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Fourth Wall Breaking Variety Show: Dark World Edition
By Kendell 2

A cleaning cloth carefully rubbed an old, filthy camera lens for a few moments until it finally lowered, revealing the face of Apple Computer, who blew on the lens, fogging it up.

“Those old camera things of Aunt Pinkie's all fixed up now pa?” Apple Pie asked, popping up next to her father to try and get a closer look.

The stallion nodded. “Yeah, Ah think so. Surprised these things are still in one piece after a thousand years with Crazy Top Hat Discord runnin' around,” he said, rubbing his head. It'd taken quite a bit of work to get them back in working order though.

“Well, her letter did say she had 'em stored all over Equestria in case of camera emergencies,” the little filly replied. “...Which doesn't make much sense, Equestria wasn't covered in cameras!” she said with a giggle.

Apple Computer tapped his chin. “Well, there was that time we had a camera storm, but those were photo cameras...”

“Oh yeah, Ah remember that! Good thing all the ones on the front lawn merged inta a giant camera monster, or it'd have taken awhile tah clean 'em all up!”

“Excuse me, Apple Pie, I think we need to get this started,” Diamond Tiara interrupted, jumping up on Apple Computer's  back as well.

“Oh! Right! Sorry, Diamond!”

Diamond looked to Apple Computer. “Thank you, Mr. Apple Computer, we can handle it from here.”

“Alright Diamond, yah two fillies enjoy yerself,” said the stallion, nodding and heading out, revealing a TV studio behind them, Fourth Wall Breaking Studios written on the wall.

The two jumped up onto a chair. Diamond Tiara cleared her throat and pulled a letter out of her ear with a cartoony sound effect. “Hello everyone, I'm Diamond Tiara, the new Element of Cruelty” she said, putting a hoof to her chest. “...I'm cruel to bad guys now.”

“And Ah'm Apple Pie!” called the other filly cheerfully. “Yah know? Element of Laughter?!”

“And this is the Fourth Wall Breaking Verity Show Dark World edition!” called both.

Apple Pie blinked, looking to Diamond. “Uh...Diamond, what's the Fourth Wall? And why are we 'breakin' it?”

“Well, it's...” the pink filly asked, looking evasive. “Pinkie Pie talk, let's leave it at that.”

“Oh!...Yah speak Pinkie Pie?”

“Yes, I have her weird powers...and I've honestly heard weirder things from the voices in my head while I was insane.”

“...Yah bein' sarcastic?”

“I honestly don't know anymore."

"Hehe! That don't make any sense!"

"Now cover your ears, I have to break the fourth wall.”

“Okay...” Apple Pie said, covering her ears.

Diamond Tiara turned to the camera. “Now, the Author has been really busy with making other worlds for other Shadows who are paying him, so the next chapter of OUR story, Dark World Drabbles, is taking awhile. Just know we'll be right back to saving the Crystal Empire soon enough. But he doesn't want you to forget about us!...And to be honest, neither do he talked with our old Shadow Who Makes if it'd be alright to take a little page from his book. And then had Pinkie Pie send us a letter from the afterlife explaining how to do it...”

Pinkie Pie sighed, looking at a now empty wallet. “Who knew postage from the afterlife would be so expensive...”

The pink filly pulled out a mailbox from her ear and planted it in the ground next to her. “So here's what we're going to do. You write what happens next or some letters to us or whatever down there in those comments there, then Mrs. Derpy will bring the letters to this mail box here. Got it? Good!”

Diamond Tiara looked at the letter. “Oh! And apparently there are some rules: 1. What you put in the comments appears in the story.
2. Nopony besides me and mama can see beyond the fourth wall or interact with it and I can't spill the beans about us being out-and-out fiction to the others.
3. The camera can’t leave the studio, though we do have a telescope thing.
4. The characters can be from any generation, toy or comic but they have to be from “My little Pony”
5. Everything that happens here is non-canon.
7. Have Fun "

Diamond Tiara put down the list. “And that's about it. So sit down, relax, and pay attention to me-I mean us...sorry, force of habit...Also, the others should be here soon, so don't worry. I KNOW Silver Spoon will be here in a couple minutes.”

“Can Ah uncover mah ears now?!” asked Apple Pie, rather loudly.



Diamond Tiara gave a sigh. “YES!”

“Okay, yah don't have tah yell!”

A letter appeared out of nowhere to float down to the present ponies.

Apple Pie was hardly surprised since there was the one time Master Pumper Discord had employed ghosts to deliver the mail. Not to those who had ordered something of course.

“Wait, this can happen once the Fourth Wall is broken! Some of those can have questions to answer, the rest is known as a strange pointless mass called spam.” Diamond Tiara said.

“Let’s see… introduction… yada yada yada… season 5 spoilers… bla bla bla… Ah! Here is a question: What was it like to fight against Grogar’s forces and finally Grogar himself, are you getting used to be heroes?”

“Yeah that was really something. I mean we did save the world before and then a second time soon afterwards. And now there’s the thing about the Crystal Empire coming… We will have to keep doing these things, aren’t we?” Apple Pie wondered.

“Well… we do have a list about all the sealed evils from Luna but most are crossed off the list. Uncle Discord did “accidentally” take care of a lot of them. I’m just glad that it is not like these comic books where the same villain gets used again and again because they are popular.” Diamond answered.

“So Grogar won’t return as a Space Mecha Alien Dragon Zombie Plus Two?”

“No.” The Element of Cruelty had seen weirder things in the chaotic world but Grogar was likely taking a permanent vacation in Tartarus right now.

“Still he was frighteningly clever. No joke. Building a team to counter Prized Pillar Discord’s team and they would have actually won if we hadn’t gained a lot more friends since then. They didn’t play by comic book rules either and never fell apart because of bickering.” Apple Pie felt like pouting.

“Hey if we fight with everything we got to save the world what is stopping the villains to do the same to reach their goals?”

“I guess that is sorta fair. But I’m more exited about the Crystal Empire once we are done saving it. There’s much to do: meeting other foals, reading new comic books, playing new games and having fun with new friends!”

Diamond Tiara nodded. "...And I will say one thing about fighting Grogar: it felt good to actually be a HERO for once period..." Diamond Tiara continued, giving a small smile.

Another letter floated down.

"And here we go! Hey, this one is from a Shadow that sent letters to the old 4th Wall Breaking Show, too!" Apple Pie looked at the envelope in her hooves. She opened it and started to read. "'Nice to see you fillies again' -- aww!" Apple Pie smiled. "He's a nice Shadow..."

"Maybe," Diamond Tiara said. She'd gotten a glance at the envelope and remembered the stories that Princess Libra, Applejack, and the others told her about some Shadows.

"Anyway, whatever happened to that 'Power Ponies' show that was mentioned in Dark World a few times? How did it stay on for 1000 years? Did it ever go off the air?" Apple Pie looked up. "Easy answer? Discord did it! The longer one, well?" She looked expectantly at Diamond Tiara.

"He liked it so he kept it on," Diamond said. "Trapped in pure formula, he said once. Something about how that'd teach Pandy-somebody to say bad things about his jokes." Looking uneasy, she said, "But sometimes it wasn't easy... I wish I could show everyone how it ended."

"Maybe we can with this?" Apple Pie said, holding up a machine labeled Flashback Displayer, use with caution. It seemed to combine a helmet with wires leading to a movie camera. She quickly set the helmet on Diamond Tiara's head and began to run it.


DT, at that moment a music-box pony along, watched a massive screen in Discord's Palace. Most of the Chaos Six were elsewhere, but Traitor Dash huddled nearby under her thin blanket. Still, she watched the screen, looking almost eager. Discord reclined in a bottle of soda and drank an easy chair. Fluttercruel watched, tapping one hoof and snorting.

"Yeesh, come on, when are they gonna kill something?"

"Now, now, patience my dear," Discord said. "The story does need some plot development before killing anything. It needs to actually start, at least." He frowned and muttered, "Though I know of ONE monster I'd love to see them smash to bits."

Fluttercruel looked at him, her eyes watering. Discord sighed.

"Oh, not this time." He shook his claw at her. Fluttercruel pouted and crossed her forelegs, the very image of a balked foal. Discord just said, "You need to learn some self control, young lady. I'm beginning to think this show is a bad influence." A handful of hippogriffs came into the room, bearing a petition pleading for mercy. He snapped his claws and they turned into featherdusters. "Honestly, you seem to be turning into a hit of a bully sometimes."

"Hey, where's Angry Pie?" Traitor Dash looked at Discord. She waved one hoof. "And why aren't her foals her to  watch?"

"She forbade them because it was teaching them bad manners," Discord said, glancing at Fluttercruel, "Which I can agree with. She said she was going to chat with the cast." The music began and he shushed her, zipping her mouth shut with a snap of his claw. "No more noise Dash, the show is on. Or would you rather I had them show 'The Death of the Nasty Traitor Scootaloo' again?"

Dash frantically shook her head no. Discord smiled benevolently as on the screen a bleary-eyed pony, his mane falling out and looking slightly manic, smiled crookedly at the audience. Behind and around him showed other ponies of the show's crew, looking just as bad. He began to speak, sounding half mad.

"And welcome everypony, to the newest season of Mighty Morphin' Pony Rangers. We've had a 978-year run without any interruptions, and it's all because of Supreme Banana Discord, who... won't let us STOP!" He giggled hysterically. He shivered and got back under control. "Anyway, before we begin, we're getting a very special message from one of I Am So Much Cooler Than Tirek Discord's loyal servants, Angry Pie -- wait, what?!?"

With a wild roar Angry Pie charged out from behind a curtain, her hooves knocking holes in the concrete floor. Everypony cringed back, looking for an exit.

"DON'T YOU DARE RUN!" Angry Pie yelled. They all froze as she added, "I have something to say!" To their amazement, she calmed and said, "First of all, I want to register my dissatisfaction with the way you promote sugary and unhealthy snacks for foals on this show..."

"Hmmph," Discord said. He reached into a sugar bowl that he held, took out a videocassette of the MLP 3.5 World, and swallowed it. "I have NO idea what she's talking about. I approved of this stuff myself!"

"And secondly," Angry Pie said, muzzle in the air, "Must you really glorify violence for foals the way you do? Because that UPSETS ME!" She roared the last out and glared right into the announcer's face. She sat back and said quietly, "I would appreciate a prompt response."

"You?" The announcer giggled nervously and failed to notice the fury boiling in Angry's eyes. "Offended by violence?" He laughed.

Immediately half a dozen hooves clapped over his muzzle. Too late.

Angry Pie shrieked in rage and leaped on them. The image went to static in mid-leap, but a few sounds of furious violence and agonized shrieks continued anyway as the screen showed message reading, EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES DUE TO DISCORD-RELATED MAYHEM, PLEASE STAND BY. Over it showed an image of Discord manifesting out of a camera lens and zapping the camerapony.


"Huh, so that's why the show went off the air," Apple Pie said.

"Yeah," Diamond Tiara said, removing the helmet and fixing her mane. "Good thing Katydid wasn't around, she loved Power Ponies."

"Is that why the Changeling Rangers are like that?"

