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Fourth Wall Breaking Variety Show: Dark World Edition
By Kendell 2

A cleaning cloth carefully rubbed an old, filthy camera lens for a few moments until it finally lowered, revealing the face of Apple Computer, who blew on the lens, fogging it up.

“Those old camera things of Aunt Pinkie's all fixed up now pa?” Apple Pie asked, popping up next to her father to try and get a closer look.

The stallion nodded. “Yeah, Ah think so. Surprised these things are still in one piece after a thousand years with Crazy Top Hat Discord runnin' around,” he said, rubbing his head. It'd taken quite a bit of work to get them back in working order though.

“Well, her letter did say she had 'em stored all over Equestria in case of camera emergencies,” the little filly replied. “...Which doesn't make much sense, Equestria wasn't covered in cameras!” she said with a giggle.

Apple Computer tapped his chin. “Well, there was that time we had a camera storm, but those were photo cameras...”

“Oh yeah, Ah remember that! Good thing all the ones on the front lawn merged inta a giant camera monster, or it'd have taken awhile tah clean 'em all up!”

“Excuse me, Apple Pie, I think we need to get this started,” Diamond Tiara interrupted, jumping up on Apple Computer's  back as well.

“Oh! Right! Sorry, Diamond!”

Diamond looked to Apple Computer. “Thank you, Mr. Apple Computer, we can handle it from here.”

“Alright Diamond, yah two fillies enjoy yerself,” said the stallion, nodding and heading out, revealing a TV studio behind them, Fourth Wall Breaking Studios written on the wall.

The two jumped up onto a chair. Diamond Tiara cleared her throat and pulled a letter out of her ear with a cartoony sound effect. “Hello everyone, I'm Diamond Tiara, the new Element of Cruelty” she said, putting a hoof to her chest. “...I'm cruel to bad guys now.”

“And Ah'm Apple Pie!” called the other filly cheerfully. “Yah know? Element of Laughter?!”

“And this is the Fourth Wall Breaking Verity Show Dark World edition!” called both.

Apple Pie blinked, looking to Diamond. “Uh...Diamond, what's the Fourth Wall? And why are we 'breakin' it?”

“Well, it's...” the pink filly asked, looking evasive. “Pinkie Pie talk, let's leave it at that.”

“Oh!...Yah speak Pinkie Pie?”

“Yes, I have her weird powers...and I've honestly heard weirder things from the voices in my head while I was insane.”

“...Yah bein' sarcastic?”

“I honestly don't know anymore."

"Hehe! That don't make any sense!"

"Now cover your ears, I have to break the fourth wall.”

“Okay...” Apple Pie said, covering her ears.

Diamond Tiara turned to the camera. “Now, the Author has been really busy with making other worlds for other Shadows who are paying him, so the next chapter of OUR story, Dark World Drabbles, is taking awhile. Just know we'll be right back to saving the Crystal Empire soon enough. But he doesn't want you to forget about us!...And to be honest, neither do he talked with our old Shadow Who Makes if it'd be alright to take a little page from his book. And then had Pinkie Pie send us a letter from the afterlife explaining how to do it...”

Pinkie Pie sighed, looking at a now empty wallet. “Who knew postage from the afterlife would be so expensive...”

The pink filly pulled out a mailbox from her ear and planted it in the ground next to her. “So here's what we're going to do. You write what happens next or some letters to us or whatever down there in those comments there, then Mrs. Derpy will bring the letters to this mail box here. Got it? Good!”

Diamond Tiara looked at the letter. “Oh! And apparently there are some rules: 1. What you put in the comments appears in the story.
2. Nopony besides me and mama can see beyond the fourth wall or interact with it and I can't spill the beans about us being out-and-out fiction to the others.
3. The camera can’t leave the studio, though we do have a telescope thing.
4. The characters can be from any generation, toy or comic but they have to be from “My little Pony”
5. Everything that happens here is non-canon.
7. Have Fun "

Diamond Tiara put down the list. “And that's about it. So sit down, relax, and pay attention to me-I mean us...sorry, force of habit...Also, the others should be here soon, so don't worry. I KNOW Silver Spoon will be here in a couple minutes.”

“Can Ah uncover mah ears now?!” asked Apple Pie, rather loudly.



Diamond Tiara gave a sigh. “YES!”

“Okay, yah don't have tah yell!”

A letter appeared out of nowhere to float down to the present ponies.

Apple Pie was hardly surprised since there was the one time Master Pumper Discord had employed ghosts to deliver the mail. Not to those who had ordered something of course.

“Wait, this can happen once the Fourth Wall is broken! Some of those can have questions to answer, the rest is known as a strange pointless mass called spam.” Diamond Tiara said.

“Let’s see… introduction… yada yada yada… season 5 spoilers… bla bla bla… Ah! Here is a question: What was it like to fight against Grogar’s forces and finally Grogar himself, are you getting used to be heroes?”

“Yeah that was really something. I mean we did save the world before and then a second time soon afterwards. And now there’s the thing about the Crystal Empire coming… We will have to keep doing these things, aren’t we?” Apple Pie wondered.

“Well… we do have a list about all the sealed evils from Luna but most are crossed off the list. Uncle Discord did “accidentally” take care of a lot of them. I’m just glad that it is not like these comic books where the same villain gets used again and again because they are popular.” Diamond answered.

“So Grogar won’t return as a Space Mecha Alien Dragon Zombie Plus Two?”

“No.” The Element of Cruelty had seen weirder things in the chaotic world but Grogar was likely taking a permanent vacation in Tartarus right now.

“Still he was frighteningly clever. No joke. Building a team to counter Prized Pillar Discord’s team and they would have actually won if we hadn’t gained a lot more friends since then. They didn’t play by comic book rules either and never fell apart because of bickering.” Apple Pie felt like pouting.

“Hey if we fight with everything we got to save the world what is stopping the villains to do the same to reach their goals?”

“I guess that is sorta fair. But I’m more exited about the Crystal Empire once we are done saving it. There’s much to do: meeting other foals, reading new comic books, playing new games and having fun with new friends!”

Diamond Tiara nodded. "...And I will say one thing about fighting Grogar: it felt good to actually be a HERO for once period..." Diamond Tiara continued, giving a small smile.

Another letter floated down.

"And here we go! Hey, this one is from a Shadow that sent letters to the old 4th Wall Breaking Show, too!" Apple Pie looked at the envelope in her hooves. She opened it and started to read. "'Nice to see you fillies again' -- aww!" Apple Pie smiled. "He's a nice Shadow..."

"Maybe," Diamond Tiara said. She'd gotten a glance at the envelope and remembered the stories that Princess Libra, Applejack, and the others told her about some Shadows.

"Anyway, whatever happened to that 'Power Ponies' show that was mentioned in Dark World a few times? How did it stay on for 1000 years? Did it ever go off the air?" Apple Pie looked up. "Easy answer? Discord did it! The longer one, well?" She looked expectantly at Diamond Tiara.

"He liked it so he kept it on," Diamond said. "Trapped in pure formula, he said once. Something about how that'd teach Pandy-somebody to say bad things about his jokes." Looking uneasy, she said, "But sometimes it wasn't easy... I wish I could show everyone how it ended."

"Maybe we can with this?" Apple Pie said, holding up a machine labeled Flashback Displayer, use with caution. It seemed to combine a helmet with wires leading to a movie camera. She quickly set the helmet on Diamond Tiara's head and began to run it.


DT, at that moment a music-box pony along, watched a massive screen in Discord's Palace. Most of the Chaos Six were elsewhere, but Traitor Dash huddled nearby under her thin blanket. Still, she watched the screen, looking almost eager. Discord reclined in a bottle of soda and drank an easy chair. Fluttercruel watched, tapping one hoof and snorting.

"Yeesh, come on, when are they gonna kill something?"

"Now, now, patience my dear," Discord said. "The story does need some plot development before killing anything. It needs to actually start, at least." He frowned and muttered, "Though I know of ONE monster I'd love to see them smash to bits."

Fluttercruel looked at him, her eyes watering. Discord sighed.

"Oh, not this time." He shook his claw at her. Fluttercruel pouted and crossed her forelegs, the very image of a balked foal. Discord just said, "You need to learn some self control, young lady. I'm beginning to think this show is a bad influence." A handful of hippogriffs came into the room, bearing a petition pleading for mercy. He snapped his claws and they turned into featherdusters. "Honestly, you seem to be turning into a hit of a bully sometimes."

