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The Two Sides of Daring Do
Chapter 1
A Modern Galatea

Manehatten Mall was a bustling hive of activity, as it always was. Awkward Kindness "A.K." Yearling's feelings about this kind of thing were decidedly mixed. She lived in an isolated area of Equestria because she didn't like crowds. She liked solitude. She issues (Rainbow Dash and her friends were the first ones she'd let in a long time, the only one who knew her secret was her publisher, and Twilight Velvet hadn't even told her daughter). But on the other hoof...she admitted she liked seeing how ponies reacted to reading about her adventures. Even if they weren't one hundred percent correct. The reactions. The feeling of knowing they were appreciating her risking her neck to keep some villain from taking over the world, all the while hiding in the shadows. And you couldn't do that just sitting in your cabin in the woods.

She put her signature on a copy of the latest book (“Daring Do and the Chisel of Pygmalion”) for a young purple filly with a pink mane named Ember. “There you go...”

“Thank you! I love Daring Do so much! She's my hero!” the filly announced gleefully, hugging the book to her chest like it was a precious teddy bear.

Yearling gave a small nod, keeping her expressions subdued out of habit. It paid to keep your true emotions close to your chest when you were sometimes attacked. “I'm glad you like it.”

The energetic filly gave a wistful sigh. “I wish I could be like her! A big cool adventurer! Not a boring little filly!”

“Maybe some day you can grow up to be like her, dear. You still have the world ahead of you,” her babysitter, a white pegasus with a rose colored mane, heart cutie mark.

“...But I want to be like her now, Heart Throb...”

Yearling watched as little Ember trotted off with the older mare. Truthfully, part of the reason Yearling wrote her books was because she liked being able to write the things she wished she could have done. Even if she was the real Daring Do, she was only a pony. In the middle of a battle trying to think on her hooves, she didn't always have time to do the things she thought of later or come out as witty and awesome as her novel self.

The mare then cracked her neck, writing with a quill in your mouth wasn't the easiest thing in the world. She stole a look over to a nearby display case where the REAL Chisel of Pygmalion sat comfortably on a red velvet cushion. Legend had it it could bring any artist's work to living breathing life, and its namesake used it on one of his statues he fell in love with and desired to be real. Of course, not all legends were true and this was an example of one that wasn't. The Chisel was exactly what it looked like; a fancy chisel. When old Ahuizotl had tried to use it to bring a statue of Nightmare Moon to life as his servant it'd done nothing but chip off some stone and made him one unhappy monster.

A gray colored stallion wearing a black suit and red tie stepped up to the stand, glasses over his eyes and a black painter's cap on his head. “Great book, almost makes up for 'Ring of Destiny' forcing the bearers of the Elements of Harmony into the plot.”

Yearling gave a flat look. “Was it as bad as the Con Mane crossover radio drama?”

“...No, that was horrible...”

“Was this book better?”


“Then stop complaining. And there are ponies who like 'Ring of Destiny.'”

Even Yearling admitted that atrocity of radio drama was a mistake to ever get involved in. Part of it was she decidedly didn't get along with the actual super-spy she'd ended up saddled with for that, so writing him was one heck of a choir. And then the Con-Mane writers had sent Velvet a letter wanting to turn it into a crossover radio drama by making it their creation instead of a 'generic spy.' Even that crazy adventure fighting Neo Hooviets for the Crystal Skulls wasn't as irritating.

“There you go, Critic,” she said, hoofing it back to the stallion. That wasn't a wise crack, he was literally named Critic.

“I wish Daring Do was real!” announced one of two identical light purple fillies with pink manes and bells for Cutie Marks.

“So do I, Jing-A-Ling!” her twin chimed in.

Yearling gave a subdued smile, not noticing the Chisel beginning to pulse with a blue light. She could tell by some chuckles and nods from the line more than one pony agreed. The author secretly wondered just how they'd react to discovering not only was Daring Do real, but sitting right in front of them.

The signing continued as scheduled, culminating with Yearling being brought over to the chisel display with a copy of the book in her hooves for some pictures. Typical way it went whenever the actual artifact she'd recovered was able to be displayed. What wasn't typical was the artifact pulsing with blue more and more rapidly as Yearling got closer to it, glowing when she was within a foot of it.

As the photographer prepared, Yearling noticed the book sitting in her hooves beginning to glow with a bright blue light.

“What the...” she muttered, looking back as the chisel floated into the air in a blue light. The book suddenly forced itself open, flipping through the pages rapidly before a massive fountain of magic erupted out. “That cannot be good...”

The magic twisted and turned into a new shape. First it formed into an orb of light, before assuming the shadowy, translucent outline of a blank yellow pegasus. It solidified, then a black, gray, and light gray mane and tail manifested over her from lines of blue energy, as if they were being sketched into existence. A compass formed on her flank as if an artist's brush was painting it in. A familiar green adventurer's shirt and pith helmet were the last to form in the same fashion.

Red eyes opened as the picture perfect copy of Daring Do landed next to Yearling, who's natural reaction was to stare wide eyed and slack jawed. Nothing this odd had happened to her since she'd gotten turned into a filly.

The photographer, likewise staring in wide eyed shock, numbly took the picture.

Daring Do blinked, looking around her, almost like she was coming out of a daze. “Um...hello...”

Little Ember trotted up to the clone, cocking her head. “Daring Do?”

The newly created pony seemed to get her bearings and gave a cocky grin, tipping her pith helmet. “Yeah, the one and only.”

“You're real!” the little filly yelled, looking

“Wow! The real Daring Do!” announced Jing-A-Ling.

“Awesome!” her twin called, the crowd circling around her.

“Is this for real?” another fan asked.

“Eh, probably a publicity stunt,” answered another.

“No way, did you see that flash?! It was magic!”

“Uh, unicorns are a thing, remember?”

“Yeah but I've never seen something like that before!”

An actual unicorn in the crowd was staring in blind shock at the sight.

“Eh, special effects looked kinda fake...” complained the Critic.

“It's the real Daring Do!” exclaimed a young stallion wearing an 'I Heart Daring Do' shirt.

Yearling took a step back as her new clone was praised as the real Daring Do.

Suddenly, an alarm rang out. The crowd turned to see a robber in a ski mask running out of a jewel store with large sack of jewels over his shoulder, evidently deciding to use the signing as a distraction for a robbery.

“Stop! Thief!” yelled the store owner.

“Don't worry, I've got this!” yelled Daring Do, pulling out her whip and using it to grab a hold of a chandelier. She leapt up and swung over the crowd. Letting go, the adventurer did a flying kick to the thief's back, knocking him to the ground. The pilfered jewels flew into the air from the back, but Daring caught them with ease in her hat before putting them back in the bag and giving a cocky smirk. “Looks like crime doesn't pay, huh?”

Yearling stared in surprise as the crowd broke out in cheering. Daring Do had reacted so quickly that the author hadn't even been able to blink. She didn't hesitate at all.

“Good thing the real Daring Do was here, huh?” one of the ponies asked Yearling.

Yearling's ears drooped a little. “Yeah...I guess it was...”

“Ow! Watch it!” Daring Do yelled as Yearling looked her over back at Yearling's cabin.

It had not been easy to get her here after what had just happened at the mall. In fact, Yearling was pretty sure the mall security beginning to question the clone was the only reason she'd agreed to go with her.

The author put a hoof to her doppelganger's foreleg. She had a pulse. Yearling gave a sigh. “...I guess you aren't just a mana construct...”

Of course it wouldn't be that easy. Why did she expect it to be?

“Of course I'm not,” Daring Do pulled her hoof away from Yearling. “Who are you anyway?”

The author sighed, taking off her disguise to reveal the adventurer she hid from the public.

The adventurer raised an eyebrow. “Are you some kind of fan?”

“You and I both know that you don't have legions of fans. You're known, yes...much better than I am, but not famous in THAT sense. You're a famous archeologist, not a rockstar.”

Daring Do rubbed her chin in a thoughtful manner. She then checked Yearling's pulse. “You're alive...So...alternate universe? Like that time I found that magic gate in the cat kingdom? Somehow I ended up in your world?” she stated confidently. “And maybe since we're alternate versions of the same pony, we have the same adventures? Except I don't disguise myself as an old granny most of the time?”

“...Good enough guess...But I don't look like a granny!” Yearling admitted, not entirely certain how the clone came to be herself. She was a bit annoyed by just how fast the clone managed to figure that out. She took some notes out of a book and laid them out, showing the Chisel. “The Chisel of  Pygmalion somehow brought you here from one of my books...I don't know how, it failed when Ahuizotl tried it...”