"Pretty much."

Another letter floated down and Diamond Tiara opened it.

"Hello, this letter is from Fawn Doo and Marcie Pan. Discord made us immortal so we could never die. Locked us in one of the kitchens, and forgot about us. We produce the legendary PheNOMNOMenons, the sweet cake so addictive that you'll never able to have enough. We have several hundred years worth of back stock. Could you help us unload some of them? (They're so full of preservatives and sugar that they'll taste like new). Oh, and of course make us filthy rich in the process."

Apple Pie blinked. "Oh boy! those do sound tasty, think we should go help 'em out?"

Diamond Tiara nodded...then heard a cough from off stage, her mother looking at her. "Oh right, we still need to host the show...We can go afterwards."

"Alright...still, doesn't feel right tah turn down ponies who need help! It ain't the Apple Pie spirit!"

Diamond Tiara blinked. "You or your family?"


Diamond Tiara nodded slowly. "That still confuses me. Okay, so what should we do then?"

Apple Pie trotted over to an area with a bullseye on the floor and a little lightbulb hanging down over her head.

Golden Tiara blinked. "What's that, Princess?"

"The studio's thinking place," Diamond Tiara explained. "It was Scootaloo's idea, she said the Crusaders had one at their club house back in the day."

Apple Pie gasped. "Ah got an idea!"

Diamond Tiara looked through the studio's telescope.

Luna and Libra watched Celly literally run circles on the ceiling. "She has a sugar rush," Luna remarked in disbelief. "Thou hath managed to give an Alicorn a sugar rush. The cake the size of a castle we got when we first took the throne did not do that, how much sugar tis in those treats?!"

The two Earth Ponies looked up from counting money. "A lot."

Libra sighed. "Well, at least she's did she get on the chandelier?"

Diamond Tiara pouted, looking away from the telescope. "Celly's so lucky, those treats look so"

"I'll get you some afterwards, princess."


"Can't you just use those wacky toon powers of yers tah get some?" asked Apple Pie, cocking her head.

"No, because it's more funny for me NOT to get them right I can't get them..."

"Oh..." Apple Pie chuckled a little bit about the paradox.

Yet another letter fluttered down from the ceiling, a large manilla envelope as plain as could be.  When Diamond Tiara opened it, though, all kinds of confetti and party steamers came blasting out, decorating her mane and filling half the room.

Apple Pie gasped.  "Don't tell me Telephone Sanitizer Discord is back!?"

Diamond pulled out a glitter-encrusted letter and smirked.  "It's from Princess Thalia."  She cleared her throat.  "Dear Diamond Tiara and Apple Pie... Congratulations on starting your own variety show! I just wrapped up mine, and I'm bursting with ideas and fun new things to try! Not literally bursting. It'd be tough on the space-time continuum if I did that too much now. Anyway, I'd hop right over and come be a guest on *your* show, but your Wolf would probably get all grumpy?" She gave a perplexed look to Apple Pie, who only shrugged in response.

"Our Wolf was really grouchy before he died and got better.  Has yours died too?  I sure hope meany Discord and super meany Paradox weren't too hard on him.  Make sure you never stop smiling... unless you don't really feel like smiling and it's just getting kind of creepy.  It's okay to stop smiling then.  Love, Princess Thalia."

Apple Pie blinked. "Princess Thalia...wait, Auntie Pinkie Pie from another universe?! She's an Alicorn now!"

"Apparently..." said Diamond Tiara. "The Lovecat Tribe will probably be happy to hear that."

There was a knock on the door. "Come in!"

"Hey kids," said Rainbow Dash, entering with Scootaloo on one side and Applejack...or Saint Abigail as some called her on the other. "Wow, you girls built this place?!"

"Well, not exactly, we helped," said Diamond Tiara.

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow. "Who helped you?"


The camera swiveled to reveal a young Hippogriff named Cherry Pie, a young sea pony named Waterflower, and a young Changeling nymph named Lady Bug, surrounded by construction equipment. All three looking at their bare flanks.

"We didn't get our Cutie Marks!" Lady Bug complained.

"Guess we ain't Cutie Mark Crusader Construction Workers either..." said Cherry Pie.

Rainbow Dash suddenly looked at the building in concern. "I supervised them, don't worry," Scootaloo reassured. "And the Apple Pies helped...complete with a song."

"...I guess that explains the thinking place..."

Another letter opened in, it was covered in stickers and cute little crayon drawings. It read.

'Hi, I'm Queen Scary Story from Crystal-Land! My best friends in the world are Heartsong and Bright Shield! They're from Unicornia! They're really nice! I just want to wish you a happy happy super fun time with your show! Cheer!'  

"Wow, she sounds really nice!" Apple Pie said cheerfully.

"Yeah, but I thought Unicoria was the Unicorn's name for Equestria before the three tribes come together, wasn't it?"

"Ah think that's what Aunt AJ said when she told the story."

Diamond Tiara blinked. "Wait, I thought that was a noncanonish thing."

Apple Pie cocked her head. "Didn't yah say this was 'noncanon' too?"

"...So I did."

Rainbow Dash sighed. "I'm don't think I'll ever get used to you being another Pinkie Pie...


Another letter, a pink one, and a box appeared.

Diamond Tiara carefully read it. 'Thank you for your non-returnable purchase of one Planet Express What-If Machine MK 3. We hope you enjoy viewing possibilities but never certainties of your universal cluster. Or not. Doesn't matter because you owe us 900 Million Earthican Dollars (Plus Tax, Shipping And Handling, and Customs) , hope your exchange rate is good. We have means of collecting payments that are un fulfilled. Most of them include spending a three-day weekend with the Pain Monster. No, that's not just a fancy name!'

The girls paled.

"I don't think even daddy ever made that much money," Diamond Tiara said.

"YES! I am the What-If Machine MK-3! Created by my brilliant creator! A misunderstood genius! Take me out and behold my magnificence!" Came a voice inside the box. "You should be honored my great and infallible maker gave you such a overly generous cost! Seriously, you're taking advantage of him! I am also non-refundable."

Rainbow Dash facehoof. "Where did you guys even order this thing?!"

"Some nice blue unicorn with a coyote necklace gave us order forms!" Apple Pie lamented. "She said it'd help with the show and would be 'worth every bit!'...all things considerin' she probably wasn't very nice."

"Take me out of this and behold me!"

Applejack sighed. "Apple Pie, dear, what have I told you about reading contracts for fine print?"

"...Do it."

"Why didn't you?"

"Because there was so much of it! The contract was longer than meh!"

Applejack sighed. "Do you still have it?"

She nodded, going into a nearby closet and producing a copy of a gigantic contract.

"Alright, I'm going to look through this for a loophole or double meaning to get you out of this, get that thing out of the box. Isn't right to keep it in there," the Element of Fantasy explained.

Diamond Tiara nodded slowly. "Thank you Applejack."

She opened the box and produced a machine that looked like a futuristic shiny chromed silver machine...that resembled an old antenna TV with a crank on it.

"Huh, it looks just like Alternate Aunt Pinkie's except yah know, shinier."

"Nonsense! I am a major upgrade over my inferior prototypes!" yelled the machine.

"How?" asked Apple Pie, cocking her head.

"I have an artificial intelligence program and chromed plating!"

"Uh...the old one was alive now, actually..." Diamond Tiara remarked, looking at a transcript she pulled out of nowhere.

"...I have chrome plating!"

"...Okay, it's actually pretty nice," Diamond Tiara admitted, Apple Pie nodding.

"Another letter appeared.
'After it has been paid off, the Gizmonks of Tambelon would like to offer 2,000 gears and cogs for the what-if machine for the purpose of dismantling it so we might invent a machine for the public welfare that mails letters BEFORE they're written.'"

"Wait what?!" the Machine asked in horror.

"They use gears and cogs for money in Tambelon?" Apple Pie asked surprised.

"Why is that a surprise? We've literally used everything," Diamond Tiara replied. "Our last currency was action figures."

"Yeah, but that was Unwashed Dentures Discord's idea. Grogar is supposed to be the orderly one."

"You won't actually give them this unit, will you?" the machine asked, displaying a terrified emoticon on its screen.

"Nah, grandma always said 'don't sell anythin' that might be sapient, it's rude,'" Apple Pie replied in a cheeriful voice.

"...That is not something my creator would have said...In fact his will specifically says 'sell the What If Machine to scrape dealing aliens'..."

"Huh...That's almost as weird as some things in Uncle Discord's will...Which was recorded on a fourth dimensional pancake..."

"Like 'I hope that Ah died bein' run over by a bulldozer driven by Saddle Rager'?"

"It was his favorite potential death. I wonder what would've happened if he'd actually died that way..."

"Showing potential situation!" The What If Machine announced.

"Wait what?"


Dark World Heroes stood before Nightmare Eclipse, somehow endowed with the powers of the Power Ponies with Discord standing by.


"Wait, that actually happened in one loop?" Rainbow Dash asked, blinking.



"It's no good, we still can't win..." Twilight muttered, despite having the combined might of the Masked Matterhorn and her own.

Discord looked thoughtfully for a second, as if someone was talking to him. "Fluttercruel!"

The currently hulked out pony looked to him. "What?!"

"Smash me! Preferably with a bulldozer because I've always wanted to die like that! I'll make myself vulnerable!"


"Do it if you love me! Think of that time I grounded you from weapons for a week!"

Eclipse blinked. "...This is the weirdest fight with you NPCs I've ever had."

Discord manifested a bulldozer.


"Do it if you love me! Listen to your father or I'll ground you from weapons for a eon next cycle-Ow! My everything!..."


Diamond Tiara whimpered and covered her eyes. "I can't watch this..."

Apple Pie hugged her.


"Ugh...that's good..."

"Suicide, Discord? Haven't we tried this alr-"

"Now throw me at her like a javelin!"


"Father Smash!"

Eclipse was knocked through a wall behind her when Fluttercruel/Saddle Rager threw the obviously mortally wounded Discord into her head, impaling her on his horns as multiple black tendrils emerged from him.

"What a wonderful day! I get to drag you to Mom with me, and I got to die my favorite cause of death ever!"


Apple Pie blinked as Discord said his heart felt goodbyes and dragged both of them into Oblivion.

"Huh...Guess that's why he told us tah stay away from him."


In Pony Hell, Nightmare Eclipse sitting next to Morning Star inside the giant gem that is their prison for eternity, watching the show.

"The whole 'getting dragged into oblivion with Discord' thing is getting boring."

"They've only shown two so far dear."

"Yes, but I have to EXPERIENCE every single possible defeat! It's annoying!"  

The camera flickered back to the studio.

"What was that?" Diamond Tiara asked as Apple Pie looked at the camera.

"I'm not sure, I think we picked up some interference."

Cherry Pie, a young sea pony named Waterflower, and a young Changeling nymph named Lady Bug,

With the hosts busy, Cherry Pie, Waterflower, and Lady Bug curiously moved to the door, having done more than being the 'live audience' for a while, and Cherry Pie opened the door.

They found a faded colored mare with an equal sign for a cutie mark wearing a dirty and average crafted hood and cape, her mane cut being equally average as well. Her bright eyes and huge grin being all the more pronounced because of it.

