she have it?”

She produced Storm Raver's profile. “Ah, she's one of the mare who handles applications to the Academy...”

Mare-Do-Well felt rage building up in her heart at the idea this was the one responsible for her miseries. A part of her wanted to tear the mare apart for this. She might have actually attacked Storm Raver had she entered the room at that moment.

The masked mare turned and looked around the room and her eyes fell on several awards on the wall. She noticed something. “Huh...These are all for Academy records...the Dizzatron, the cloud busting exercise...she's the one who held the records before me and Lightning Dust broke them.”

She took the other letter and looked at it. “This is an application from Lightning Dust to reapply to the Academy for another try...Dang, she seems desperate...”

The masked heroine smirked under her mask. “Oh yeah, got her red hoofed! She sent me a phony reject notice and framed me because she's jealous I broke her records!...Wait, then why didn't he frame Lighting Dust? Eh, probably cause I broke 'em harder than she did.”

She remembered Lightning Dust. The other Pegasus had been a good rival, she couldn't deny that much. If she just hadn't been so bucking selfish. How big of a self absorbed jerk do you have to be to not care about the people you almost hurt showing off?

She looked at Lightning Dust's letter. “Huh, she actually apologized...maybe she did learn something...Okay, now let's go tell Twilight about this and see what her big brain has to say about my awesome find.”

The masked mare's thoughts (and ego stroking) by the sound of a large crash. She panicked and quickly put the letters back in it's proper place and headed back out the window.

A few seconds later, she slammed her hoof into her face.

“...It didn't come from inside the place, did it?”

The masked mare sighed and flew towards the location of the disturbance.

One would think mass vandalism in the city would have completely canceled classes for the day at Wonderbolt Academy. Those people have never undergone Wonderbolts intense training. The primary change in the schedule was some of the trainees would now undergoing 'volunteer training' helping clean up the town once the guard had investigated to a satisfactory degree.

Due to being first day training, however, the Dizzatron and its surrounding equipment weren't currently being used...

A rainbow colored streak zoomed by it, the impact causing metal to rattle.

The blue pegasus with a rainbow mane bucked the delicate machinery at high speeds, knocking bolts loose. She currently wore a bandana around her muzzle and sunglasses over her eyes. Her Cutie Mark was identical to Rainbow's, but seemed slightly off center.

She gave a look around, making sure the noise had attracted some eyes, but none she needed to worry about before backing up and charging, doing a high speed buck with enough force to dent the machine's casing. Giving a growl, the vandal picked up a rock and used it to smash the lock on it's wiring and open it. She reached in to try and hook the wires around her hoof and tug them out...when a blue and purple blur slammed into them full speed.

The imposter groaned, getting back to her hooves and snarling, looking up to see a masked mare in front of her.

“Looks like you won't be doing anymore damage today,” the Mare-Do-Well stated in a deep voice.

“I sounded so awesome there!” Rainbow Dash whispered to herself.

Despite patting herself on the back mentally, Dash snarled at the sight of her doppelganger...

The imposter gave a snarl and flew off.

“Oh no you don't!” her pursuer said, taking off like a bolt after them. Rainbow Dash noticed how fast the copycat seemed to be going. ''She's fast...but not as fast as me!” she said under her breath, speeding up.

The two flew across the Academy, Rainbow Dash slowly making ground on the faker.

With one last burst of speed, she managed to tackle her enemy head on, sending both tumbling into the ground.

Rainbow Dash rolled through and back to her hooves at the same time as her double. She charged and threw a punch. The double ducked the hoof and tried to leg sweep her. Mare-Do-Well jumped up to dodge and kicked out with her hind legs to try and catch her doppelganger off guard, but the faker flapped her wings and jumped back to avoid.

“Dang it, she's a tough one...” she muttered to herself before ducking under a spinning kick at her head and countered by planting her hind legs in her imposter's stomach and flipping her overhead. She had to plant her hooves on the mask when the fake hooked it with her hooves as she was thrown. She wrestled herself free after the fake Rainbow Dash hit the ground. As the masked mare got back to her hooves, the imposter started flying away, prompting the Mare-Do-Well to take chase.

Twilight and company walked slowly down the main road of the Academy.

“Hey remember last time we were here and almost died?” Pinkie asked cheerfully.

Applejack shuddered. “Did yah have to bring that up?”

“Yeah! Continuity is important!”


Rarity cleared her throat. “Be that as it may, let us find Mare-Do-Well, she was supposed to be investigating around here.”

Private Eye watched from hiding nearby and tapped his chin. “...Mare-Do-Well...Oh yeah, she was some kinda superhero that showed up in Ponyville...” he whispered to himself, thinking back to the Guard reports. The true identity of the Mare-Do-Well was still unknown.

Suddenly, two streaks flew overhead, the first rainbow colored and the second purple and blue. “...Well...Ah think she found the imposter...” Applejack remarked, watching the high speed chase.

Private Eye spread his wings and instantly took off after the two blurs.

“Come on!” Twilight yelled to the others before they took off in pursuit.

Rainbow Dash flew straight up and came back down, tackling her mimic from behind and sending them both crashing through the window of the mess hall.

The two tumbled through a table, the Mare-Do-Well rose to her hooves and blinked, looking at the pony who's table she'd ended up going through. Then back to the faker. Then back to the pony.

“But you were...I is...”

