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Should I edit my story Marionettes to take place after the Season 5 finale and include Starlight?

I have ideas for it, I'm just not sure if I SHOULD, thoughts?
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Would It Be Worth It?
By Kendell2
An Alternate Take


Twilight felt like she was at the end of her rope. How could she stop Starlight? She'd already tried so many times. Now she was looking at something that simply wasn't possible, namely the Flim Flam Brothers having somehow become tough enough to take over Equestria! The time distortion was simply going out of control!

“How is she so tough?” Spike asked.

“She isn't just tough, Spike...she has the advantage...I have to stop her, but all she has to do is disrupt the race somehow...she's got the advantage so long as we're back then,” Twilight explained grimly, thinking about it.

“Geeze, if only we could do that too...” the little dragon replied. He hadn't said it just yet...but in the back of his mind he knew what never happened. If they couldn't fix things...Twilight would never have hatched him. He was terrified deep down, but knew Twilight needed support more than anything.

“...Spike! That's it!” Twilight exclaimed, galloping over the the Map, the one constant.

“Thanks...say what?”

“How to stop Starlight!” Twilight explained. “We're on her battlefield...but what if there's no battle? What if Our Town never existed for us to ruin and we never even met? Then she'd have no reason to try and take revenge at all!”

“I don't know...” the dragon started, not liking the sound of that. Or how desperate Twilight looked to put an end to it. He then jumped onto Twilight's back in surprise as the Flim Flam Brother's weird machine ripped up another tree. “...Worth a shot.”

Twilight focused, finding the location of Our Town. “Let's see...if I recall what Double Diamond and the other told it! Alright, let's stop this before it can begin!”

Spike jumped on her back and the mare used the spell to open the portal in time, the duo going through it.

Flying through the tunnel in time, she could see it, the end of the portal, the place where Our Town would one day stand. All it'd take would be to sabotage it before it can start then Starlight would never be able to do any of this in the first place.

“Stop Twilight!”

The Purple Alicorn gasped, finding a magic aura wrapping around her and Spike. She snarled, turning around. She expected to see Starlight Glimmer, here to stop her...that wasn't what she saw, not at all.

Before her, was another Twilight Sparkle, using every ounce of magic she had to prevent her or the other her from being sucked into the past.

“Whoa...” Spike muttered. “That's weird.

“Twilight, you have to stop this!” the other Twilight yelled, a look of panic and fear on her face.

“But I have to stop Starlight!” Twilight yelled back, glaring at the other her.

“...You do...but it's not worth it...”

Twilight's anger and desperation vanished at the broken look on the other her's face.

“...Does Starlight...”

The other Twilight shook her head. “'re the ones to change the future...and if anything, it only makes things worse...”

“Worse?! What could be worse than Tirek taking over? Or Chrysalis?! Or Sombra?! Or Discord?!” Twilight questioned her other...her future self.

The other Alicorn merely looked down. “...You don't want to know...”

It was at that point Twilight noticed something. Somemthing she'd missed in her surprise. “...Where's Spike?”

Spike gasped in shock, the little dragon looking the future Alicorn over in horror. “Is he in your saddlebags?!”

A few tears ran down the other Twilight's face. “...”

Spike's face seemed to drain of color and he looked like he was about to faint.

Twilight's eyes went wide in unfiltered horror. “...How? How can us changing the past before Starlight make the future worse?”

“...Remember what that other Zecora said?”

“Time is a river, where even the tiniest changes seem, can lead to a cascade of events downstream...”

Twilight looked down in horror. “...It doesn't matter who changes the past at all...all that matters is that the past is changed...even the tiniest change causes a ripple effect...“

Future Twilight nodded grimly. “All Starlight is doing is throwing a pebble into a pond...”

“...And all going back to stop her before it can start will do is throw one in a different part of the pond...Changing the past in any way has the same effect: a ripple that turns into a tidal wave changing everything in its path...” Twilight replied. “...The only way to stop her is to make history happen how it did before...but how can I do that when...” Twilight's eyes went wide. “...I'm going about this all wrong...I think I know what I really need to do...”

“Good...” Future Twilight replied. She then gasped, looking back down the time tunnel she'd come from, which intersected their own. A massive wave of dark magic seemed to be coming down that way. “Oh no, she's following me!”


“No time! Go! Fix everything...fix it the right way, unlike me...” Future Twilight replied, grabbing her past self in her magic and swinging Twilight with all her strength back the way she and Spike came.

All Twilight and Spike saw was what looked like an Alicorn attack her future self...whoever it was was purple, but Twilight couldn't tell what shade.

“...Come on Spike, I think I finally know how to end this...” Twilight said, horn glowing and changing the destination of the spell.

“So you know how to kick Starlight's flank?!” Spike exclaimed, smiling. He did his best to shake off what he'd learned from Future Twilight.


The little drake blinked. “Huh?”

“...Fighting her is pointless...the only way to end this is to stop the fighting...and I know just how we might be able to do it...”

The End...
MLP: Would It Be Worth It
What if Twilight decided to fight fire with fire when dealing with Starlight's time warping revenge plan?

Not what she expects. 

Inspired by something I felt would've been good to actually see in the episode and would've added to it. I feel it'd have been a great scene had Twilight tried to fight fire with fire and change the past so Starlight's plan could never happen to begin with. 

Hope you like it!