"Hey, where's Angry Pie?" Traitor Dash looked at Discord. She waved one hoof. "And why aren't her foals her to  watch?"

"She forbade them because it was teaching them bad manners," Discord said, glancing at Fluttercruel, "Which I can agree with. She said she was going to chat with the cast." The music began and he shushed her, zipping her mouth shut with a snap of his claw. "No more noise Dash, the show is on. Or would you rather I had them show 'The Death of the Nasty Traitor Scootaloo' again?"

Dash frantically shook her head no. Discord smiled benevolently as on the screen a bleary-eyed pony, his mane falling out and looking slightly manic, smiled crookedly at the audience. Behind and around him showed other ponies of the show's crew, looking just as bad. He began to speak, sounding half mad.

"And welcome everypony, to the newest season of Mighty Morphin' Pony Rangers. We've had a 978-year run without any interruptions, and it's all because of Supreme Banana Discord, who... won't let us STOP!" He giggled hysterically. He shivered and got back under control. "Anyway, before we begin, we're getting a very special message from one of I Am So Much Cooler Than Tirek Discord's loyal servants, Angry Pie -- wait, what?!?"

With a wild roar Angry Pie charged out from behind a curtain, her hooves knocking holes in the concrete floor. Everypony cringed back, looking for an exit.

"DON'T YOU DARE RUN!" Angry Pie yelled. They all froze as she added, "I have something to say!" To their amazement, she calmed and said, "First of all, I want to register my dissatisfaction with the way you promote sugary and unhealthy snacks for foals on this show..."

"Hmmph," Discord said. He reached into a sugar bowl that he held, took out a videocassette of the MLP 3.5 World, and swallowed it. "I have NO idea what she's talking about. I approved of this stuff myself!"

"And secondly," Angry Pie said, muzzle in the air, "Must you really glorify violence for foals the way you do? Because that UPSETS ME!" She roared the last out and glared right into the announcer's face. She sat back and said quietly, "I would appreciate a prompt response."

"You?" The announcer giggled nervously and failed to notice the fury boiling in Angry's eyes. "Offended by violence?" He laughed.

Immediately half a dozen hooves clapped over his muzzle. Too late.

Angry Pie shrieked in rage and leaped on them. The image went to static in mid-leap, but a few sounds of furious violence and agonized shrieks continued anyway as the screen showed message reading, EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES DUE TO DISCORD-RELATED MAYHEM, PLEASE STAND BY. Over it showed an image of Discord manifesting out of a camera lens and zapping the camerapony.


"Huh, so that's why the show went off the air," Apple Pie said.

"Yeah," Diamond Tiara said, removing the helmet and fixing her mane. "Good thing Katydid wasn't around, she loved Power Ponies."

"Is that why the Changeling Rangers are like that?"

"Pretty much."

Another letter floated down and Diamond Tiara opened it.

"Hello, this letter is from Fawn Doo and Marcie Pan. Discord made us immortal so we could never die. Locked us in one of the kitchens, and forgot about us. We produce the legendary PheNOMNOMenons, the sweet cake so addictive that you'll never able to have enough. We have several hundred years worth of back stock. Could you help us unload some of them? (They're so full of preservatives and sugar that they'll taste like new). Oh, and of course make us filthy rich in the process."

Apple Pie blinked. "Oh boy! those do sound tasty, think we should go help 'em out?"

Diamond Tiara nodded...then heard a cough from off stage, her mother looking at her. "Oh right, we still need to host the show...We can go afterwards."

"Alright...still, doesn't feel right tah turn down ponies who need help! It ain't the Apple Pie spirit!"

Diamond Tiara blinked. "You or your family?"


Diamond Tiara nodded slowly. "That still confuses me. Okay, so what should we do then?"

Apple Pie trotted over to an area with a bullseye on the floor and a little lightbulb hanging down over her head.

Golden Tiara blinked. "What's that, Princess?"

"The studio's thinking place," Diamond Tiara explained. "It was Scootaloo's idea, she said the Crusaders had one at their club house back in the day."

Apple Pie gasped. "Ah got an idea!"

Diamond Tiara looked through the studio's telescope.

Luna and Libra watched Celly literally run circles on the ceiling. "She has a sugar rush," Luna remarked in disbelief. "Thou hath managed to give an Alicorn a sugar rush. The cake the size of a castle we got when we first took the throne did not do that, how much sugar tis in those treats?!"

The two Earth Ponies looked up from counting money. "A lot."

Libra sighed. "Well, at least she's did she get on the chandelier?"

Diamond Tiara pouted, looking away from the telescope. "Celly's so lucky, those treats look so"

"I'll get you some afterwards, princess."


"Can't you just use those wacky toon powers of yers tah get some?" asked Apple Pie, cocking her head.

"No, because it's more funny for me NOT to get them right I can't get them..."

"Oh..." Apple Pie chuckled a little bit about the paradox.

Yet another letter fluttered down from the ceiling, a large manilla envelope as plain as could be.  When Diamond Tiara opened it, though, all kinds of confetti and party steamers came blasting out, decorating her mane and filling half the room.

Apple Pie gasped.  "Don't tell me Telephone Sanitizer Discord is back!?"

Diamond pulled out a glitter-encrusted letter and smirked.  "It's from Princess Thalia."  She cleared her throat.  "Dear Diamond Tiara and Apple Pie... Congratulations on starting your own variety show! I just wrapped up mine, and I'm bursting with ideas and fun new things to try! Not literally bursting. It'd be tough on the space-time continuum if I did that too much now. Anyway, I'd hop right over and come be a guest on *your* show, but your Wolf would probably get all grumpy?" She gave a perplexed look to Apple Pie, who only shrugged in response.

"Our Wolf was really grouchy before he died and got better.  Has yours died too?  I sure hope meany Discord and super meany Paradox weren't too hard on him.  Make sure you never stop smiling... unless you don't really feel like smiling and it's just getting kind of creepy.  It's okay to stop smiling then.  Love, Princess Thalia."

Apple Pie blinked. "Princess Thalia...wait, Auntie Pinkie Pie from another universe?! She's an Alicorn now!"

"Apparently..." said Diamond Tiara. "The Lovecat Tribe will probably be happy to hear that."

There was a knock on the door. "Come in!"

"Hey kids," said Rainbow Dash, entering with Scootaloo on one side and Applejack...or Saint Abigail as some called her on the other. "Wow, you girls built this place?!"

"Well, not exactly, we helped," said Diamond Tiara.

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow. "Who helped you?"


The camera swiveled to reveal a young Hippogriff named Cherry Pie, a young sea pony named Waterflower, and a young Changeling nymph named Lady Bug, surrounded by construction equipment. All three looking at their bare flanks.

"We didn't get our Cutie Marks!" Lady Bug complained.

"Guess we ain't Cutie Mark Crusader Construction Workers either..." said Cherry Pie.

Rainbow Dash suddenly looked at the building in concern. "I supervised them, don't worry," Scootaloo reassured. "And the Apple Pies helped...complete with a song."

"...I guess that explains the thinking place..."
Fourth Wall Breaking Variety Show: Dark World
"Hello everyone, Diamond Tiara here."

"And Ah'm Apple Pie!"

"And here's something fun until the next episode of Dark World Drabbles."

"Here's the Rules:

    1. What you put in the comments appears in the story.

    2. Nopony besides me and mama can see beyond the fourth wall or interact with it and I can't spill the beans about us being out-and-out fiction to the others.

    3. The camera can’t leave the studio, though we do have a telescope thing.

    4. The characters can be from any generation, toy or comic but they have to be from “My little Pony

 5. Everything that happens here is non-canon.

    6. Have Fun"

Parts Added:

- :iconitsfrompeople: and little by me.

- :iconardashir: and a little by me.
- :iconalexwarlorn: and a good bit by me!
- :iconmtangalion:
- :iconkendell2:

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn:

MLP belongs to Hasbro!

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Some future things I have planned for GBOYHVerse and/or are changed by Trixie's presence, consider these some teasers:

All of Trixie's Comic stories in IDW are canon, but the mane six trust her more and the set up was mildly different.

Trixie ironically gives the freshly reformed Discord the benefit of the doubt due to being in his place before (IE, redeemed by a friend). (No intentions to write)

Twilicorn happened as in canon. Trixie's reaction? You'll have to wait for THAT.