Storm Raver stared in shock at the two ponies that had crashed through the table in front of her.

The imposter snarled and kicked Mare-Do-Well in the stomach, knocking her off. She then pounced on Storm Raver and blindsided her with a punch to the jaw.

Rainbow Dash groaned, rubbing her gut. She blinked, watching the dazzled old Wonderbolt getting pounded on by her fake, the imposter snarling in rage.

While it was clear that Storm Raver wasn't the imposter, Dash was still pretty sure she HAD sent her that mail. On one hoof, she could let her fake give the jerk her comeuppance, on the other...she was still currently a superhero and the guy couldn't defend himself.

The hero finally sighed. “Dang it...” she muttered.

The Mare-Do-Well flew forwards and tackled the fake Rainbow, knocking both clear of Storm Raver.

Dash jumped back to avoid a mule kick from her enemy, then countered with a jump kick of her own. The fake ducked under and tried counter with a punch, but this time Dash caught it and threw a punch, her hoof connecting to the imposter Rainbow Dash's face.

The doppelganger was knocked to the ground, sunglasses flying off her face.

She groaned and got up, revealing orange eyes.

Mare-Do-Well narrowed her eyes under her visor, looking at her imposter in the eyes before the evil twin gasped and put her sunglasses back on in a panic.

“Alright, put your hooves up!”

The two turned and saw Private Eye enter the room. Mare-Do-Well took a fighting stance towards the fake. His eyes fell on various aspects of her before the fake bolted out the window. Private Eye ran to the window, but found the double had already vanished. “Buck!”

Mare-Do-Well sighed. “Dang it...” she muttered under her breath. She then looked at her hoof, finding smudged blue make up or dye on it. “...Hmm...”

To be continued.
Mare-Do-Well vs the Rainbow Menace Part 3
Rainbow Dash is having a bad day. She's received a letter from the Wonderbolts that left her very upset...oh, and she's now on the run from the guard.

Chapter 3 of 
 a commission for :icongrimwolf01:. This will be a fairly decent sized story. Hope you enjoy it. 

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Idea belongs to :icongrimwolf01: !
Commission: Pony POV Series
Tarnished Brass
Beauty Brass
Loose Canon?

Hello, my name is Beauty Brass. And yes, I am a member of Octavia's...her band. No, we're not related, even if I admit it is odd we're both Earth Ponies with musical Cutie Marks. We're simply good friends.

I'm a Canterlot native, have been since I was young. I'm not what most think of when they think of a Canterlot pony? Well I am one. And no, my parents didn't move here from another location. They're Canterlot nobility, born and bred. Surprised there are Earth Pony nobles? Canterlot is home to nobility feeling superior to non-nobles, not one race being better than the others. There are Pegasus nobles in Canterlot too.

Snappy? Sorry, it's just so annoying that everypony thinks Canterlot Ponies are all unicorn snobs. It drives me up the wall. My friends sometimes do it sometimes without meaning to.

But admittedly, I am proud to prove the stereotype wrong. Huh? I sound more bitter? Can't I be both?

Y-Yes...I...I mean no! It's not a tuba, it's a sousaphone! Now back to nobility.

No, it isn't common when people think of great musicians. Now where was I?

...You really aren't going to let this go, are you? You even have the filly doing the puppy dog eyes...Alright, I'll explain...

I'm sorry, it's just...The irony is that once I took pride in that fact. That I'm a successful classical musician with an abnormal instrument. My parents certainly didn't expect it. My parents are both classical musicians, Strong Strings and Beauty Bass, you may have heard of them. They certainly have had their fair share of hits. But they also expected I'd follow in their hoofsteps and take up a string instrument, or 'at worst a trumpet.' Imagine their surprise when I earned my Cutie Mark writing a solo song for the instrument. should've seen their reaction when my little sister Pitch Perfect became a professional harmonica player and got into country music. She even ended up marrying into the Apple Family and joining a country band with some of her in laws...who come to think about it, look eerily like a country music version of our band. They did warm up to both of us gradually thankfully. Clapping...every...time...we...

Y-Yes, I'm okay...just...

No, they didn't do anything to was...

Oh...I...I guess I am trembling...I'm sorry...It's...a long story.

My Cutie Mark isn't just the sousaphone, it's bringing the beauty out of what I apply my talents to. Thus my name Beauty Brass. I take a special pleasure in doing it with things that most think are ugly. It just happens I...I express it primarily through m-music...I think I chose the sousaphone because it's not something people think is beautiful, and I always loved it and wanted to make it that. I wanted to show everypony the beauty I saw in it.

I EARNED my Cutie Mark proving my parents wrong about my instrument of choice and showing them the beauty in it, and I loved doing that...Now...I...I...

Huh? You really want to hear what happened to me? You have nothing but time?...You think it'd help?...I...Alright...

As part of Octavia's band, I'd been in Canterlot for the the royal wedding. Of course that also meant that after the 'invaders had been repelled' I was left without much to do. None of us where to be honest. After we'd been involved in a private show for Her Majesty, Octavia had been called aside for something and the rest of us had been allowed to do as we please. Was I jealous of her? No...Okay, a little bit. But I'd known her long enough to know she'd never just leave us for a solo act.

Yes, I decidedly was furious that Medley House was destroyed. We'd...we'd played there more than once, something I think we were justly proud of. And, as you can guess by now, I'm not a fan of losing something that was a point of pride for me.