MLP belongs to Hasbro!
Pony POV Series:
Dark World Drabbles Gaiden
Under Mother's Wing

Warning! Spoilers for History of Tirek Part 5!

Ponies know very little of me. They only know me as the Mother of All Deer and leader of Roedina... at least until my children imprisoned me. I can't tell you how they managed it, only they chose to mark my prison with a statue of 'Father Deer'. Thankfully other deer eventually destroyed that mockery freeing me. Sadly, I was released to witness that Nameless beast having enslaved my children, even my natural thrall (as their Mother Goddess, I have the a similar thrall over my kind as she does over the Dragons, but I neither need to use it frequently nor like using it, I prefer my children to follow me without force) was blocked by his control.

I did my best to fight against him with the aid of my still loyal children, but I needed something to push things in our favor...seeing my deer enslaved and being able to do nothing...But...then a mixed blessing happened. Discord escaped his prison. The first time, I largely escaped his wrath (he mainly stuck to tormenting Equestria until he grew bored), but this time, I saw an opening.

The Shadow of Chernobull was many things...but humble it cannot be. With Equestria under Discord's control, his story had been derailed, that had been his conquest. He was already angry, so all it took was a spy to plant the idea of defeating Discord himself in his mind.

It was the best scenario I could think of. If Discord defeated that creature, then we could retake Roedina, if he by some miracle defeated Discord, Equestria was free and he'd likely be badly weakened from the effort of beating the embodiment of Chaos...the former obviously occurred, and the existence vampire was split into four, the Lights he'd stolen ripped out and returned.

And naturally, with Makarov's influence taken away, the Hooviet Empire fell into complete anarchy and collapse. Reality finally caught up with it. Makarov had left their economy in ruins, their leadership had been reduced to idiotic puppets Makarov could easily control, and much of their military (especially after Makarov's first strike on Discord got a large portion of it turned to literal child's toys, cheese, and numerous other things) consisted of things that were only practical in that monster's twisted reality. It wasn't a year before a civil war broke out between various factions.

Discord merely watched, and laughed, knowing that he'd thrown a country into chaos with one act and could simply watch the fireworks.

That is until I decided to put my hoof down and reunite my divided children.

(Interviewer's Notes (Libra): Darling, allow me, I have the planet's memory cued up in advanced.)

The capital was a powder keg, multiple sides preparing for a fire fight with what military might they had that was still practical enough to use. The factions each had a goal. One was that of Hooviet loyalists, another deer who desired Roedina return to their old ways before the Empire, another that simply desired to reunify the country and bring peace, still another formed primarily of the formally oppressed civilians who desired an uprising. The final group desired the return of the royal family to power. All prepared to turn the capital into a war zone for their side.


Every deer in the sound of the announcement turned like it was a law of nature beckoning them to heed. Like they could not ignore it even if they tried.

Vines and plants grew around the statue of Father Deer in front of the capital building, constricting and growing into it until it shattered to rubble.

Flanked by deer of all kinds, stations, and walks of life, Mother Deer slowly and confidently trotted onto the battlefield, plant-life sprouting up and rejuvenating the city ravaged by war with her mere presence. She looked at them with the face of a saddened mother. “...Please, don't make me see my children slaughter each other again.”

Only one faction still wanted to fight after a few words from the Mother of All Deer, and the Hooviet remnant quickly realized it was now alone and surrendered. No deer died that day.

(Interviewer's Notes (Libra): Wonderful entrance, darling.)

Thank you, I had grown tired of that mockery being my people's god. I won't say Roedina was mine the next day, it took time, but my children were reunited once more...but that still left Discord to deal with. While Equestria was his play thing for the moment, I knew sooner or later he would grow bored and come to 'play' with my people...and I feared there was little I could do...I was a mother and I felt helpless to protect my children.

I did open the boarders to pony refugees, it was the merciful and kind thing to do...even if it could only buy them so much time of reprieve.

Before I continue, I must explain my true nature. Mother Deer is merely one of my names, and it is a major aspect of who I am...but not all. My other names are the Tree of Harmony, Harmony, the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life, the Tree of Change. I was planted here on this planet by Nature's Fury and Nature's Law to bring about a great change in the world. And I did so. I released the Twin Rainbows that changed the world forever.

What you call the Elements of Harmony and Chaos, the Rainbows of Light and Darkness...I know as my children.

Rarity...before I continue...thank you for finally reuniting my children for the first time in eons.

(Interviewer's Notes (Libra): You're quite welcome, darling. Though you also have...a sister of mine to thank.)

Yes, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I remember my first sight. The two guardians of my children. A elf with immense power, but a kind heart, and the dragon that taught all others how to love that which was not a dragon. It's been so long since then. I'm so proud of how you ponies have used my child's blessing. day, as I stood thinking... something happened.

(Interviewer's Notes (Libra): Yes, that was the day Discord drove the essence of the Elements from their physical forms to create our Elements of Chaos and...made us immortal...)

Yes...I'm sorry, that is something nopony should endure that, Libra...

(Interviewer's Notes (Libra): It's alright, darling...continue.)

I could feel the disturbance...something terrible happening...and then I looked up, seeing six beams of light streak across the sky towards me...

I knew something terrible had happened to you six...

Let me explain: while the Elements exist in the hearts of their bearers (and can be awakened, allowing multiple bearers of the same Element to exist), the six physical Elements of Harmony were created from the Rainbow of Light, the one I gave birth to all those eons ago. Their essence, forced out of them, could not just disappear into the either. It had to go somewhere. My wounded child, without a home to be in, had come to the one place any child would: to their mother.