Trixie went to Reflections Equestria out of loyalty to her friends. She (spoilers). May or may not write.

Trixie may or may not have been present during Castlemania. She might have seen it as prime inspiration for a play or such when she heard one of the rest of the Mane Six were heading there (up for grabs if anyone wants to write this).

Does Trixie know about Daring Do? She's read Daring Do and still wants to be famous, what do you think happened? (not planning to write it, but someone else can if they want).

Trixie and Stage Hoof are present in Manehatten during Rarity Takes Manehatten (will write this).

Flight to the Finish? *Troll face* You'll have to wait and see after Tarnished Diamonds is over.

Leap of Faith still happened, Applejack still gets her key...but Trixie does still have a grudge on the Flim Flams (plan to write this and something after, but wouldn't be opposed to cowriting or giving this story to someone else).

Trixie is also present at the Rainbow Falls Trader's Exchange with Helena looking for some old theater play posters and trinkets for Trixie's stage magic (not planning to write this, someone else is absolutely free to do so if you want to, just make sure that they're in character).

Trixie, like most of Ponyville, went to the Equestrian Games and may sympathize with Spike a bit (what with the Ursa Incident and the humiliation that came with that). (Not planning to write, up for grabs).

Trixie WAS present during Tirek's rampage and *spoilers* (have some plans for this).

Trixie, baring any major changes, will be present during the events of the season 5 premier (have plans to write this).
Commission: Captain Planet and the Eco Kids
By Kendell2
Concept by: NightmareShinigami89

Five young people stood in a crystal cave. Standing before them was a beautiful woman with brown hair and dressed in a flowing purple dress and a golden band around her head.

“I have gathered you from across the world to help protect our environment,” the woman explained, giving a motherly smile.

The cream skinned young woman with pink hair hid behind said hair. “Um...why us? Um...not that I'm questioning your”

The woman gave a smile. “Because this generation growing up now are the ones who will have to protect it, does that make sense?”

“It does to me! This is so cool! We're going to be superheroes!” shouted the cheerful, light yellow skinned girl with long, green hair, a gardening hat on her head. “...How are we going to do that?”

“With the rings that brought you here,” the woman explained, giving a smile. “For example, you Sweet Leaf control Wind, give it a try."

"Really?! Cool! Wind!" the yellow girl shouted, sending a cyclone around the room. "Wow...awesome…"

The only male in the group of five, a slightly tan skinned boy with green hair done up in dreadlocks started picking up some papers. "You did kind of make a mess though," he said, a little bluntly.

"Oh…" Sweet Leaf said, frowning a little. "Sorry...”

The woman turned to a white skinned girl with a flowing blue hair. "Paisley-”

“Please call me Flower Child,” the girl said, the first time she'd really spoken the entire time.

"Flower Child then, your power is Earth."

The girl walked over to the window. "Earth?"

With that, her ring glowed and the earth outside parted before her eyes.

"Wow...this would make planting new flowers really easy…I have a question though..."

"Yes, dear?"

She looked at her blue hair, the only blue hair in the group. "Why aren't I water?"

"Just roll with it dear, I didn't pick you. Uh...the rings picked you."


"What's mine do?" asked the green skinned girl with a purple mane tied in pigtails, looking at the red ring on her finger.

"Starlight, yours is-"

"What's mine do?!" asked the boy of the group.

"Green Cycle wait your-"

"Um...what's mine?" asked the pink haired girl, hiding behind her hair. "Um...if you don't mind…"

"Fluttershy, yours is-"

"Green Cycle, it was my turn!"

"Well this was taking too long!"

"Wee! I'm flying!" yelled Sweet Leaf, flying around in a whirlwind.

"Um...can we please calm down…Maybe…" Fluttershy whispered.

"No me next, Starlight!"


The woman, an average one wearing a purple shirt and blue jeans instead of a gown, looked at the six little kids standing around her, Sweet Leaf standing on top of a desk blowing at things to emulate wind instead of flying. Green Cycle had a water gun. Outside the window, a green skinned man with green hair hoeing the ground for a garden.

The sixth, blue skinned boy with short green hair who'd been standing aside watching and looking impatient, gave a sigh of relief. "Geeze, that took a long time…"

His mother gave him a small glare. "Captain Cornelius Planet, I was just following what you asked me to."

As any child would do in that situation, the young boy shrunk back and tried to make himself look small, "Sorry mom…"

Fluttershy looked up to her. "Um...Mrs. Planet...thank you for playing with us…"

The woman gave a smile. "You're quite welcome, Fluttershy." She then looked over at a clock. "Oh dear, we'll need to speed this up, I've got to hurry up. Starlight, yours is Fire, Green Cycle, yours is Water, and Fluttershy, yours is Heart."

"'s Heart do?"

Mrs. Planet looked at the clock then back to the meek little child. She then turned to her son, who gave a look making it clear that he hadn't thought that far ahead.  "...Uh...It let's things…" the boy said meekly.

Fluttershy gave a whimper and hid behind her hair even more.

Mrs. Planet gave her son a glare, then put a hand on Fluttershy's shoulder. "Heart is very important, Fluttershy. It let's you touch the hearts of everything around you and communicate with animals and your friends with your mind."

"She can read minds?! Why does she get such a cool power?!" Green Cycle asked.

"I think it's fair," Starlight stated, putting a hand on Fluttershy's shoulder. "I get to shoot fireballs, you get to flood things, she gets to talk with talk with mind."

"...Thanks Starlight…" Fluttershy said with a small smile.

"No can we actually start stopping some...uh...who are we fighting?"

"People who are destroying the environment!" Captain Planet announced triumphantly.

"Yeah!" the six environmentally conscious children cheered.

"Um...Why are they destroying it?" asked Fluttershy.

"...Because...uh...they're evil!"


Mrs. Planet gave a sigh as they ran out. “Hope they don't get in too much trouble...”

"RAAW!" yelled the giant garbage monster towering over the five brave heroes. "Trash shall cover the earth!" it bellowed shooting globs of toxic waste at them.

"Fire!" Starlight called, sending a massive fireball at the creature, burning it's assault to ashes, then needing to jump out of the way of a tendril of trash.

"Wind!" Sweet Leaf called excitedly, blowing the creature back with a whirlwind, blowing some parts off of it. "There, maybe now you'll smell a bit better!"

"Water!" Green Cycle called, summoning a tidal wave, washing the behemoth backwards with a roar.  “Looks like you're all washed up!”

"Earth…" said Flower Child quietly, sending a giant bolder flying into the creature's head and staggering it back in a daze.

"Um...go guys, woohoo…" Fluttershy cheered quietly, standing back out of reach of the rampaging mutant.

Captain Planet crossed his arms, watching Green Cycle shooting a trash bag sticking out of a can with a water gun while Flower Child threw rocks at it. Sweet Leaf blew in that direction and Starlight just made gestures as if she were throwing fireballs. "Do you need to call me yet?"


"...Do you need to call me yet?"


"Ugh...come on!" the boy pouted.

"Uh, dude, it was your idea," Green Cycle replied.

“Well...I thought you'd need me more...”

Fluttershy frowned, looking at Captain Planet, crossing his arms and mopping. She wrapped a piece of trash bag around herself.

"AHH! Help me!" Fluttershy screamed, being tossed around in the tendril of the giant trash monster. "I don't think our attacks are being and now it's got me!"

Green Cycle grumbled. "Ugh...serious!"

Starlight elbowed him lightly and gave a small smile. "Come on, there's not much time! Let's summon Captain Planet!"

Flower Child blinked when everybody looked at her. "Oh...Oh! Right, I start! Let our powers combine. Earth."




"AHH! Oh! I mean Heart!"

A beam of light shot high into the sky and formed a sphere of energy from the five colors. In a bright flash of light, a powerful figure emerged, first as a being of fire, then solidifying into earth, then water, then wind, before finally forming completely. "By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!"

"...I'm not saying 'Go Planet,'" Green Cycle stated.


Seconds later, Captain Planet severed the trash creature's tendril with a blade of wind and rescued Fluttershy before lifting it into the air with sheer strength and plowing it through the ground into lava to finish it off, incinerating it to ash.

Captain Planet simply took the trash bag to put it in the correct can, nothing major. "My work here is done, the power is yours!"