Daring Do rubbed her chin thoughtfully, looking at the books. “The legend says it was used by Pygmalion to bring one of his creations to life after he fell in love with it and wanted to be real...So maybe,” the double said, giving a smirk. “Well you 'write' these books, so that makes you the creator, and those ponies at the mall seemed to love me pretty well. Did they seem to want me to be 'real'?”

Yearling put a hoof to her chin. “...Yeah, they did...of course they didn't know the real Daring do was right in front of them...”

“Then there you go, old three arms only had the last one,” the adventurer explained, leaning on the wall and crossing her forelegs confidently. “Maybe since we're the same pony, you were channeling my world, so that means that the only way it could 'bring me to life' is by bringing me here. Right?”

Yearling found herself growling. While she was still getting out the books to do research, Daring had already formed a plausible theory. The other world stuff was conjecture...but...when Ahuizotl tried to use the Chisel, he was neither the creator nor did he love the statue he wanted to bring to life. An entire room full of Daring Do fans loving her and wanting to bring her to life with the creator in the same room was a completely different story. “That makes sense. I guess I should be happy that nopony had their slash fiction there, especially that one with me and Ahuizotl...I'll have to call the museum and tell them to keep it in the 'dangerous artifacts' vault...”

Dangerous artifacts...

Yearling looked to the clock.



The author quickly grabbed some airship tickets off a table. “I have an airship to catch.”

Daring Do stood between Yearling and the closet where her supplies were kept. “Why?” she asked, suddenly seeming anxious to get out of the small room as soon as possible.

Yearling considered just fighting her way past Daring...but of course Daring Do was herself, so that would be unwise and far more trouble than it's worth. “I discovered the most likely location of the Belt of Atlas.”

“Uh...” Daring Do raised an eyebrow. “I think our timelines are a bit off, I haven't heard of that.”

Yearling sighed. “...The Belt was said belong to an ancient pony named Atlas whose great strength moved the sun and moon until the Princesses came to power, liberating him from his burden. It is said whoever possesses the Belt will have unrivaled strength. Looking through ancient myths and maps, I discovered it's located deep underground in Roam. The problem is Dr. Caballeron was sighted in Roam yesterday. I'm afraid he might have located it to. I was supposed to get ready and head to the airport as soon as the signing was over, but thanks to you showing up, I'm going to be lucky to make the first flight.”

“Alright, let's go then, that sell out is probably going to give it to Ahuizotl...Is it weird he was the one who was willing to sell out Ahuizotl for bits and not the other way around? Guess his pockets are deeper than his loyalties.”

“Hey, Daring Do works alone!...Most of the time...” Yearling replied, looking distrustingly at her doppelganger. She didn't know WHAT this clone really was, if she was actually herself from another dimension or what. That didn't give her much reason to blindly trust it.

“I thought we got over that after we met Rainbow Dash,” the adventure quipped, rolling her eyes. “...If you really ARE another me, what do you think will happen if you just leave me here?” the adventurer asked, giving a smirk that reminded Yearling of the ones she gave Ahuizotl when she turned the tables on him.

The author opened herself to speak, then gave a defeated sigh. “...You'd just follow me anyway, because we both make a living escaping death traps, so a locked door isn't going to do any good...We're both going to need disguis-”

“Way ahead of you,” Daring answered, already switching into a costume of a tourist.

Once they were on the airship at port, Yearling began putting what luggage was too important to be in the haul in the space above their heads (which was a lot more than most ponies would think). She liked to include this part in her novels when something exciting had happened on an airship during that particular adventure (otherwise a boring flight simply wasn't worth the reader's time). In part because it made for a good suspenseful 'hero is being watched by the bad guys going to ambush them' scene. Even if she rarely knew how long her enemies had been spying on her in real life. Sometimes she wondered what her enemies thought about how she portrayed them.

“Need a hoof?”

Yearling looked over her shoulder to see Daring Do with her normal cocky swagger (Yearling couldn't complain, she had the same attitude when on an adventure), her own bags (thankfully Yearling had stockpiles ready in case she needed to go at moment's notice) already put away fully before the author had managed to finish with half of hers “...No thanks, just sit down while I finish...”

Yearling read through archeology books, their airship moving swiftly along towards its destination. Just because she knew a good bit about the Belt of Atlas didn't mean she didn't want to make absolute sure she knew everything there was to know.

Meanwhile, Daring Do fidgeted in her seat next to her, looking around. Not quite paranoid, but almost like a foal looking for something to do.

Nothing happened. Just two mares sitting on an airship.

“...Isn't it about now that ninjas or something attack us?” the adventurer whispered.

“Sometimes. Not always...”

“Not always? Seems to happen to me every time I'm on an airship...”

The two Daring Do's trotted through the mountains of Roam late at night, now no longer disguised and fully geared. Yearling had noticed that Daring Do had emerged from the book fully equipped thankfully, so she hadn't had to waste time digging up more spare equipment. So there was that.

“Ugh...I don't remember airship rides being that long...” Daring Do complained, cracking a kink in her neck. “I think I normally just sleep through them or something.”

Yearling shrugged. “Didn't notice.”

She noticed that Daring Do seemed to be holding back so as not to overtake Yearling and leave her in the dust.

The author had noticed that a lot. Everything Yearling had done, it seemed her clone had done in half the time. Switching into disguises, packing bags, finding a ride from the air port. It seemed Daring Do was just...everything Yearling was times two.

“Alright, we're getting close, we'd best keep an-”


Yearling blinked as Daring Do shushed her and trotted forwards, looking at the ground. “Look here, hoof prints.”

Yearling trotted over and looked down at several sets of upside down u-shaped steps on the ground. “You're right...”

“Looks like  Dr. Caballeron's fancy high class horseshoes. Guy loves to show off.”

The author blinked, looking closer, having not noticed that. The horseshoes weren't the typical ones one would wear while hiking. They looked more at home at a high class party than in the middle of the mountains, lacking the proper support. “'re right...He's about the only egomaniac who'd wear status symbol horseshoes in the middle of nowhere.”

She honestly wondered why Dr. Caballeron still went searching for money, given he'd wanted to retire in the lap of luxury. He'd gotten off with the money she'd given him for the last of the Rings of Scorcherro without any real consequences. Then again, maybe he just wanted to prove himself her better, something he'd yet to ever accomplish. 'Ugh, save the internal monologs for the book...'

Daring Do looked over prints. “There are three other separate sets of hoofprints, so that can only mean we're dealing with Caballeron and four of his mooks.”

Yearling looked closer. “...Sounds about right...”

“Come on, these prints are fresh, we can't be far behind the gold digger,” the adventurer announced, spreading her wings and flying forwards.

“Wait for me!” Yearling called, feeling like she was being left in the dust.

And she was. Daring Do was so much faster than she was. She could barely keep up...

By the time she'd caught up, Daring Do had already left one of Caballeron's mooks out cold on the ground. It looked like they had made camp for the night. If Yearling had seen this she'd simply have planned an ambush or worked her way around them. Not just ambushed the whole camp...that was what she did in the books when the real way she did it would've been too boring...

“Well well, Daring Do, long time no see...” Dr. Caballeron replied with his typical ego. “Here to try and take the Belt of Atlas for yourself?”

“Here to sell out to Ahuizotl like you always do, Cabby?” the adventurer replied, giving a glare. “You don't deserve to call yourself an archeologist.”

The fame seeking scientist just shrugged. “But Ahuizotl pays so handsomely. And it's not like you will be in any position to stop me. There's still four of us and only one of you after all. Get her henchponies!”

One of the stallions charged Daring Do, but she ducked under his punch and gave him a good uppercut before giving him a spin kick to the head that knocked him out.

Another jumped on her from behind, but she retaliated with a buck, catching him between the hind legs while he was in midair and leaving him curled up on the ground in a ball.

The last one made an attempt to grab her in a sleeper hold from behind, but she slammed her head back, smacking him in the nose with her pith helmet to stun him before grabbing him by the head and throwing him over her shoulder into the second mook.

“Huh...I thought you guys were a lot harder last time. Guess they don't make good henchponies like they used to.”

Yearling AND Caballeron's jaws dropped. '...Of course...I always make things more epic in the books...I made both me and Caballeron's mooks much tougher than we were in real life...She's still as tough in the book but Caballeron's henchponies aren't...'

Caballeron took a few steps back. “ think I have a deal to go make, bye!”

The stallion ran away as fast as his legs could carry him...but didn't get too far before a rope landed around his barrel and pulled him back hard into being tied up with ease by the adventurer. “Guess pay day is canceled, huh, doc?”