“Come home...” I said, looking to the Elements of Harmony. They swirled around me and entered my antler nubs.

The form I've spent most of my existence in is percent form for lack of a better word. With one Rainbow back inside me, I was at fifty percent. My nubs became full crystal antlers resembling the branches of the tree I once was, but only half the length they would have been with both. My fur gained a sheen not unlike a Crystal Ponies, though not as intense as it would have been otherwise.

I felt my child's power. It's strength...and while alone I couldn't be certain I could defeat Discord (as Celestia could not purify her sister on her own), and the risk of perishing was one I couldn't take...I could do something...

“Mother Deer, what was that light?” one of my little deer asked, rushing in...and staring in awe of my new felt awkward, I'm used to being looked upon as a mother by my children...

“I am fine, but I have a message to be sent for all of Roedina.”

I only had so much time before Discord realized what I could do now, but I told my little deer, and any other type of being that lived in Roedina, to pack everything they owned and prepare.

When they day came, I stood on the balcony of the royal palace. “Attention, we begin our where Discord cannot go.”

I focused on the six pieces of my child within me. The Fruit of Knowledge, the Elements of Harmony, the Rainbow of Light. Magic, Generosity, Loyality, Kindness, Laughter, and Honesty.

While you use friendship to fill the void, I had to use love. The love I had for my people, for everything of the natural world.

The jewels in my antlers glowed brightly and a rainbow swirled around me. “Harmony...”

The rainbow spread out, washing over everything. Every life it touched, rather sapient or nonsapient, vanished, leaving Roedina, my home, a ghost country. I shed a tear...this was the place I'd lived for thousands of years, and now I had to leave it.

I admit, I was tempted to take it with us, but sadly the disturbance to Equus from such a large landmass leaving outweighed taking our home with us.

When the rainbow light faded, we were on Luna's moon, the Elements forming a large dome around us, airtight and safe. We were on it's dark side, the side those on Equus would never see.

The barrier around us was of pure harmony, something that Discord could never hope to touch. I made sure to make it a permanent spell, it would take a thousand years to fade even if I perished or the Elements left me. Even if Discord blew the moon to atoms, this tiny piece of it was beyond him.

“...What do we do now, Mother?” a little fawn asked, looking up at me.

“...We begin anew...” I said, putting my antlers to the ground and converting the lunar dust to fertile ground which quickly brought forth life. While we'd need to nurture it, and care for it. This dome would be a new home for my people, and those refugees that came with us.

(Interviewer's Notes (Libra): The following was taken directly from Equus' memory. Which is also mine.)

“Alright, my dears, I sensed a powerful magic disturbance from this country, let's finally pay the deer a visit and squash any hopes they currently have of defeating the Great and Really Great Discord, shall we, my little Princesses!” Discord announced, appearing in Roedina in a flash of light, Mad Tiara and Screwball standing on one side, Fluttercruel on the other. The young demi-god, having just received the power to do real damage with her Element of Chaos firmly implanted in her chest, had been eager to finally come with her father and have some fun. And show her father her love.

“Finally!” Fluttercruel exclaimed, generating a buster sword (though one far less refined or well made than she'd later be able to create) and rushing into the nearest house with a look of bloodlust...then came out, looking disappointed. “There's no pony here!”

Discord blinked, tapping his chin. “That's odd. Normally we'd have heard some screams and begging for mercy by now...”

Mad Tiara poked her head literally through a window. “No pony here uncle!”

Screwball knocked on a door, then opened it vertically. “Not here either!”

After a half hour of searching for fresh playthings, the group teleported into the throne room of the royal palace, Discord throwing in dramatic lightning and evil laughter. “Well Mother Deer, I don't know what you're planning, but all I heard was 'come crash my party!'...Mother Deer?”

The throne room was empty.. There wasn't even a cricket chirping until Discord created one for that precise reason.

“What the buck?! Where is everypony?!” Fluttercruel screamed, throwing a tantrum and ripping through every door and area looking for somepony. “There's not even a house cat!”

Discord shrugged. “Maybe Mother Deer made them invisible?”

Fluttercruel created the largest sword she could physically carry and swung it around in a circle, forcing her fellow Chaotic Evil aligned family to duck or use some cartoon method of avoiding damage.

As the throne shattered, a note was thrown from it and floated down into Discord's claw. “Huh? What's this?” the chaotic tyrant questioned, reattaching his own head. “'I'm sorry Discord, your country's worth of victims is on another celestial body'. Huh how about that?” he asked...then a look of realization appeared on his face. He reread the note. “She...she's lying!”

Discord rapidly teleported from place to place as fast as her immense power could carry him, checking every home and place in the country before returning. “She...she took them and left?!”

“WHAT?!” Fluttercruel asked.

The Spirit of Chaos snarled in absolute fury. “ THIEF!” he roared, forming spheres of red energy in his claws and throwing them with all the finesse of a child taking a bat to his room in a temper tantrum, not caring what he hit and forcing his own family to dodge, wrecking the castle. “Those were my toys, my playthings! MINE!” he screamed like a child throwing a tantrum, blowing perfect holes of destruction in anything that even vaguely resembled the Mother of All Deer. “I had so many 'In Hooviet Roedina' literal puns I'll never get to do now because of you!”