With a whooshing noise, he jumped back out of the forefront. "...Uh...thanks Fluttershy…"

Fluttershy gave a kind smile. "...You're welcome, Captain Planet."

"Oh no, look at all this pollution in the lake!" cried out Starlight, standing on the edge of the lake in the park, pointing to a lair of gunk on the surface of the lake in the park.

"Oh my, the poor fish…" Fluttershy muttered, giving a genuinely concerned look.

"It must be some evil person trying to destroy the environment!" Sweet Leaf announced loudly.

"Come on, Eco Kids! Let's go stop us a bad guy!" Green Cycle called.

"...Aren't I leader?" Flower Child asked, not raising her voice.

"Uh...yeah, but you don't talk much so…"

"Fluttershy's the meek one, I'm just quiet…"


Fluttershy swung her leg shyly "...Sorry I'm the meek one…"

"You'll never get away with this, Filthy Rich!" Green Cycle announced, pointing his ring at the brown skinned man with a business suit and a well done black mane, a pin with a money bag on his jacket.

"Mwhaha!" cackled Filthy Rich, he'd twirl a mustache if he'd had one. "Oh really? And just who is going to stop me?"

"We are! Get him eco kids!"

"Fire!" Starlight yelled, forcing him to jump out of the way of a fireball.

"You'll have to do better than that!"

"How about this? Wind!" shouted Sweat Leaf with a grin, sending a surge of wind sent the man staggering.

"Okay, that was a very good attempt…"

"Thank you!"

"Earth," called Flower Child, causing the earth below his feet to shake and cause him to trip and fall on his butt.

"Water!" called Green Cycle, holding out his ring and sending a surge of water to force him back.

"AH! Cold! very very cold!"

"Um…" Fluttershy walked up to him, ring glow. "Mr. Rich...can you please stop polluting the lake? Lot's of fish are going to die and we won't be able to swim in it anymore...Please can you find it in your heart to stop?"

Filthy Rich looked her in the eyes and gasped. "I...had no idea! I will stop this very moment, Fluttershy!"

Captain Planet sighed. "I didn't even get to do anything…"


Filthy Rich stood up and dusted himself off, then taking a handkerchief and using it to clean off a little bit of water that Green Cycle had gotten on him. "Alright, kids, that was fun, but I really must be getting to work and I need to get Diamond Tiara home to her mother."

The small, pink toddler in a baby carriage giggled, watching the situation and hugging a doll of a black cat, a small headband on her head that seemed modeled after a tiara.

Filthy Rich let his little daughter grab his finger. “Did you like seeing daddyplay pretend Diamond?”

"Um...I...actually meant it, can you stop polluting the lake?" Fluttershy blinked.

Filthy Rich blinked. "Pardon?"

"Yeah, someone's polluting the lake!" Starlight announced, stepping forwards. "We mean it!"

"I see...and you thought it was me?" asked the man, rubbing his head.

", Sir...but your name have a business near we...kind of...sorry…" Fluttershy stuttered.

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Rich's Barnyard Bargains is an all green enterprise," Filthy Rich explained.

Captain Planet's jaw dropped. "'re a businessman that actually cares about the environment?! Those are a thing?!"

"Yes, after all, our most profitable products all come from the local Apple Farm, even if I didn't care about the environment, it'd hurt my business to let something happen to it. Not to mention I get some nice, big tax breaks for being green,"  the businessman explained, rubbing his chin. "…But that also means if someone is polluting that lake, I need to be quite worried about that myself. If you kids see who did it, please tell me, alright?"

"Uh...right," Green Cycle said.

Flower Child nodded. "Yeah...we'll tell you…"

"Alright, good to hear. See you kids later. And enjoy your game."

"Thank Rich, your baby is really cute," Fluttershy replied, climbing up on the side of the carriage to peak at baby Diamond, who gave a cute giggle and grabbed her nose.

"Thank you...To be honest, I hope that lake stays clean, otherwise she won't be able to swim with some other kids and make friends there…"

"Admit it, Well-To-Do! You're the one that's polluting the lake!" Green Cycle yelled, looking up at the blue skinned, somewhat squat man wearing a blue business suit, his hair done up in a way that reminded the Eco Kids of a bull's horns. The Bearer of Water held his ring right on him, the others doing the same.

"Yeah, the lake's getting a little messed up thanks to my business," the man admitted, shrugging. "Can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs as they say. That's just progress!"

"'re serious?" the wielder of Water asked, blinking, his fellows doing the same.

Well-To-Do shrugged. "Yeah, I'm serious. Let me explain it to you this way. I've this big idea for a theme park, right? It's called Fun Fun Land! And people from all over the world are going to be flocking to it! You kids are gonna love it! Really gonna give Dizzy Land a run for it's money!"

"Uh...and why are you polluting a lake for that?" Starlight asked, looking shocked.

"Simple, my factory needs to produce all of those souvenirs and toys somehow, right?" asked the businessman, producing some cheaply made stuffed toys. "Now, some run off does go into the lake, no skin off my nose really, I mean who's going to even use it anymore when they've got a great big amusement park to play in! And more importantly, spending a lot of money! Who's gonna miss it? That's just progress! Out with the old, in with the new!"

The six kids looked up at the man in shock. "...Uh...Captain Planet?" Sweet Leaf asked, looking scared. "...Is this part of your game?"


"So we're actually talking with a big bad guy who's ruining the lake?"


"...Wow, I wish we were making it up…"

Well-To-Do gave a chuckle. "Now kids, I know that you probably like that lake, but think of the big picture! An entire park to play in! Here, take a stuffed doll (and the bill for your parents)," he said, giving each one one of the dolls and bill.

Captain Planet looked at it and gave a thoughtful look. “Well it is pretty cool,” he said...before getting a glare from the others. “But that doesn't mean it's worth the lake!”

"...Mr. Well-To-Do…" Fluttershy said, narrowing her eyes.

"Yes, little girl?"

"...Do you know you're going to kill a lot of fish in that lake?"

"Well yes, but I've got a solution for that. I'm going to have my men capture them all and sell them as snacks at Fun fun Land. Perfectly legal, I assure you."

Starlight blinked, watching Fluttershy clenched her fists, the young girl's arm shaking with anger. " Fluttershy...mad?" she asked.

Sweet Leaf took a step back. "Fluttershy?"

"How DARE YOU!" yelled the little girl, head jolting up and mane flying clear from her eyes.

Well-To-Do prepared to respond, but his words caught in his throat and he began to sweat. He found he couldn't break eye contact.

“Heart!” Fluttershy's Heart Ring glow brightly and she fired a beam at Well-To-Do covering him in an orange field as she stared into his eyes.

"You big dumb, MEANIE!" she yelled, getting up to his face and staring him right in the eyes. "That lake is very important to all the animals who live there! Not just the fish, but the birds and the little furry creatures and the bears! And it's important to a lot of people who live here too! Me and my friends like to swim there and Mr. Rich wants that lake to be there so his cute little daughter can swim in it someday! How DARE YOU think you have the right to take that away from them for a few bucks!"

"Well...I…" Well-To-Do cowered before bearer of Heart.

"If you don't care about the animals! Can't you at least find it in your heart to care about someone other than yourself! You're nothing but a big. Greedy. BULLY!"

Fluttershy finally let her ring stop and walked back to her friends.

"Um…" Fluttershy hid behind her hair as she got back to her friends. "Did I use my ring right?" asked the little girl.

Her friend's all stared at her in blank shock.


"Fluttershy...that was awesome!" Green Cycle exclaimed. "Where did THAT come from?"

"Um...I...really don't know...I got mad and...well…"

Starlight put a hand on her shoulder. "...You did good...Nice job, Fluttershy."

"Yeah! That was amazing!" Sweet Leaf said in excitement.

After a moment of cheering their friend, the six turned to the corrupt businessman. "...You're a jerk," Flower Child said simply, giving a glare.

"Yeah, Fluttershy was right, we're not going to just let you do that!" Green Cycle joined in. "We're the Eco Kids, we're not gonna stand for this!"

Sweet Leaf nodded, standing next to them. "Yeah, what do you say to that?!"

Well-To-Do wiped a little sweat off his forehead. "Well...I...I'm still going to keep up progress and there's nothing a bunch of little kids can do about it!"

"Maybe not, but I think I can."

"Uh oh…"

"Mr Rich?" Fluttershy asked, the businessman standing behind Well-To-Do.