We weren't quite sure what we should do. Frederick (our pianist) and Parish (our harpist) decided they'd check on relatives. Thankfully, my parents had a performance out of town at the time, so they'd not been caught up in all of this trouble...

So I chose to simply do the only thing I could think of and stay in our hotel room. Yes, I am a Canterlot native, but when we're in town on a gig, we normally stay in the same room for convince sake so we could chat with one another about the plan for the show. But we hadn't been expecting to be cooped up in our hotel room our entire trip, so I hadn't thought to bring any books or the like. I...I t-tried playing my sousaphone a bit. It'd been a long time since I'd played it solo.

...The dark cruel irony is...I was so happy in that moment...I felt so free and happy...I was lost in my own music from the instrument I enjoyed showing the world the beauty of. In a trance...

I smiled as I stopped playing the beat.

But to my surprise, the music didn't stop. There was an upbeat, cheery beat in the background.

Yes, I know it was foolish to go out during an invasion to check out random music playing, but that's exactly why it was so curious...wait, you weren't going to call me foolish?...Okay then...

H-hold on...t-this part...

I left my room and headed in the direction of the music. I wasn't the only one. A sizable crowd seemed just as curious as I did. We walked into a near by auditorium (Melody House wasn't the only such place in Canterlot), following the notes. I noticed that as the...the music went on, it changed genre, like whoever was doing the singing wasn't limiting themselves to one genre. I wasn't sure what to think of it to be honest. My talent did let me pick up that whoever was playing was quite good at it. But it was a curiosity, and it seemed to be drawing quite the crowd...that is the power of music...

Onstage was a pink pegasus with a yellow mane stood singing. Her Cutie Mark was a white flower, I believe a gardenia (mother had the gardeners put some in ours, I believe she mentioned it symbolized joy). She had several back dancers and a band behind her...thinking back on it, I should have noticed the band didn't seem entirely right. She seemed to have a few talented musicians backing her I guess. I suppose because she was singing so many types of music. It was currently the end of what I assume was a rock song of some sort. Not my cup of tea, but I appreciated a large range and that it was done well. Particularly since she'd been singing an upbeat number when I first heard it and this one was far more somber.

Trap of love
Snared by desire
Trap of love
Beward the trap of looooooovvvvvve...

“What's going on here?” asked one of the Canterlot natives.

“Oh, you came in late!” the mare announced in a cheery voice with a bright smile. “I'm here on behalf of Her Majesty! Canterlot's been through so much these past few days, and she wants to get everyponies' spirits back up!” She looked so energetic and cheerful, but not to the point of annoyance. She also seemed to have a natural charisma. I suppose it was how she carried herself: confident, but her expression said 'I want to help you out if I can.' I know a few Canterlot elites who have that look down to a tea, and it's certainly disarming. Yes, I picked that up just from seeing her: can see the beauty in things, remember?

“So she sent me to tell you all to keep smiling!” she said, giving a large, friendly grin and putting her hooves at the corners of her mouth. “My name is Jitterbug and I'll be your entertainment for this evening! If you don't like a certain style, don't worry! I'm sure I'll be singing songs everypony likes! I'll also be taking requests! So stick around!”

She admittedly did live up to her hype. Country, rock, rap, soul. It reminded me of some actors I knew who could replicate accents with near perfection. It wasn't entirely surprising, there wasn't anything stopping a pony from picking up many instruments or song styles, just personal taste. It would just take an impressive amount of time and effort. I assumed at the time her young age merely meant she was either a prodigy (not entirely unheard of) or music styles were her special talent. Though some of her choices were odd...

I put a spell on you
And now you're mine
You can't stop the things I do
I ain't lyin'!

No, we weren't brainwashed. In fact she joked about that when the number finished.

“Hehe, just kidding! I'm not one of those dumb invaders! But those mean brainwashing invaders are why we're all frowning, and what better way to show them we're not going to break than to mock them and keep smiling?! Am I right?!”

That made us laugh a bit. We relaxed. We just listened to the music and let ourselves get lost in. I think the obviously evil song not actually doing anything evil made us let our guard down.

She even sung the Equestrian national anthem and implored us to join in. We did proudly.

“Can I hear a 'For Equestria?!'” she called, looking around the crowd. I think for a moment she was practically counting us.

“For Equestria!”

“That's the spirit! I'm going to try and a song I haven't practiced much...” Jitterbug said, looking down at her hooves. “I hope you'll all trust me to do it right, do you trust me?”

Of course, coming off our national anthem, it would have been rude to not nod politely.

“Good, because I'm just a little nervous to sing this in front of such a big crowd...” she said, looking around sheepishly. There was a bit of encouraging applause. “Alright then, let's get started!”

=Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Ending – Rondo Light and Shadows=

A legend of old
A story forgotten
Ancient tales of true love
Stolen from time.

A darkened romance
Try hard to remember.
A doorway to the heart
beckons your mind!

And now, a corner of night,
Can lift the weigh from you
It's in my hooves.
If you'll just let me prove.

A destiny lost
Hearts that have been broken
The memories, of a time
Taken away.

I remember thinking it was the song she'd done best the entire night. She certainly was able to bring out the beauty of the number for us all to see.. And she definitely knew how to get the crowd involved in the melody, accompanying her vocals with hoof motions. She kept making eye contact with ponies in the front row as she sung.