One temper tantrum later, there was barely a castle (or an area around it) left, on top of the destruction, Mad Tiara and Screwball were currently hanging on a flag pole above a pit of boiling taffy, among other bizarre things the enraged Chaos Spirit had left in his wake. “Please calm down Uncle...” Mad Tiara whimpered, looking scared.

“Yeah, you still have us!” Screwball called.

Discord...took a deep breath and actually settled down. He gingerly rescued his nieces from their position and set them down. “...Thanks...I needed that...”

Discord's moment of clarity (and likely in this loop momentary freedom from his tormentor) was broken by the sound of every cuss word in many languages being thrown.

Fluttercruel was cussing up a storm, stabbing what was once a picture of Mother Dear with every weapon she could think of. “Bucking thief! I finally get to bucking be with dad and bucking do something and you bucking ruin it”


“...Yes dad...”

“...We're going home, young lady...we can get some ice cream on the way...we'll figure out what happened later.”

It was a thousand or so years until my child left me again, to only return when you desired to recreate their physical form and they had a new vessel in which to dwell, staying next to their spiritual siblings in the hearts of the Bearers who had awakened their new ones. Until then, I don't even know if Discord found us or not, but the field kept us safe and protected.

Luna was kind enough to help us make our sanctuary a permanent lunar colony when I returned the Elements to their physical vessles. Contrary to the name, the sun does shine on the dark side of the moon, but only when it's not visible from Equus. Those of my children that wished to return to their ancestor's home land have, those that wish to remain on the first lunar colony have.

(Interviewer's Notes (Libra): Thank you for the interview, darling.)

Any time,, may I ask you something?

(Interviewer's Notes (Libra): Anything, darling.)

...How much longer until your children are coming? I love baby showers.

(Interviewer's Notes (Libra): Not for a few more months, but glad you're interest-...wait, children?!)
Dark World Drabbles Gaiden: Under Mother's Wing
The Deer spent Discord's thousand year reign on the moon...but how did this happen?

A reaction writing to this and what's revealed about Mother Deer:

Hope you enjoy it!

Pony POV Series belongs to :iconalexwarlorn: !

MLP belongs to Hasbro!
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The new MLP episodes remind me of this: 

Yes, it was the villain who altered the past rather than the hero, but Zecora's speech on time being a river and a small change having titanic consequences made me think of Zoom's 'time boom' speech.

I like that they showed just how far into chaos Starlight's small actions threw the future.

I mean Flim and Flam somehow took over Equestria, that alone shows how FREAKING SCREWED UP the timeline had gotten by that point.
Continued from Part 1

Ugh...where...the Mana Collector exploded...Am I in Heaven? At least I went out with a bang in front of everypony. At least my obituary will be noteworthy...No, wait...I...I'm in the magic... could everything have gone so wrong? I...I just wanted to win for be better than Trixie for once...Why can't I ever be better than she is? Why can't anything go my way just once? Why can't I ever just be the one in the spotlight for a change? Everypony always judged me before they got to know me! They always got the rotten tomatoes ready to throw before I could even start my act! I...absorbing the magic? I...I feel...stronger...this power...I was right! A pony can absorb the collected mana! HAHA! I WAS RIGHT!

Wait...If...if I absorb it...if this magic was strong enough to destroy the Mana Collector...would it be enough? Enough to finally prove I'm better than Trixie? To finally show the world I deserve their attention as much as she does? No...I deserve it MORE!

The world's been unfair to me, so it's only right! Life decided to take everything away from me when I was too young to know I had it, so it's only fair! If no pony will GIVE me respect, then I'll just TAKE IT! Trixie doesn't want it, so that means she won't mind if I take it, right?! That's what she always said!

With all this power, I could do ANYTHING! Ponies pay attention to the one with the most power! Because they HAVE to! Because when you have power they have to take you seriously! When you're the strongest no pony can ignore you, no pony can look down on you!

When you're the strongest, you're the star and no pony can tell you different!

Science, magic power, popularity, stardom, what's the difference? They're all just a way to get ponies to pay attention and respect you! Respect, that's all I've ever wanted. For ponies to take me seriously! To finally have the spotlight for once in my life! No pony will laugh at Twilight Sparkle anymore! HAHAHAHAHA! It's SHOWTIME!

[=Lunar 2: Eternal Blue – Zophar's Arrival=]
Twilight...I watched from next to the Flim Flam Brothers...her little pendant exploded, throwing us all away! Twilight!

Wait...what's going on? That big sphere...there's so much magic in it I can feel it from here, darlings...Twilight, is she okay? Why...why is it turning black? I...I don't think that's a good color...I can feel it, it makes me sick...what's going on?

It exploded upwards into a pillar, ripping through the roof! The's forming a curtain of energy between us and the stage?! The ground is shaking?! What's going on?! Twilight...

A number like an old fashioned film projector forms in front of it out of black magic, each number giving off a tick.


“What the Tartarus?!” Ah yelled. The roof got plumb blown off the ballroom by some black energy! Why is everythin' bein' lifted inta the air?! The ballroom and everything around it! They're forming into somethin'?!

“Applejack!” Spike yelled, running over and jumping on my back. “That's where Twilight and Rarity went!”

“What?! Twilight?! Rarity?! They're in the middle of that dreadful mess?!”'re there too...


Me and Goodguy were eating ice cream at some parlor...I...Rainbow Crash...I...I still have a lot to think about...