"Hello little foals, have you heard the good news about Equality?"

Applejack came up and slammed the door shut. "OW! MY NOISE!"

"Not interested," AJ said evenly.

"HEY! The Equestrian Constitution protects my right to share my way-of-life in a non-violent manner!" Her muffled voice was heard through the door.


"It still kinda weird seein' Big Stop Watch Discord as a good guy..." Apple Pie said. "Reminds meh of that comic were Super Stallion's mirror universe self is Ultra Stallion and he's a bad guy...Ah wonder what our mirror universe is like..."

"Showing alternate world!" The What If Machine announced.


"Haha! Take that Ultra Stallion! Alexander Silversmith saved the day again!" called Poison Apple, sitting on her bed reading comic books.

Apple Pie sat on her bed, reading an encyclopedia on chaos theory.


"Wait...he WON?" Apple Pie asked. "But Ah thought the good guys couldn't win in that world...Poison Apple readin' comics and meh readin' sciency stuff?...Yeah, that kinda makes sense. But that ain't how the comics said it worked."

"But if it's OUR Mirror Universe, doesn't that mean in the comics our Mirror Universe is their normal universe so the good guys can win, but their mirror universe is our normal universe and the bad guys always win?" Diamond Tiara asked, then groaned as the line of thought made her go crosseyed. "Ugh, that makes my head hurt..."

"Hehe..." Apple Pie giggled. "That's kinda funny though."

The What If Machine was sparking. "Don't-think-about-it-don't-think-about-it-don't-think-about-it..."

"Alright, show us somethin' else!" Apple Pie yelled, interested.

"Showing potential reality!"

Shining Armor stood glowing with a powerful aura, wings now on his back in addition to the horn on his head.

He snarled and launched himself forwards at speeds most pegasi could only imagine, a forcefield bubble forming around him.

The blow was caught by Destruction, the Draconequus planting his feet in preparation for the blow. At impact, a shockwave reduced the ground they stood on to a crater and caused the sky above to part.

The Spirit of Destruction itself gave a laugh akin to a foal who'd finally found a playmate to play a game with that could actually keep up with him at long last, not malicious in the slightest.

"Hehe! Feel good being a god, Shining?" Destruction asked in amusement.

"...It's incredible..." Shining Armor said, the two not moving from their stalemate even as the clouds continued being forced back from the sheer force they were pushing against each other.

"Really? Surprised?" Destruction laughed. "Guess it might take awhile for you to really get how much you can do now!"

The two rose up high into the air, above everypony watching.

They then collided with ungodly force, the two trading attacks and blows. Destruction's meeting a shield that seemed to refuse to break no matter how much force struck it and the God of Destruction obliterating the shield valleys sent his way. This continued throughout the buildings of Canterlot at such speeds most ponies couldn't even see them until they finally paused high above it.

"This is great! Now you're getting it! I haven't had this much fun in awhile!" Destruction cackled in glee. "I don't get to cut loose against somepony that can take it very often!" He then paused, noticing Shining didn't seem to be having as much fun as he was. "Huh? What's wrong?"

"I'm disappointed..." Shining admitted.

"Huh? Why?! You don't like being a God?"

"I've been trying all my life to protect protect I need to get some power up from the Elements to do that..." Shining admitted, looking down. "...I wish I'd reached this level on my own...for them..."

Destruction scratched his head. "Then why'd you do it?"

"...Because this way I have a chance to protect them..."

The two then resumed their battle, blows colliding with such force that the ponies on the ground wondered if an Earthquake was happening.

"Huh? Who's Shining Armor?" asked Apple Pie, cocking her head.

"And isn't Uncle Destruction dead?" asked Diamond Tiara, cocking hers as well

Before they could ask for another of the What If Machine's videos,there was a knock on the door. "Diamond!"

"Hey Silver Spoon!" called Diamond Tiara, giving her gem eyed friend a hug.

"Bump, bump, sugar lump rump!" the two chanted, doing their hoof shake.

Apple Pie smiled. "Hey Silver!" she called to the new Element of Kindness.

"Hi, Apple Pie," Silver said with a wave. She then blinked, looking at the What If Machine. "Huh? What's that thing?"

"This is the What If Machine...we ordered it and ended up costing us a LOT of money and...well..."

"I'm still looking for a loop hole!" called Applejack.

"Oh..." Silver said, blinking. "What does it do?"

"I present images of potential situations that may have happened if things had happened a certain way!" the What If Machine announced.

"...You'd like Miss Trixie."

"Huh? Ah know Half-Light used her element, but how do yah know her?" Apple Pie asked.

"I was in Heaven."


Silver Spoon looked back to the What If Machine. "So, like, if I asked 'What if I was a colt' you'd show it?"

"Showing potential situation!"

"Wait it was just an exam-"

"So, like, if I asked 'What if I was a filly', you'd show it?" asked grey colt with gem eyes, a silver spoon with a heart in the handle for a cutie mark, mane done up rather fancy, but fairly short. Behind him was a pink colt with a Diamond crown as his mark (one on his head as well), and a colt with an orange and apple slice Cutie Mark standing next to her.

"Showing potential situation!"

"Wait, it was just an exam-"

Silver Spoon blinked, watching her male self, watching her female self, watching her male self, watching her female self, ect.

"...Ugh....I think my head hurts..." said the same time as exact time as her male self. "What the-"

"Hehe, this is funny!" said Apple Pie and HER male self at the same time, both laughing.

Diamond looked straight at her male self, who was looking at her looking at him. "Wow, I'm really handsome/pretty as a colt/filly. Knew it," she said in tandem with her male self.

Meanwhile the What if Machine started sparking a little seeing the image of them looking into it at themselves looking into it on a loop to infinity. 'Why do these ponies keep almost crashing me?!'

"Alright, we finally managed to figure out something," Applejack returned, now with Mayor Mare beside her. The pony had been turned to living stone by Discord and as a result was still alive. While mortal now (waiting to rejoin her family at the end of her life), she was still proudly Ponyville's mayor. And had the unopposed world record for longest reigning mayor in history.

The Mayor cleared her throat. "Abigail and I managed to find out that due to multiple, seemingly weekly disasters in that universe...apparently, and the fact we just went back to bits and Discord hadn't even touched the treasury (Eden liked to look at the gold and jewels), the exchange rate is good."

"Yay!" called Apple Pie.

"...But that is STILL several million dollars."


"But I was able to get Libra to call the place and work out a deal cutting down things to a day with the 'Pain Monster'."

"Well at least it's not worse..." said Diamond, whimpering.

"But I ALSO found a loop hole," Applejack explained. "It says 'spend the weekend with the Pain Monster,' not that you have to let it do anything to you..."

"...Oh..." Diamond said, giving a smirk.

"I'm going," Golden Tiara suddenly specified.

Everyone blinked and stared at her. "What?!"


"One, a mother looks out for her child, two, I have cartoon powers, and three..." Golden Tiara said, producing a random mallet and smacking herself on the head with it. Following cartoon logic, it simply crumbled to dust and she didn't seem to feel it. "I literally have not been able to feel pain since I was a child, so a Pain Monster is going to have a very boring weekend with me."


Golden Tiara hugged her daughter. "Don't worry, my little princess. I'll kick that entire universe's flank if I have to to come back to you."

And with that Golden Tiara willingly went to another universe for a day in her daughter's stead.

Meanwhile with the Pain Monster. "OH! OH! Now I have someone to listen to my entire collection of Dubstep-polka-bagspipes! . . . And watch all Plans 1 Through 12 From Outerspace! Extended Director's cut! And eat my brustlesprots and liver cassaroll! With flavorless rice-cakes for desert!"

Golden Tiara gave an annoyed growl. "Diamond, what have you gotten me into."

Diamond gulped, watching it on the What If Machine. "I'm going to be grounded for a year for this, aren't I?"

"Think she'll be alright?" Rainbow asked.

"At least the movies are going to bore her more than anything, Uncle Discord always watched them over and over on an infinite loop...and personally forced directors to make 11 of them," Diamond said with a sigh. "I'd better got spend my allowance while I've got it..."

"Actually, we took it as part of the payment," Applejack told her.

Diamond grumbled, crossing her forelegs.

"Say, Diamond, I hope this is okay ta ask but whatever happened ta your Dad?"

"Father?" Diamond Tiara sighed and looked down before saying, "Back when Ultimate Bologna Discord was still evil and first got loose, he cursed him with the ability to turn other ponies into copies of Mom."

"That sounds cool," Apple Pie said. Diamond glared at her. Apple Pie swallowed. "Uh, creepy, but still cool. Is that where Discord got the Dirt Maids from?"

"No, they were hired the normal way and told they'd have to become mares for the job but that he'd never do anything else to them or their family, apparently Ed Wood Fanboy Number One Discord always had more applicants then he could use... Anyway, Dad spent the rest of his life with his mare harem until he died of old age. When everypony came back from Paradise to say goodbye he apologized to use and said he was sorry. Mom and me forgave him. What?" Diamond looked at Pie. "He was crazy, and he never hurt anypony."

"Huh," Pie said. Then her eyes began to widen as a new thought struck her. "Wait, Diamond, your dad was, uh, 'with' all those mares for years. Did he and they ever have any other kids?"

"Mom and Princess Libra told me that he did." Diamond smiled, "Just think! I have tens of thousands of 'cousins' out there among the ponies."

Apple Pie scratched her head.

"... Huh, that may explain where Discord got all those mares for his Island of Amazons."

And many hundreds of miles away, the Amazon Mares Who All Looked Like Shady raised their heads as they twitched their itching ears in confusion -- had someone mentioned them? And why did some of them recall having white-streaked, violet manes instead of the yellow they did now -- and then with a shrug got back to their daily martial arts exercises.
Fourth Wall Breaking Variety Show: Dark World
"Hello everyone, Diamond Tiara here."

"And Ah'm Apple Pie!"

"And here's something fun until the next episode of Dark World Drabbles."

"Here's the Rules:

    1. What you put in the comments appears in the story.

    2. Nopony besides me and mama can see beyond the fourth wall or interact with it and I can't spill the beans about us being out-and-out fiction to the others.

    3. The camera can’t leave the studio, though we do have a telescope thing.

    4. The characters can be from any generation, toy or comic but they have to be from “My little Pony

 5. Everything that happens here is non-canon.

    6. Have Fun"

Parts Added:

- :iconitsfrompeople: and little by me.

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- :iconardashi: with minor edits

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn:

MLP belongs to Hasbro!

EDIT: made a smal one that felt funnier about the What-If-Machine's reaction.

Commission: Tales from the Dark Side of the Mirror:
I Can('t) Help!
By Kendell2
Commissioned by and idea by Grimwolf001

No!...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to...Huh?!...What's that light?!...oh, it's daytime? Why isn't it super hot?

Oh! Hi there! My name is Rainbow Crash, nice to meet ya! Huh? Why am I on the roof of our club house? I live here!...the girls banished me up here. I keep asking them to let me come back and they keep saying 'No! You're still banished.' I kinda deserved it...What did I do? Well...