Just open your mind
The way stands before you
A doorway to the heart
You seek to find.

The way she sang it was...well, songs...they're good at getting the audience to feel certain let the musician in.

Love can change the key you hold
Into a joyous chance.
So let my song into your mind
And so make it real.

We...we...we were just lost in the song. That was what music did...I used to admire that fact so much. How much it can effect the audience's emotions. None of us noticed the ponies in the front row seeming to become more active in their admiration after she or one of her back ups looked them in the eyes for a few moments.

And no pony thought it was odd when they came into the crowd and singing directly to certain ponies, always making eye contact. Her back up dancers did the same...and strangely so did some of the guards present.

Then she came to me.

Blue star above me
It's mystic shimmer tells of love.
I should know.
Whisper its secrets
To soothe your doubts and calm your fear.

And the music seemed to do just that as she looked into my eyes. I slowly felt all doubts and fear slip away from me as I swear I saw her eyes flash green...all bad thoughts...All that was left was joy, and love for the ones who'd freed us cattle from needing to think.

When the comet pulls the bow,
The stars begin their dance

The time when destiny and hope
Will give birth again

The if it's to be
You'll find a glimmer of the life
I should know
Only that moment
Can give you true joy free from fear

Until that moment
Just find some comfort in the love
Within your slumber
Safe from all harm and free from fear...

And we were all...all lost in a fog. A happy fog willing to do whatever Her Majesty thought best for us to do.

Jitterbug giggled. “Good good, we miss anypony?” she asked. We all shook our heads obediently. “Good! Now don't you all feel so much happier now that we're doing the thinking for you?”

We nodded like good little cattle.

“Good! Don't worry, you'll never have to think for yourselves again! You can just live happily and help the hive! Now come on everypony, come with me and keep smiling!”

And we marched out, green eyed and happy. Proud to serve our new masters.

Walking, walking, working working. Walk here, walk there. Build that, move this. I remember being upset for a moment when my shovel snapped for no apparent reason. But it didn't last long. I was a happy little cattle.

We were so happy. So bucking happy! Nothing matter but being happy! I couldn't worry about the fact I'm not a physical pony and my muscles hurt! I couldn't worry about anything! I couldn't care when a bucking house almost crushed me and some other ponies! I-

…S-Sorry...I got a little hysterical matter how much danger I got into, I couldn't run. I had to just stand there and smile...Even when that witch got exposed, I still couldn't react. I was still just a happy little slave doing whatever they wanted.

...The same as everypony else under the spell. I was just a happy little cog in the machine. I didn't like that. I didn't want that at all. The worst part was I didn't CARE. I ENJOYED it. A part of me liked being just like everypony else. I felt happy I didn't have to think about anything or act on my own at all.

I was just so glad when those four brave little fillies and one baby dragon saved us and took Jitterbug out...Even if seeing a filly doing that kind of music was mildly disturbing...

I thought...I thought when the Princess defeated that witch and her magic healed everypony it was gone. But...

I found myself trembling whenever I tried to pick up anything music related again. Whether it was songs or my instrument, or even tickets to shows.. I pushed it to the back of my mind and tarried on. After all, the Princess had healed everypony, so naturally I couldn't be any different, right? For the first time in my life I wanted to be the same as everypony else of my own free will. And I was perfectly fine. No pony thought otherwise and neither did I...of course I didn't. There couldn't be anything wrong with me, right? But...then we were at a concert celebrating the end of the conflict. Octavia felt like it'd be a good way to show Equestria we'd been hurt, not broken (the same reason the Princesses had stated that the wedding wouldn't be canceled)...No one noticed I'd broken out in a cold sweat while playing but...but afterward...

“Fantastic show,” said one of the nobles in that snobby way that just reinforces that stupid stereotype ponies have about us. “It was positively mesmerizing...”

I have no idea what he said after that. I just heard that last word echoing in my ears.


Like the siren's song that'd hypnotized me...

I didn't think, I just ran and hid in the bathroom, trembling.

After that...I...I just couldn't pick up my sousaphone at all. I can't even bare to look at it...I...

I've always loved how music can affect ponies. How it can move the soul...but now...every time I try to start playing again, I can't help feeling like I'm doing the exact thing that was done to me. That somehow my music is brainwashing ponies. That I was no better than the monster that'd brainwashed me. All I could see when I saw someone being effected by music was an empty shell until the song was over...

Have you ever heard the legend of the Sirens? Three creatures who's singing nearly tore Equestria apart? Who mesmerized ponies into adoring them with their song?...I couldn't help feeling I was like them. That all music was like them...I want to tell myself it's stupid and idiotic but it's how I feel...

It was like the beauty I'd once loved finding in music was gone...and replaced with an ugliness that turned my stomach.

The rest of the band have tried to help me find the beauty again. Surprised? They're my friends, they know me well enough to be worried when I stopped being able to play music... Frederick (yes, odd name for a pony) tried taking me to all the finest music venues he could think of, thinking if I was exposed to enough music, then it'd break me out of my depression. All that accomplished was make me have another mental breakdown. Parish put on a private concert for me with his harp. I was hyperventilating by the end of it.

I...honestly think I'm afraid of music...