Then the ground started shaking. We saw the Canterlot ballroom and the buildings around it start lifting into the air!

“That's where the party's happening!” Goodguy yelled. “The chaos readings are off the charts! Might need bigger charts...”

“The party?! Twilight, Pinkamena, Rarity! They're in there!”


Okay...peaceful thoughts....Calm peaceful thoughts...No stress...Just remain calm...

UGH! Pillars of darkness and an earthquake aren't peaceful! Wait...that's the ballroom, isn't it?!



Me and Starlight were on a train heading out of Canterlot towards Our Town...I...No ponies ever believed in me but Gilda...but...I don't want to let her down, but...can I actually...I want to be better but...

“Don't worry, Rainbow Crash, everypony in Our Town is very nice and kind,” Starlight explained...then gasped. “What's that?!”

I looked out the window...whoa! Why's everything back in Canterlot floating?!

“...That light...I think it came from the Canterlot Castle Ballroom...the party...”

The party...Oh no...

“It looks like the buildings are...forming a stage?” Starlight asked.

Twilight, Rarity, Pinkamena...Gilda...

“Rainbow Crash, wait!”

The curtain flew up, before exploding into magic that rained down around us.

The hole in the roof looked like a spotlight...shining down on...Twilight?!

[=Undertale OST – burn in Despair! Extended=]

Where Twilight had been...was now a dark lavender Alicorn... No....she had a dragon's eyes. Her mane and tail seemed to be made out of purple starlight. She was wearing a flowing purple dress that made me think of a lady...except the black highlights...Normally I'd say they were gaudy (or does that depend on the season...I think 'being terrifying corrupted Alicorn outclasses that!), but here I think they just made me scared. They did go with her fancy black horseshoes though...Her tiara looked like Trixie's, only made of black metal with a dark, almost blood colored jewel in the center. Her glasses had been replaced with magic that seemed to be imitating a masquerade mask.

Her cutie's covered but she has a necklace with it on her dress. It was inverted, and now it looks like the big star is projecting a spotlight down from it...

I...I'll admit...It took a great deal of effort not to wet myself right now...

“No... It can't be...” I heard Celestia say, backing away in horror. “Sister, we have to do something!”

“But the civilians in the other buildings!” Luna replied. “They could fall!”

They fly off...Twilight...what's happened to you?

“HAHAHAHAHA!” I laughed. This power...Well, all eyes are on me now!

I grabbed Trixie in my telekinesis, Chrysalis and Tirek are too weak to do a darn thing about it!

“Hello Trixie! Sorry for the wait, but I had to switch into something more comfortable!” I said, grabbing her and flying up high above. I use bits of rock to form a defense grid around us, simple enough to do with this much power and the proper knowledge of physics! Add a few crystals and a little magic equal's instant laser grid! I knew that laser pointer from earlier would inspire me later! Why not just make a wall? Simple, because what good will this be without an audience? And I can angle the lasers to act as special effects!

“Twilight...what...what's happened to you?!”

I laugh. It feels so good to see her FEAR me! Finally taking me seriously, now Trixie?! “Like it? I had theorized the magic from the Mana Collector could be used to power up a pony, but I never realized it could do THIS much!”

She looked around, seeing how high my grand stage was. “Stop this! Ponies are going to die!”

“So what?” I asked. “I've been ignored for this long, so why should I pay them any mind?”

“...This isn't you, Twilight, you're not this oblivious!”

“Hmm... You're right, I'm not invisible old Twilight Sparkle anymore...” I replied. After all, this IS a new me! So a new name would make sense! Who would want to be dumb old Twilight Sparkle?! “Hehe...everypony's worst nightmare is to be overshadowed, so that must make me a big one for everypony! How about Nightmare Spotlight, the Ever Rising Star?!”

Trixie tries to get away from me, but I grab her by the leg, give her a quick kick to a very painful part of her anatomy to stun her, and throw her into a piece of floating rock with just enough force to break it, then form some magic chains and tie her down to it. She's not going anywhere, they're made of Orichalcum! Yes, I can make that now, I know the recipe and can now rearrange molecules on the subatomic level! “Now, now, why run? The show's just starting!”

I use my magic to levitate cameras being used to broadcast the party and hovered them around us, forming a podium in front of Trixie. I fed my magic through them, managing to hijack the broadcast, something I'd picked up this one time I tried to upgrade our TV to get more channels only massively amplified! I can't believe I'm able to apply all this knowledge I've gathered with a thought! Amazing! Oh yes, I'm going to enjoy this!

“Hello everypony!” I call, waving into the cameras. “This is your new idol, Nightmare Spotlight, coming to you live from my stage in the sky! If you're in Canterlot, you can probably see it! In fact you can probably see it everywhere, which is the entire point! And today we're going to be playing a little guessing game! Today's special guest is Princess Trixie!”

Trixie finally caught her breath and gave me a glare. “What happened to science, Twilight?”

“Oh, I plan to do that too! Science, magic, shows! Everything! By the time I'm done, Equestria will take notice of me!” I replied. “Now, ready for some questions, Princess? Better answer them well! Your life depends on it! The more questions you get wrong, the more of you I'm going to freeze! Won't this be fun?!”

I hear the crowd below gasping. Good, they're reacting! I make them some seats to sit in, whether they want to sit down or not!