Yearling walked numbly into the clearing, looking around at the defeated minions and one of her archenemies. Who'd been taken out in short order. The same ones that had left her with a limp and walked out with their artifact in hoof when she'd fought them before. They hadn't even left a scratch on her clone.

'...What am even I doing here?' she found herself asking in her head. 'I haven't done anything but put us on this adventure...she's doing everything before I can even breathe...'

“Hey, other me!” called Daring Do, snapping Yearling back to reality as all of the bad doctor's mooks were tied up. “Come on, we need to move out! You heard Caballeron! Ahuizotl is after the Belt too!”

“Y-Yeah...C-Coming...” Yearling stuttered, shaking off her daze and continuing on their path...but not entirely sure if she was even needed...

To be Continued...
Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 1
AK Yearling is an award winning author that moonlights as an artifact seeking adventurer and regularly stops a rogues gallery of villains...or is it the other way around? 

When an autograph signing accidentally activates one of those artifacts, AK Yearling comes face to face with her greatest challenge: her own creation, Daring Do.

Chapter 2: Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 2
Chapter 3: Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 3

A commission from :iconalexwarlorn: . This was really fun to write! 

Thanks to :iconiflysna94: for the preview pic!

My Little Pony Belongs to Hasbro!

EDIT: Made a small edit that someone on FIMfiction suggested.
EDIT: More FIMfiction edits.
The Two Sides of Daring Do
Chapter 4
Towards The Climax

“Ow...” Yearling muttered, leaning against a wall once they'd gotten away. “As if I didn't have enough bruises...I think this might be a new record...”

“...W-Why did you save me?”

The author blinked, looking to her clone. She just looked so...lost. Yearling had no idea what to make of her. She looked less like the fearless, brave adventurer...and more like a lost and scared child who'd stepped into a situation they didn't understand.

“...Why wouldn't I?”

“Because...before A-Ahuizotl attacked us...”

The author gave a sigh, trying to have some semblance of composure. She had her pride. “...I said...I can't say I didn't mean what I said...but...have you ever abandoned a innocent person to the bad guys when you thought they needed you?”

“I...I don't remember ever doing it...”

The author raised an eyebrow at the way she said that. “...I'm like that...I don't do this just so I can say 'I found the Sapphire Statue'...though being able to say that is awesome...I just can't stand the thought of a maniac like Ahuizotl hurting ponies if I don't help stop him...”

'Here I've been, worrying so much about who was better...not about the ponies that might get hurt if Ahuizotl got his claws on the Belt...' the author admitted to herself. Yes, she liked the fame. She liked the recognition...but stopping monsters from getting their way was more important than that. She thought about how she'd acted. How impulsive she'd been trying to prove herself better. That wasn't like her.

Yearling didn't notice, but her Cutie Mark had continued to become less faded and the flickering slowed even more.

“I...I get it...I don't remember Ahuizotl being that strong...he's supposed to be an over the top baddie that hides behind his cats...He told me I was mistaking him for the one in the books...”

“...The publishers...when a character is fictional, them saying 'I'm going to hurt ponies because I can' is hard to take seriously...and after Discord, they told me playing him seriously was 'too soon'...”

“...Who's Discord?”

“...A very bad monster...well...he used to be...he's supposedly reformed now...supposedly.”

“...I don't remember him...”

“I...never put him in the books because he wasn't a villain in my story...and no pony wanted to read 'Daring Do ends up trapped in a death trap by Discord that keeps changing just when she thinks she's escaped it, for hours on end, and ends up needing psychiatric help.' Especially when a lot of them had their own scars to heal from...”

“I see...Let me guess, stealing the Sapphire Statue wasn't as easy as swinging over Ahuizotl's head and grabbing it from out of his grubby hands?”

“No...I had to fight a small army of cats and barely escape by the skin of my teeth...” Yearling replied with admittedly a small bit of pride in her tone.

“...Why didn't you put that in your book?”

“Because the book was running too long for my publisher's liking. I had to cut things short and they said 'the death trap was enough of a climax.' In their defense that was one of Ahuizotl's better ones...”

“...I see...but one thing?”


“I never read your how do I know you didn't put that in them?”

Yearling felt like she had just answered a question without being asked.

“...I'm not real, am I?”

Yearling's eyes went wide. “...I...Why do you ask?”

Daring began to tremble. “When Ahuizotl said that...I remembered what you said...that you made me. And then I realized...I don't remember doing things I know I should. I only remember nightmares, never dreams, but I know what dreams are. I don't remember going to bed, just that it's the next day, sometimes a nightmare, but I know what sleep is. I don't remember getting up most of the time...I...I don't remember my foalhood outside of a couple things here and memories are like a puzzle somepony forgot to finish!...And I don't remember anything about Ahuizotl except 'he's my enemy and came out of a temple that got opened.' Tartarus, I don't remember anything between adventures at all...None of my memories make any sense with what I know is supposed to be...I just didn't want to admit it until...”

Yearling was speechless. Daring Do had become more and more desperate as she spoke. Yearling imagined she was experiencing the other side of having a quick mind that can analyze everything around her. When she realized something, she didn't have much trouble piecing together all the clues.

Daring put a hoof to her eyes and lowered it to show tears. “...I've never cried before...not once in my entire life...I remember that my mother is dead, but I don't remember crying when it happened.”

“...I...Look...I...” Yearling tried to process what to say. She hadn't gotten off on the right hoof with the clone...that would be the understatement of the century. But how do you tell somepony 'You're a fictional character?' Not only that...well, she was inspired for that part of her backstory from somewhere. “The...the Chisel activated and you where”

“So I'm a bucking fictional character!” the mare snapped, terror in her eyes. “...If I was from another universe, I wouldn't have holes in my memory the size of an airship. I wouldn't have gotten my flank handed to me by Ahuizotl because I'd know how dangerous my mortal enemy is...I'm not some genius with a huge encyclopedia in my head, everything I know is what you put there...Everything I thought I was...everything I's all a lie...I'm a lie...I don't exist...”

Yearling gasped as she noticed something. Daring Do's Cutie Mark. It'd began to run. Like wet ink. It made her blood run cold.

“...I'm not Daring Do...I'm just a character based on her...that's why I couldn't beat Ahuizotl...because I had to deal with some cheap knock off of him my entire 'life' if you can call it that...”

The Cutie Mark kept melting. The author had been out of Equestria when Lord Tirek was on the war path, but even then the stories of his drain making Cutie Marks disappear had frightened her. Why wouldn't it? A Cutie Mark was an expression of your soul.

“Y-Your Cutie Mark...”

“'re the real Daring Do...I'm just a copy...I  never earned my Cutie Mark, this is my first adventure...I...I don't love adventure because it's what I love...I love it because I'm written to love it!”

Daring Do's Cutie Mark ran off completely. Like it had just been erased.

Yearling took a step back in utter horror. Eyes frozen on the blank patch of brown fur. It made her want to hug herself and check her own Cutie Mark to make sure it was still there.

The broken pony's head drooped, ears pinned. “...I'm not real...I'm just a fake...the character you made turned into a walking mass of mana...A figment of your imagination.”

The author stood for a few moments. A part of her had WANTED the 'fake' to admit she was just that...and now she got it. And it left her staring at what had once been a cocky, over the top looking more like a broken foal who didn't know what to do. A blank flank...foal...A child. A filly...A newborn.

Yearling once more felt like the sky had fallen...

Daring continued looking down, not moving, tears streaming down her face...and then Yearling took her hoof and put it on the author's front ankle joint. “What do you feel?”

“...A pulse...”

Yearling moved the hoof to Daring's wrist. “And now?”

“...A pulse...”

The author trotted in front of the clone and set down. “You're afraid, aren't you?”


“Guess what? I've never written you to be afraid.”


“If I never wrote you that way, why are you afraid? How can you be afraid?”

Daring's eyes widened for a moment. “I...I don't know...”

“Were you worried when old three hands beat the Tartarus out of me?”


“I may have written you being concerned before...but you wouldn't have felt it if you were just a mana clone. You wouldn't have cared about me, so much as known you should...because caring for someone else comes from the soul...ugh...that sounded so cheesy, can you tell heart to heart stuff isn't my strong point?...If you weren't alive, if you didn't have a wouldn't be able to care...and you wouldn't care if you existed or not...because I never programmed you to be able to do that.”

Daring Do looked confused. “But...but...the Chisel...”

“...Gives life to a work of art...Galatea was flesh and blood. She married Pygmalion. They had a child. They loved. It didn't just make a mana clone of Galatea, it made her came from my books...but you're not just some puppet acting out what I programmed into're alive...”

She ran Daring Do's earlier sentence through her mind again. Realization dawned on her face. “The character...I made...” she whispered to herself... “That...I made...”