I can't listen to anything without breaking down anymore. I...I just feel empty. Music was my life. Bringing out the beauty of the notes was my passion...and now I can't even listen to it without feeling dirty and ill.

Huh? Sorry, there's a knock on my door...


I looked at our band leader standing in front of me. She looks so worried...

“May I come in, Beauty?”

“Um...I suppose...”

I invited her in and had one of my butlers serve us tea. Yes, I have butlers. I treat them very well, thank you...oh, you didn't think I didn't?...Huh. Most ponies do.

“Beauty Brass...are you okay?”

I sighed. “...Frederick and Parish told you how I acted when they tried an intervention, didn't they?”

“They're very worried about you, Beauty,” she said, not even touching her tea.

“Of course they are...I'm worried about me...”

“Yes, and so am I...Have you thought about seeing a doctor?”

I grumbled, looking away. “I'm not crazy, Octavia.”


She gave me a look she normally reserved for Vinyl Scratch (yes, I know her. I was never a fan of...of dubtrot, or having it play during our recitals).

I gave a sigh. “...You're not going to drop it, are you?”

“I grew up on a rock farm, if that did nothing it taught me patience, Beauty.”

I looked down defeated at my hooves. “...I'm afraid...everypony else...they were healed...why...why wouldn't I be? Why do I have to be like this?”

“...I never thought I'd hear you want to be like everypony else, unsettles me...”

“...It does me are you going to go turn me over to the doctors, Octavia?”

“That's something only you can do, Beauty. If I did it you'd only come to resent me. You wouldn't let them do anything.”

She knew me well.

“...So what are you going to do?”

“...Would it help me saying that I know how you feel?”

I scoffed, looking down at my tea. “How could you?”

Octavia trotted over and moved a chair next to me. “...Twice now some psychopathic monster has loved my singing and saw me as a caged song bird for their own personal enjoyment...I know that feeling of wondering if what makes you happy, and makes you special, is somehow wrong...but letting those monsters take away what makes us special isn't the way to go about it. It only makes things worse.”

Naturally we were aware of Octavia's encounter with Discord. We were the ones that had stopped her from tearing her own ears off after what that devil did to her, and what Chrysalis had done, but how it'd effected her emotionally wasn't something we'd been completely  At the time, the sentiment felt...


Octavia looked at me with a blink. “And what?”

I looked at her. I admit, I probably looked like I was begging her for help...I think because I was. “And how did you get better?!”

“I remembered that I love turning what I hear in the world into songs.”

“...That doesn't help Octavia...” I said, my head dropping, pinning my hear. “That's why you play...why you enjoy's not why I do...I can't find beauty in it anymore!”

Octavia frowned...then blinked like an idea entered her mind. “...What did you just say?”

“I said that's why you love music, not why I do...why I did....”

“...Beauty, can I come back some other time?”

I cocked my head. “Uh...I suppose...why?”

Octavia sent me a letter shortly there after and we took a train to...well, essentially the middle of nowhere. Fredrick and Parish were also on board and presumably more in the know than me. “Where are we going, Octavia?”

“Somewhere private.”

“Neither of you are going to tell me, are you?” I asked Parish and Fredrick.

Both stallions shook their heads.

How did we get there without the paparazzi getting on our tail? Classical music doesn't attract the 'buzzards' as some celebrities like to call them as much as other groups. They also had the new C-Changeling Q-Queen and her tribe to keep them busy. Also, we took the least expensive train we could, a nice trick for ditching them since we normally use high class travel.

We finally ended up at a rock quarry I think. Apparently that odd pony with the bow tie at the wedding knew a surprisingly large number of empty quarries in Equestria.

“There you are Octy!”

Me, Parish, and Frederick all jumped a few feet in the air while Octavia didn't move.

“Hello, Pinkie Pie, thank you for coming.”

I have no idea how I hadn't noticed a pink, perky pony in a dull, gray, drab quarry.

“Octavia, what's your sister doing here?”

“You'll see, Beauty...”

“Is Photo going to make it?” Pinkie Pie chimed in.

“No, she has a big photo shoot to do, Pinkie,” my band-mate replied. “Besides, this isn't her thing. I don't think our...other...”

Octavia groaned, holding her head like she had a headache. “Never mind. Do you remember what we're doing?”

No, I am not surprised by Octavia's sisters. My sister is a harmonica playing country musician, I have no room to accuse her of having a weird family. I was more confused by the fact her sister had somehow beat us to a quarry that I'm fairly certain was closer to Canterlot than Ponyville.

“Yep! Like when you earned your mark?”

“Exactly. Though unfortunately it's just the two of us to start it out.”

“Don't worry! I can multitask!”

I cocked my head. “Octavia, what is going on here?”

Octavia merely set me down on a rock...with a handkerchief draped over it. I gave her a small glare and removed it, sitting down like a normal pony instead of a snob. I wonder why she sighed, she knows me.

Pinkie Pie produced a bag which she dumped out to reveal a surprisingly large amount of rock farming equipment.

And they went to work. Literally. My band-mate and her odd ball sister started swinging away with a hammer. Her sister did much the same, sometimes one held a stake for the other to fact, Pinkie did it for herself on more than one occasion...somehow...

I am all for not acting like the snobbish nobles that give us a bad name, but this seemed extreme even to me.