“Alright, first question...why did I get kicked out of the School for Gifted Unicorns?” I questioned, giving a smirk, letting her see my new, sharp, pointy teeth! Hmm, am I a carnivore now?

She looked shocked. “I...I heard it was destruction of property.”

“Ha-ha! Of course! Of course that's what they'd say!” I laughed.

You want to know my backstory? I think everypony else does too, so let's let everypony know it, shall we?! Origins stories always get attention!

“No...That's not what happened at all...well, from a certain point of view...” I gave a laugh. Wow, my laugh sounds intimidating...I like it! “You see, Trixie, back then I was a very knowledge happy filly, very magically talented. My family were nobility, so I was never overlooked...but everypony expected so much from me as a result! I mean I was a Sparkle! My family line has been big names in Canterlot for ages, my parents are nobles, I had all the reasons to be a great mare!...Then my brother flunked out of the Junior Guard for being a coward with no backbone, so my parents naturally put a lot more weight on MY shoulders. After all, somepony had to carry on the family name, didn't they? And that somepony was me. I was fine with it, I mean all eyes would be on me, what could be better? Except for one thing...”

“...You got kicked out...” Trixie said, eyes going wide.

I got close to her face, my long horn knocking her crown off in the process. “Hehe...I wasn't kicked out. You see, when my parents naturally signed me up for the School for Gifted Unicorns, I got the same test as everypony else: hatch a dragon egg...and at first I couldn't do it. Well, I thought, it must be a simple matter of amassing more energy! So I charged and charged and charged...and then a loud noise came from outside! The sound of...oh, I don't know, a little unicorn filly practicing a fireworks spell in a magic exercise?!”

Trixie's eyes go wide as dinner plates. “I...I didn't know...I'm...I had no idea...They moved my test to the next day because of the damage, I...I didn't even see you...”

“No, you didn't...But point is, I got distracted and lost control. My magic went berserk! And guess what the judges' reaction was when my power finally burned out?”

Naturally I'd turned them into fruit during my magic surge, but they got fixed! And I did hatch Spike, so that's a plus! Hmm, I wonder if dragons can become like this...

“I...I don't know...”

“Too bad!”

She screams as I freeze her up to her ankles.

I looked Trixie right in the eye. “They said 'that much power in the hooves of somepony without proper focus is dangerous' and tossed me out the door! Here's my question, about that, Trixie: isn't TEACHING the right focus what a school is FOR?!”

I floated back, looking to the camera. “Isn't a child with a talent that needs refining the entire point of the School for Gifted Unicorns? If I had all that power and no focus, wasn't it your job to teach it to me?! I was a FOAL! Of course I couldn't control it!”

Bitter? Oh yes. But doesn't the story of a little filly getting screwed over get everypony's recognition?

I gave a happy chuckle. “Oh, and by the way? If my judges are watching this: you're my next guests!” I've had so many fantasies! Too bad I have to pick one now that I can make them a reality! I turned back to Trixie. “And guess what, Trixie? My parents weren't happy! Not at all! Another failure in the family! Another disgrace to the family name! So I dedicated myself to studying science if magic wouldn't get me in. Science would get me to the top, right? But then we get to question number three: who became King Sombra's personal student not long after my test?”

Trixie gave that timid little look everypony finds so endearing. Maybe I should try it. Oh, is that guilt I see? “...Me...”

“Right, you! The little nobody from nowhere who came out of nowhere and somehow got the king's good graces after distracting me at my chance! Despite having JUST as much raw power as I did! Who was just as capable of everything I was, and who was just as young!” I didn't break eye contact. “So let me get this straight: they took YOU in and not me because I was MORE WORK than you were?! Because you had focus I was too YOUNG to have?! Tell me Trixie, is that FAIR?!”

Little Miss Humility looked down. She was silent for a few moments.

“...No answer counts as a wrong answer!” I exclaimed and she screamed as I froze up to her knees. “So next question, Princess,” I flew around her and landed next to her. “What happened when I was barely a teenager? You know with my brother?!”

Trixie rose her head and looked me in the eye. “...He ran off and eloped with Empress Cadenza.”

“Right, right, and another question,” I give a dramatic laugh. “What happens to the family of a traitor?”

She looks horrified. Good. “...They're treated like them too...”

“Exactly! Our family name got ruined by what my brother did!” I replied. “We're the laughing stock of Canterlot! Thanks to him! And guess who had to 'redeem' the family name?”

“...I'm sorry you went through all that...” Trixie replied, still looking down. “I'm sorry my practice caused that...I never meant to...”

I just laughed. “See?! Now you respect me, because I'm a threat!” I turned to the cameras. “And now the whole world will respect me!”


I turned to her. “But what?”

Trixie looked up at me with a sad look. “I'm sorry that happened to you, you're right, they should have tried to do more for you...but ever since then ponies have tried to help keep turning them down. I've tried, Sunset's tried, everypony else has tried!”

I snarled in rage. How dare she!

“Help? If you need help to get somewhere big it doesn't count! The one who helped you can say you owe them! That THEY'RE the ones to thank!”

“...And just because you're hurt...doesn't mean you have a right to hurt ponies, Twilight,” she replied, struggling against her chains and...How did she break the ice?! She's not an Earth Pony! “...And I admit, sometimes even I don't think I'm worthy to lead...but I'm not going to let you hurt my subjects!”

Gah! She just blasted me in the face! Ugh, whatever, it didn't hurt that much!

Ah! Where did those boulders come from?!...Maud?! How did she get up here?!