“Can somepony please carefully bring me that vial on the corner there?” Twilight said, pouring some yellow chemical things together in her little lab thing. She spent a lot of time there. I think Spike was sleeping at the time so he couldn't help. “And be careful! If you drop it, it might explode!”

“I'll get it Twilight!” I called, being the helpful friend I am and got it in my hooves.



Twilight said I just dropped it, but I tripped!...While flying...It could happen to anypony, even awesome flyers like me. Right? Right.

And it's not all bad living up here! I get to sleep outside under the stars!...Even if Princess Luna makes it really, really, really, really cold at night and Celestia makes it really, really hot during the day. But other than the frost bite and the sunburns it's great!...Though come to think about it, last night was pretty nice, and it's not super hot right now. I can't remember the weather ever being this nice! Maybe that's why I slept so well last night! Well, for me anyway!

Huh? So you want to know about my dream?

Uh...let me think...

I was an awesome superhero in cool powered armor! I saved everypony and helped everypony! I even managed to rebuild Cloudsdale, to make it back to how it used to be and everypony loved me!...But then...Cloudsdale fell apart...then it turned out all the good things I did just turned out to be bad things in the long run...And everypony hated me and banished me, then built a prison for me in the place they banished me to...and made me sit in the corner there...Then...then...SHE showed up...she...she...

Uh...I-I can't remember anything after that, but I'm sure everything turned out great in the end! Why wouldn't it with a pony as awesome and helpful as I am as the hero? I bet it turned out SHE was just being a big bully and making it LOOK like I did everything wrong!...Right? Right!

Where was I? Oh yeah! I'm still banished to the roof! It's nice but...I miss staying downstairs with everypony...How am I supposed to be helpful while I'm stuck on the roof?

Oh! There's Applejack! I wonder where she's going!


I'll just jump off and glide down! Okay, just gotta land-OW!

“Ouchies...are you okay, Applejack?”

“Rainbow, get the buck off meh!”


I didn't mean to land on her, it must have been a wind current or something, even a great flyer can sometimes crash.

I get off Applejack and try to help her up, but she knocks me off and gets up herself. Oh! Right, Applejack doesn't like getting helped up!

“Where ya going, Applejack?” I asked, giving her a cheerful and helpful smile.

“Gonna go rob an Apple store!” she said, adjusting that really cool hat of hers. Applejack is so badflank! I think she and Scootaloo would get along really well!...Applejack's so lucky, her little sister's best friends with her! I wonder why she doesn't like going to see her...or introduce me...

“Cool! Can I help?!” I asked, giving my best 'I'm ready to help' face.

“NO!” Applejack yelled, I whimpered and pulled back.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad...”

She gave a sigh and looked at me. “Ugh...Look, Rainbow, this requires bein' stealthy, and yah ain't that, got it?”

“Okay...maybe next time?”

“If Ah need to cause some property damage, Ah might call yah, alright?”


Yay! I might get to help Applejack! I love helping my friends! Like that time I accidentally crashed into the food at that banquet! Pinkamena was so grateful I did that! I was helpful!

Anyway, Applejack left to do her thing, and I'm not allowed to go into the house...Oh! I could go watch Scootaloo and maybe try to get her to notice me!

Huh? Why do I like Scootaloo so much?! Why wouldn't I?! She's so popular! And she's so badflank, just like me! She's fast, just like me! She's a 'bad filly' like my friends and me! She's awesome just like me, except she's one hundred and twenty percent cooler! When she does a stunt, she doesn't crash!...When she goes fast, she doesn't crash. When she tries to do something awesome she doesn't trip and set off a chain reaction that destroys the entire room. When she tries being a bad filly, she does it...She's just like me but better!

Oh! And she's on TV! How can you not think a pony who's on TV isn't awesome?!...Except the Princesses, when they're on TV, it's bad...Oh! And that time Pinkamena bought a public access show with Applejack's Grandma's money to teach ponies to eat better, and Twilight got jealous of all the attention she was getting...Or when Applejack's grandma got on TV asking her to come home. Applejack must have really hated that since she broke the TV...

I try to get Scoot's attention all the time, but I just end up crashing...Sometimes into a camera pony or into a bunch of trashcans... or into a camera pony THEN into a trashcan... I think it's cause I don't sleep well the night before, I'm just so anxious! That makes sense, right? Right! And at least I still get on TV when that happens!...Even if I get laughed at...Especially that one time I crashed into a skunk den and stunk for a week. Twilight needed something to test some smell remover stuff so it all worked out! That was good luck!

Huh? Why am I friends with the others? Well, Applejack protects me when I make ponies mad! Pinkamena makes sure I eat healthily and patches me up when I get hurt! Twilight is so cool with all her experiments and sometimes I get to be a test subject! Rarity uses me as a model sometimes! And Fluttershy...we've known each other since we were kids...I can trust her.

They care about me, isn't that a good reason to stay with them?

And I have other friends too! Like...



My friend Gilda walked up to me. She's is such a cool griffin! She's a royal guard!...To be a royal guard right now is really, really brave. She's also really nice and no matter what she never yells at me. She got an award for representing Temperance like the Film Flam Brothers got one for being fair! Isn't that awesome! Huh? What does Temperance mean? Uh...I think it means self-control or something...

Anyway, Gilda wasn't wearing that cool red armor of her's. I don't know what it means, just that it's different than the other guards. Which means she wasn't going to have to rush off suddenly on duty! Yay!

“Hello, Rainbow,” she replied, giving me a hug. “...How are you today?”

“I'm doing good! I actually slept well last night!”

“Yeah, so did I...” Gilda said, giving a smile. Why wouldn't she have slept well before now? Well, she's been really worried about keeping ponies safe from the Princesses! She's a guard after all!

We ended up sitting on the roof for awhile. Sometimes we do that. The others don't like having a guard there, except AJ, but she doesn't arrest them. Huh? Why not?

“...Gilda...if my friends are bad ponies...why don't you ever arrest them?” I asked.

Gilda rubbed her head. “Well...mainly because I've had bigger fish to fry. Your friends aren't...really that good at being bad girls...besides, AJ would enjoy that too much.”

“Yeah, she would!” I reply with a smile.

“...Dash...You know I don't like you hanging out with those five, right?” she asked me, looking sad. “They're a bad influence.”

“...Then why do you let me?”

“...Because there ain't a lot of places you're happy. They're not really hurting anypony, and from what I've seen they actually care about you...I don't like it, but you're better off with them than without them...for now at least...At least you actually feel safe here...”

“Oh...thanks Gilda...”

“...But I've got some more fines for you to give them.”

Wow, what did Pinkamena do this time? That's a big one for her!

Huh? How do I know Gilda? We grew up together. When I was younger and ponies got angry at me, she never matter how much I deserved it. When...when SHE tried to...Gilda protected me...Gilda always tries to encourage me to try to do things better. She's just...nice to me. She always has been.

“So Rainbow, uh...look,” Gilda started. “Ya busy today?”

“Huh? No...” I replied. “I was actually trying to figure what I wanted to do today...Why?”

Huh? Why does Gilda look like that? She's not sad, she just seems kinda...conflicted. Did I do something wrong?

“...Rainbow, the Weather Team is trying to make some storms to end this drought, they asked me to get any pegasi or Griffins I knew to help, they're kinda short hooved and need help...You see, the Princesses-”

Gilda wanted me to help make a storm? Yay! I love doing stuff with Gilda!...We hadn't had any time to really hang out for awhile. Gilda's a guard...she...she had to go away for awhile, right? She...she wouldn't have just stopped hanging out with me if she hadn't been busy, right? She'd never leave me right? Right.

But now we get to do something together again! I get to help Gilda! Yay!

“Rainbow? Are you listening?”

“Yeah!” I jumped up and hugged her. “I get to help do the weather with you!”

“...Yeah...” said Gilda, then smiled. She hugged me back. “It'll be a blast...”

“Alright, Rainbow Dash,” Gilda told me, they two of us in the clouds with a bunch of other pegasi and griffins. Cool! Maybe I can show them how cool and helpful I can be! “This should be something you can handle, okay?”

“Anything!” I replied, trying to look eager!

“They need some help busting up the clouds that are already up here.”

I blinked. “But I thought we were making a storm.”

“We are,” said Hoops. He's this really smart stallion we know. Well more Gilda than me. He adjusted his glasses. “But the clouds the Princesses allowed to be created are saturated with the dark magic they possessed, such that they could react violently if a storm is triggered utilizing them them.”

“Uh...They what now?” I asked, blinking.

He gave an annoyed sigh. “There's evil magic in the clouds the Princesses put up. If we use them to make a storm, something bad might happen.”


I would've got it first try if he weren't using such big words.

“...It's okay, Rainbow, simply do your job, okay?”

“Okay! Bust clouds, I can do that!” I shouted, giving a salute.

“Yes, breaking things is a talent of yours, one that should be put to good use here.”

Gilda elbowed him and then nodded. “Alright, Dash, let's do this.”

So we got to busting clouds! Huh? How do I know how? What pegasi doesn't? And I'm a good helper at it! I can help clear the sky in ten minutes flat! Especially with Gilda helping me!

I pull my hooves back and buck one, BAM! Gone! Gilda slashes another one in half! We both hit another and get rid of it together!

We both zoom around smashing up clouds left and right. Gilda can't buck (she's not a pony), but she sure knows how to use those claws to smash 'em up! Okay, fly up then back down right through a cloud, Gilda doing the exact same thing! Okay, still a lot left but we're doing it! Gilda was smiling! I'm smiling! I missed this so much! I...I missed Gilda, I missed doing things with her...with my other friends...I-

“You're doing good Rainbow!” Gilda called.


“Rainbow, you alright?!” Gilda called, flying down to check on me after I crashed into the ground.

“Y-Yeah, I just wasn't watching where I was going. Was too busy with how much fun we're having!”

But...when I back in the sky. I just kept crashing. I kept hitting the ground. Somehow I ended up hitting one of the good clouds they brought in. They shouldn't have put them there!


“Huh?! What?” I asked, jumping. “What Gilda?”

She slashed a cloud in half. “What's wrong? You seem distracted...”

“I don't know,” I replied, pinning my ears. “I think I just got a piece of cloud in my eye. Can't see where I'm going.”

Yeah, that's it, I had clouds in my eyes! We were busting SO many!

No way am I gonna mess up! Not when Gilda's counting on me! Huh? I busted a cloud while I was talking to her.

Why do I care about making Gilda proud so much?...Because this is the first time I've been able to do anything with her in forever! And she's never given up on me...I don't want her to give up on me...

“Captain Gilda!”

Huh? A guard called her right as I went to buck-



“Sorry, Hoops!” I called. Oh, wait, he can't talk right now, I missed the cloud and kicked him in that place stallions hate to get kicked he's on the ground. That Guard distracted me so I didn't notice him there!


I turned to Gilda as she came back, huh? Why does she look so disappointed?

“Yeah, Gilda?”

She rubbed the back of her head. “Uh, Rainbow, look. We just got some intel and we found Spitfire. They need my help to come and help take her in. I gotta go...”