But for some reason, I began to feel...happy...I began to feel a sense of nostalgia my mind had missed for some time. I actually felt the urge to tap my hoof.  Frederick and Parish seemed to be noticing something different as well. I listened...I noticed a rhythm. A beat. A certain...melody to it. That's when I realized Octavia seemed to be directing her sister with body motions. Like a conductor almost.

It sounded strangely beautiful, despite obviously being a pair of ponies working in a rock quarry. And...I actually began to understand why. I began to pick up the beat and the pacing. To pick up what was turning the den of labor into...a melody, then something beautiful. I could follow it...I could see what made it beautiful...

But I still couldn't understand why I felt nostalgic and...oddly being reminded of a happy memory...

And then Octavia motioned, and while not entirely great at it, Parish and Frederick finally began joining in as well after spending several moments listening to the beat to get in tune...keeping the same beat and continuing to turn the act of work into something beautiful...and it just felt so it was stirring something in me...And then I realized it...and I felt a certain memory flow back to me...

“Now, Beauty, that instrument isn't-”

I began to play. Play so beautifully my parents were astonished and couldn't help staring in awe when I finished. I gave it my all trying to prove something they didn't think was worth my time was beautiful. And I felt a tingle on my flank.

“ did you...that was...”

“Anything is beautiful if you bring it out!”

...I'd been largely self taught, since my parents didn't initially approve...and I'd shown them it could be beautiful (at least playing classical music instead of in a marching band)...and I was proud...

Now years later...seeing the same beauty being brought out of rocks...made me relive the moment I earned my Cutie Mark. It was the same thing I'd proven to my parents now being presented to me again. What had started my love of music in the first place...bringing beauty out of something that wasn't beautiful on the surface. And it didn't disturb felt strangely nostalgic and right...

Octavia collapsed on her back, panting and wheezing. “I...I admit...I'm not as in shape for rock farming as I used to be...”

Fredrick joined her, as did Parish. “We were never in shape for it...”

Pinkie just swallowed an entire bag of sugar.

Once she caught her breath, Octavia turned to me. “...Did that frighten you?”

I shook my head. “No...Octavia...what was that?”

“My talent lets me pick up on the rhythms and melodies of the world around me...yours?”

“To bring out the”

My eyes widened in realization. A song from the rocks. A song from the den of hard work...if a song could exist there...if beauty could exist there. It clicked in my brain. “...You listen to the song everywhere, I see the beauty everywhere...”

Octavia smiled, still panting.. “Yes...We're both bringing out something that speaks to everything because everything has it. Everything has its own beauty and its own melody. That's what we both see...we could have just told you that everything has a song of its own, but you wouldn't have listened if we hadn't tried to put it into something where the reason you love music could shine through...”

“...By letting me see beauty brought out of something no one would expect...”

They'd not just told me or played a song. They'd distilled why I loved music. They'd turned something that even I at first didn't see the beauty of into a beautiful song. And they knew that with my talent I'd appreciate it...let it never be said Octavia isn't smart.

Admittedly, if they'd just tried telling me, I'd probably have not got it...

“Correct...the beat I chose?...That's the rhythm I picked up whenever you played and were happy is your song of when music made you happy. That's why it spoke to you. Not because of any magic or corruption. But because it was your soul's song of joy...ugh, that sounded much less cheesy in my mind...”

It didn't surprise me she remembered it. We were musicians, having a memory for music was a necessity.

As I've said, I took a pride in bringing the beauty out of an instrument most wouldn't look twice at for my intents...and seeing the beauty and song brought out of the den of construction, my made what she was saying click with me.

Everything had a song. When we's the song in us speaking to others...or our own song being played back...and that conversation moves effects us because it speaks to that part of us...It just took having my own song played back to me in a way I could see clearly to make me see it.

Just like the beauty in a mountain or a river talks to our souls...sorry for waxing poetics, it was an inner realization. They tend to be poetic. And can sometimes be more cheesy than we intend.

“Music and beauty affects our emotions...because music and beauty are both languages of the soul...”

I started crying. “I...I've been a fool, haven't I? I've known that since I earned my mark...”

Octavia hugged me, followed by Frederick and Parish...and Pinkie. “We all can be when we're hurt Beauty...” our band leader explained.

“And the reason I couldn't tell you was because I wasn't speaking your language with my harp,” Parish explained. “You needed to see the beauty brought out of something because that's what you liked to do.”

“And we all hoped if you got the message in a way you can understand, you might listen to it,” Frederick explained.

I smiled. “...You were right...thank you...”

“You're welcome. Are you feeling better now?” Octavia asked.

“A lot...thank you all...”

“It was Octy's idea!” Pinkie chimed in. “I'm just here for a cameo!”

“Thank you, Octavia.”

“What are friends for?...Though I will say it was largely due to what you said about us seeing things in different ways. I knew how I saw the world, but it wasn't until then I saw the comparison.”

“I suppose that happens sometimes...” I replied. “Those moments were one little thing inspires us...”

As musicians we all knew it well.

“I suppose...Now I think we should go get washed off...being sweaty and smelly is no condition for a concert musician...”

We laughed, though they had begun to stink from all the sweat. But that just shows how important it was for them...they went outside of their comfort zone to help me back into mine.

I had to be reminded of what music really meant the same way I'd learned it: by seeing the beauty brought out of something most didn't think COULD be beautiful.

I had to shake off some rust after being out of practice...but now I didn't feel empty...I remembered what music really meant to me and could enjoy it again...I could love it again...