“How did you get through the laser grid?!”

Maud gave a smirk to me. “Derpy figured out the trajectory...even if I didn't get a thing she said!”

WHAT?! She broke the chains?! “How?! Those are made of Orichalcum!”

“Rock farmer!” she replied, giving a smirk. “I may not know mathematics, but you bet I know how to find imperfections in anything! Let me guess, mass produced with magic from a sample ya got?”

“UGH! Fine, no more Miss Nice Mare! It's showtime!”

Oh, you still want to hear my story? With this much power I guess I can multitask!

You see, after my sorry excuse for a brother tarnished the family name and it fell on me to restore our honor, I set out to do just that. I studied so much, I tried to make myself a well-known scientist. I made so many inventions and ideas...but none of them got me anywhere. They were always “too dangerous” or didn't work like they should.

So, I admit I tried to go and get my brother to come back and dump his “wife” to the curb. Of course that'd restore our family's honor, why wouldn't it? Big mistake. I can't say he didn't get what he deserved, Empress Cadenza is the very antithesis of a loving wife. You reap what you so, don't you?

But of course, the “Tyrant of Broken Hearts” decided I'd make a fantastic slave! Thankfully, I was smart enough to escape, but my brother still loves that devil and tried to help her catch me when she asked! I don't know why. Guess he chose whose side he's on. I'll have to have them on for an episode some time, a very special one. After all, wouldn't the defeat of Equestria's biggest remaining threat get great ratings!

So now I faced an impasse: what to do? My parents where naturally ashamed of me at home, my brother couldn't be talked out of his bad choice, so what next?

Well I decided to travel the world, studying everything and anything I could! Learning everything I could about science and technology. Trying to develop everything I possibly could! I made so many inventions, so many ideas...but none of them worked. Something always went wrong! It's not my fault I ended up making my inventions too well! It's not my fault there's so many interesting things I can't focus on one at a time!

Gah! Nice shot, Trixie, have a boulder!

Where was I? Oh yes. My life. I admit, at first...I honestly didn't care about Trixie, I only knew her from seeing her practicing her magic outside the school when I got booted out. Oh I was mad, but well we were foals, I had more important things to go after...but then she kept showing up in the newspaper. She kept becoming more and more well-known and famous. She got wings! And all without seeming to CARE! She had the life I always wanted, the life my parents wanted me to have! And she didn't care! She just took everything like it was the most normal thing in the world! You could say I may have gotten a little bit bitter.

Ugh! Maud just punched me in the stomach, why does she hit so hard? Well I can too! Enjoy being embedded in the wall!

I felt insulted, slighted...Everything my family wanted from me, she was able to do. Everything I NEEDED she had without wanting after she ruined it for me! I felt like this was some cosmic trick!

Humility. That's what she's so famous for. Being humble. And yet for some reason the one who wanted nothing gets everything!

It burned me up inside. And then my parents... They never stopped. They always wanted more and more while everypony worshiped the ground she walks on! And it should have been me! Those rotten judges, if they hadn't kicked me out, it would've been me! Is it so wrong to want to be special? Well now I AM special! And all of Equestria will know it!

Huh, what's that rainbow explosion in the dist-GAH!

[=Undertale OST – Battle Against a True Hero Extended=]

Maud just tackled me through the window! Maud and Trixie try to follow me, but I just slam them both into the ground that was pulled up along with my stage. I'm barely bruised, they're both barely able to stand.

I converge all my cameras. “I'm bored with this, and I'm pretty sure so is the audience. Time to say goodbye to Princess Trixie!”

She tries to fight back against my beam, but I'm clearly stronger than her, after all I have so much more magic than her!

“Twilight, I think you need to chill! I get you had a rough go of things, but there's always a silver lining!”

Maud...Maud is bracing her? Where did that blue beam in Trixie blast come from?! Why did it just get stronger?!

I pull my laser grid projectors to me and have them converge on my beam, pushing back!

No matter. I'm still so much stron-gah! Who's hanging onto me?!

“Twilight, stop! I'm the one who's supposed to screw everything up!”

“Rainbow Crash?!” But she's supposed to be half way to Our Town by now!

Oof! What-

“Twilight, darling! The evil overlord look doesn't look good on you! Stop this!”

“Rarity?!” But she'd be too frozen about rules to do something like this!


Gah! Anoth-

“That much evil magic in you can't be healthy!”


“Twilight, stop this right this minute!”

“I am supposed to be the rotten apple on purpose, Twilight! Not you!”

“Spike?! Applejack?!” But they were back at the club house!

“Stop it egghead!”

Gah! can't be...


“The truth is...I've always felt like you were hurting yourself with this mad scientist stuff, but thought it was YOUR problem...I'm sorry...”

Fluttershy...apologized? Not...not logical!

How did we all get up there? Let's just say my new friend with a cape was happy to give us a lift.

...I...Twilight...Now her problems became my problems...I'm sorry...

They're...they're fighting me? Why? They're my friends!...wait...Trixie. She's trying to steal them just like she steals everything else from me!

"I'LL DIE BEFORE I LET YOU STEAL THEM TOO!" I screamed, intensifying my beam. I'm not letting her steal my friends too!


"Wake up already egghead!" Fluttershy yelled, grabbing onto my neck. "We're doing this for YOU!"


"This can't be good for you, Twilight," Pinkie yelled, hanging from my leg.