“...I made quill gave you life...what does that mean?”

“...I...I don't know...”

Yearling looked uncertain herself. “...Look...I was worried you were taking my place...that I was being replaced. That you were better than me...but I never thought of you as a life I that I'm responsible for...I barely thought of you as alive at all...I'm sorry...”

Daring was shell shocked. “I...I was the one tha-”

“ didn't ask for a magical artifact to make you...I knew from the moment I checked your pulse you were real and I treated you like some interloper trying to steal my life instead of another pony...that's not the pony way.”

Yearling stopped herself. Letting her emotions out didn't come easy. It'd taken Rainbow Dash coming to save her and actually competently sending her friends to distract Ahuizotl for her to let her in. Daring did pick up the feeling there was more she was tempted to say.

“...So what do I do?” Daring asked, looking at Yearling with desperate eyes.

“...If you want to be what you want to do...I'm not your author anymore, just your creator...everypony is the author of her own story.”

“...I...I guess I can try it...”

“...And look...if we make it through this mess, you can stay at my cottage, we'll work something out...and if we don't, maybe my sister wouldn't mind letting you stay with her or something. I'm not going to just kick you out with nowhere to go...I'd be a bad creator if I did that...” Yearling didn't look directly at her clone. Her posture was more one of awkwardness than hesitance, however.

“Uh...t-thanks...wait, sister?”

“Yeah, derpy mailmare, but a sweet one and almost as determined as me...I need to visit her more...she sure was there for me when I ended up getting 'ray-dye-ation' poisoning.”

“That never happened to me...”

“Be glad it didn't...I really need to talk to her more, her and her...her kids...Look...just...stop acting like you're not alive, okay? That...doesn't end well...”

“...O-Okay...Thanks...I...I needed that.”


Yearling backed up and looked at Daring's still blank flank. Instinctively she looked back at her own completely solid one to make sure it was still there. Even with that confirmation she shuddered a bit.

Daring followed her gaze and frowned. “...It's still gone...”

The author put a hoof on her shoulder. “It's okay...If this stuff is your real talent...maybe you need to discover that for yourself...Remember what I said about you being your own author now?”

“T-Thanks...Once this adventure is done...oh no!”

Yearling blinked. “What?”

“Ahuizotl! He's about to use the Rings of Scorchero to corrupt the Belt and this whole place to hijack the Princesses' power!” Daring checked a watch. “We've got ten minutes before Ahuizotl makes the planet a desert!”

Yearling's eyes went wide. “That's not good...Well, somepony needs to stop him, don't they?”

“...But he just kicked both our flanks...”

“...Individually, yes...but...there's two of us...Maybe in this case two Daring Do's is a good thing...” the author said, gears turning. “You said he's using the Rings?”

“Yeah, something about them being similar to the Belt or something.”

Yearling put a hoof to her chin. “I see...So we have ten minutes to defeat a superpowered Ahuizotl, disrupt a dark ritual to steal the powers of two Alicorns, and save the world?”

Daring looked hesitant...but slowly became more serious. How many ponies would be hurt if they didn't do anything?...Too many. “...I don't know if it's me...but I don't want to let old three arms win.”

Yearling adjusted her glasses. “You wouldn't care about that if it wasn't you. Now come on, we've got a world to save.”

Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 4
AK Yearling is an award winning author that moonlights as an artifact seeking adventurer and regularly stops a rogues gallery of villains...or is it the other way around? 

When an autograph signing accidentally activates one of those artifacts, AK Yearling comes face to face with her greatest challenge: her own creation, Daring Do.

Chapter 1: Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 1
Chapter 2: Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 2
Chapter 3: Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 3

A commission from :iconalexwarlorn: . This was really fun to write! Chapter 5 is commissioned and incoming!

Thanks to :iconiflysna94: for the preview pic!

My Little Pony Belongs to Hasbro!
The Two Sides of Daring Do
Chapter 3
Broken Fantasy


Yearling's eyes opened and she forced herself to her hooves, holding a hoof to her sore head. She cringed at both that headache and a pain in her ribs. She knew what bruised ribs felt like well.

She looked around her. Just a dark passage way. No one there. Not Ahuizotl, not her clone. No one. Her ears pinned.

“They...forgot about me...they just left me here...” she said, looking both ways. Not even one of Ahuizotl's cats... “The...the story kept right on going without me...”

Yearling looked at her discarded pith helmet, laying abandoned on the ground. She fell on her flank, tears welling up in her eyes. “This...this is my life, right? Then...then...”

She lowered her head. “Why is she better than me at being me?”

The opinions of friends meant a lot...but so did the opinions of enemies, especially archenemies. After all, she'd been fighting Ahuizotl since the day he'd been awakened. And yet...Ahuizotl had just left Yearling laying on the ground like trash.

“...Because I made her that way...Because she's the me I wish I can I hope to compete with that?”

Yearling pulled some bandages out of her pocket and took off her jacket, numbly wrapping her bruised ribs. “...I do all this to protect stop Ahuizotl and my other enemies...what's the point of me if there's somepony that does it better than I do?”

The author didn't notice, but her Cutie Mark began to flicker.

She reached into a pocket and produced her glasses. One of the lenses cracked from the beating she suffered. “...Maybe I am just boring old Awkward Kindness Yearling now...”

The mare slowly put the glasses on. “...I guess I can have her tell me the details when she gets back...She doesn't need me...She can save the world all by herself...”

With her head held low, Yearling slowly started back towards the entrance to the tomb. Pith helmet and jacket left laying on the floor.

“She's probably already out of the death trap and getting ready to kick Ahuizotl's tail by half the time it'd have taken me...just like she's done everything else...”

“You'll never get away with this, Ahuizotl!” Daring Do yelled, currently chained to a large block of stone that'd been hoisted over a reservoir elsewhere in the mine (all Daring Do knew was he'd punched open a sealed passage way and lead her through, she didn't question it). Upside down.

And Ahuizotl throwing the sharks from the other trap into the pool. They seemed more afraid of him than angry.

“And seriously, isn't one death trap at a time ever enough? Do you just stay up all night thinking of ways to kill me and can't decide which way to go with?”

The mythological monster laughed, pulling a giant rock back on a rope, lining it up to strike Daring right as the rock would be hitting the water and the sharks would start eating her if all went according to plan. “Oh Daring Do, I'm going to miss your constant witty banter. But alas, I must be going! Soon the Princesses will be lowering the sun and rising moon, and it is at that moment I shall strike!”

“What's your plan, Ahuizotl?!”

“Well, since you are about to die, I suppose I can explain,” Ahuizotl remarked. “After you destroyed the Fortress of Talicon, my plans to bring the valley to it's knees were foiled! So now, I shall use the Belt of Atlas at the moment the Princesses are moving their celestial bodies to wrench control of them for my own!”

“You can't do that! The Belt can't have that kind of power on it's own!”

“Ah, but you forget, according to legend, Atlas was capable of moving the sun and moon, do you not wonder how Daring Do? This place was how the people of Roam commanded the sun and moon before the Princesses arrival! It amplifies the power of the Belt and it's range to grasp the celestial bodies and move them! True, on it's own that enchantment cannot override the Princesses' control over the sun and moon, nor steal their power...but assume if that spell is corrupted an amplified...perhaps by this?!”

Daring's eyes widened as Ahuizotl produced a large golden ring. “The Rings of Scorchero?! But I destroyed one of them! They're useless now!”

Ahuizotl did a tisk tisk gesture with his tail hand. “Ah, but you forget, Daring Do, you left the rest behind when the Fortress collapsed and I was able to retrieve them! While it is true the rings are now useless for corrupting the Radiant Shield of Razedon, they still contain their dark enchantments! And this temple's connection to the Belt of Atlas is similar enough to their own connection to the Fortress of Talicon that with a little tinkering the Belt of Atlas can act as replacement, perverting and twisting its magic and that of the temple to my will!”

Daring was left stunned for a moment. She'd broken an evil artifact, rendered it useless...and the villain had managed to effectively use it again?! That...that had never happened before! She broke the evil artifact of evil, the bad guy screamed 'Curse you Daring do! I will have my revenge!' and it was never seen or heard from again! That's how it'd always worked before!

“Even if that is true, no mortal can handle the power of an Alicorn let alone two! You'd only destroy yourself!”

“Ah, but I am not a mere mortal,” Ahuizotl remarked proudly. “Have you not heard of the legends of my name Daring Do?! I am the child and messenger of Tlaloc, the Lord of Water!”

“Never heard of him...”

“Really? I assumed you studied me more thoroughly...He also goes by King Leo, that ring a bell?”