I was free...

Okay, I was free after several visits to the psychologist once I finally realized I needed it, and a personal visit to Queen Cadence to have her use a memory spell on me. You happy now?

I do admit, it wasn't easy nor entirely fun to arrange a meeting with the new Changeling Queen, in part because I was still terrified of Changelings at the time...thankfully the Changelings did seem understanding of that. And so was Cadence.

Also thankfully, Cadence was also happy to use her magic to help me heal and use that spell of hers to help remind me of my love of music more than my friends already did. I most certainly needed it.

I also met Jitterbug again during my visit...and admittedly punched her in the jaw...rather hard. No, I'm not sorry for it one bit, nor was I expected to be. We surprisingly ended up parting ways on better terms, but that's a story for another day. Let's just say while it will take me awhile to fully trust her, I don't hate her as I once did.

Be that as it the end of everything? I love music again and can see the beauty in it again. I'm no longer afraid of the effect it has on others because I know it's not brainwashing, but one soul talking to another. I'm truly free.

Now...if you excuse me, we have an important concert to go put on, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Oh, you want to come? I suppose that would be okay...

We stood on backstage. It was actually a charity event to help build a new opera house in Canterlot. Nothing would ever replace the Melody House, but it was still admittedly a happy moment to see a large number of musicians come together. Yes, that included Sapphire Shores and Vinyl Scratch. Jitterbug was also present...the reason why is a story for another day. But I will say I was surprised she was there without being ordered to as part of her punishment. She wanted to help raise money and had Queen Cadence make this part of her community service. Once more, a story for another day.

We were all musicians after all...Hehe...Guess it's moments like this that prove I never should have been afraid of music's influence. All these different ponies love music enough to come together to raise money for it.

“Hey sis!”


I turned to see my little sister and her band...once more, it is rather odd they resemble a country music version of us. So very odd.

“Howdy sis, how are yah doin'?” she asked, giving me a tip of her hat.

No, that isn't my sister's actual accent. She picked it up from her husband because she wanted to differentiate herself from Canterlot. And I believe she genuinely prefers it. I've always said it was quite ironic that Octavia is trying to differ herself from her farm lifestyle while MY sister is trying to differ herself from the Canterlot lifestyle.

“Good...much better than I have been for quite some time.”

“Glad to hear it! Ah was hopin' yah'd get out of your funk!”

She and I hugged. She showed anger with the Changelings at what had happened to members of her husband's family, Jitterbug politely apologized for her tribe's actions...and didn't argue when my sister punched her in the jaw. Yes, Pitch Perfect's band was performing as well. It was a showcase of Equestria's best musicians to raise money, we were more concerned about building a place to share music than proving one style was better than another.

Our turn came and we took the stage. I smiled at my parents in the front could I ever have thought this was evil? Seeing all these ponies brought together by a love of music? It was just so surreal...

I put my lips to my sousaphone and began to play to what Octavia called 'the Song of Unity'. It was a melody she'd composed when visiting one of the 'love drives' set up for the Changelings. It represented a coming together of different forces. Can't say it was inappropriate.

What more is there to say?

We let our hearts free to play our song. I'm free.
Commission: Pony POV Series: Tarnished Brass
Not all mental scars were healed by Cadence's World Healing Wave. This is the story of one pony who's love of music was tarnished by a run in with a deceptive Changeling who used it against her

Another commission by my friend :iconalexwarlorn: . This one has a story behind it, but it's not mine to tell. Hope you enjoy it though!

Also, make mental note, NEVER accidently paste the entire story into the tags section...

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn: !    

EDIT: Changed the ending line with help from :iconalexwarlorn: !
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Warning! This is contains spoilers!

Okay, starting with the opening, I LOVE how they tied it into the previous film.

I ALSO loved that we're shown the Dazzlings ARE dangerous even WHEN their power is weakened and it's probably a GOOD thing this happened because their magic is STILL dangerous and I get the feeling they just needed the right moment to strike before becoming a threat again.

I also LOVE the opening with the recap of the first film, but feel the song isn't as good as the original's opening.

One thing that I LOVE is that it's CLEAR these aren't the Equestrian characters but ALTERNATE versions of them who never experienced the same things.

I get the feeling that the Dazzling's manipulations worked BETTER on the Humane Six because these characters HAVEN'T had to deal with Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, and so on, or many of the trials the Equestrian Mane Six have. Not that they'd have been steam rolled,, they're still smart, I just got the feeling the Humane Six were more VULNERABLE because they're LESS EXPERIENCED.

I think there was something wrong with the audio on the Battle of the Bands number in the theatre I saw it at, I could only hear Dazzles lyrics. This was the only song that this happened with, odd.

I get the feeling the IDW comics guys responsible for THAT Siren just looked at the concept for the Dazzlings and decided to rip it off, because the Dazzlings feel like everything that Siren SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

I like the imagery when they're talking to Sunset that circle her like sharks, fits their motif quite well.

I think Twilight's breakdown isn't the only thing that blinded her: I think she's MISTAKING the Humane Six for the Equestrian ones and forgetting their friendship hasn't been reforged for as long as HER friends friendship, or nearly as TESTED.

I probably should call Horseapples on Twilight building a dimensional portal with that much ease, but the scene is done so well I can't help but enjoy it and roll with it.