“S-Spitfire?!” I asked, practically yelled. Spitfire? N-No, not H-HER!

Why am I afraid of HER?! Because she's one of Celestia's minions, that's why! And...and Flight School...NOTHING! NOTHING HAPPENED! I BARELY KNOW HER! Can we please stop talking about HER?!

“Yeah, but don't worry, she lost that power up Celestia gave her, I shouldn't have too much trouble with her now,” Gilda replied.

“O-Oh no. If she lost anything, she's going to be upset, and when she's upset she gets mad, and when she-”

Gilda gave me a hug. “Rainbow, calm down!...Don't worry, she ain't gonna hurt ya ever again!...I swear I won't let her.”

Why would she say that? B-B-Because we're friends! She doesn't need any other reason, right? Right! Of course, it's right! STOP TALKING ABOUT SPITFIRE PLEASE!

“O-Okay...” I said, why am I shivering?

“Alright...good luck, Rainbow, and glad that we got to hang out for a bit...”

“Yeah...yeah, it was...”

We hugged and she flew away...T-To beat make sure SHE never hurts m-anypony! Ever again! Huh? Why...why didn't I ask if I could help?...I...I just didn't think she needed my help is all. That makes sense, right? Right! Now back to cloud busting and stop talking about HER!

Ah! Come back here clouds! Why are you running away from me?! Stop it! Bad clouds!

Now ponies are laughing at me! It's not my fault the clouds are running away from me! I...I'm going to let Gilda down...I can't let her down the one time...the one time we were doing something together in forever...I-If I let her down she might stop believing me and if that happened I...I...

But what could I do? The clouds are making this hard! Why?! must just be the bad magic that the Princesses put in it! That's it! They're just mean!...Oh! Wait! I have an idea! If they're going to move every time I try to kick one of them, then maybe I'll just wrangle them all up and bust them all at once! That's smart, right? Right!

Here we go! Gotcha you stupid clouds! Now stay right here while I get your friends! Grab these ones over here, and these over here, and bunch them all together right here in the middle of the sky! See? I told you I'm an awesome helpful pony!

Nope! None of you clouds are getting away! Not a single one! I'm not letting Gilda down! I'll show her she's right about me! And...and SHE'S wrong! Wow, I forgot I could move this so fast! And...and I'm not crashing all over the place! I might really do it! Yay! Gilda will be so proud of me!

Okay, all the clouds are all packed up super tight together! Huh? Why is Hoops screaming at me to stop? All I need to do is bust it and them I'm done!


Ow...I think I got electrocuted...everything tastes purple...

Huh? Is it raining? Or hailing? It's so heavy I can't tell...

“You idiot!”

“Huh?” I open my eyes and see Hoops glaring down at me. The pegasi and griffins behind him are trying to make the clouds stop, but they keep getting zapped by lightning.

“I told you that the dark magic could have a bad reaction if triggered! You've set off a wild storm!”

I whimpered, pinning my ears. “That's...bad, right?”

The wind is blowing really hard, the rain is stinging my face.

“I. Don't. Know.”


He rubbed his head like he had a headache. “It's a wild storm! There's no TELLING what it is going to do and pegasi can't stop it! And King Sombra can't just put up a shield to protect us this time! All we can do is just wait it out! And do you have ANY idea how much trouble that is going to cause?!”

“A-A lot?” I asked. No...I didn't...I...The clouds must have...have...

“If anypony had plans for tonight, they don't now!” he yelled at me. “Everything is going to have be canceled and rescheduled! You've ruined everypony in Canterlot's day, Rainbow Crash! Do you get that? No sports games of any kind. No plays. No concerts. No nights on the town. Because everypony is going to be too busy seeking shelter in case this gets very bad!”

“I...I didn't mean to...I'm...I'm sorry...”

“Sorry? You triggered a WILD STORM that no pony can control! Sorry will not cut it!”

No...I...he told me that...I...I just wanted to...

“Who are you trying to fool, Rainbow Crash? You think you're going to ever be able to do anything? You're never gonna get anywhere in school because because you're too stupid! You're never going to get anywhere flying because you're a klutz! You're never going to make it in the guard because you're too soft!” the fiery pony yelled at me...again...and again...and again...towering over me like an inferno. I feel so tiny that she could squash me like an ant, those orange eyes glowing like embers, her mane like fire. I feel like I'll burst into flames if she gets any closer. “You're nothing but a loser and that's all you ever will be!”

“Rainbow...are you crying?” Hoops asked me, looking at me surprised.

“No! I'm...It's just rain! And I caused it! I'm a stupid pony for causing it! I'm a bad pony who can't do a single thing right!”

He took a step back from me. The ground was already muddy.

“I...I have to do something!”

Gilda, I...I can't let her down...I...I don't want to lose her...I don't want her to be mean to me...

“Rainbow, I just told you! It's a wild storm! There's nothing you CAN do!”

“Well, I'm not letting Gilda down the one time she trusted me!” He tried to stop me, but I just shoved him away.

I flew back up and started trying to use pegasus magic to try and do something-AHHH!

Ow...stupid lightning!

I kept flying up to try and stop it...but I just kept getting hit by lightning and knocked back down...ow...this really hurts. Aren't pegasi not supposed to get hurt by lightning?

“Rainbow, stop it!” Hoops finally yelled, grabbing me and actually managing to hold me back.

“Stop it! I have to do this...I...I don't want to...”

Gilda...First chance I got in forever to actually help her...and I make such a mess out of it! I...I...I don't deserve a friend like her...Maybe she'd be right to lose her faith in me...

“And how will Gilda react if you're dead?!”

I stop struggling. “She...why...why do hate me so why do you...”

Everypony hates friends are the only ones that care about me...

He lets me go and flies in front of me. “...Because you're a pony. I know the idea is probably a foreign concept to you considering the kind of attention you normally attract, but ponies don't let other ponies harm themselves!...And regardless, you are still Gilda's friend, and even if this is all your fault, she'd never forgive me if I allowed you to kill yourself!”


This felt weird...I...I don't know how to...

“T-Thanks...But...but what can-”

“Have no fear! Captain Goodguy is here!”

We looked over to see Captain Goodguy standing on a building all cool like he always does! Yay! Captain Goodguy was here!

“Help get ponies to safety, leave the storm to me!” he called, giving us umbrellas out of nowhere, which kinda got torn up by the storm really quick. Then he flew up and began to suck some kind of black stuff out of the clouds into a bubble he made from bubble gum. and Hoops rushed to get ponies inside...I ended up breaking some windows, but telling ponies about it wasn't that hard...It helped I was too hurt to really fly too well right now with how hurt I was, so I didn't have a lot of opportunities to crash...

The storm was getting less bad, but it was still really hard to see with how bad it was pouring. I got separated from Hoops and-ow!

“You! You caused it?! We should've known it'd be you!”

Somepony tackled me out of the air and into a wall...ow...

I looked up to see three pegasi. One of them is white and had a black belt Cutie Mark. Another is black furred with a knife Cutie Mark, and a third one is Score, one of Hoops's friends with a football Cutie Mark. He wasn't super strong, but he was smart enough he was still on a national team with strategy.

“Blackbelt, that was a little rough, don't you think?” Score asked, but Blackbelt just pushed him aside.

“Hi...I...I messed're right to be upset but...I'm sorry-”

Ow! Blackbelt punched me in the face...ow...I think I'm going to have a black eye...

“You're sorry?!” he yelled. “My tournament got ruined because of your stupid storm!”

“Blackbelt, calm down!” Score yelled, trying to stop him.

“Are you defending her, geek?” he asked, making Score take a step back. “YOUR game got canceled too!”

“Y-Yes, but I didn't want to hurt her! Just...tell her off, you know?”

“Tell her off? How's this for telling this waste of space off?!”

OW! I think I have a burn there!

“Please stop!” Score begged but got knocked aside.

“...Don't try to stop him, Score...” I told him. “I deserve this...”

Score looked at me in shock.

OW! It's okay...I deserve it...I'm a nasty, stupid, worthless pony... I can never do anything right...I'm never going to ever be able to do anything... I'm never gonna get anywhere because I'm too stupid...I'm never going to get anywhere flying because I'm a klutz...I could never make it into the guard because I'm too soft...I'm nothing but a loser and that's all I ever will be!

Score tried to stop Blackbelt, but he just pushed him out of the way and kept hitting me. The other pony starts kicking me too.

“What's going on here?”


There was this light purple unicorn standing in the alley, keeping this pretty glimmering shield around her to keep the rain off her...Wow! She just put it above the entire alley without a second thought!...Ow...

“Starlight Glimmer?!” Blackbelt yelled, looking really surprised.

Starlight? But...wait...what...I don't...she's supposed to be up north...

“I was helping get civilians to safety and heard the commotion, what's going on?” she asked politely.

“She bucking caused it and we're teaching her a lesson!” the knife pony called.

“I see...” Wow, she has a scary glare... She pointed to Score. “Since you appear to be the only rational pony here, please tell me what's going on.”

“We already told you-”


Wow, that was loud. The knife cutie marked pony looked scared.

“I was asking him,” Starlight said, looking to Score.

“Y-Yes ma'am...She...she DID cause the storm...but I just wanted to call her out! I didn't think she deserved to get beat up over an accident!” Score replied.

“He's wrong...I deserve this...” I said, not even trying to move.

Starlight watched us silently. “Well, I can sympathize with you, but at this point, only Mr...”

“Score, M-Miss Glimmer...”

“Mr. Score and your target are the only ones not on the verge of being guilty of attempted assault and battery,” she explained, sounding kind of like mom when she was really mad at me. “If you kindly step aside, I'll be taking her into protective custody until Flim and Flam can take a look at her case and give her a just and fair ruling.”

I'm being arrested?...I deserve it...I deserve everything...

Blackbelt snarled. “No way! I'm not letting this little, walking disaster get off with a slap on the wrist!”

“Uh, Blackbelt, this is Starlight Glimmer we're talking about,” the knife cutie mark pony said, looking scared... “You know, the one ROYAL GUARDS ask to train them?!”

“Shut up, Chop! You know the loser deserves this!”

Starlight kept that stern face. “She won't be 'let off easy,' but neither will you if you lay one more hoof on her, Mr. Blackbelt.”

Blackbelt just got angrier while Chop backed away with his ears pinned back. Blackbelt snapped around and tried to do a judo chop to my head...

There was a bright flash, and Starlight was over me with a shield around me to block him. “Tsk, using your special talent for martial arts to abuse a defenseless mare? Forgive me if I consider that a personal insult.”

Blackbelt took a step back. “Her special talent is being a loser and a klutz!”

Wow...Starlight looks really, really, really mad...

“Oh really? You think there's such a thing as a bad special talent? Forgive me if I disagree.”

Blackbelt gave a glare. He tried throwing some really fast punches at her, but she dodged the first punch, then blocked another with a force field. He then did some kind of fancy spinning kick, but she sent him crashing with a wind spell I didn't know.