“Ah! Him I've heard of!...So your dad is a lion headed fish?...Yeah, I can see the family resemblance.”

“Only I may insult my father!”

“I meant you being part cat, but yeah, I can see how being compared to you would be insulting.”

Ahuizotl gave a snarl. “Joke all you like! It shall not stop me from claiming dominion over the Sun and Moon for my own! And then not just the Tenochtitlan Basin but the entire world will be plunged into unrelenting heat!”

“You do know you're completely insane, right?”

The ancient demi-god gave a chuckle. “You know, that's what father told me before he banished me from his domain.”

“Why do you want to do this?”

Daring realized one thing that she couldn't explain. She'd never asked him that question before. She'd never questioned how Ahuizotl had gotten sealed away in that temple or what his motives where. She never even thought he had parents of any kind. As far as she knew, he'd just been some kind of evil monster that wanted to destroy things...just because.

Come to think about it, she couldn't understand what made her ask. Instinct? Curiosity? It wasn't like she'd had no control over her ability to ask before, right? So why hadn't she until now?

The several times attempted tyrant gave a sadistic smirk. “I had a dream one night. I saw an endless desert world, with myself as the only creature on an empty surface world...while father watches his precious subjects boil alive as the oceans bubble! So I thought to myself, 'I'm bored, so why not make it happen?!'”

Daring found herself a bit unnerved by a look in his eyes she couldn't remember seeing on Ahuizotl. A distinct lack of anything resembling hesitation or remorse. Combined with the beatdown he'd given Yearling, it made a foreign feeling begin to stir in her heart. A coldness she couldn't quite understand.

“...You have serious daddy issues,” she managed.

Ahuizotl shrugged. “Farewell, Miss Do! Give my regards to the afterlife!”

As soon as the creature left the room, the chains began to be slowly lowered towards the hungry sharks below her.

“Okay, come on Daring Do, let's get out of this...” she said, looking around. She carefully tested her bonds. The chains were pretty strong. She wiggled around in them, finding little give.

Her eyes searched the room as she continued to go down, snapping jaws of the sharks below coming ever closer.

She finally gave a smirk as her eyes fell upon the tether holding the rock in place. She threw her head forward, tossing her pith helmet into the air where she caught it in her teeth. “Gotta time this just right...”

She waited until she the last possible second and threw her helmet, striking the tether and triggering it early.

The rock swung forwards and smashed into her prison about an inch above her head. The rock she was bound to shattered. Now with no rock to hold them taunt, there was enough slack in the chains for her to be free and fly out, grabbing her pith helmet as she landed. “Sorry Ahuizotl, looks like you'll be staying up for a few more restless nights coming up with more death traps.”

With that quip, Daring Do took off after her archenemy.

Yearling continued her slow walk. The mine was utterly silent except for the sound of running water and her own somewhat labored breathing.

She didn't notice, but her Cutie Mark continued to flicker. To fade.

“...Water...So much of it...Daring Do looked around the cave and assumed there must be some water source above it. She silently began formulating ways to avoid fighting Ahuizotl near it. She knew better from the myths...Doesn't sound too bad...I guess I can write for somepony else as well as me...” the author muttered in a disheartened fashion.

As she continued running through the story in her head...she stopped.

“...Except Daring Do would never consider that...because Daring Do never fears for she never feared fighting Ahuizotl anywhere enough to make a conscious effort never to fight him in a specific place...and it never came up in a story because I did make that effort, so there was no reason to mention it period and admit Daring was actually afraid of something...”

Yearlings eyes went wide. An image of the water pool surrounding Atlas' statue flashed in her mind. “Oh no...”

The author turned, looking back. If she was right...her twin was about to be in a lot of trouble...but still... “...She can handle it...she's better than me...better at me at adventuring, better than me at life...she won't have any trouble...”

Ahuizotl climbed around the statue of Atlas like an ape and found a hidden lever. “Here we are...” he said, pulling it with his tail hand and causing the sun and moon in Atlas' hooves to begin turning, projecting a magical image of the planet being circled by the sun and moon, stars dotting the map. He leapt down, standing on the platform underneath Atlas. His cats were busy setting the Rings on a new pedestal a top the statue's head, leaving one off.

A spark of dark magic went between the rings and the map, sending ripples through it and causing the magic to turn to a blood red.

“Only thirty more minutes and I will steal the powers of the Alicorns themselves. Then the world will suffer under unrelenting heat!” Ahuizotl announced in his traditional over the top fashion.

Right before a whip sprang into action and snatched the Belt of Atlas from his grasp.

“Really? Huh, I thought the Pegasi announced a pretty cold winter. You gonna heat the world up with hot air? You've got plenty of that.”

Ahuizotl looked across the water to find Daring Do staring back at him with a cocky grin, twirling the Belt around her hoof. “Daring Do! I should have expected you would continue to be a thorn in my side!...Though I admit, you are much earlier than I expected. I was expecting to have ten minutes left max when you showed up.”

“I prefer to think of myself as a bramble, Ahuizotl, stuck to you and not letting go.”

The monster gave a snarl...then looked down at the water and grinned. He held up his tail hand and told his cats to continue their work. “...Well, Miss Do. I suggest you gloat while you can, because you are about to meet your doom!”

“Oh really? And why is that?”

Ahuizotl did a running leap, diving into the water...and Daring's eyes widened as a wake traveled across the length of the pool in seconds.

Water erupted and she found her nemesis' tail hand clinched tightly around her throat. “Because you made the mistake of challenging the great Ahuizotl in his element my old friend!”

The adventurer sucked in a breath of air as she was pulled into the water and Ahuizotl dove straight down. He let go and swam upwards at the last second, sending Daring crashing roughly into the bottom of the pool. The pegasus managed to hold her breath and tried to swim back to the surface, but the aquatic creature rammed her from one side in a fast pass, then from another, battering her around.

Finally, Ahuizotl grabbed her by the back of the neck and held her. “You disappoint me Miss Do! All this time I assumed you were intentionally keeping me from my element when we fought! I suppose now it was only dumb luck!” her archenemy mocked, a sadistic smirk on his face. He seemed to be having no problems breathing. Or speaking underwater for that matter. “Though it did make things far more fun to have a handicap!”

Daring Do struggled in his grip, trying to escape. Her lungs burned and her vision began to blur. She swung her front leg back and elbowed him in the ribs several times to get him to release his grip. She powered her way to the surface and took a deep breath, gasping for air...before she had to quickly take another as he pulled her back under.

Ahuizotl swam into the side of the pool, slamming his nemesis hard into wall. He pinned her forelegs to it and Daring attempted to defend herself with a headbutt, but the water slowed her movements down too much. Ahuizotl effortlessly dodged and retaliated by punching her in the stomach with his tail, trying to knock the wind out of her.

The adventurer retaliated by bucking him in the chest with both hind legs and knocking him off. She struggled to get back to the surface, but his fifth limb grabbed her by the hind leg and he swung her around, sending her crashing into the floor of the pool. He followed by swimming straight at her and flipping forwards, slamming his hind leg right into her stomach. The air was forced out of her lungs.

Daring's hooves went to her throat as water was all that she could try to replace the bubbles drifting to the surface with. Her eyes went wide as she struggled in his grasp. The edges of her vision blurred...

Ahuizotl jumped off her and snatched her by the throat with his fifth hand. He swam to the surface, leaping up and throwing her hard into the ground. Daring Do coughed and hacked, water pouring from her mouth.

“H-How...he...he isn't supposed to be able to fight like this...He...his cats...his minions...he...he doesn't...” she stuttered, eyes wide as she looked up at her nemesis.

“You know, my old friend, I assumed you knew me better after our many years of playing this game of ours!” the ancient beast stated, grabbing her by the neck and holding her in the air with his tail. “Have you been reading so many of those books you commission that you mistake me with your own mockery?”

“M-mockery? Book?” Daring asked, her lungs burning and unable to catch her breath very well.

“I do admit, I love being infamous! The tiger lurking in the dark to rip out your throat, but you seem to forget mention the best part about me,” the devil asked, narrowing his eyes and giving a predatory grin. He slammed her against the wall and pinned her there. “I don't put you in those deathtraps because I'm 'stupid,' I do it because I enjoy the idea of a slow, painful finale to your life! Of you futilely struggling as your end comes! Dying alone in the depths of a long forgotten temple with none to hear you scream! And knowing I was the one who arranged it all! And most importantly?! I don't hide behind my pets! I just like them to soften up my prey before I go for the throat!”

Daring felt that cold feeling grip her heart like a vice as she stared into sadistic, remorseless, predatory eyes. She trembled. 'What is this? What am I feeling? I've never felt this before...'