"That was very brave, Fluttershy, now please let an adult take things from here," he said, giving her a smile, then glaring at Well-To-Do. "...How can someone as oblivious as you have made it this far in the business world?"

"Well, I make money, lot's of money."

"I see that...And about half of it must go to your rather sizable  PR department to deal with your personality if that's how you always behave around your target consumers."

“Ohh! Burn!” Captain Planet said. Green Cycle held up his water gun.

"And just who are you pal?"

"I'm Filthy Rich, owner of Rich's Barnyard Bargains and an outstanding member of this community."


"So, that means my word holds quite a bit of weight around here, enough to say, get a petition enough signatures to have your little factory closed down as a danger to the public good."

The larger businessman's eyes widened. "Now there will be no need for that…"

"You're willfully polluting the lake my good family friends the Apples, as well as many people in this town, swim in on a regular basis, and where I intend my daughter to socialize with other children in the future. I believe there is a large need for that."

The children did what children do and giggled at the sight of an adult getting in trouble.

"Or better yet, I call Mayor Mare and give her a run down of the potential net loss your factory will bring our fair town in the long run. What with decreased tourism from the polluted lake, potential illnesses, potential loss of crops from our primary income producers, the Apple Clan, and numerous other reasons the lake being polluted would be a very bad idea. Not to mention the school nearby. I'd wager Principle Celestia won't be too happy to hear about this either."

"N-Now there, Filthy Rich-"

"I'd prefer you call me MR. Rich."

"Mr. Rich,we're both businessmen here, I'm sure I can make it worth it to let this...little slip up on my part go, right?"

"So, you're wanting to bribe me to keep quiet about this?"

"Who said bribe?! Just some incentive to let bygones be bygones. How many zeroes would it take? Five? Six? Six is a nice even number, here you go."

Filthy took the check presented to him and looked it over. "You do realize I could easily just take this to the nearest police station and back up my report, right?"


"...You're not very smart, are you? Shrewd, yes, but definitely not smart."


"I believe that Fluttershy's assessment of you was correct: you're nothing but a sad, greedy excuse for a human being that will step on anyone to make a quick buck.”

“And you aren't?!”

“I like money, yes, but there's a little something called 'basic human decency,' and you might want to invest in some, customers tend to enjoy it. Come along, children, I have a few phone calls to make."

"Come on, everyone, let our powers combine! Earth!"





"Go Planet!"

Captain Planet flew forwards and punched Well-To-Do out to leave him for the cops.

"Ouch!" yelled Well-To-Do, hopping up and down on one leg, holding his other shin from the little boy's kick. "I'll sue your parents for assault, kid!"

"Really? Where are your witnesses?" Dr. Rich asked.

"Me and my lawyers!"

"You mean the ones who are about to be quite busy dealing with a PR disaster?"


Fluttershy gave him a glare and the businessman quietly backed off to nurse his wounds.

Filthy looked to Captain Planet. "Seriously though, don't make a habit of doing that. He had it coming, but it's not something you should think is alright."

"...Yes Mr. Rich."

"That said, that was very brave of you kids, but I hope you learned something from all this."

Green Cycle nodded. "Yes Mr. Rich. That if you're concerned about pollution in your area, you should tell an adult and try to get a petition going instead of trying to shoot the person with water guns…"

"...Close enough."

"...And we should never judge a person by their job or name because sometimes they're just as focused on protecting the environment as you are."

"Okay, Green Cycle, I think that's good."

"...And also, we should never make Fluttershy ever…"

Fluttershy blushed and hid behind her hair.

"And everyone can help protect the environment! Remember, the power is yours!"

Captain Planet blinked, looking at everyone staring at him. "...What? That's my catchphrase..."
Commission: Captain Planet and the Eco Kids
Join the Eco Kids on their quest to save the environment...or at least join them as they played superhero as when they were younger.

A Commission by :iconnightmareshinigami89: ! Basically meant to be a parody of Captain Planet with the Eco Kids playing pretend with Captain Planet (the person) when they were younger. 

I loved Captain Planet growing up so this was fun. It also let me poke fun at the Root of the Problem arc in the current comic book. Thank you IDW for providing me with perfect fodder for this :) 

Also, I know the cover pic isn't the human Eco Kids, I couldn't FIND a picture of the human Eco Kids.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Captain Planet belongs to Turner Program Services...I think.

Preview Pic belongs to :iconberrypunchrules: , thanks!
Commission: Tales from the Dark Side of the Mirror:
A Bad Apple (Tries to) Spoil the Bunch
By Kendell2
Commissioned by and idea by Grimwolf001

Alright, easy plan. Just get in get out, simple. Though Ah guess Ah should let somepony see meh. Ah mean what's the point of being a ne'er-do-well if no pony knows?! Not that anypony shouldn't know who Ah am! Ah mean Ah'm on the wanted posters! Yah'd think the guards would get called on meh more often! Maybe they can't read. Speakin' of which, why ain't anypony noticin' Ah'm doin' mah plottin' while standin' on the grass here!

...Huh? What do yah mean Ah ain't standin' on the grass cause its dead?! There's still a sign right there!...Stupid drought! Makes it hard work for everypony...not that Ah'm lazy or nothin'! Ah just don't like work! Someponies don't like politics, some ponies don't like fightin', Ah don't like workin' mah flank off fer no good reason!

Who am I? Mah name is Applejack, yah better not forget it! Ah'm one of the most wanted ponies in Canterlot!...What do you mean that's a small list?!...Oh yeah, the Princesses tryin' tah kill us all thin'...Well Ah don't care! Ah ain't lettin' those two ruin mah day while Ah'm...tryin' tah ruin everypony elses! Even if they destroyed all the Pegasi cities and there hasn't been rain for days! Ah'm a bad gal too! A thirsty bad gal, but still a bad gal! Maybe Ah should swipe somethin' tah drink! Yeah! That's what'll do!

...Okay, turned out that was a free water stand tah help ponies survive the drought Ah just stole  from, didn't know we had those...Ah still stole from it! Yah can't tell meh Ah ain't bad tah bone! The other girls at the hideout know Ah'm bad! Fluttershy said so!...Ah'm pretty sure she wasn't bein' sarcastic either! And Rainbow knows am too! She even tried tah help meh once or twice!...Somehow we ended up givin' out flowers tah orphans, ain't sure how that happened...But it wasn't mah fault! Ah still made one of 'em cry! And Ah totally meant tah step on their hooves to do it! Ah swear!

But none of that is important right now! What is important is that Ah got a job to do! Ah'm gonna rob a store owned by the Apples! Yeah, Ah'm an Apple, what of it? No pony tells Applejack what tah do!

Alright, AJ, let's do this! Ah sneak in, all smooth like. Ah even whistle a little, no pony will suspect a thing. Ah slowly trot over to the apples, lookin' around to make sure no pony's lookin' (at least until Ah'm runnin' the other way)...and of course some reason everypony is, dang it! Okay, just gonna have to wait...and wait...and wait...and wait...and wait...Ah there we go! Dang it now they're watchin' again!

Dagnabbit! Look away don't yah! Why is robbin' a store so borin'?! Bein' a criminal's supposed tah be exciting, not all this waitin' around! Now that big sissy Buck Withers is pickin' up some apples himself! Yah'd think the stallion who wears nothin' but pink would be goin' after the peaches! Then again, Ah guess he might just be pickin' up ingredients for fruit smoothies for that triathlete of a wife of his. Ugh, come on this is takin' forever! Mah legs are getting' tired!

Finally! Okay, no pony lookin'; grab the apple and make sure only the security cameras see yah!

“Excuse me, Miss?”

Dang it! Manager saw meh! Oh well, at least he'll get a good look at mah Cutie Mark as Ah run awa-

“Oh! Miss Applejack! Long time no see!”


He gives a smile. “I hope the store is to your satisfaction, despite recent events we have been trying very hard to keep it clean and up to snuff. Come to try the produce? I can bag it for you...”

“Uh...well...Ah...Ah was stealin' it...”

He blinked and looked at meh like Ah told 'em Ah was an alien. “Um, Miss Applejack, this is your family's store, it's difficult to steal something that you already own.”

“Well what about Granny Smith?!”

“Well you're living on your own, I don't believe she'd have it in his heart to deny you of food in these difficult times.”

My eye twitches and I glare at him for a moment. “...See you later then!”