“I expected this from you,” Starlight told him, looking at him, her eyes and horn flashed for a moment. She sounded so...disappointed... “Ponies like you who look down on others need to examine themselves first. For example, your talent is martial arts, but you have no discipline. True martial artists never use that skill to harm the defenseless, or pursue a petty vendetta. You could be so much more.”

“What do you know?!” he asked, charging lightning into his hooves and diving at her with some kind of punch I don't know either...

Starlight caught him with a force-field, the teleported above him faster than I could blink and sent him into the ground with a beam, then landed on his back, pinning him down.

“For starters, I've got some martial artists as teachers at Our Town, the best in the kingdom. You could be one of them if you tried,” she then used a stun spell on him. How do I know what that is?...I've crashed into a guard training exercise and gotten zapped by one before. “You're welcome to come if you like, once your sentence is passed.”

She looked up at Chop and her horn and eyes flashed. “What is your special talent?”

“Uh...knife fighting, ma'am. That's it...”

“...I see...Repeat after me: you don't want to hurt this mare.”

He gulped. “I don't want to hurt this mare...”

“You want to go home and rethink your life.”

“I want to go home and rethink my life...”

“Good. Go do that. And by Chrysalis' mane, stop caring so much about what others think and make what you ENJOY making! You've got a cooking cutie mark, wear it proud!”


He blinked. “How did you know...”

“You carry yourself as a tough guy. You're either the genuine article or got a 'girly' talent and desire to look tough, and given your current behavior and that you lied about your talent, it leans more towards the latter. I've seen it a million times. You'll never reach your true potential if you care so much about what others think you stop carrying what YOU want. And it's perfectly possible to be a manly chef if it means so much to you. Come to Our Town and I know a few ponies who will gladly teach you, understood?”

“T-Thank you...” Wow, I didn't know he could run THAT fast.

Starlight then trotted over to me and...she helped me up along with Score. I stared at her hoof.

“You're touching me...”


“You're Starlight Glimmer and you're touching me.”

One of Equestria's big heroes is touching me. And she's not trying to stop me from helping one of my friends do something bad! That's never happened before!

“Yes, I know,” she said, looking proud. She should be, she's a big hero, not a loser like me... “You seem to have gotten yourself into a lot of troubles, haven't you?”

“...Yeah...I deserve it...”

“Do you now?...I do believe we have a lot to talk about...What's your name? You seem familiar...”

“Rainbow Crash...”

“...Gilda's friend?”

“...Y-Yeah...she talks about me?”

I wasn't surprised, I knew Gilda knew all the big goods...

“Yes, she's actually asked me to talk to you quite some time...She said you're a good pony and she believes in just need a little help learning to believe in yourself...And I'm inclined to agree...Perhaps I can be of some help, Miss Crash...”

“...I don't deserve your help...I'm not worth it...”

“That's something you need to learn about me, Miss Crash: everypony is equal to me, they're ALL worth it. Now come along...we have much to discuss...”

To be Continued...
Commission: I Can Help!
The Reflections Arc in IDW took place in a Mirror World were everypony's personality traits are reversed. But we only touched the surface of everything that it had to offer.

Rainbow Crash is a really helpful, awesome pony. Everypony knows that...Right? Right.

The second of a series of commissions by :icongrimwolf001: ! His description for was basically similar to Derpy but with a MAJOR Superiority Inferiority Complex and no faith in HERSELF. Hope it turned out well!

Please note: this is intended to have a bit of depth to it. Try to read into things more than what's on the surface, and is intended to have a bit of… to it, so please pay attention, some things spoken of here will come into play in other character's stories.

Applejack's Story:
Pinkie Pie's Story:

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Idea by :icongrimwolf001: !

Preview Pic thanks to :iconandrewtodaro:

“Welcome to our palace, Princess Twilight Sparkle,” announced a very large Griffin wearing regal golden armor. His feline half was undoubtedly that of a lion, while his avian aspect was that of a hawk. His armor had a large fire ruby in the center of his chest and black accents. His helmet had a pronounced dragon motif, though like the rest of his armor was golden.

Twilight nodded. “And the same to you, King Goldran. Princess Celestia has told me much about you.”

“And her of you. She speaks quite highly of you, she who battled the great demon Lord Tirek! I do wish I could have witnessed that battle!” the king said, showing a sincere pride.

Twilight blushed. “Well, to be fair, me fighting him alone was a tie, it wasn't until I worked with my friends that we defeated him.”

The Griffin King chuckled. “You are too humble, Princess. We Griffins value the strength of the Pride as a whole! If yours defeated Tirek, that does not diminishing the honor you've earned!”

Twilight gave a blink. “Wow...that's...thank you...Oh! And speaking of groups, this is my assistant Spike.”

Spike had spent the conversation staring at the fire ruby in the king's armor, his mouth watering, but shook his head to clear it. “Oh! Hi!”

“Oh yes, the dragon who helped vanquish the evil King Sombra!” the king exclaimed. “Princess Cadence spoke of you! It is a shame that King Sombra's corpse could not be found from which to take what you earned!”

Spike stared in shock. “Uh...that's...great...uh...”

Twilight gave a nervous chuckle. “Um...what Spike means is...he's not really into that.”

Goldran looked confused. “But is he not a dragon?”

“Uh, I'm not a normal Dragon...” Spike admitted, suddenly feeling rather disturbed.

“So you did not wish to claim his armor as your own?”

“...You meant his armo-”

The lavender Alicorn covered Spike's mouth. “What Spike means is...we thought Griffins took claws or fangs from their kills...”

“Oh no, not from other sapients,” the king explained, looking a little insulted. “Especially one as unworthy of respect as that monster! No, it is griffin custom to claim something of practical use from a slain enemy, such as the armor or weapons. We take nothing we cannot use.”

“Hmm...I do think I would look snazzy in that armor...” Spike remarked. “Uh...sorry about that...”

The King shrugged. “I can respect the misconception, when I first met Princess Celestia I believed ponies would never fight no matter what and were nice, but weak, but I learned this was not the case quite quickly. Particularly when Princess Celestia challenged me to wrestling and kicked my tail. I have never made that mistake again. Though I did win one match.”

“...That is quite wise of you, King Goldran,” Twilight said, giving a smile. “...I think it's a lesson a lot of ponies should learn about others.”

“I am a King, it'd be a disservice to my people to be anything else, and a dishonor to myself, would it not?” Goldran asked. “Now come, we have diplomatic issues to discuss! Will you be staying for the dinner afterward?”

Twilight gave a nervous smile. “I' to...but will there be...meat there?”

“Naturally, it is a griffin meal. But we have enough ponies on staff our cooks know how to cook for one and can prepare whatever you like.”

“...Sorry...I don't think I'd be comfortable. Meat cooking tends to make me queasy, I wouldn't be able to enjoy it...I must politely decline.”

“Ah tell yah, it was just plain spooky!” Applejack exclaimed, shuddering despite her attempts not to look as scared, the seven of them sitting on a balcony in Twilight's deluxe room. All six technically had one, being they were considered honored guests. “Those cows just staring, not thinkin'! And the idea of raisin' somethin' just tah eat it...”

“While I do admit that is dreadful, I have to incorporate bones into my work for Fang and her band!” Rarity exclaimed in horror, finally fainting on her couch. “Bones!”

“Those poor animals...” Fluttershy sobbed, sitting off to herself.

Rainbow Dash sighed, rolling her eyes in annoyance. “At least you two aren't going nuts...” she said, looking to the lavender Alicorn and pink pony.

Twilight nodded. “I thought our talk earlier had smoothed everything out.”

The three ponies all blinked, looking to Pinkie Pie in particular. “Wait...Pinkie Pie isn't freaking out?” Applejack asked.

Pinkie shook her head. “Nope!”

“...Are yah a Changeling?”

“Would a Changeling do this?!” she asked, producing her Party Cannon and firing off a shot, covering the Earth Pony in confetti.

“...Yer Pinkie alright...” Applejack replied, shaking herself off.

“But how? No offense darling tend to be the first one of us to jump to conclusions,” Rarity said, trying to be tactful. She recalled Pinkie taking their fear of Zecora to the point of writing a song about her, and then there was Nightmare Night...

“OH! Because Gustave told me he used to be a silly...chicky when he started baking for ponies!” Pinkie said cheerfully. “Just like I was being!”

“...Okay...” Applejack said. “Ah think if Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are bein' the level headed ones outta all of us, somethin' is seriously wrong...No offense.”

“None taken!” Pinkie chimed in.

“It is...rather disheartening, darling,” Rarity admitted, looking ashamed. “Normally we're the ones who need to keep you two grounded...”

“Yeah, that's why Ah know what Rainbow's tail tastes like,” Applejack said.

“Well I think I'm being perfectly level headed,” Fluttershy muttered, thinking about all the poor animals the griffins munched on everywhere every day.

“You want know why we're not freaking out?” Rainbow Dash asked sharply. “Because we actually got to know a griffin!” she exclaimed. “I've known griffins since I was a filly, and Pinkie Pie sees Gustave as a friend not as a bucking monster!”

“...Griffins not bein' treated right really is a sore spot for you, ain't it?” Applejack asked, blinking.

“No, bullies are a sore spot for me, and a lot of my griffin friends put up with a lot of horseapples because of these stupid stereotypes,” Rainbow Dash snapped back. “Foals can be cruel...”

“...Ah can understand that, darling. Ah don't take kindly tah snooty ponies lookin' down on mah kin fer the same reason...”

Twilight cleared her throat. “Rainbow Dash is right. The reason I'm not freaking out is because King Goldran treated me with respect and I actually asked for an explanation instead of walking away with a bad assumption. He was like Gustave once and misunderstood us ponies...but if he can learn about us, shouldn't we do the same for Griffins?”

“...Ah guess we have been doing a bit of what happened with Zecora all over again...” Applejack admitted.

“...So should we all start killing animals and eating meat?” Fluttershy asked, looking angry.

“No!” Twilight yelled. “Fluttershy, I turned down dinner with King Goldran because I was uncomfortable with it! He was disappointed, but he understood why!”

Fluttershy looked bitter. “I...I think I need to go lay down...”

“And I think I need to do some design work...a good night's sleep might be best for us all...” Rarity replied, looking a bit upset with herself. She hoped Fluttershy would calm down soon, this wasn't good for her.

Applejack gave a shudder as they walked past the sheep. Those same blank, staring eyes as the cow had been. It made her sweat. It made her blood run cold. These...things that looked like Daisy Jo and the other animals back at the farm...but weren't. These were animals...and that unnerved her. Even more so that some were being raised for food and the images that brought with it.

“Here's where we sheer the sheep. Yah, Ah know, hirin' sheep like back home would be easier. But while they know their cousins ain't 'em, it still kinda freaks 'em out tah be near these kinda animals,” Golden Apple explained, getting some feed for the animals.

Applejack blinked. “Freaks 'em out?”

“Yeah. Well, just imagine seein' a pony that is like that.”

The orange farm pony shuddered at the thought. A PONY that with the mind of an animal. It sent a shiver down her spine.

Then...conversation she'd had the night before with the others returned to her mind. If Applejack hated one thing, it was being afraid. And if learning might help not be...

“...Cuz...did it freak yah out when yah first saw 'em?”