“Though I do admit, the reviews saying I was 'small time' compared to Discord, Lord Tirek, and the like is what motivated me to set my sights on bigger things than just a valley!”

Ahuizotl spun around rapidly, slamming Daring into the walls and ground before hurling her across the room where she rolled across the ground.

“What happened to the agile, cunning fighter that's given me a run for my money all these years?!” he mocked, seeming disappointed. “Put up a good fight already! I'd so despise for our game to end on such a disappointing note!”

Daring threw several punches, beaten up as she was, but Ahuizotl caught both her hooves and swiftly overpowered her, lifting her up and slamming her into the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of her.

“Still, at least I get to let you leave this life the way I'd always wanted,” said her enemy, kicking her hard in the ribs and sending her onto her back, coughing for breath. “Suffering at my hands!”

“B-But...” the battered pony stuttered. She'd beaten him dozens of times. Ahuizotl was a schemer, not a fighter. An over the top showman, not some juggernaut of a warrior. This made no sense!

“Oh, and I don't stay up all night thinking of ideas to finish our struggle! I DREAM of them! Then again, by now, I imagine you dream of destroying me as well, don't you Miss Do?”

“D-Dream?” Daring Do's mind drew a blank. No, not a blank. A puzzle missing about half the pieces. 'I know what dreams are...but why don't...why don't I remember having more than one or two?' she thought, then her mind came to another realization. 'Why...why don't I remember falling asleep most of the time? Or getting up either? I know I should, so why...why can't I remember...'

Ahuizotl chuckled. “No. You're probably too busy planning your next 'grand adventure' as soon as your previous one ends, aren't you? I don't know how you have time to write down anything between your adventures! Hehe...we are very similar, Miss Do! We both can't wait for our next chance to play!”


Daring Do flew away with the Chisel in Hoof. Another day, another dungeon. Another adventure, another victory. The world was safe again, thanks to Daring Do!

With the Rings and his Fortress useless, Daring Do knew Ahuizotl would never threaten the Basin again. Thanks to Daring Do...and friends.

And so with Ahuizotl defeated, and the Sapphire Statue secure, the world was safe and sound once again, thanks to Daring Do.

...thanks to Daring Do.

...thanks to Daring Do.

...thanks to Daring Do.

...thanks to Daring Do.

...thanks to Daring Do.

...thanks to Daring Do.

...thanks to Daring Do...

The adventurer's eyes widened. 'I...I...I can't...I can't remember...that's...that's where it ends...where my memories always end...every single time...Why...why can't I remember?'

“You're real!”

“Wow! The real Daring Do!”

“The Chisel of  Pygmalion somehow brought you here from one of my books...”

“You don't tell me what to do you figment of my imagination! I made you! You aren't me!”

“Have you been writing those books for so long you mistake me with your own mockery?”

Her eyes shrank to pinpricks as she remembered the books sitting on that desk. The story of how she 'got here.'

“N-No...i-it can't b-be...Could...could I...”

Ahuizotl picked the Belt of Atlas up off the ground where it'd fallen. “I suppose I can have a bit of fun with this until the time comes...”

The ancient monster put the belt around his waist and glowed with a golden energy. His muscles bulged. His bulk increased. His already muscular frame grew larger by about a foot. He loomed over his mortal foe.

He wasn't what Daring would call bulky, but Ahuizotl's new body was considerably larger, and, while still lean, his body clearly gained had a large deal more muscle mass.

Ahuizotl punched the ground in front of her, the mere impact launching her through the air without even touching her. He walked over and picked her up with barely any effort before he lightly flickered her, sending her flying hard into a wall with considerable force, leaving her dazed and disorientated.

Ahuitzotl walked over. “Hmm...” he tapped his chin. “I'm at an impasse here, Daring Do! On one hand, I'd love allowing you to bear witness to my plans coming to pass before I end our struggle! On the other...I've still got about twenty-five minutes left before then...I wonder if I can break all your bones one by one before then?”

He picked her up and stared to her eyes. “My, is that fear I see in your eyes? I never thought I'd see the day!”

'Fear? I'm afraid? But...I've never been...' Daring thought...her mind beginning to put things together. And the 'fear' began to grow worse and worse. 'I...I can't remember ever being afraid...'

Ahuizotl gave a bone chilling laugh. “Even better! This is so much more fun when they're afraid!”

He pulled back a fist...when suddenly, a flying form kicked him in the face, surprising him and knocking him back, letting Daring fall to the ground.

Yearling landed between him and her clone, glasses still on her face and missing her pith helmet and jacket. Her Cutie Mark was now more solid, but not all the way such. “...”

“You again?” Ahuizotl asked with a chuckle, dusting himself off as if he'd hardly felt the blow. He looked closer at her. “Ah! You're that public body double's of Daring Do's, aren't you?! Wanting to get an up close look at the great Ahuizotl I suppose?! Would you like an autograph?”

Yearling didn't bat an eye. A chunk of her rogue's gallery believed Yearling wasn't Daring Do for one reason: Yearling's 'disguise' of a 'shy, timid little author that lives in the middle of nowhere' didn't go well with the 'badflank, fearless adventurer' they fought. Why would somepony as great as Daring Do hide as such a normal, boring pony? Their egos wouldn't let them put two and two together, and Ahuizotl was as egotistical as they came. Of course he'd believe they two were different ponies and Yearling was either a body double that she used as the public face of her books or an autobiographer. If the two of them somehow won, at least they'd reinforced that belief to the point she wouldn't need to worry about Ahuizotl breaking down her cottage door looking for one of the artifacts Daring Do had snatched (though most that were dangerous enough for him to want were sent to the Princess for safe keeping).

The author looked behind her at her battered clone who seemed too stunned to move at the moment. 'She lost, what chance do I have?...I guess my heart isn't as smart as my head...'

Yearling charged, but did a backflip when Ahuizotl tried to crush her, evading the attack. She still found herself almost losing her footing from the shockwaves that resulted, leaving her barely able to duck under a tail whip aimed at her head. She leapt up and tried a double back kick to his chest...She might as well have just kicked off a brick wall.

She coughed, her bruised ribs rearing their ugly head again. She barely evaded another smash of Ahuizotl's enhanced arms. This time, the shockwave knocked her off her feet and Ahuizotl was on her in a minute. She tried punching and kicking him, but he didn't even flinch in his enhanced state.

Instead, he grabbed her leg and 'lightly' tossed her. Which with his enhanced strength sent her flying almost across the entire room.

She barely caught herself with her wings. 'Not good...there's no hurting him like that...'

The author noted how much more weight he had on him now. 'Maybe he's not used to that yet...'

Yearling jumped down and slid under his legs, but was grabbed by his fifth arm. However, he seemed to not know his new strength quite as well and she gave a yelp as he pulled too hard and ended up with a tuff of the hair composing her tail rather than grabbing her.

She dashed back and tried to fly, but the pain in her ribs made that difficult, the position of her body while in flight putting more pressure on them. She remained on the ground.

Her eyes fell on the water nearby as she narrowly evaded another strike. She then looked at Ahuizotl's bulker, larger form.

“...Not like it could make this situation any worse if I'm wrong...” she muttered to herself.

Yearling did a painful backflip to dodge and landed near the water's edge. “Come on Ahuizotl! All the strength in the world and you can't squash little old me?!” she taunted, doing her best cocky smirk.

“I see Daring Do isn't the only one with some wit about her, but it won't save you!” Ahuizotl charged her...and she dodged his slam by leapfrogging over him, resulting in him accidentally shattering the ground under him.

As Ahuizotl fell into the water, Yearling paused a moment to notice him sinking from the extra bulk, and quickly dashed over to Daring. She noticed the copy seemed deep in thought for some reason.

What she didn't notice was that Daring's Cutie Mark had began to smudge, like an ink drawing somepony had rubbed while it was still drying. “Come on! We need to get out of here!”

Yearling felt her heart skip a beat at the fearful look Daring's head came up baring. She shook her head. “Come on!”

The two made a run for it without another word said.

Meanwhile, Ahuizotl struggled, finding himself continued to sink. Despite his strength and affinity for the water, he wasn't used to the added bulk and had trouble moving properly through it. He simply removed the Belt and swam back to the surface. “I'll get you next time Daring Do! And your little author too!”

He turned and looked up at the projection, giving a cunning smirk. “An easy task when in twenty minutes the world is mine!”

To Be Continued...
Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 3
AK Yearling is an award winning author that moonlights as an artifact seeking adventurer and regularly stops a rogues gallery of villains...or is it the other way around? 

When an autograph signing accidentally activates one of those artifacts, AK Yearling comes face to face with her greatest challenge: her own creation, Daring Do.