"I don't have many friends, Twilight, I don't want to lose you!" Rainbow Crash admitted, looking...scared as she hang onto my back.

"And if I don't try to pull you back, who will?!" Spike questioned.

"The rules changed, Twilight...the world isn't dog eat dog anymore..." Rarity called, looking like she was trying to breakdown a wall in her own head. "I was told the rules are flexible! I...I don't care if a lady wouldn't help you, I'm your friend!"

"'re one of the only ponies that make me feel important! I do not want to lose you!" yelled Applejack, hanging off my hind legs. We all looked at her in shock. "Well...I...Ah got pulled away from Uncle Rich! Ah ain't gettin' pulled away from yah too, Twilight!" Was she crying?!


“Maud, it was unwise to engage her before we could catch up!”

Wait, Derpy?!

“I'm sorry, Miss Sparkle, I love you...and everything, but you have to be stopped!”


“Trixie, let me help you! And Twilight too!”


“Rainbow, keep holding her! But be careful!”


Where did...they must have come to help her while my friends had me distracted...why...

They brace Trixie, each one causing another color to join their beam! It's a rainbow now!

No, no, no! Stop! I can't lose! This was my moment! Stop!


No...No, no, no...

I'm now in a crater...No dark magic...just reality...

I...I'm sorry...I...I never meant for anypony to get hurt...I never...I could have...

I just wanted to be somepony for a finally make my parents proud, that's all...why? Why did everything go so wrong? Why...By King Sombra, what have I done? What did all of Equestria see me do?!

I'd always fantasized about stuff like that, but...they were just petty little fantasies...I...I never meant for them to come true...maybe deep down I always wanted them to and didn't want to admit it...I wasn't a big pony...I was just a five year old living out her power fantasy...they're not as fun in real life...


“Twilight, you gave us quite the scare,” Rarity tells me. She looks...less confused...

“...Actually helping...feels good for a change...” Fluttershy admitted. “Glad you're okay, egghead...”

Pinkamena was too busy checking me over to see if I was hurt to say anything...

“Don't ever scare me like that again!” Spike yelled...he's...he's crying...

“Yah were doing too good of a job being the bad guy, even fer me, Twilight,” Applejack stated, giving me a look that concern? “Glad yah snapped out of it...”

Rainbow Crash just hugged me.

...They care about me? Yeah...we're...we might take our shots at each other...but...

“I'm...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...”

I''s been so long since I let myself cry...

My stage starts falling without me to keep it up...but Captain Goodguy and King Tirek (back to normal thanks to whatever that was they used to snap me back to reality) caught it and lowered it back...then Captain Goodguy snapped his fingers and put the parts back where I got them from.

“Alright, North Canterlot is where South Canterlot was and half of Canterlot is now orange, and I'm pretty sure Healthnut Joe's is now in the upper class district, but no pony died,” he explained. “But oh boy that was a doozy! I may also have misplaced a bit of stone, still some repairs you're going to need to do by hoof.” parents live in Canterlot...I could have...Canterlot would have collapsed with everypony in it...I...

Applejack's grandmother comes over and says something to her...and....hugs her?!

Ah! Starlight Glimmer?! She just teleported in here!

“Rainbow...Rainbow Crash...” she panted. “I think...I think you broke the sound barrier!”

Rainbow...she blushes. “Uh...I...I don't know...I...”

“I think you just forgot you were 'supposed' to fail...”

She...she actually broke the sound barrier?!...At least she'll be happy...

… I didn't resist when the guards came for me...I...I never wanted THIS...

“Twilight Sparkle?”


Celestia and Luna watched the events before them. “...This didn't end as intended...but...they did come to her aid...” Celestia said, the duo having saved the ponies caught in Spotlight's rampage from falling to their doom. “Do you think they can really change?”

Luna smiled. “Sister...the link between worlds is no more...the merger caused many unexpected changes...but now that it's gone, those six...their future is theirs. As is ours...”

The Day Princess gave a small smile. “Indeed...then may it be a bright one...for everypony...”

End of Tales from the Dark Side of the Mirror.

To be concluded in Legends of the Dark Side of the Mirror. See the heroes' side and the full battle.
Commision: I'm Great (Finale) Part 2
The Reflections Arc in IDW took place in a Mirror World were everypony's personality traits are reversed. But we only touched the surface of everything that it had to offer.

Twilight Sparkle is one of Equestria's greatest and brightest minds and the archenemy of Princess Trixie. She is so great the School for Gifted Unicorns wouldn't accept her...that's how it went, right?

The sixth of a series of commissions by :icongrimwolf001: ! His description was basically someone trying to get recognition and friendship through science and popularity but tended to go Tim Taylor style with her inventions...this ended up going in a very different direction. 

Split in half because DA has that text limit.

Please note: this is intended to have a bit of depth to it. Try to read into things more than what's on the surface, and is intended to have a bit of… to it, so please pay attention, some things spoken of here will come into play in other character's stories.

Applejack's Story:
Pinkie Pie's Story:
Rainbow Crash's Story:
Fluttershy's Story:
Rarity's Story:
Twilight's Story: and Here!

EDIT: Fixes thanks to :iconalexwarlorn:
EDIT: Addition, also suggested by :iconalexwarlorn:
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Should I edit my story Marionettes to take place after the Season 5 finale and include Starlight?

I have ideas for it, I'm just not sure if I SHOULD, thoughts?


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