“Have a nice day, Miss Applejack. And please do visit your grandmother some times, she sincerely misses you.”

“You don't tell me what to do and neither does she!”

“Yes, Miss Applejack.”

I flee that insane place as fast as my legs can carry me! ARGH! Why can I simply not seem to get in trouble for robbing my family's store?! Uh...Ah mean, uh...What in tarnation is wrong with mah family?! Is Granny Smith too busy sipping her fancy tea tah care her granddaughter just tried tah rob her blind?! What's with mah accent? Don't be silly! Ah ain't got no accent! This is just how Ah talk!

What was that guy thinkin'?! Treatin' meh like Ah was just some innocent little filly?! It's humiliatin'! Ah'm bad tah the bone!  He's lucky it wasn't worth the trouble, or there woulda been trouble! Don't yah doubt meh one minute! Ah just didn't feel like it'd have been worth it tah beat 'em up or nothin'! Wasn't worth it for an apple, much too much work not enough profit fer this cattle rustler!...Dang it! That only makes sense when you're a cow!

Ugh...Great, there goes mah evil plan for the day. But Ah can't leave on that note, it'd be humiliatin'! So what can Ah do now? Can't just go back tah the hide out with that story or the girls will never let meh live it down! Ah got a reputation to keep up! Ugh...why can't Ah just finish a crime so Ah can go back tah the hideout and play video games?!

Ah! There's a guard! Hmm...Ah know what Ah'm gonna do! Ah'm gonna get arrested! Yeah that's right, Ah'm gonna get mahself thrown in the dungeon right here right now! What do yah say about them apples?! Huh? That's what Ah thought!

Alright, sneakin' behind him, he don't see, what can Ah do tah get his attention? Somethin' that'll get meh cuffed and hauled off the hoosegow faster than your head can spin?  Hmm...arson? Ugh, then Ah'd have tah go through the trouble of findin' a lighter and getin' some fuel... Murder?...Uh...well...Ah ain't in the mood fer it! Ah could if Ah felt like it! Ah ain't a sissy! Jaywalkin'?...Of course it'd be the one time Ah want Canterlot tah be busy it ain't!

Hmm...let's see now, there's gotta be somethin'! Ah can't follow this guy all day! Mah legs are already tired from all that standin' around! Okay, let's see, lots of houses...lots of rocks. That's all there is around here! Houses and rocks! And not the kind of rock Pinkamena's sister's inta neither, at least then Ah could get arrested for disturbin' the peace. Or breakin' a window...wait a minute...Haha! That's more like it! Finally a real crime tah commit!

Ah sneak around to get ahead of him (Ah hope he appreciates all the work Ah'm goin' through! Gettin' arrested ain't as easy as it looks!). Okay, let's see, which house looks the fanciest? This one will do, lots of windows, marble pillars, big yard. Whoever lives here must be loaded. Ah pick up a rock in mah mouth, wait for the guard tah get close...little more...get a good view big guy!

Ah throw mah head forwards and CRASH! Right through one of the windows! Better do it till he catches meh! The more Ah break the more trouble Ah've caused! There goes another one! And another! That makes four!' the guy awhile, ain't it?

Ah turn around and the street is plum empty! What the Tartarus?!

“Hey! Vandal over here! Just broke a window!...Hello?! Mr. Guard Pony! Ah'm confessin'! No need tah stake meh out or nothin'!”

…Seriously, what the buck just happened?! Since when can yah break out all the windows in an old mansion and not get arrested?! What is the world comin' tah?! What's next? They watch meh burn down a store and don't lift a hoof?! Ah mean really!

...Wait a second, what's this sign say? 'Condemned...'

Of all the...I swear, since when is any house in Canterlot condemned?! It is not like it is a bad neighborhood or anything! Sure those vile miscreants attack every week or so, but it isn't that bad! I do declare I have nev-I mean-Ah mean of all the rotten, lowdown, dirty things tah do tah a hard workin' criminal like mahself! What's next? All the stores close down so there's nothing tah rob?! It's so hard tah be a ne'er-do-well these days!

Just tah blow off a little steam, Ah kick a rock at the house with my back legs, but it deflects off an-YOUCH!

Ha! In yer face house! Now Ah look even more badflank! Ah got an eyepatch! Now back tah business! Ah actually put a lot of effort inta this caper so it's definitely gonna get somepony's attention! Ah even bought paint! Several gallons of the stuff! On mah granny's credit card! Top that! A whole fifteen bucks Granny Smith will never know where it went! Let's just hope she finally gets up off her rich, stuck up, lazy flank tah notice fer once in her life!

Why do Ah need gallons of paint? Hehe. A little vandalism of course! Gonna paint the entire side of this building with it! How in the world is somepony gonna miss that unless old sunbutt somehow blinds the entire kingdom?! And that ain't gonna happen, she already tried two or three times! Luna tried once at night too!...Wow, that sounded a lot less depressin' when it was in mah head...

Now, what should Ah make mah masterpiece here?...Nothin' too big, that'd be too much work and Ah'd have tah go through the trouble of findin' a ladder...How about an apple with one of those red cross out things around it? That'd get mah message across! No way that's getting' interpreted the wrong way! Or should Ah say the right way?

Why am Ah out tah get mah family so much? None of yer beeswax! Ah'm who Ah am cause Ah like it, yah got a problem with that?!...Wait! Come back! Yer supposed tah pay attention tah the bad guy! Not walk off in the middle of what they're sayin'! Geeze! If yah want tah know why so bad, Ah guess Ah can tell yah. After all, Ah got time while Ah do mah little project here.

Yah know, lookin' at our world now, it's hard tah tell it, but this country used tah be real pretty. Back when Princess Celestia was alone and the big three goodie goods had her under control, and when they ran inta trouble King Tirek and his kingdom were happy tah help (now they're too busy dealin' with Tirek's nasty brother Lord Scorpan after the Princesses let him out of Tartarus). Back then she caused a lot of trouble, but we still had Pegasi makin' weather tah give us rain and dirt good enough for crops tah grow. And boy did they grow. And with that came lots of farmers, which is where mah family came in.

Mah Granny Smith is a selfish old coot. Always had been, always will be. Tah hear how she talks about it, she wanted tah live in the lap of luxury somethin' fierce, and it just so happened her family was pretty well off. So naturally when her daddy ended up insultin' Princess Celestia one evenin' and they had tah find themselves a nice little house on the edge of Everfree until Captain Goodguy could give 'em some protection, Granny Smith was the first pony tah complain. She called her pa a 'big coward who wouldn't stick up for himself.' Personally? Even a rotten tah the core pony like yers truly knows better than tah pick a fight with old sunbutt.

Of course, good fortune happened along and her daddy discovered a rare breed of apple around there and started breedin' it, was a pretty smart fella. And thanks tah Captain Goodguy makin' his presence known, they were free tah start a little farm (sadly, their old place and a chunk of their money was now a crater). Now while mah great grandpa was a smart guy, he was a bit lackin' in the physical department, so he had to hire out. One of his workers was an old stallion named Stinkin' Rich, which was a pretty dang ironic name given he was dirt poor. Old Mr. Rich was a selfless guy, he didn't sign up tah work on Sweet Apple Acres cause he wanted a pay check, he wanted tah help the new family startin' over out and perhaps store up enough money fer his kids. Met 'em a couple times before he passed, good stallion. Over time, Stinkin' Rich became a friend of mah great grandpa, but Granny Smith just saw him as somepony who might be a bit convenient fer her tah use some day. Like Ah said, Granny is one selfish old bucker, didn't see anypony as a pony so much as a pawn, Ah think that even applies tah meh and mah sibs.

Now Granny Smith loved the idea of bein' rich from the little taste she started life with, which she was gettin' what with all the apples they were sellin', but what she didn't like was the idea of livin' on a farm, much less runnin' it. However, Stinkin' Rich's grandson Filithy Rich grew up on that farm and knew how it ran like clockwork, and was probably the one pony that the Apple Family trusted completely. So she got it in her head a way tah stay rich without havin' tah pull her own weight. She went and sold her daddy's farm tah Filthy Rich for a decent amount and left the trouble of keeping the place goin' tah him. Then she went and opened up a store tah sell Rich Acres apples and apple products for top dollar all over Equestria, givin' Rich a decent cut of the profits (Flim and Flam's daddy was the supreme judge at the time, and he wasn't too keen on dirty dealin'), but letting herself sit back and rake in the bits while a few hired helpers did the real work. As soon as she was pretty sure she could get away with it, she packed her bags and moved tah Canterlot to live high on the hog. Mah brother went with her, from what Ah heard he's quite the lady's stallion...for one night at least till they get to know what a proud braggart he is! Feel sorry for the duchess he's married tah for his title! Wonder she still has ears! He even tried tah make a move on Princess Trixie once, guess how well that turned out?