Also, for reference: if anything about Ahuizotl confuses you, look up the mythological creature.

Chapter 1: Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 1
Chapter 2: Commission: The Two Sides of Daring Do Part 2

A commission from :iconalexwarlorn: . This was really fun to write! Chapter 4 is commissioned and incoming!

Thanks to :iconiflysna94: for the preview pic!

My Little Pony Belongs to Hasbro!

Edits: Fixed typos thanks to :iconjmcdavid: !
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Just something I decided to do real quick after noticing some recurring cliches in the fandom.

1) Having your OC villain beat the Princesses/mane six easily is not badflank. It's overdone and cliche. Having them be able to MATCH the Princesses and barely edge out a win is better, but often times it's simply better to keep the Princesses occupied elsewhere. Having Rainbow Dash be curbstomped in a race by a character or a character outmagic Twilight is NOT a good idea, if a character needs to beat them, justify it somehow. Be more creative than simply 'my character pwns everything'.

2) Having your OC no sell the Elements of Harmony/Rainbow Power is not badflank. It is 'how to make your character a Mary Sue in one simple step'. The Elements of Harmony/Rainbow are canonically the most powerful magic in the setting that not even Discord can overcome. The canon writers have been able to avoid this trap cleverly, so can you. 

3) Having your OC HERO easily beat up Discord or fullpower Tirek does not make him Badflank. It makes them ALSO a Mary Sue. Having them HELP the heroes defeat a villain however, is perfectly fine, so long as it's done completely organically and that the story's logic SUPPORTS them being able to do it. 

4) Making your character a new Element of Harmony is...actually okay, but make sure you do it ORGANICALLY AND WELL. Remember that to be able to use the Elements with the others requires having an organic, genuine friendship with the rest of the Bearers and to truly, genuinely represent that trait. Saying 'my character is the Element of Trust!' without any build up or them actually DEMONSTRATING this trait is bad, having them organically build friendships with the mane six over a story and actually show they're trust worthy and reliable, but still flawed, is good writing. See the Pony POV Series and "To Forgive Is Equine" for good examples of how to handle this well. 

5) If you're writing a crossover, don't let one side overshadow the other. To quote Linkara: the cardinal sin any crossover can make is to make one side look worse than the other. Don't let one side help the OTHER solve all their problems, have them HELP each other solve one another's problems. They can make solving canon things EASIER for the other, but it should be a two way street. Don't have Link kick Discord and Chrysalis' flanks but Ganondorf no selling the Elements. If one side has trouble with the other hero's villain, the other hero should have trouble with that side's as well. For a great example of handling this well, see "Friendship is Showtime" by MangaKamen.

6) No matter how much we don't like it, that one character you don't like? Odds are there's someone, somewhere out there that likes them. Do NOT just write a fanfic for the sole purpose of beating up a character you don't like. You WILL offend those who DO like them and it hurts the story. If you don't like something about a character, Rescue From the Scrappy Heap in your own eyes and give them some growth or development that GENUINELY and organically overcomes that flaw without beating them up.

7) Let your own desires take a back seat if it's what makes a better story. If you think Equestria's geocentric orbit is stupid and makes no sense, fine, more power to you, but incorporating that into a story just because you want to make a point rather than it supporting the story. It's not a good use of your space or the reader's time if it serves no purpose other than to vent your anger at something you dislike. Think of what's best for the plot, keeping the characters IN character, and the audience, not what's best for YOU. If a plot line you REALLY wanted conflicts with the theme, tone, or direction the plot has taken, either scrap it completely or rework it to fit organically. 

8) If you're going to do a 'Mare do Well Aftermath' or 'Canterlot Wedding 'Twilight was right everyone else was wrong!' or other commonly used storylines, rethink your position and look up what others have already done. Write it in a new, refreshing way. Have the OTHERS realize they were wrong with the Mare-Do-Well incident and come to talk to Rainbow Dash who's actually FORGOTTEN the whole darn thing and wanted to leave it as water under the bridge for example.

9) perfectly fine so long as it's done well. Having your OC be a canon character's love interest is PERFECTLY fine so long as you remember one thing: even if your character has an identical personality to a canon character, they should still have VISIBLE chemistry and characterization that meshes well together. There should be interactions where the characters work off one another and their personalities mesh. Having your character bump into Fluttershy say 'hi' and suddenly she's smitten by him is not a good idea. Having your character bump into her, the two begin a conversation where they work off of each other organically and fluidly in a natural fashion, and walk away with a crush on each other is a good idea. I suggest looking up "On A Cross and Arrow" for a good example of how to write this, but I also actually recommend watching G2 My Little Pony Tales, which had some actually legitimately good, fleshed out romances. 

A good rule of thumb is the audience should feel 'aww, aren't they cute together' or 'Hmm...yeah, I could ship those two' BEFORE the words 'love', 'he's so cute' or other 'I'm in love' phrases are even MENTIONED. The audience should feel the two work well as a couple before you TELL them one is in love with the other.

10) There is no such thing as a used up premise. You want to write a 'Rainbow Dash's wings are lost, hurt, crippled, ect' story? Go ahead, just remember one VERY important rule: make it new. Make it fresh. Add ideas and situations that most wouldn't expect or that other stories haven't done. Any premise can be good if it brings something new to the table. 
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Ghidorafour Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
The official My Little Pony Youtube channel just posted a new season 5 teaser. Nothing too new in the teaser itself except that the video title confirms that season 5 will release in spring of 2015. Which places the start of this season somewhere between March and June of next year.

At least 4 more months of hiatus.... yay?
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Saw it.

And good point.
jmcdavid Featured By Owner 2 days ago
And here's the other one from :iconyoshiegg64: in Chaos' Revenge.

:iconmlpalulahappyplz::iconsays3plz:"When I am a princess I am going to redecorate Canerlot Castle to pink. Because every pony knows that is the best color. And maybe command celestial to change her coat to pink as well."

:iconmlptootsieflute2plz::iconsays3plz:"Well when I am princess I am going to command Princess Luna to pull the Moon closer to us with a magical rope. Allowing our subjects to play on it and have all the cheese they want."

:iconmlpalulahappy2plz::iconsays3plz:"WELL when I am princess I will give all the subjects their own personal pink creatures that will make sure they are always on time and not tardy or slowpokes."

:icontootsieflutehappyplz::iconsays3plz:"OH I can't wait to become a princess. Mr. Umbra Breeze can we continue with the next stage of the plan now?"

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz: "Sadly not, the plan has been delayed. (Thanks to my idiotic cousin)."

:icontootsiefluteshyplz::iconsays3plz:"But it seems like we have been waiting for weeks."

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:"I said no! Like any good cake recipe you must wait patiently for the oven to preheat or risk your delicious cake of victory to never rise."

:iconmlpalulahappy2plz::iconsays3plz:"Wow we didn't know you were a baker Mr. Umbra Breeze."

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:"Picked it up from one of my cousins. However I didn't find it particularly enjoyable until I meet Pinkie.  Well maybe I should say Pinkamena instead hehehe. Now how about some cake to pass the time? Thanks to my cousin I have more than I need."

:iconmlpalulahappy2plz::iconsays3plz:“Yay cake, we will love some.”

:icontootsiefluteaskplz::iconsays3plz:“I don’t know Alula some of these cakes look kinda of weird."

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“Nonsense they are just ‘exotic is all. They all perfectly deadly to eat. Er...I mean DELIGHTFUL to eat."

:icontootsiefluteaskplz::iconsays3plz:“Even that one?”


:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“Ahem…ignore that one. It was a...joke gift.”

:icontootsiefluteaskplz::iconsays3plz:“I am still not sure.”

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“Come now do I look that kind of person who would lie to you?”


:iconcakeplz::iconsays3plz: "THE CAKE IS A LIE!"

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“Silence you! As I was saying don’t you want to be like ugh...Princess Celestia?”

:iconmlpalulahappyplz::iconsays3plz:“He has a point Tootsie! Every princess needs to eat cake. It is the rules.”

 :icontootsieflutehuhplz::iconsays3plz:“It is?”

:iconmlpalulawhatplz::iconsays3plz:“Yep, princess Celesita eats cake all day long doesn’t’ she? And don’t you remember that article Gumby Gums published several months ago before we took over?”



:iconnewspaperplz: :iconsays3plz:“CELESTIA JUST LIKE US! Princess Celestial may try to act royalty but secretly hides her horrible table manners from the public. Caught in the act from our anonymous camerapony we see our lovely princess loves to eat cake with her hooves when she thinks no pony is looking. This is especially shocking when she could have easily have used her immense magic instead. Local baker Mrs. Cake, who was on the scene, had this to say.