I felt like when the Dazzlings regained their true strength, their human form SHATTERING away to reveal their anthro forms was a GREAT visual and really sold the idea their human prison was what was containing their power.

I also get the feeling the Dazzlings ARE good singers without their magic, but the Elements TOOK THAT AWAY either as punishment or simply a preemptive measure.

Sunset's arc for the movie was also excellent.

I DON'T LIKE that the Dazzlings were allowed to just escape, but eh, maybe they were arrested after or as you suggestion their stolen years will catch up to them.

Overall, great movie, I really enjoyed it. Not as good as the series, but beats the first film.

Also, this was my first time attending a major brony event and interacting with other bronies was AWESOME.
Pony POV Series Finale Arc


It's Our House Now (Grim Dark Mix)

Discord: Now that we've played our aces
Let's put smiles on our faces!
Dear now's not time to pout
Now that chaos is all about!

Diamond: Celebrate? What's the point?

Discord: Cause now it's all out of joint!

All: This day will live in infamy...
Discord: Cause Harmony is history! (Evil laughter)

All: It's our house now!
It's our house now!

Alula and Tootsie: It's the fact you can't ignore!

Alula: We've kicked the rules out the doors!

All: It's our house now!

Alula: Crushing bugs or being thugs
If you're happy it's allowed!

All: It's our house now!

Tootsie: Things with me and him are going perfectly!

Me he no longer rejects!

Truffle: (speaking) I love you.

Alula: And don't forget to read our paper, trust me!
It is so fun!
Just read away!
And see it update every day!

All: It's our house now!
It's our house now!

Discord: Join the party!

Molestia: Why not come with me to bed?

Pinkamenia: Do me favors?

Applejack: Help clear mah head...

All (except AJ): It's our house now!

Discord: Join the party!

All (except AJ): Join the fun with no regrets! All crazy, dirty deeds are allowed!

Zecora: Bring me fillies!

Discord: Game over ponies!

Rainbow Dash: (To foals about to take their flight test) Best of luck kiddies!

Pinkamena: Now where’s those kidneys?

All Villains: IT'S OUR HOUSE NOW! [Harmony's not coming back!] It's our house now!
Pony POV Series: It's Our House Now *Spoilers!*
A song I just felt like writing after reading the Finale Arc so far.

A version of It's Our House Now from Micky's House of Villains written for Discord's crew and the various horrors their plan unleashed (I admit, some were guess work given what's been revealed).

I just couldn't get this idea out of my head, so I made it. 

Hope this...well, doesn't get a chuckle, given it's a Villain Song about what to me feels like Discord's true Moral Event Horizon in that series...Uh...just hope you enjoy it.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn: 

Song belongs to Disney.
Horseshoe Cutie mark Commission by Kendell2
Horseshoe Cutie mark Commission
A Cutie mark commission for :iconmalicejinnai: !

This is for an OC I don't think they've made yet.

Hope you like it!

Also, reminder, I'm doing these for five bucks a piece if anyone else is interested.
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Warning! This is contains spoilers!

Okay, starting with the opening, I LOVE how they tied it into the previous film.

I ALSO loved that we're shown the Dazzlings ARE dangerous even WHEN their power is weakened and it's probably a GOOD thing this happened because their magic is STILL dangerous and I get the feeling they just needed the right moment to strike before becoming a threat again.

I also LOVE the opening with the recap of the first film, but feel the song isn't as good as the original's opening.

One thing that I LOVE is that it's CLEAR these aren't the Equestrian characters but ALTERNATE versions of them who never experienced the same things.

I get the feeling that the Dazzling's manipulations worked BETTER on the Humane Six because these characters HAVEN'T had to deal with Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, and so on, or many of the trials the Equestrian Mane Six have. Not that they'd have been steam rolled,, they're still smart, I just got the feeling the Humane Six were more VULNERABLE because they're LESS EXPERIENCED.

I think there was something wrong with the audio on the Battle of the Bands number in the theatre I saw it at, I could only hear Dazzles lyrics. This was the only song that this happened with, odd.

I get the feeling the IDW comics guys responsible for THAT Siren just looked at the concept for the Dazzlings and decided to rip it off, because the Dazzlings feel like everything that Siren SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

I like the imagery when they're talking to Sunset that circle her like sharks, fits their motif quite well.

I think Twilight's breakdown isn't the only thing that blinded her: I think she's MISTAKING the Humane Six for the Equestrian ones and forgetting their friendship hasn't been reforged for as long as HER friends friendship, or nearly as TESTED.

I probably should call Horseapples on Twilight building a dimensional portal with that much ease, but the scene is done so well I can't help but enjoy it and roll with it.

I felt like when the Dazzlings regained their true strength, their human form SHATTERING away to reveal their anthro forms was a GREAT visual and really sold the idea their human prison was what was containing their power.

I also get the feeling the Dazzlings ARE good singers without their magic, but the Elements TOOK THAT AWAY either as punishment or simply a preemptive measure.

Sunset's arc for the movie was also excellent.

I DON'T LIKE that the Dazzlings were allowed to just escape, but eh, maybe they were arrested after or as you suggestion their stolen years will catch up to them.

Overall, great movie, I really enjoyed it. Not as good as the series, but beats the first film.

Also, this was my first time attending a major brony event and interacting with other bronies was AWESOME.


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