...Ah was born on that farm, and spent a few years with the Riches, real nice folks. Selfless and generous. Filthy Rich was practically mah dad for a year or two when mah parents passed (Ah was still pretty young at the time, Ah'm surprised Filthy had sweet little Diamond later on in his old age) until Granny Smith decided tah stick that big nose of hers were it never belonged.

“It simply isn't right for a member of the illustrious Apple Family to grow up knowing little of the finer things in life, I'm taking little Applejack to Canterlot with me,” she said. Did she ever ask what Ah wanted? Nah, Ah know exactly why she snatched meh up like that: because havin' little orphan foal with yah earns a boat load of sympathy points, that's why! She practically let the TV do mah raisin' so long as Ah wore a big smile when it came tah public appearances and acted that part of her 'darlin' little angel!' And mah baby sister Applebloom? The photo bugs couldn't get enough of her. All the while Granny Smith got tah say 'Oh look at how good a pony I am! Taking care of my orphaned grandchildren!'

...And ponies wonder where Ah learned how tah lie. Ah had a very good teacher.

As fer meh? Like Ah said, Granny Smith raised meh tah be her definition of a proper lady. That is  stuffy and with mah nose straight up in the air when we were in public, and a spoiled rotten little princess at home. She expected all the things Ah had tah do her foal rearin' for her, them and the servants. For meh tah just ask the servants tah buy meh things, play video games whenever Ah wanted tah, and politely stay outta her mane. Like Ah said, she was lazy, did yah expect her tah actually have a hooves on role in raisin' foals?

Now, Ah can hear some ponies sayin' 'Applejack, why would yah choose a life of crime over bein' a rich, fancy pantsy southern belle'? Because bein' rich is buckin' borin'! Not only that, but Ah realized somethin'. Ah wasn't meh, Ah was Granny Smith's idea of what Ah should be! A smilin' little doll that she could dress up for parties, then ignore and leave on the shelf when the party goers were gone! And mah big brother ain't much better! He expected meh tah be the same so Ah didn't embarrass 'em around his dates. Wanted meh tah sit around bein' window dressin' so his latest lady would think he's such a good big brother tah meh.

So long story short, Ah was stuck in a borin' life Ah didn't care one bit for with ponies who didn't care one bit for meh, and livin' as a mask they forced on meh instead of bein' meh. Being their little wind up doll that might as well have not existed when they didn't pull meh off the shelf! Tah put it lightly, Ah was a bit bitter about that. Ah played along, but sooner or later Ah thought Ah was gonna go stark ravin' mad from boredom! So Ah came up with a new hobby: seein' how much rotten stuff it'd take tah finally get mah family tah pay attention tah meh at all!

At first Ah started drawin' on the walls, but about all that got meh was a little 'Applejack, be a dear and behave yourself' and the servants havin' a little extra work tah do! And yah know what? At first that made meh happy! Finally somepony was actually talkin' tah meh! It felt like gettin' a taste of sweets for the first time! But sooner or later Granny Smith decided that was too much work and just told the servants tah start cleanin' it up themselves. Well at that point, Ah decided tah start one uppin' mahself tah get more attention. Ah tried breakin' every toy they got meh, they just bought meh more! Ah tried cussin'...but Ah didn't really know that many cuss words and the ones Ah did Ah learned from them anyway (Ah've learned lot more since then)! Ah gained like ten pounds stealin' cookies from the kitchen, all that got meh was them worryin' a bit about ponies thinkin' Ah was getting' fat! Ah did every buckin' thing a kid could do tah get in trouble and it never got meh anymore than a slap on the wrist!...So Ah decided tah get serious!

Ah started snatchin' things from visitors and stuff from around the house. Jewelry, the TV remote, even money right outta her wallet. Ah didn't even want any of it, Ah just wanted Granny Smith tah finally, really chew meh out! After Ah had a decent stash, Ah decided tah wait fer the fireworks...and wait...and wait...and wait...But it never came. Do you know what Granny Smith did? She simply went out and bought replacements, never even caring where the little missing things had gone. She didn't even seem to mind the missing money. Even at my worst it was as if I didn't exist at all!...Ah...Ah mean...Ah...

The moment Ah was old enough, Ah got the hay outta dodge and moved out tah become a professional ne'er-do-well. Ah thought 'if a little theft ain't gonna cut it, maybe a big score will.' Especially if that big score was from Granny's own business!...Ah admit, Ah didn't think it'd be so much work! Ah mean stakin' out a place, findin' the right time, waitin'! Ah'm lucky Ah make it through the day! But Ah know someday, when Ah finally make a big enough mess of Granny Smith's little empire she always loved more than meh, THEN she'd care! So Ah've been plottin' the downfall of the Apple's business ever since!

Team up with the Princesses tah do that?! Even by mah standards that's nuts! They just ain't trustworthy!...Luna proved that much.

Ah...kinda...maybe almost starved to death. Just a little bit. Rainbow and the others found meh sleepin' in their club house one night when it was rainin', we talked, and meh and Twilight hit it off. Girl knows how it feels tah want attention, Ah tell yah that! And they don't just see meh as a little wind up doll either!...They see me...They invite me to play cards, they actually ask me what we want to do. They're more my family than Granny Smith ever was! She can rot in Tartarus for all I care!...I mean...Uh...Yeah, she can rot in Tartarus fer all Ah care!

From what Ah hear, little Applebloom feels the same way! She's buddy buddy with Rarity's little sister and this foal named Scootaloo, and they're more family tah her than Granny and Big Mac ever were!...Ah...Ah don't know how Ah feel about her followin' in mah footsteps that way...I don't know if...Uh...Anyway, there yah go, the big bad origins of Applejack! Hope yah enjoyed it! Now, let's take a good look at mah handy work!

Nice big red apple with a nice big line through it! And a little skull and crossbones on it in green! That outta scare somepony! Maybe two! Let's see anypony ignore this!

...Wait a second...this buildin' is set aside for street art?! Come on! Dang it, now Ah've gotta go do it all over again where it'll actually count as vandalism!...GOSH DARN IT I'M OUT OF PAINT! WHAT THE BUCKING TARTARUS?!

...Ah'm going back to the club house...Ah need a lot of cider...If Pinkie Pie hasn't thrown out mah stash again...
Commission: One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch
The Reflections Arc in IDW took place in a Mirror World were everypony's personality traits are reversed. But we only touched the surface of everything that it had to offer.

Applejack is a criminal...or at least that's what she likes to tell herself...But is there more to her than a pony that's bad at being bad?

The first of a series of commissions by :icongrimwolf001: ! He basically told me that he wanted Applejack to be like the Amoeba Boys from the Powerpuff Girls: someone who WANTS to be bad, but is bad AT IT as the basic premise, I fleshed it out from there. Hope you enjoy it.

Please note: this is intended to have a bit of depth to it. Try to read into things more than what's on the surface, and is intended to have a bit of… to it, so please pay attention, some things spoken of here will come into play in other character's stories.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Idea by :icongrimwolf001: !

EDIT: Preview Pic thanks to :iconandrewtodaro:
Commission: Pony POV Series
Cloud Kicker
A Rough Day
By Kendell2
Edited by Alexwarlorn

My name is Cloudkicker. That's about it. I'm not like Rainbow Dash the fastest pony in Equestria or Twilight Sparkle, student to the Princess. I just take care of my little sister, and honestly? That's just how I like it...Not to say I don't have some things I'm proud of. I'm not Rainbow 'Awesome' Dash, but I can handle a cloud, quite well if I do say so myself, better than any other pony on the Weather Team...Unfortunately, that does have a few drawbacks.

After 'Hurricane Fluttershy,' I was worn out. I think half the pegasi population probably was. Well, physically. I don't know how many Pegasi were emotionally worn out from being forced to work with somepony they hate only for her to show us she's really trying hard to make up for it and make us give up that hate. So yeah, I decided to just try and unwind. The rest of the Weather Team were off doing their own thing, some of them invited me along but I already had an appointment for the evening.