:iconmrscakeplz::iconsays3plz:“Pinkie was describing how mouth-water delicious our cake was when I left. When I came back our Princess was shoveling ALL of our cakes in her mouth like there is no tomorrow. I was so appalled by her ill-manners that I nearly fainted from the sight.”

:iconnewspaperplz::iconsays3plz: "Other witnesses say this wasn't the first time this has happen. One source who wishes to remain anonymous tells that there was time when our fair princess once needed a 'Royal Wheelbarrow' to move around due to the amount of cakes she consumed. That era the princess tried to keep hidden was called 'The Century of Chubby Celly'"


PRESENT TIME(Another dimension)...

:iconfancydiscordplz::iconsays3plz: “More popcorn my little foal free press editor-in-chief.”

:icondiamondtiaraplz::iconsays3plz: "No thanks father."


Just some more nonsense in waiting for the next chapter. The less said about Nyarlathotep's cakes the better.

Ghidorafour Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
so any reason umbra breeze reminds me of Bill cipher?
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
jmcdavid Featured By Owner 1 day ago
By the way, you might find this interesting. Operation Overdrive didn't just have a crappy story. A guy named Baltmatrix, who reviews toys over on Youtube, when he did a review of Daibouken, one of the first things he said was that he owned the Drivemax Megazord, and now that he had Daibouken, he was planning to get rid of the Drivemax. Can't say I blame him.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Oh, I've seen that.

The irony is that they released Dai Voyager unaltered in the US.
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
More hilarity from :iconyoshiegg64: in the chapter Chaos' Revenge, with another one about to head your way.

:icondiamondtiaraplz::iconsays3plz:“Uncle Umbra Breeze, Father sent me to check up on the preparations. Is everything ready for the next phase?”

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“Oh *hehe* hello things are going *hehe* smoothly here. Better than ever actually.”

:icondiamondtiaraplz::iconsays3plz:“You seem to be in a good mood.”

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“Oh am I? I haven’t noticed. I am just enjoying your friends company is all.”

:icondiamondtiaraplz::iconsays3plz:“They are not my friends. And talking about them where are Alulu and Tootsie?”

:icontootsieflutezalgo::iconsays3plz:“Z̪̦̟̻͈͎͌ͫ͂̆̇Ǎ̵̘͙͂́L̶̠͚̪̯̗̲̼̜̂ͨ̔͊̏ͧ̓͂̓́̀ͅG̵̬̪͑̏̎͐ͬ̀̊́O͓̬̪͖͙̹̙ͬͥ͢!͕̞͎͎̂̊ͤͤ̄ͯ̽͆̕ ̴̯̹̣̦͖̳͌ͫͦ̚͠Z̶̧̺̩̺̭̺͊̊̑͘A̡͔̺̻ͦͤ̑ͮ̑̀L̘̲̲̂̇ͨ͜͡͞G̵̡̤͕̯̙̮͇̯̼͕ͩ͑ͫ̌͞O̘̻͖̲͒̓̆̓͘!̸̡̬̰͎̖͓̙͖̐̍ ̰̪͕̹̹̌ͪ̾̎̅͋Z̧̲͇̼̝͙̗͉͑͂̒̔̈́A̦͕̪̙ͩ͒ͮͬͧ͗͘L̵̹̦̗͚̒ͯ͊̍ͮ͂ͬ́͢Ģ̜͕̱͓͚͋ͨ̈̂̀̎̚O͈̱̹͚͌͛͋ͧ̄͑̒̎͠!͕ͯ̒̋̆͛͗̇̃͟͢͝   

:icondiamondtiarawhatplz::iconsays3plz:“ACK what happened to her?”

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz: “I have no idea what you are taking about. She seems perfectly fine to me.”

:iconmlpalulazalgoplz::iconsays3plz:“Z̪̦̟̻͈͎͌ͫ͂̆̇Ǎ̵̘͙͂́L̶̠͚̪̯̗̲̼̜̂ͨ̔͊̏ͧ̓͂̓́̀ͅG̵̬̪͑̏̎͐ͬ̀̊́O͓̬̪͖͙̹̙ͬͥ͢!͕̞͎͎̂̊ͤͤ̄ͯ̽͆̕ ̴̯̹̣̦͖̳͌ͫͦ̚͠Z̶̧̺̩̺̭̺͊̊̑͘A̡͔̺̻ͦͤ̑ͮ̑̀L̘̲̲̂̇ͨ͜͡͞G̵̡̤͕̯̙̮͇̯̼͕ͩ͑ͫ̌͞O̘̻͖̲͒̓̆̓͘!̸̡̬̰͎̖͓̙͖̐̍ ̰̪͕̹̹̌ͪ̾̎̅͋Z̧̲͇̼̝͙̗͉͑͂̒̔̈́A̦͕̪̙ͩ͒ͮͬͧ͗͘L̵̹̦̗͚̒ͯ͊̍ͮ͂ͬ́͢Ģ̜͕̱͓͚͋ͨ̈̂̀̎̚O͈̱̹͚͌͛͋ͧ̄͑̒̎͠!͕ͯ̒̋̆͛͗̇̃͟͢͝

:icondiamondtiaramadplz::iconsays3plz: “Umbra Breeze EXPLAIN!”

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“Well they may taken a bite from the Corruption Ruin Evil Eyesore pestilence Yearn Cake. Complete with bloodly soaked 

Soba pasta noodles. C.R.E.E.P.Y pasta for short. Picked up the recipe from a delightful fellow. Called itself-

:icontootsieflutezalgo::iconsays3plz: “ Z̶̞͓̖̠̥͍̮̆̉̿̇͆ͫ̓ͩ͜A̪̠̩͉͕̟͋͌̋ͧ̃̿̒͂ͮ͜L̨̛͍͍̯͛͗̍ͮ̚G̷̟̐͒ͥ̈ͧO̵͉͎͈̗͕̱͕̱͚ͬͩ͟!

:icondiamondtiaramadplz::iconsays3plz: “Grrr,,,fix this”.

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“And why would I do a thing like that? The despair coming from these two are simply divine.”[Smells the aroma]

:icondiamondtiaramadplz::iconsays3plz: “Cause if you don’t I will get my father to end our agreement here and now.”

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:*Grumbles* (Ruin all my fun why don’t you brat). Fine”

25 minutes later... 

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“You are lucky that you ponies here are so pure.”

:iconmlpalulawhat2plz::iconsays3plz:“Ugh...I don’t think I will eat cake ever again.”

:iconmlptootsieflutescare::iconsays3plz:“Me too.”

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“Well guess that makes three of us.”

:icondiamondtiarawhatplz::iconsays3plz:“ Now then…Wait, but you bake them.”

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz:“Just because I am proficient at baking cakes, don’t assume I love to eat them.”

:iconcakeplz::iconsays3plz: “EAT ME AND YOU WILL DIE OF DIABETES!”

:iconmlpdiamondtiaraplz::iconsays3plz: "All in favor of me getting rid of the rest of these cakes. Say Aye!"

:iconmlpalulamadplz::iconpovnyarlathotepplz::icontootsiefluteserious: :iconsays3plz: "AYE!"

:icondiamondtiaramadplz::iconsays3plz: "NO MORE CAKE!" [Lifts the all the cakes up and sends them flying through air to who know where]

:iconcakeplz::iconsays3plz: "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

:iconmlpalulamadplz::iconsays3plz: "Good riddance."

:icontootsiefluteaskplz::iconsays3plz: "Where did you think they will end up?"

:iconpovnyarlathotepplz::iconsays3plz: "Well judging by the trajectory of the throw and taking in account of the wind resistance I would say....appropriate at Canerlot Castle."

At Canterlot Castle...

:iconbluebloodworryplz::iconsays3plz: "WHY ME!"[faints]

:iconsunguardplz::iconsays3plz: "Code frosting disaster! I repeat frosting disaster! I need a clean-up crew on the double up here for the Prince!"


Moral of the story never eat Nyarlathotep's cake no matter how delicious they may look! Also sorry Blueblood had to make the joke.

Hmm...I wonder if Nyarlathotep knows Zalgo. Surly Zalgo is loving what is happening to this world right about now.

Kendell2 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Saw it hehe.
Jarkes Featured By Owner 3 days ago
...I can't believe I STILL haven't read Getting Back on Your Hooves and the related stories... I need to fix that at some point. Of course, I've already had most of the major plot points spoiled for me thanks to TV Tropes, but I would definitely like to experience it for myself fairly soon.

...Incidentally, have Shining Armor and Cadance shown up in that universe at all yet?
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