Golden Apple gave a laugh. “Oh yah bet! Even had some nightmares bout it! Ah mean goin' from cows and sheep that talk tah these kind the griffins raise that ain't no smarter than chicken? Weird as all get out. Ah think somegriff called it 'uncanny valley'.”

Applejack raised an eyebrow. “Uncanny what?”

“Said it's how they're close enough we know they're sheep, cows, pigs, and such, but different enough that it freaks us out big time,” Golden Apple explained. “Griffins feel that way 'bout big cats.”

“...Honestly, that's how A'm feelin'...” Applejack finally admitted, looking down. “Just...Twilight says Ah'm representing Equestria here. Ah guess...Ah know it sounds weird, but if Ah made a scene it'd make us look bad...”

The cousins stood there for a few moments, Golden Apple thinking.

“...Yah know what helped meh actually?”

Applejack blinked. “What?”

The stallion lead her over to a barn and opened the upper half of the door Inside, a silver and white female Griffin was tending to the animals. Her avian half seemed to be based off a swan while her feline half seemed to be that of a white tiger. “That's Galaluna. She's the boss here...”

Galaluna spent the entire time they watched tending to the animals by whistling a calm, friendly melody. She petted them. She even calmed down the one or two that got upset. She brushed them. She checked them over.

“...The griffins on this farm? Yeah, they raise these animals tah eat...but they still treat 'em a lot like we treat our Apple Trees back home. They love 'em, they tend to 'em...” Golden explained. “See what Ah mean?”

Applejack watched the kind griffin in shock and surprise. “But...if they're raisin' 'em tah eat...why treat 'em that way? We eat the apples, not the tree...”

“She can explain it better than Ah can, but the way she put it...Griffins don't see animals like walkin' bags of meat. They consider an animal dyin' for 'em as it making a sacrifice for 'em tah live.”

Applejack blinked, raising an eyebrow. “Sacrifice?”

“Yeah...yah know how we treat an apple tree that fell over and we reuse the woof?”

“Darn tootin'...the farm house is built from the stuff and Ah never stop thankin'...those...trees...” Applejack gasped as realization hit her. “...So...the way a griffin sees it...animals aren't meant tah die, they die for 'em?”

“Exactly...And that's why it don't bug meh no more...Ah just stop lookin' at these kinda animals as my friends back home without their brains, and start lookin' at 'em like apple trees that move...Does that make sense?”

From most, that would sound odd. But from an Apple, it meant something much much more profound. “...Yeah...Ah think it does. Thanks cousin...Ah was bein' a silly pony...”

“Anytime, what's family for? Now come on, how bout you meet Galaluna face to face?”

Rarity set down in the dressing room with Fang across from her. “Alright, darling, I have some designs sketched out. But there is one little thing I need to talk to you about...”

The Griffin raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, what?”

Rariity took a deep breath. Unlike Applejack, Rarity knew how to craft her words properly. You absolutely had to be a master of words to make it in high society.

She took out the papers with her drawings on them, and laid them out. “I'm a pony, I know jewels symbolism, I know color symbolism, but I do not know Griffin fact, I do admit it can be somewhat intimidating...As such, I feel I need a better understanding of what using...animal materials in designs mean to a Griffin. Can you please give me a more in depth explanation?” Rarity asked carefully, keeping a level tone.

To her surprise, Fang started laughing elatedly. “Now I see why Sapphire recommended you!”

Rarity blinked. “Pardon?”

Fang chuckled. “You're the first pony designer who's ever actually asked. Every other one either backs out or just tries to make me look like a skeleton. It looks scary to a pony, but just looks silly to a griffin. I want something that's scary for both.”

Rarity stared in shock. Then gave a small smile. “Thank you, darling...But to be honest, it was a friend's idea...So, can you please explain?”

The Griffin nodded. “Yeah, hang on a second...”

She reached into her beak and pulled out a pair of fake, sharp teeth. Her natural teeth beneath were still sharp, but not nearly as terrifying or prominent. “Those things chafe if I talk for awhile and I've got a concert later tonight.”

Rarity stared at the fangs. “They're fake?”

“Yeah, in case you can't tell, our band's thing is scaring the droppings out of people and looking nice doing it, and our teeth aren't that noticeable without 'em. Part of the reason I want the bones is because it's something scary in some way to everycreature if you do it right. Now...” Fang got a drink of water. “First thing first, Griffins don't waste a single piece of an animal if we can help it.”

Rarity blinked. “Really? Why?”

“Respect. The animal is giving its life so we can eat, so it's considered ungrateful to waste any part of it. Anygriff who kills animals for the sake of killing is considered an ungrateful psycho. Like...if you gave your life's savings to somepony and they went and blew it all gambling. Does that make sense?”

The fashionista gave it thought. “So...the bones are used for clothing because throwing them away would be throwing away part of what the animal gave to you?”

“Exactly! So anything we can't eat, we use for some other purpose. Like knife handles, fishing poles, clothing, the like. It ain't about saying 'look what I killed,' it's about saying 'this animal gave its life for mine and I'm giving it my respect.' You dig?”

Rarity nodded, thinking it over carefully. “That...actually makes a large amount of sense when you explain it that way...And you said earlier that bones in your culture represent the strength and power of the animal?”

Fang nodded. “Exactly.”

“...So I'm thinking perhaps using the bones for accents on the arms or gloves would be the best way to represent that idea. Or in the hindquarters near the read legs. And perhaps change the gem stones I'm using. Bloodstone, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli all symbolize strength, and if positioned properly will enhance the look of the outfit while matching your choices of colors.”

“Bloodstone? Has a nice ring to it. I think everything is going to go just fine.”

“Yes...I think so as well...Oh! Also, may I ask you one thing that I've been wondering?”

“Name it.”

“How exactly do you know Sapphire Shores?”

“We met her at a Battle of the Bands once, and were the only ones there that could keep up with the other. We actually both tried till me and her passed out.”

' I see what Rainbow Dash meant about Griffin competition...'

Fluttershy hadn't left her room the entire day. She couldn't stand the thought of going anywhere near the restaurants and...and all those griffins doing...She'd freed some poor little creatures yesterday...but her friends kept saying how she had no right. She didn't know what she should do. This lasted until naturally, she'd gotten hungry as one tended to and tried to order room service...and saw that half the menu was meant for griffins. She threw the menu in the trash. “This...this just isn't right! I can't...”

The cream colored pegasus went outside to look for a restaurant meant for ponies...but kept seeing again and again the same. Griffins everywhere killing innocent little animals and eating them. Fluttershy was good at staying out of others' way, but here...she just couldn't here! She was surrounded by it here! She felt like that night at the Gala when those animals had ignored her so, but much much worse.

“...They were wrong about those cute Vampire Fruit Bats...” Fluttershy said to herself, looking at a nearby restaurant where live snakes were being kept in a heating tank to be chose from. Snakes were a favorite food of most Griffins, and thus were a popular delicacy. She saw a griffin munch down on a sandwich made from one of them and her face contorted in anger.

“...I can't just sit by, I have to do something...”

“Your majesty,” Twilight said, sitting across a table from King Goldran and his wife Queen Ghidrah, a lean griffin with a lion for her feline half and a golden eagle for her avian.

Spike set nearby munching on a very large bowl of yellow, brown, and orange striped gemstones like they were candy.

“Yes, Princess?”

“I believe part of the reason why I'm here is to help promote tourism and co-existence between our countries,” said Twilight. “I have an idea that might help with that if you don't mind hearing...”

“Certainly, what do you have in mind?”

“So it turns out they treat their animals more like we treat apple trees and less like Chrysalis and her lot treat ponies,” Applejack admitted, sitting with her friends back at the hotel. “They're not just walking food to 'em...but its still creepy...”

“Fang loved my designs so much that she gave me tickets to a concert of theirs, for all of us,” Rarity explained proudly and holding a bunch of red and black tickets in her telekinesis. “...And I also discovered that bones mean a much different thing to a Griffin than a pony...not that I'm going to make them a regular part of my designs...but it doesn't feel as uncouth now that I know why I'm doing it.”

Pinkie smiled widely. “Gustave won! And he said since his meat pies weren't my thing, he's making some of his exceptionally exquisite éclairs for us as a big thank you for coming all this way to support him!”

“Good, we never got tah try any before!” Applejack said, licking her lips. “Or any of that big super cake yah made.”

“Hey! I was hungry! I hadn't eaten all night watching the Mmmm!” Pinkie defended.

“And missed breakfast because of us...” Rainbow Dash admitted, rubbing her head. They'd been banned from Sugar Cube Corner for awhile and had to work off their debt to the Cakes for that stunt. “Well anyway, I still beat Giselle and the others in our race, naturally, but it was still close. Glad to see they didn't get rusty since the Equestria Games!”

“And I had a very progressive meeting with King Goldran,” Twilight said. “I think you'll all like the ideas we came up with.”

“Ugh...” Spike moaned, laying on his back with cartoony bloated belly. “And I ate too many Tiger's Eyes...way too many...”

That earned a laugh from everycreature who wasn't Spike.

“I'm just glad you all finally realized that Griffins are just different,” Rainbow Dash said, relaxing on her chair. “Didn't I tell ya? They're pretty cool when you actually know what's up with 'em...Hey...has anyone seen Fluttershy?”

The group blinked, looking around in confusion. “...That's a good question, I thought the poor dear said she'd be staying in the room all day...” Rarity said, suddenly looking fearful. “This is a big city, if she's lost it'd take forever to find her...”

Suddenly, Spike belched up a letter.

“Yay narrative convenience!” Pinkie shouted.

Twilight opened it up and read it...then gasped in shock. “Uh oh...”

“...Uh oh?” Rarity asked. “Why uh oh?”

“You're not going to believe this...but Fluttershy's been arrested!”

Everypony stared at her in blind shock. “Wow...didn't see that coming...” Spike said at last.

Prisons in Panthera were quite spartan, with only the bare necessities. However, one thing did stand out about it. The jail cells were all gigantic bird cages hanging high in the air.

“ do we actually talk to her?” asked Rarity, looking over the structure. “Most of us can't fly...”

As if on cue, one of the Griffin guards flipped a switch and one of the cages was lowered down on a wench to the ground.


“Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash yelled, flying over to the door. She didn't look very happy.

“Girls!” Fluttershy yelled, flying down from the giant hanging swing in the cage she'd been sitting on. “Oh thank goodness you're here!” she called, clearly expecting a hug...however, none came.

“Fluttershy, what were you thinking?!” was Rainbow's response instead.

“I was just doing the right thing...” Fluttershy replied, looking hurt. “All those poor animals...I couldn't just sit by and do nothing...” she said, the shy pegasus looking like she'd cry.

Twilight gave a disappointed look. “But robbery?! From THREE stores?”

“I wanted to do more but they stopped me, I saved so many animals...”

Fluttershy looked at her friends disapproving faces and whimpered. “...I...I was saving animals, is something wrong with that?!”

“For one, it's illegal,” Applejack pointed out. “And two, it's about as crazy as when Rainbow Dash tried tah stop winter from comin'!”