No, I didn't go get drunk, get your head out of the gutter. What kind of big sister would I be if I got drunk? The one thing I thank 'Princess Gaia' for is that stupid bar getting blown up, one less bad influence on Alula. No, I just went to Sugar Cube Corner to get a milkshake or two for me and a few banana spits to go. I promised if she behaved herself while I helped with the tornado, I'd bring Alula home some (one for then, a couple to put in the fridge for later)...unfortunately, remember what I said about the problems that came with being the second best weather pony? Well that problem is that sometimes stallions see your plot high up in the air while you're working it off. Now, you'd think that'd be Rainbow's problem, what with being a national hero and the fastest flier in the country, but the thing with her? She's a badflank. And makes sure everypony knows that. So stallions tend to avoid clopping her off. And Fluttershy tends to run away too fast to be asked out. So with the ace flier and the mare of the hour out of the question, who do you think the stallions made their move on?

“Hey baby, good job out there with the tornado, want to dance?” asked Dance Fever, AKA, that stallion who never got the hint that disco was dead...Alright alright! Disco wasn't that bad! Just saying I think you've gone overboard when your shirt has enough sequins to blind half of Ponyville! And worse, the guy also thinks he's a stud...and he's not. At all. And the fact he was doing disco moves while trying to hit on me and needed better taste in cologne.

I just moved to another table and ignored him, making sure Pinkie Pie saw me so she could deliver my milkshake...and then my appetite got a bit of a hit when Ponyville's resident trash collector walked up next to me. Pigpen isn't a bad guy and does his job well, but...let's say he has poor bathing habits and leave it at that.

I covered my nose as politely as I could. “Hi Pig Pen...”

“Uh...Hi, Cloudkicker...uh...would you mind if maybe we could go get a bite to eat tonight?” he asked, blushing under the rather thick layer of gunk covering his fur. Thank Princess Celestia he at least washed his hooves.

“Uh...” I started, noticing the flowers on my table wilting. “Maybe some other time...I have to get my food and go.”

Thankfully the Cakes politely asked him to leave before the entire place lost their lunch. I need to keep going? Same thing kept happening, stallions hit on me, I turn them down, but I just bucking wanted to bucking get my milkshake and go home to my baby sister! I don't have bucking time for a stallion, let alone five or six! So after putting up with it as best I could, I finally I got fed up with stallions, politely asked Pinkie Pie to hurry up with my milkshake, got some banana splits, and headed for home...I may also have given one of them a kick where the sun doesn't shine when he got a little too pushy. You don't grab a mare's tail to try and get her attention!

And before you ask, no, I'm NOT into the other side of the fence though someponies think I am. I'm not interested in that kind of relationship with ANY kind of pony, thank you very much!

...The one good thing about being a big sister taking care of your little sister? Coming home from a hard day of work and getting a running hug tackle and a million questions about how your day went, not caring if you were the star of the show or not. Not caring how successful you were...

Big sister works a lot, but she's always there when I come home from school. Though today she was busy with the tornado with Mama Princess Gaia...But she brought banana splits! I love banana splits! Bananas are my favorite fruit!

I went to dig in, but she stopped me. “No, Alula, don't eat them all. Save some for later.”


Big sister doesn't let me eat too much, she says that I'll get fat if I do and then I won't be able to fly as well...I like to fly, being graceful at it is my special talent, even if I was a silly filly and tried to hide it cause it was a feather.

After we eat, big sister asked me if I wanted to play. I don't have any big play sets or anything...but we do have a backyard with lots of clouds in the sky! Big sister is really, really, really good with them! She can make anything!

Laugh all you like, but my little sister is still my little sister. And for your information, I like playing with her. It's how we both unwind. I can't afford a dozen other things like the rich ponies can, but I can still make her some toys out of clouds. They don't last as long as a video game, but she doesn't care.

One of our favorite games is for Big Sister to make some loops out of clouds for me to fly through. This time she made nine! That's two more than usual.

“Nine rings?”

“It'd get boring if it was always the same number, right?” she asked, giving me a smile. “Besides, you keep getting better at flying, so why not make it a little harder each time?”

Big sister's right! I'm getting better! But only cause she helps me practice! She's really, really good at it! Did you know my big sister started thinking about Wonderbolts Academy? Wouldn't it be awesome is she was a Wonderbolt?!

We start racing through the loops! Big sister is faster than me, but my special talent is being graceful in air! Isn't that great! So I can keep up with her going through the loops! She still won, but I don't care! We had so much fun!

Next big sister makes a mini cloud castle! She says it won't last as long as Miss Rainbow Dash's since those are in-dust-tral clouds, but it's fun while it lasts!

We're both knights protecting a Cloudlestia (who was a cloud) from a mean old dragon! Slash! Pow! We beat the dragon and kept the Princess safe!

Hehe, amazing how much fun it can be to just swinging a little paper sword at a dragon made out of clouds is when a little filly lets her imagination go wild, isn't it? Almost makes me wonder what it looked like through her eyes.

After that, big sister makes us a little slide made out of clouds and we just go down it. Boring? No way! How could playing with big sister be boring? Na huh! Not happening! Time with big sister is always fun!

After all of we play some more, the moon comes up and we lay down and look up at the stars.


“Yes big sister?”

“...Thanks for being my sister. I had a rough day. I really needed this...”

I hug her. “You're welcome! Thanks for playing with me!”

Big sister chuckles and ruffles my mane. “You're come on, let's have dinner.”

“Okay! Can I have a hayburger?”

“...Okay, just tonight, because we've had a lot of exercise.”

Yay! Normally big sister wouldn't let me have banana splitss and hayburgers the same day!

Yeah yeah, I know I said I was worn out. But you know what? My mind needed rest more than my body. Yeah, I ended up sore, tired, and I slept really well that night...but I got to spend the evening doing what I loved: being with my sister and having fun. I'd much rather do that than deal with stallions hitting on my every five seconds.

Let Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have the cheering crowds, Celestia knows they earned it today, all I care about is the little filly who's happy just to have me with her.

What else could a girl ask for?
Commission: Pony POV Series: A Rough Day
Cloudkicker is just a normal pony. And like any normal pony, she can have a bad day. Thankfully, when that happens, she has a little sister who's quite willing to be there for her.

A commission for :iconalexwarlorn:, this one being shorter than previous ones.

This was quite fun to write, especially the last part.

Note: Those people who are waiting for their commissions, they're on the list, Alex's were first on it.

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn:.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!
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Some future things I have planned for GBOYHVerse and/or are changed by Trixie's presence, consider these some teasers:

All of Trixie's Comic stories in IDW are canon, but the mane six trust her more and the set up was mildly different.

Trixie ironically gives the freshly reformed Discord the benefit of the doubt due to being in his place before (IE, redeemed by a friend). (No intentions to write)

Twilicorn happened as in canon. Trixie's reaction? You'll have to wait for THAT.

Trixie went to Reflections Equestria out of loyalty to her friends. She (spoilers). May or may not write.

Trixie may or may not have been present during Castlemania. She might have seen it as prime inspiration for a play or such when she heard one of the rest of the Mane Six were heading there (up for grabs if anyone wants to write this).

Does Trixie know about Daring Do? She's read Daring Do and still wants to be famous, what do you think happened? (not planning to write it, but someone else can if they want).

Trixie and Stage Hoof are present in Manehatten during Rarity Takes Manehatten (will write this).

Flight to the Finish? *Troll face* You'll have to wait and see after Tarnished Diamonds is over.

Leap of Faith still happened, Applejack still gets her key...but Trixie does still have a grudge on the Flim Flams (plan to write this and something after, but wouldn't be opposed to cowriting or giving this story to someone else).

Trixie is also present at the Rainbow Falls Trader's Exchange with Helena looking for some old theater play posters and trinkets for Trixie's stage magic (not planning to write this, someone else is absolutely free to do so if you want to, just make sure that they're in character).

Trixie, like most of Ponyville, went to the Equestrian Games and may sympathize with Spike a bit (what with the Ursa Incident and the humiliation that came with that). (Not planning to write, up for grabs).

Trixie WAS present during Tirek's rampage and *spoilers* (have some plans for this).

Trixie, baring any major changes, will be present during the events of the season 5 premier (have plans to write this).


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