Fluttershy shrank, but then rose back up, looking determined, angry. And anger that didn't belong on Fluttershy's face and made her friends all take a step back. “How? I don't see anypony complaining when I rescue animals back home.”

“That's different!” Applejack replied.

Pinkie Pie merely stayed back, mane straight...This wasn't something she knew well how to handle.

“How?! They were being cruel to animals, I saved them, how is that wrong?!”

Rarity took a step forwards. “Fluttershy, darling...I understand that the concept is alien, it was to us as well...but we've all realized things...I realized that Griffins don't see animals as 'just animals'...they see them as beings who give their lives for them so they may live, and are treated with the same respect.”

“And Ah learned they treat their animals like the Apples treat their trees,” Applejack continued. “They aren't cruel, Fluttershy...they might have tah eat, but they still treat those animals all humane like.”

“...Starlight treated Our Town nice on the surface,” Fluttershy spat back, a disturbing type of anger becoming more and more clear on her face. “Isn't that what this is like? Only instead of being the only one who falls for the bait, I'm the only one that doesn't this time?!”

The group all stared in plain and simple shock. Starlight's kidnapping of them had been painful. Horrible. Terrifying. It was decidedly an experience none of them wanted to have ever again...being accused of that, by their friend...wasn't fun...

“...Yer right...” said Applejack. “This is like Our Town and Starlight.”

“Applejack?!” asked everypony.

“I'm glad you agree-”

“Except this're Starlight.”

Fluttershy stared in complete and utter disbelief. Tears filled her eyes. “ could you...” Her other friends looked just as shocked.

“...Starlight...she didn't see ponies, she saw Cutie Marks. Double Diamond even told her that to her face and she refused to see that...Now all yah see is meateaters, not griffins.”

“No...t-that's not true...I...” Fluttershy said...then an horrible anger filled her face. “That's not true!”

Fluttershy's face reminded her friends of that night at the Gala. It was that kind of rage.


Rainbow Dash glared, but let Applejack keep talking.

Applejack kept her head. “Name one Griffin by name you've met since we came here.”

“Well...there''s...” Fluttershy stammered.

“...Galaluna and Goldar, that was the guy Ah wrestled with earlier.”

“...King Goldran and Queen Ghidrah,” Twilight followed.

“Same here,” said Spike.

“Fang, Tooth, and Talon,” Rarity continued.

“All the cooks at Gustave's bake off...” Pinkie Pie said, surprisingly serious for once. “I...I don't feel like making that brick joke right now...” That startled Fluttershy more than anything else. “One of them was named Garnet though.”

“Gideon, another racer I met,” Rainbow Dash finished. “Your turn.”

“Well...there was...there...that griffin that was going to eat that POOR INNOCENT SNAKE!” Fluttershy spat in rage. She looked more like an animal than some of the ones she cared for.

“...No name?” Rainbow asked. “Can you even remember what he looked like?”

Fluttershy covered her ears. “Just...just stop! I...I'm not the bad guy! Please!”

“You got to know Discord when he broke the world, why is it so hard to get to know a bunch of griffins when you don't like their diet?”

Fluttershy's face contorted in utter rage. “SHUT UP!”

In that moment, Rarity produced a hoof mirror from her saddle bags and showed Fluttershy her own face. What she saw made her blood run cold, a look of horror replacing the one she saw.

She saw the image of a furious, light purple unicorn's face superimposed over her own. There was no illusion magic from Rarity.

“...I'm sorry Fluttershy...but darling, I knew you wouldn't like to see yourself like this...I take no pleasure in being right...”

The cream colored pony sunk to her hunches and began to sob. “I...I am being like her...I didn't mean to...I...I just...”

“Fluttershy...” Rainbow Dash said, putting a hoof through the bars and onto her shoulder. “...Do you remember what you feed that bear of yours?”


“And is your bear bad for eating them?”


“Sugar,” Applejack said. “If yah say 'just an animal'...ain't that underminin' your whole point? Even the Griffins don't say that.”

Fluttershy's words died in her throat. “...But...but...”

“...Fluttershy...” Twilight said, frowning. “...Remember when we went to Aquastria and met King Leo and his Sea Ponies?”


“...They see fish like we see other animals, remember?”

Fluttershy looked down at her hooves, tears dripping down around them. “...I know...”

“...It's called cultural dissonance...we don't like it, you're not wrong to see it as horrible, anymore than the Sea Ponies would us feeding fish to animals...but Griffins respect animals just as much as us...just they're predators, just like your bear, they don't eat meat to be cruel, they eat it because its what their body needs to survive...Would you like for the sea ponies to come and make your bear starve to death?”

“...I...No!...I'm sorry...I...I'm so sorry...I've been a bad pony...” Fluttershy began to sob heavily.

Twilight motioned to the guard, who let them in and group hug ensued, letting the pegasus cry her eyes out in her friends' forelegs.

“...T-Thank you for snapping me out of it...I...”

Rainbow gave a small smile. “Hey, you helped me when I went nuts with Tank.”

“And yah all helped meh when Ah lost it after that Rodeo,” Applejack said.

“And me when I was beating myself up after that horrendous fashion show,” Rarity continued.

“And Dashie when I thought that you'd all abandoned me and started talking to my imaginary friends but you were really throwing me a super duper party!” Pinkie Pie chimed in.

“Or all of you when I went crazy not having a friendship lesson...” Twilight finished...or so she thought.

“And Rarity for me know, I was Spikezilla,” Spike admitted, looking guilty.

Fluttershy's tears started to stop. “Y-Yes...That's right...”

“Friends keep friends from goin' over the edge...Like yah try tah do for Discord...” Applejack reassured.

The cream pegasus nodded. “...I wonder if the reason Starlight turned out so awful was because she never had a real friend to do that for her...”

“...It's possible...But...I think we have a few friends you need to talk to,” Rarity suggested. “...They should be able to help here...”

“...Once we politely ask them to apply our diplomatic immunity to this situation...” Twilight pointed out.

Sometimes, going to another culture? It can be one Tartarus of a ride! A lotta things might not make sense, they might even scare yah...

Fluttershy pet one of Galaluna's cows on the head kindly as the Griffin explained the facts of Griffin farming and views on animals.

Even the way they dress or the things they believe can be frightening. You might think their intentions are worse than they really are, darling...

Fluttershy whimpered, looking up at Fang, her band mates present...until they took off their fake fangs and gave genuine smiles, beginning to explain Griffin symbolism and respect towards the animal that gave its life for them.

And their food might seem really yucky! I mean REALLY yucky!

Gustave le Grand presented the group with a batch of his exceptionally exquisite éclairs, and explained to Fluttershy his own experiences.

But the important thing is to see creatures, not things. And never assume the worst in somepony. Just because evil exists in the world doesn't mean its healthy to LOOK for it everywhere.

Fluttershy bowed to King Goldran, giving a sincere apology for what she did, tears in her eyes.

He gave a nod, and, while giving a fitting fine, forgave her and explained his own past wrong beliefs.

And sometimes, when ya really get to know them, creatures from another culture can be wicked, and awesome, and cool!

Giselle and her team gave Fluttershy a pat on the back, praising her performance at the Equestria Games and asking for a triple rematch with her, Rainbow, and Bulk Biceps someday...but also reminded her of how hurtful some of the things she said could be when told about it.

And might need to admit that even though you don't like something and never want to do it yourself...even if it makes you cringe just thinking about doesn't do that to them...something awful to you, might be justified to them...and there's not always a big dumb meanie making them just THINK that's the case, or monsters hurting others...just different cultures with different beliefs...

Fluttershy apologized to the three shop owners she her horror realizing one of them hadn't been a restaurant, but a pet shop.

Today, we all learned that just because another culture is different...that doesn't mean that it's bad. It doesn't mean that it's cruel. It just means that it's different, and the sooner we realize that...the sooner we can become friends.

Fluttershy shut the Friendship Journal and handed it back to Spike, who used his magic fire to return it back home. The group all set in the audience for the concert that Rarity had gotten them tickets for.

“...Well...I spent all my money from when I was Photo Finish's model on the fines...” Fluttershy admitted guiltily.

“I'm so sorry darling,” Rarity consoled.

“No, it's okay...I still have my normal income...and besides, how can I ask Discord to make up for some of his naughty stuff and not ever do it myself when I mess up?”

“I can sympathize with that,” Rainbow Dash replied. “Spitfire had me doing dishes and cleaning toilets at Wonderbolts Academy for awhile after the whole Weather Factory thing...”

Fluttershy nodded. “...Thanks for forgiving me...”

The kind pegasus received a group hug. “We've forgivin' each other for worse,'re sorry, yah made it right...what else is there?”

After the group parted, Twilight looked to them. “There's one other good thing to come from all and King Goldran agreed it'd be best for everypony visiting to have a visitor's center at port to explain everything, that way this kind of thing doesn't happen again...and one in Equestria as well. That way, coming or going, ponies or griffins will have a better chance of being friends.”

“Ah think we can all say thank Princess Celestia fer that,” Applejack remarked, the others all nodding as well.

As the music began to roll, they all turned towards the stage and watched the band move out. Not feeling like fish out of water...but ponies visiting a friends' house.
Commission: Hooves and Talons Part 2
Twilight is on her first diplomatic mission as a Princess: to the Griffin Kingdom of Panthera for a meeting with the Griffin King Goldran, and her friends all managed to arrange one thing or another to do while they're there. Everypony is excited to experience a new and exciting land...until they realize one big issue: Griffins are predators. Will this diplomatic mission fall apart when faced with a culture clash? Or will everything fall apart?

Another commission by :iconalexwarlorn:, namely to show the mane six experiencing a culture clash while visiting the Griffin Lands. This was actually quite fun and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was meant to be three thousand words, but we realized while I wrote it that giving the mane six individual realizations, subplots, and so on would take more than that and I was on a role. Hope you like it!

Part 1, because DA has a text limit:

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

EDIT: Added a little something mentioned by :icontoonwatcher: to the birdcage thing. I liked it, my client liked it, so I decided to add it in.
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When you think about it.

Bonnie made MLP to fulfill a child's dream (the creator of the franchise made MLP to fulfill a child hood dream of having a pony for herself and everyone else with that same desire).

Lauren Faust made FIM based on HER childhood dreams Bonnie's created.

In the end, I think that's the POINT of MLP: to be a childhood dream. It's not meant to be dark, it's not meant to be cruel, it's not meant to be grim.

It's meant to be an INNOCENT DREAM.

All the grimdark works in the world can't hold a candle to the beauty of that fact IMO.
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When you think about it.

Bonnie made MLP to fulfill a child's dream (the creator of the franchise made MLP to fulfill a child hood dream of having a pony for herself and everyone else with that same desire).

Lauren Faust made FIM based on HER childhood dreams Bonnie's created.

In the end, I think that's the POINT of MLP: to be a childhood dream. It's not meant to be dark, it's not meant to be cruel, it's not meant to be grim.

It's meant to be an INNOCENT DREAM.

All the grimdark works in the world can't hold a candle to the beauty of that fact IMO.


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Btw The way Giffonstone was founded glens some elements of the Dwarf Kingdom from 
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